Having worked in radio and for various Scandinavian magazines for a number of years Alexander Nielsen became a freelance writer of mostly erotic literature in the late 1990s. This website is meant as a window for this part of his work and contains snippets from his latest book Rule of Chum (2024) as well as snippets from his previous books Curiosity Filled the Hat (2023), Early Release (2023), Nuttin' Hill (2022), Cox Green (2021), Master Bait (2020), Dock of the Bed (2010) and Dusty Roads (2008).

Taking inspiration from his own life and personal experiences both from his native Denmark but also from times spent in his beloved North East of England his written work is mostly aimed at fellow bi-sexual and heteroflexible men. But can easily be read by anyone with a healthy appetite for erotic literature.

Contains somewhat explicit views and should therefore be read by 18+ only.

Contact: alex@naughtytale.com