Wear It With Pride, pt.II (mmf)

Ten to seven Liam parked the car outside the house in the valley village. Just a few days had passed since he dropped me off here as well after our midday of fun in the bushes on the hillside with the beautiful heather surroundings and low growing trees. We had a couple of chilled local ales down his local pub afterwards and then he had taken me home again in his car. A very pleasant day it had proven to be. Not only was he a canny lad with a very handsome manhood and highly suckable, too, but his missus seemed like a canny lass, as well.


We had arranged that he would pick me up at mine tonight but he showed up a bit early and I wasn’t quite ready yet so I went to him in his car and told him it would only be a couple of minutes and I’d be back.


Sorting myself out quick didn’t take me long, though, and sooner rather than later I was back in his car seated right next to him. Wednesday night this week was European football night and though the Lads weren’t taking part in the Champions League just yet I still had on one of my beloved football shirts like last we met. And funnily enough so was he but a top from a different year to the one I was wearing.


-       You look great, matey.


He said, and slapped my thigh gently with his right hand wearing his silver wrist chain.


-       You, too, mate.


I said, and gave him a good look.


-       Nice top, is it the 2002 one?

-       Yeh...


He said, and gave me a wicked grin:


-       Our lass likes a lad in football gear... heehee

-       Ah, that would explain the boxers from last time...


I said, and smiled while giving him a blink with an eye.


-       Aye, she really loves me in them Hahaha

-       Good gal.


I said, and as he set the car into gear and drove down the street and continued further out of the small village heading uphill to where they lived he put on a CD and listening to some wicked tunes we didn’t say much for a couple of minutes.


-       You like this, mate?


He said, and pointed to the CD player between us.


-       Yeh, it’s not bad.

-       They’re great, mate, a local band from the area called The Golden Virgins. Some of the tracks were recorded in the house of one of the band members, think it was the drummer but I’m not sure.

-       Nice one.

-       Yeh, they have that new edge that is lacking in most music today, I like that allot.

-       Sounds great, yeh... Wonder how they came up with their name.

-       Dunno, mate, but I’m sure there’s a good story behind it Hahaha


We both grinned and Liam turned up the volume of the CD player.


-       Linda doesn’t like them...

-       No? Why not?

-       Ahh, dunno, mate, women and music taste... What can I say, eh.

-       Heehee.

-       But I haven’t given up yet, am sure she likes them as well really but is too stubborn to admit I’ve been right all along Hahaha

-       Hahaha


And then we were there, at their house again. The weather was mild but still somewhat warm. A typical early Summer’s night in the North East of England. The sort of weather that makes every foreign tourist fall in love with the country. Perfect for romantic walks and boat rides. Or sex, perfect for hot, sweaty sex as well, of course.


-       This one here, mate, is my fave.


He said, as he stopped the car halfway up the pavement again outside the house.


-       It’s called “Staying Sober”... Just listen to that hook line... It’s fantastic!


We both stared at the CD player without saying anything, just listening to the tune. And he was right, it was a very special song indeed.


-       Righty!


He suddenly said, and broke the silence:


-       Let’s see if the missus is back yet. She went to see a neighbour about something when I went to pick you up, but said she wouldn’t be gone long.

-       Ah OK...




Once inside the house and with our shoes off he guided me into the lounge.


-       Make yourself comfortable, matey, and I’ll get us some beers.

-       That sounds like a plan, cheers.


I had a look around the room and then took a seat in the middle of the couch.


-       Think the game is on ITV, matey.


He shouted, from the kitchen and continued:


-       It’s channel three...


I looked around for a remote control, found it and turned the telly on.


-       Got it, mate, cheers.


I shouted back not knowing how far away the kitchen was from the lounge.


-       Ah, you found it, great.


He said, as he returned to the room carrying two large glasses of beer with slightly foamy heads just like I like them.


-       Still nil-nil?

-       Yeh, the game’s just kicked off...

-       OK.


He took a seat on the couch next to me. I moved slightly to make room for him as he handed me my glass of refreshingly cold beer. Our legs touched as he sat himself down.


-       For a great night!


He said, and held out his own glass of beer to me.


-       Indeed, mate, for a great night, cheers!


I said, and met his glass with mine in a very sexy klunk sound. This had the prospects of turning into a pretty good night indeed.




A couple of beers later and it was halftime in the game. Still goal less but not a boring game as such. Goals would probably come in the second half.


Liam got up from his seat next to me there on the sofa, went to the telly and took out a DVD from a pile right next to the TV stand.


-       Fancy some porn in the break, matey?


He said, and gave me a wicked grin.


-       Sure, why not.


He opened the DVD player placed on a shelf underneath the TV and popped in the DVD from the pile. Then returned to me on the couch, grabbed his large beer glass again and downed some of the golden liquid. Then he put the glass back on the small table next to the couch and moved back in his seat on the couch making his back lean against the back of it. Placed a hand between us letting it rest on the empty space and placed his other hand on top of his crotch.


I looked at him, our eyes met and we both grinned.


-       Who needs halftime cheerleaders, eh...

-       Indeed...


I said, and placed a hand on top of my crotch as well.


Within minutes we were both rubbing our growing cocks through our jeans and glancing at each other from time to time we both knew the other was getting rapidly hard, too.


Neither of us said anything, we just watched the porn flick unfolding on the screen in front of us while keeping a close eye on the person sitting next to us. After a while Liam undid his leather belt, zipped down his blue jeans and pulled out his gloriously tasteful cock. He wasn’t wearing any red and white boxers today, in fact he had gone nicely commando, which was a slightly odd thing to see because so had I.


With his hard cock outside his jeans he began to play with it. Wriggling it around a bit he looked at my crotch. Still without saying anything we both just sat there smiling to each other. I unzipped my jeans as well and pulled our andy out, too. He was delighted to be free at last and was already nice and shiny of tasty pre-cum.


We sat there next to each other for a bit without touching one another, just playing with our own hard cocks having a jolly good time in good company watching a somewhat dour porn flick unfold. Not really wanking as such, merely fooling around and showing off our cocks to each other. It was the first time Liam’s seen our andy and from what I could gather from his naughty grin he liked what he saw.


-       All right there, lads, what’s up?


We both turned our heads instantly to the door and were met by Linda’s huge grin in the doorway.


-       Oi, get your arse over here, woman!


Liam said, and we all grinned like randy teenagers.


She took the bag she was carrying and left it near the door then came to us there on the couch. We were still both pretty much dressed. Apart from having our hard cocks out we still had our football shirts on and our jeans were still very much up around our thighs.


As she came to the couch she went to Liam first as he was seated at the end with me more in the middle, and gave him a kiss. He placed a hand on top of her head and as she got down on her knees his hand followed her to the floor in front of us. She pulled off his blue jeans and threw them on the floor next to the couch almost knocking over his glass of beer on the small table doing so. His hard cock pointing straight into the air while mine was more up against my hairy tummy. As she purred like a sexy kitten and spread open his legs moving closer to his cock I lifted my arse and got rid of my jeans as well. Sitting next to him there with both of us wearing only our socks and football tops we were getting pretty into it all, all three of us.


After licking his balls and his shaft real good she moved her mouth up his hard cock and took him deep into her mouth. He was right when he said a few days ago that she really loves sex, thus far she had shown nothing to suggest otherwise. And I was loving every second of it.


She kept on sucking his hard cock like a good one and our andy was getting more and more shiny and moist by every mouthful she took.


Then after a few minutes Liam moved his hand from her head to pull her hair gently making her mouth leave his throbbing manhood and pulling her by the hair he gently guided her head to my crotch there next to him on the couch. He didn’t let go of her hair till her warm mouth was well and truly placed on top and around our andy. And with a hand pulling my freshly shaven balls she began to suck him ever so nice. With no teeth and the right amount of spit she proved in an instant she had done this many times before and I was a very happy chappy indeed.


With her warm mouth around my hard cock I put my left hand on my left thigh and placed my right hand behind my head in a restful sort of position. Liam saw this as an opportunity and took off his football shirt, threw it on the floor near where his blue jeans had already landed minutes earlier and then moved his upper body close to mine, pressed his face into my hairy chest before moving up licking his way from my neck to my lips. Then he gave me a kiss so soft it’s hard to believe it was a bloke kissing another bloke. And while our andy got a real good seeing to by Linda, her fella and I were snogging above her head like a right pair of sinners.


After several minutes she looked up, still sucking my hard cock, and watched how our tongues met and played with each other just outside our horny mouths, the tip of our tongues touching each other ever so nice.


She then slipped our andy out of her mouth and got on her feet again. Pulled off her thin Summer dress and stood in front of us watching us kiss and play in front of her. Then she bent her knees a bit and kneeled between my legs again now nicely spread for the occasion. And as she cupped my sack of balls pulling them in the process she moved her upper body to my tummy and hairy chest and began to lick my already fully erect nipples.


This gave free access to her arse and Liam, moving away from my mouth, reached out and grabbed her left buttock, slipping a firm hand inside of her small, cotton panties. And as she continued to swift position from one nipple to the other licking her way all over my chest he pulled down her panties letting her arse get all the air it needed to be as free as our hard cocks.


I grabbed my cock and with her upper body pressed against mine I began to wank our andy slowly. He was hard as a rock and had been for a while. With my other hand I reached out behind her body and grabbed the other buttock so both Liam and I were fondling and squeezing an arse cheek each. Every now and again our fingers would touch and it all turned me on heaps.


A few minutes later we pulled her up from the floor and placed her between us. Liam went to the floor instead and sat down on the carpet between her soft legs while I removed her white bra and threw it on the floor close to the TV stand where the porn flick was still rolling.


Liam then spread her legs further and moved his head into her crotch where he began to lick her. Slowly at first and then when she was warmed up a bit he upped the tempo and area and licked her pussy like mad with a soft, round tongue. Every now and again he would turn it pointy and move in for her clit, which was already as erect as my nipples. She moved her arse around in the seat on the couch with him between her legs and me now sucking heavily on one of her tits while wanking my hard cock at the same time. Her hands were both on Liam’s head as well as on mine caressing us both horny and nice, she was having a jolly good time with two horny lads and so were we.


Quite a few minutes past like that and when Liam got up from his position on the floor and stood up like a soldier in line in front of her I moved my lustful mouth away from sucking her tits and got to my knees on the couch. Grabbed her upper body and as she helped turning herself around she was soon staring directly into Liam’s hard cock ready for inspection at the end of the couch with me kneeling behind her in my seat. And as she moved in on his manhood I bent down over her, spread her legs a bit and began to lick my way to her arse letting my tongue find a natural path between her cheeks.


On her hands and knees now she then began to suck Liam’s cock with a passion like a hungry lioness would rip the flesh off a poor dear, newly caught antelope on the African savannah. Doing so and with my head more and more buried between her arse cheeks she lifted her soft arse up a bit to allow me better access. With my hands I opened her up even further and after softly licking her arse a bit I concentrated my tongue movements more specific and went for her butt solely. And as she continued to suck off Liam’s hard cock in the best of ways I slipped my tongue barely inside her butt crack a few times. She moaned and moved her soft arse in small circles. I then moved away from her arse crack, reached out for my jeans on the floor, found a condom in my pocket and rolled it onto our andy. He was all set for action now and within mere seconds I was back at her arse ready to let andy explore the new territory on his own with the help of a good guide that was my hands.


At first I placed my hard, rubber covered cock up against her arse cheeks. Sort of to give her a feeling of what could be expected. I always do that with new lovers, male and female, it’s good courtesy as there is little worse in sex than a selfish, impolite lover after all.


Rubbing my hard cock up against and between her arse cheeks for a bit while holding her by the waist she kept sucking and licking Liam giving them both great pleasure. They both moaned and over her shoulder I could see his big cock go in and out of her horny, little mouth.


I know how easy it is to get a cramp if positioned the same way too long during sex so my next move was to move her left leg from the couch and onto the floor. And with one leg grounded with the other still kneeled it also gave me better access to her butt. Moving my left hand back onto her waist I then used my right hand, took a firm grip of our andy and moved him to her arsehole. Facing it directly I then spat on his rubber covered head to make the journey easier and led him to her dark grotto. With my hand firmly around my hard cock and my thumb along the cock head I then slowly entered her butt with the tip of the head ever so gentle moving my thumb back bit by bit the further in my hard cock went. When I broke through her ring muscle she pulled Liam’s cock out of her mouth and slapping it against her face and moaned loud. Within seconds I had my entire cock head inside her arse where I let it rest for a few seconds before going deeper into the darkness.


Her arse was unbelievably tight and hot and the further inside our andy ventured the more she moaned in front of both Liam and me. She was stuck in the middle between a proper rock and hard place and when she got used to having our andy inside her this way she went back for Liam’s hard cock.


-       Oh, yeh! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!!


She moaned loud, and being ever the gentleman I granted her wishes, of course, and began to fuck her arse. Slow rate at first but when both our andy and her tight arse had got used to the pressure built up between them I upped the tempo slightly and with both my hands now around her waist again I got into a decent speed fucking her tight, hot arse while she kept sucking Liam’s hard cock in front of her.


Still with me inside her arse pounding away she then pulled him out of her mouth again and moved up to his face. Gave him a good, long snog while moving her right hand behind her and grabbed my right arse cheek. They continued to snog each other wildly and passionately loud and I continued to fuck her arse the best I knew how while she squeezed my arse cheek in the process.


-       My turn!


Liam said, and got up from the couch in front of us. I stopped andy’s progress into her arse and slowly pulled him back out into the open again. Getting up from the couch as well Linda stood next to Liam on the floor for a couple of seconds, then he took his seat again and guided her to sit on his lap. No condoms this time and I reckon I’d done my bit to warm her up so it was fairly easy for him to enter her arse after me. I got up from the couch, too. Placed myself in front of them and moved my upper body to hers as she rode his fat, juicy cock there on the couch. We kissed for a bit while she kept riding him and her moaning combined with the kissing was sweet music to my ears. No Golden Virgins here. It was an altogether different tune. And as she rode his hard cock inside her tight arse and we kissed like mad she wanked our andy as well ever so nicely.


After a few minutes this way I moved away from her mouth. She kept moaning with Liam’s big cock inside her arse and I placed myself between both their legs. Bent my knees a bit, spat on our andy’s head again, rubbed the spit along the shaft of him and placed him directly in front of her pussy. Liam slowed down his movements when he felt me between his legs with her on top of him and gave me a chance to get better access.


With him filling out her arse ever so nice the same trick as before was needed for our andy to get access to her pussy. So with a firm grip of my hard cock and a thumb along my dark-red cock head I moved closer to them and slowly entered her Cave of Love. It takes a bit of craft to get a good sexual sarnie going but Liam and our andy seemed to click almost from the off and before we knew it she had a hard cock up both her tight arse and her wet and slippery pussy. It’s a case of when one moves in another moves out and vice versa rather than one staying put and the other fighting to press his way through, really. And doing things this way everyone gets the best from both worlds so to speak. Apart from the fucking itself I always get a good kick out of it when the two cocks touch in the act every now and again moving in and out of their respective holes.


I’m not sure how long we went on for but after a while we needed to change positions and both Liam and our andy pulled out shortly after one another. Liam took a new position now sitting on the arm of the couch while I got onto the couch itself again and slipped into Linda’s wonderfully moist and warm pussy from behind with her now on her side and Liam wanking his hard cock vigorously in front of her face from the end of the couch. I could tell he was getting close, her sucking and licking earlier on had taken its toll and it would be a matter of time before he would cum.


He was now stroking off very fast and when he moved his crotch to Linda’s face we all knew he was about to climax. She bent her head back facing his hard cock and seconds later he shot his creamy load all over her face in one great cum while I kept fucking his missus’ pussy from behind.


With cum on her face and dripping from her nose he squeezed the last remaining bits of man juice out of his big cock and slapped his manhood against her face as well. Then he used his hand and collected most of it in his fingers and palm and wiped it all off on her tits.


I continued to fuck her from behind and after Liam got his breath back somewhat he moved his left hand to Linda’s crotch and began to fondle her. He then moved his hand to my nuts and gave them a little pull or two before moving back to his missus’ bits.


Covered in sticky cum both on her face and smeared onto her tits and with me fucking her with increasing speed she moaned louder and louder and just as she came in an orgasm of waves I was about to pull our andy out of her pussy. I didn’t, though, and kept fucking her from behind for another thirty odd seconds then pulled out as well, pulled off the slippery rubber and shot my own load from between her legs and up against her trimmed pubes and tummy.


I was knackered, Linda was knackered. But Liam, having already climaxed, got up from the couch:


-       Anyone fancy a fresh beer?


Hugging Linda’s sticky tummy from behind we all laughed at that and shortly after when he had gone to get fresh supplies of alcohol she got up from the couch, too, picked up her thin Summer dress and undies from the floor and said:


-       Just gonna grab a quick shower, won’t be long...


Then she gave me a little kiss and off she went. And there I was, left on my own on the couch. Nicely fulfilled in the best of ways. I sat up and looked at the telly. The porn flick was still on but entering its last scenes. Liam returned from the kitchen with fresh beers for the lads and a gin and tonic for Linda.


-       All right there, matey?


He said.


-       Wanna catch the last few minutes of the game?

-       Sure...


I said, and wiped off my now semi-hard cock with his football shirt I’d picked up from the floor by the small table next to the couch.


-       That was jolly fun...


He said, as he took a seat on the couch next to me again.


-       Sure was, mate.


I said, and we both sat there for a few seconds smiling to ourselves but saying nothing.


-       You know, mate, if this was a Cup tie I reckon it ended in a draw...


He said, and grinned. I smiled as he continued:


-       And a Cup draw deserves a rematch, don’t you think?

-       Oh yes, definitely.


He placed a strong hand on my naked thigh:


-       There’s an UEFA Cup game on tomorrow night, you free by any chance?