Cambridge By Night (mf)

-       You all know what to do then?


The teacher asked a second time. Some of the very young students seemed to lack a certain amount of respect for his work and though he was one of the better teachers there he still had to ask a second time just to get through to the class.


-       Yeh...


Someone said, others, including me, simply nodded and while the disrespectful, young ones kept playing their game of showing off utter indifference the teacher took the few positive replies he got as a sign of at least some of us showing a bit of interest to the cause in front of us.


The second week of the course had kicked off with the class being told to go to the hall next to the eating hall. We were supposed to pen down on a piece of paper whilst there why we had signed up to the course and what we wanted to get out of it. In mind probably not a bad idea but for some of the youngsters in the group who thought they were kings and queens of the new world it was a somewhat lost course from the off. Being away from home, some for the third or fourth Summer running already proved to be more than they could face and with the lack of respect continuously on display from some of them I thought on and off what on earth they were even doing there to begin with. Maybe being in my early 20s and them being fourteen and fifteen years old I was bound to get annoyed with their complete lack of interest shown, who knows, or maybe because of the age gab, with me already having been around the block a few times I was slightly more prone to almost hate their teenage indifference and lack of respect for just about anyone and anything crossing their sorry path.


But rising above the situation the best I could I for one wasn’t about to let silly teenage pupils from Romania ruin my time there and while the silly ones kept giggling away in the corner sofas I took out my pad and a pencil ready to put down on paper what the teacher had asked of us.


Now, I’m no stranger to upsetting teachers myself, don’t get me wrong, but being there for just a fortnight in total and then going back home to my native Denmark I was Hell bound to get the most out of my time there. If this meant stepping on someone’s toes then so be it. At least the teachers seemed canny enough and regardless of most of the other pupils present I wasn’t about to let their teenage rebellion get to me too much.


-       How long do we have?


One of the very few decent people in the class, a mid-twenty something lad from Switzerland called Mart asked. We had become somewhat close during my first week there. Well, as close as one can get with someone you’re only spending a couple of hours a day with, of course. He was a fit lad. Dark, short hair and with what seemed to be a somewhat muscular build body underneath them polo shirts he always seemed to wear. He used to be part of the Swiss national Olympic team in skiing but his sporting career had sadly ended too soon due to some rather nasty injuries. He now worked as an architect at a firm on Bern and had enrolled to the Summer course to improve on his English stills. I was only glad he got into the same group as me after the initial test on the first day last week where everyone was put into a class according to the skills we already had and probably as well the prospects of what degree we had of learning and getting anything from the studies, too. How some of the silly and spoilt Romanian teenagers had managed to get into the same class to this day still beats me somewhat but hey.


-       I think we’ve got till the end of this lesson.


I said, as I looked at him there to my right sitting in a chair of his own, like me.


-       Ah OK, better get on with it then, eh.


He smiled.


-       Yeh.


And as we both picked up a pencil someone turned the TV on in the hall. No surprise in guessing it was one of the young ones... sigh.


After failing to concentrate non-stop for a few minutes I got up and walked over to the teacher. He was a fairly young bloke with a great set of dark chest hair showing at the top of his open shirt. I do like the odd chest hair, always have and always will, a rather large turn-on for me on any given day but on warm days especially as there seem to be more on display, of course. He didn’t look particular busy, mostly busy glancing at the silly teenagers probably pondering what he had done in a previous life to deserve being stuck with a bunch like that. After asking him if it would be OK for me to go outside and find a more quiet place on my own to fill out the form he wanted us to fill and with him saying it was fine I went back to my chair, padded Mart on his left shoulder and told him I’d see him later. And as I walked out of the hall by myself with my pad and pencil as my solitude companion I noticed the young teacher followed me leave with an almost sad expression on his handsome, stubby face. Like he really wanted Scotty to beam him up, too but sadly found himself stuck between a rock and a hard place for a bit longer.


I didn’t walk too far from the hall and soon found myself sitting outside in the warm Summer sun on one of the stairs leading up and into the main building. The stairs were centuries old like the buildings themselves and made of solid stone, too, of course, and nicely warmed by the morning sun. I felt the warmth going gently through the fabric of my shorts and caress my bottom cheeks ever so nicely, making me feel instantly better about everything. I looked around the open green of the open yard surrounded by the old college buildings.


Ridley Hall the place was called and while normally used to teach theological studies to priests to be it was closed in the Summer period and used solely at this time of the year for courses like the one I found myself in the middle of. I wasn’t there by choice as such, well, I kind of was in a way but had I known how my first week there would have turned out I would have thought a second time before writing down “Cambridge” as my first choice. You see, unlike all the other students there I had not paid anything to actually be there. I didn’t have a family back home to back me financially and it was by coincidence more than anything that I was even there.


I had simply entered a competition in the Guardian Weekly, a weekly publication with the best articles and news stories published weekly and sent abroad to people living away from England. I had been a subscriber to the paper for a couple of years already and noticed a few months earlier that they ran a competition where the top prize was a stay at a chosen educational institute in England. After putting down my answers to the six questions needed to fill in the form for the competition, something about Shakespeare and the English rugby team to name but a couple, I was also to put down in just ten words why the judges selecting the winners were to pick me. Ten words was a bit harsh I thought and in the end I found myself taking the Mickey a bit and ended up putting down “I want to improve my sense of humour”. Eight words and I was in the running apparently as I ended up winning the competition! I guess the judges either thought I was being serious or that they simply found my eight words too adorable not to award a prize, who knows. Fact was that a few months later I now found myself sitting in the warm sunlight in Cambridge, the name I put first on my wish list of educational places to go in case of winning as I’ve always wanted to see the place. And here I was.


I looked at the paper again. With just a rather simple question to answer how difficult could it be, eh...


“Why did you sign up for this course and what would you like to get out of your stay here?”


Well, the first part of the question was easy enough. I didn’t, I won it as a prize...


The second part, well, what was I to put down? It wasn’t like my English language skills were beyond horrible as they were but with plenty of room for improvement, of course. I didn’t, though, want to put down just any rubbish. Figured the silly teenage mutants with their disrespectful and noisy behaviour would do that for me. So in the end I simply wrote:


“I would like to finally get to grips with the rules of cricket. And, if opportunities come my way, see if sex in public is any different here than what I’m used to back home”.


And that was it. Question answered and for the remaining time of the lesson I simply soaked up as much warmth and sunshine as I could before having to hand in the paper with my answers on.




Later that day I wasn’t sure if I had grown a sudden dodgy edge of paranoia or something but I could’ve sworn some of the teachers gave me a few odd looks. I put it down to nothing. I didn’t think the replies we had written were shown to more than just the luvly, young teacher in class himself and maybe one or two of his work mates. I would soon enough find out how wrong I was.


One of the teachers at the college, a 50-something gentleman smoking the pipe approached me in one of the intervals during class later that day. I’d noticed him a couple of times already but only ever nodded in his direction. He wasn’t one of the teachers for the group I was in but there was still something about him that made me notice him. Smoking inside the old buildings wasn’t allowed and with the majority of pupils being too young to ever have had a fag in their mouth I was the only student in my class with the habit. And lighting up a fag on the very same stairs later that day this gentleman teacher approached me with his pipe. As he was stuffing his pipe a few feet behind me at the top of the stairs with the other pupils already being inside enjoying their school dinners I gave him the usual smile and nod.


-       Interesting answers you gave earlier on.


A man of few words, and somewhat unusual for an Englishman, he went straight to the point. And while lighting his pipe and with the sweet scent of pipe tobacco surrounding us I moved my upper-body and turned to him.


-       Yeh? In what way?


Having given only two answers to the simple questions and knowing he wasn’t about to ask me about the cricket, I felt that maybe he was letting himself into a chat of something slightly naughty. Though he didn’t seem like the usual suspect when anything slightly naughty is the topic of conversation. Still waters, they say, no?


-       It’s not legal here in England, though.


He had sussed me from the off, of course, and I was only happy to follow his lead. People getting straight to the point are sometimes hard to come by, especially in places like this where everything apparently has to be discussed indebt before anyone comes to even the slightest possible conclusion.


-       Ahh, yeh, it sort of is back home as well unless you directly upset anyone...


Still pulsing away on his pipe he smiled.


-       I cannot give you any advice as such. That would be inappropriate, of course.

-       Of course...


I said, and smiled back.


-       But?


He walked down a couple of steps to level with me on the stairs. Took his pipe out of his mouth and said in a low voice:


-       But if you really want to see if there are any differences in here and from back home you should join the lads at the Anchor tonight. Monday night is Beer-Tasting night there and who knows what the night may offer... It’s the first pub you get to after the town park, you can’t miss it.


He puffed on his pipe again only to find it had burned out before it had had a proper chance to get off nicely. Then he put it back into his chest pocket, gave me a smile, tapped my right shoulder and said:


-       The town park is less crowded on Monday nights...


Then he gave me a wink with an eye and off he went again leaving me slightly puzzled yet curious alone on the stairs. For a handsome gentleman of few words he had given me plenty to ponder about and as I finished my fag with a smile I could almost feel a cold, tasty pint run down my throat.




The first person I noticed when I several hours later had skipped dinner at my host family and taken the bus to the town centre was the young teacher from class. The pipe smoking gentleman teacher was nowhere to be seen.


-       Hey, Alex! Over here, mate!


I grabbed a stool close to the bar and sat down next to the young teacher fella who padded my back as I took a seat next to him. He seemed so much happier now than he did earlier that day when surrounded by the Children of the Corn in the Hall. And still there are people out there saying beer is bad for a bloke... sigh.


-       You really brightened up my day today, matey, what can I get you?

-       Surprise me...


I said, and while he got us both a couple of cold pints I had a look around the pub. It wasn’t filled as much as I thought it would be but the Beer-Tasting itself was still a good couple of hours away so I figured people would come in then instead.


-       There you go, matey.


He said, as he returned to the high table close to the bar with two oddly shaped pint glasses nicely filled. He handed me mine, our glasses met in a nice klunk and I had my first taste of proper English ale of the night.


-       You know, mate, what you filled in on the form earlier on caused quite a stir in the office Hahaha


He grinned all over his handsome, stubby face.


-       Yeh? Why’s that then?


I asked, putting my pint glass down on the table in front of us and as I licked the beer foam off my lips he continued:


-       It’s not often pupils are as frank about things as you are. They usually just give the standard replies thinking that will put them in a brighter light or something.

-       Well, I don’t do subtle very well, I’m afraid, mate, no Norseman does...


My reply made him laugh and he spilled some of his beer when he tried to put his glass down on the table as well.


-       That’s no mean feat though, mate, if only more people would do that everything would be a lot simpler.

-       Ah, but there is always the risk of stepping on someone’s toes if you’re being too frank too soon, though.

-       Nah, stuff that, mate, stuff them all, I say!


More people floated into the pub now and as we enjoyed our pints of ale I looked around the place again. Which didn’t go unnoticed by the teacher fella.


-       Do you feel lucky tonight, then?


He grinned, as he took another sip of his pint.


-       I just take it as it comes, mate, always do.


I said, just as my eyes caught two pretty, late teen Asian lasses giggling away at one of the corners of the pub close to the front door. At the time I’d never been with an Asian lass as far as I recall. I’ve either not fancied them or was out of luck with the ones I did fancy. But these two there in the corner looked not only out of place sitting there on their own like that sipping their respective multi-coloured drinks, they also seemed canny and rather appealing to both me and our andy. He was already showing signs of rumblings from his hiding place in my shorts. Two lasses at the same time could be a bit tricky for him but then that only doubled my chances of getting any with two of them there in case one of them turned me down.


-       See them two lasses over there, mate?


Without pointing too obviously I nodded in their direction.


-       Yeh, you fancy getting busy with them, like?


The teacher fella grinned, and took a good sip of his pint.


-       Wouldn’t say no that’s for sure. Hey, maybe they’re up for a fourgie, wanna give it a go, mate?


He looked stunned there next to me for a second or two. It was obviously not a question he was used to get from a pupil of his. God bless England and all her Victorian virtues still very much alive and kicking.


-       You reckon they will be up for it?


He said, having composed himself somewhat and making sure no-one but him and I could eavesdrop onto our conversation.


-       We’ll only know if we ask them, mate.


I said, placing a hand on my crotch outside the shorts and still holding my pint glass in front of me on the table took a firm grip around our andy.


-       This one could do with some attention just about now that’s for sure, matey. I’m either getting fucked senseless tonight or have to go back to my host family and have yet another very quiet wank on my own in bed later on...


The teacher fella looked down my crotch, saw how I was holding my semi-hard cock through my shorts and grinned all over his stubby face.


-       Don’t rub it too hard, matey, or you’ll just cum in your pants Hahaha

-       Nah, that won’t happen, mate, tonight I’m getting laid or I’ll be damned. Fancy another pint?

-       Ah, go on then, ta.


As I got up from the stool I sorted my t-shirt so it naturally covered the top of my crotch, took my now empty glass and went to the bar. There were a couple of people waiting to be served before me so I leaned against the bar top and looked back at the table and my teacher friend, still slightly shaken it seemed by my suggestion of a fourgie. What was the worst thing that could happen? He was a teacher at the college during the Summer break alone, worked in greater London the rest of the year with plenty of opportunities to follow his football team, Spurs, never having to look back on this specific Summer night ever again if that’s what he wanted. I was there for a limited time on his course and for all we knew these two Asian lasses could be just like that, gone within a couple of weeks never to be seen again. What’s the harm in innocent flirting or the occasional sexual pleasurable fourgie or not under these circumstances?

One of the lasses in the corner noticed me standing waiting for the drinks at the bar. Smiled at me. I smiled back and gave her a little nod as well. The universal Distant Joey way of silently saying “How’ you doing?” She giggled, turned to her friend next to her still sipping a colourful drink, held a hand in front of her mouth and seconds later they were both giggling looking in my direction.


A moment later I returned to the table and the teacher fella with our fresh pint glasses, foam running down the sides of them both and all, nice. I had noticed how the two lasses hadn’t taken their eyes off me from the bar till I sat down again. I handed him his fresh pint of ale and gave him a naughty smile before tasting my own.


-       Think we’re in, matey...


I said, making him almost choke in his beer spilling some of it in the process.


-       Yeh? How do you know that, mate?

-       Call it horny Norse intuition...


He looked in their direction as he had a few good sips of his pint, then he put the glass down onto the table in front of us again. Turned to me slightly and said:


-       If we do hook up with them, mate, where can we take them?


I had already thought about that but in my thoughts we were only one of the lasses and my good self being filthy in the bushes in the town park just across the road from here, just like the gentleman teacher with the pipe had sort of suggested earlier in the day. If I was to get down and gritty with them both or indeed enjoying my first fourgie whilst in Cambridge with the teacher fella we kind of needed somewhere else to fool around. Hadn’t thought about that yet, I had to admit to myself.


-       Dunno, mate, how are the toilet cubicles in this place?


He looked at me with an expression I rarely meet these days.


-       Ah man, we can’t take them into the toilets, mate, that would be too crowded.

-       I’m OK with a crowd, mate, the more the merrier Hahaha

-       Hahaha You’re one sick puppy, matey!

-       Nah, just unbelievably horny...


The night went on, a few more pints went down and out and still the two Asian lasses were giggling away at the corner of their own while my teacher friend and I got tipsier by the hour. In the end, sadly, he would have to leave soon as he had an early class to teach in the morning. And that was the keyword for me to finally be man enough and do something about the situation. Been going on for too long as it was and if I didn’t get laid or at least a decent blowjob soon our andy would begin to demand action on a more personal level in the men’s room. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to follow an itch and strike a good one out at the urinal in a pub but that night I still hadn’t given up hope of getting some tasty Chinese take-away...


I went to the loo for a piss and to splash a bit of cold water in my face and when I came back the teacher fella had brought two fresh pints of ale to our table. Without sitting back down next to him I stopped at the table, leaned over and asked him if he was up for it as I was on my way to their table now. He said he’d see how I got on first while drinking what was most likely his last pint of the night. Then he sent me on my way to their table with a grin on his handsome, stubby face.


Exactly four minutes later his grin had turned into positive shock as I gave him a little nod for goodbye while walking out of the pub behind the two lasses. To this day I can see the expression on his face as clear as then and turning left when outside and walking past the pub on our way towards the town park I looked into the pub windows and found him almost starring back at us with his mouth open. You win some you lose some and parts of me wish he could’ve joined us that night but some things are just not meant to be, I guess.




Being Monday night the traffic in the town wasn’t as bad as one might have thought. The town centre itself had recently banned private drivers from driving there and with only taxis and the odd town bus the traffic was nice and easy. Bit like the two lasses walking next to me as we crossed the street heading into the park on the other side. Normally I don’t really do tarty cheap on weekdays but when in Rome and all that...


Turned out, from what I could gather anyway, that the two Asian gals were also studying at Ridley Hall. Both for the second time though from what little I could understand from their poor, giggling English they would need to either up their studies or have to return again and again if they had any desires of improving their foreign language skills. But what they lacked completely in the local language they made up for with being somewhat decent in the language of Lust, and who was I to not just go with the flow on the night and enjoy a dialect new and interesting to me?


Most of the town park was an open area with one big lawn placed in the middle. Then plenty of somewhat narrow lanes and walking paths crossing the lot with bushes and low growing trees closer to the outskirts between the walking path furthest away from the lawn and the rest of the town centre. I noticed in my first week there that during the day the open lawn area is used by all sorts of people. From kindergartens out for the day to teenagers and even older blokes using the open space for playing cricket and football when the weather allows it. But late at night everything seemed so different, almost spooky but in a good way. The soft light glowingly beaming down from the old-fashioned looking park lamps along the walking paths, the almost complete darkness in the middle of the big lawn, the hustle of the bushes in the mild wind. It was a clear Summer night but the moon was only just about half full making everything that more intense somehow.


We found a park bench near one of the park lamps close to the small trees with the light gone out. Sat down on the bench all three of us. One would’ve expected the lone fella to be in the middle but I wasn’t. The two lasses sat next to each other with me seated at the end of the bench. Not the most ideal seating arrangements for a possible open-air threeway, granted, but who said a threeway was on the menu at all.


The girl furthest from me said something in Chinese I failed to understand, of course, but it was obviously quite funny as within seconds both of them were giggling like mad yet again. Why Asian lasses do that beats me but it sure wasn’t the biggest turn-on in the world. I was getting a tiny bit annoyed and was getting somewhat tempted to simply walk away from the buffet at hand. But I didn’t. Instead I decided to give it a few more minutes just in case it turned out to be Happy Hour.


Then all of a sudden the lass in the middle of us got up from the bench, said something while looking directly at me which went completely over my head as I failed to grasp a single one of the words she spoke. Then she looked at the other lass still on the bench, gave her a little wave and off she trotted leaving her friend and me to our own devices in the semi darkness of the town park.


What seemed like an eternity but probably wasn’t more than thirty seconds in real time passed without neither of us saying anything. Not even looking at each other. The silence was both pleasant as it had put a welcome stop to all the silly giggling and a bit disturbing at the same time. Silence between two strangers can mean only one of two things. Either at least one of you would much rather be somewhere else and with someone else, too, or it was a slow, tranquil build-up to passionate exploitations between two complete strangers highly unlikely to ever be crossing paths again.


-       ‘ello you...


I finally turned my head and broke the silence. She turned her head to me as well and gave me a shy smile with her head slightly down. The sort of smile only innocent people or bad porn actresses give. But this girl next to me I expected was neither Cinderella nor with a past, glorious history of starring in Asian Fever 7. She was the exception to the rule of shy smiles and as I moved closer to her there on the bench in the dark next to the broken park lamp near were we sat her smile went from shy to slightly curious. When I got to within a few inches from her I stopped, took her hand and gave it a soft kiss. That made her giggle but I was in no mood for anymore of that silliness and still with her hand in mine I moved my other hand to her mouth, touched and placed a finger on her half opened lips in a polite way of telling her to shut up before the moment had gone again and this time probably for good, too. Her giggling stopped instantly and as she moved her hand from mine she grabbed my hand at her mouth with both hands, licked my finger touching her soft lips before putting it into her warm mouth.


After licking and gently sucking on my finger for a while she led my hand back onto the park bench, got up from her seat right next to me and stood in front of me on the dark walking path for a few seconds. Then she bent her knees and placed a hand on both my knees.


With her being bent down in front of me like that our andy was getting close to rock solid by now and the sensation having her run her hands up and down my thighs a few times squeezing them slightly doing so was such a nice turn-on.


After teasing me for about a minute she moved closer, spread my legs a bit and placed herself between them still sitting in front of me right on the walking path. And as she moved both her hands to my crotch and fondled my hard cock from the outside of my shorts I looked around the park to see if anyone was watching us. I could see only one more person beside us in this part of the park, a middle-aged man with a dark moustache walking on his own about 30 yards from us. I didn’t tell the lass erotically placed between my legs, though, as I didn’t want to ruin what had the potential of being a good shoot-out in the park by our andy.


As the man came closer I figured he had obviously seen what was going on but all he did was slow down his walk. I moved my hands from the bench to the head of the lass between my legs, holding her ears in my warm palms so she wouldn’t notice the man too soon and stop her journey into my shorts. The man found a seat on the empty park bench some ten yards next to ours, pulled out a newspaper from somewhere and placed it on the bench next to him. All the time with his eyes firmly locked onto the Asian lass and me getting busier by the minute there on the neighbouring bench in the dark.


Still with my hand around her ears I lifted my arse a little bit making room for her to pull my shorts down slightly and pull out our andy. She still hadn’t noticed the man keeping a close eye on what was going on and I sure as Hell wasn’t about to let her in on things. For all I knew she might stop before she had even begun.


Slipping my shorts carefully down and over my hard cock she sounded pleasantly surprised when she saw my manhood. I’m no Wall Banger, above average but not massively so and I’m perfectly fine with what I have between my legs. And I know they say Asian blokes are less endowed generally than, say, Europeans, but the smile on her face when she grabbed our andy was priceless and as she began to stroke him with one hand she pulled out my shaven balls with the other revealing my organs in all their horny glory.


Resting my balls in one hand she kept stroking my hard cock with her other hand for a bit. Then, when I was nicely moist and shiny there in the semi darkness of the park, she took me in her warm mouth. Still with my hands on her head covering her ears I leaned back into the back of the bench and looked to the other bench to see if we were still being watched. We were.


On the neighbouring bench the man had turned his body slightly and with an arm resting on the back of his bench I could see him smile and nod approvingly. He wasn’t wanking or anything he just sat there next to his newspaper watching this Asian lass suck me off nicely.


Not having enjoyed any sexual pleasures apart from the daily wanks on my own when in bed in my room at my host family and having been horny like fuck all day and especially all evening down the pub sadly I knew I wasn’t going to hold out for too long. And with her mouth around my cock pressing her lips tight around my shiny cock head while wanking me off faster and faster meant that sooner rather than later I could feel my balls pull up getting our andy ready to shoot. I looked to the other bench again to see what the other man was up to but he was still just sitting there watching me get a nice blowjob in the semi darkness of the park. I could hear the taxis and buses going back and forth just a few yards on the other side of the bushes and small trees but within a few minutes that, too, vanished and I lost myself in the moment instead.


Milking my hard cock like a good one while sucking the best she could I finally moved my hands from her head and uncovered her ears. And moments later she pulled me out of her mouth, she could probably sense I was about to shoot my load and rightly so as seconds after our andy had left her warm and eager mouth I shot my creamy cum into the evening air. She moved a bit to the side still wanking me off ever so nicely and there it was, the return of the annoying giggle...


As if planned by the Lord Himself the man on the other bench cleared his throat a little and the giggling stopped in an instant. She turned her head to see where the noise came from and when she saw the stranger sitting at the very next bench she made a short shriek similar to a bad C-actress in even worse Hong Kong movies, got on her feet and ran like the wind.


With my cock still hard and showing freely I didn’t even try to stop her. What was the point anyway, I had my blowjob at last and the lass was long gone and with her the annoying giggle as well, and thank fuck for that.


Getting my breath back to a somewhat normal I looked around for something to wipe my tummy and dripping cock off with. I was so busy doing that that I failed to notice the man on the other bench had walked over to where I was and suddenly found him standing right in front of me.


-       Nice one...


I tried not to look up at first. A small part of me was if not embarrassed then at least slightly humbled by what had just gone on, a feeling I rarely get with sex, I must admit.


-       Cheers, mate...


I said, without looking up. And still fondling my cock, which was now reaching a stage of semi-soft yet still with that special tinkle you get when still somewhat excited after a good cum.


-       Would you like a tissue?


I looked up and saw a hand stretched out to me holding a Kleenex pocket.


-       Ah, cheers, mate, could do with one of them...


I said, took the tissues and began wiping off my cock. From the corners of my eyes I could see the man reached for his pocket. He better not be a police officer, I remember thinking briefly, but my fears had no grounds what so ever it turned out. A short flash of a match being lit briefly brightened up the space between us, still with me on the bench with my cock out and him standing in front of me.


-       I guess you decided to take my advice then. How was the Beer-Tasting?


I instantly paused wiping my cock clean of spunk and looked up.


-       I had a feeling you would come...


He said, and then without any other words the man walked away, pulsing on what seemed like a pipe and with his newspaper under an arm he was soon out of sight again. Never recognised him with the moustache but hey, each to their own. I finished wiping off my cock, threw the tissues into the bin next to the bench and got on my feet. Looked around once or twice and then decided to walk back to the pub I came from earlier just down the road across the park.


As I expected the Spurs supporting teacher fella with the sexy, stubby face had long gone. I had a look around the pub, saw no-one I knew and decided to head home to my room at my host family. It had gone just past Midnight and for some the night was still young but for this Norseman the night had come and gone and that night I went to bed with a newfound smile on my face. I needed a quick wank in bed to settle down once under the duvet, though, but the next day I was up and ready and back at Ridley Hall well in time for the first lesson of the day.


Later that week I was to get the second of my two wishes fulfilled.


One of the lasses working at the college office was married to a semi-pro batsman currently sidelined with an injury and after my reply to the test form Monday morning had circled a bit somehow he offered to give me a lecture on cricket before I was off back home again. Just him and I alone together in the old library of the college. One of my questions, I remember, put him off schedule a bit. When he showed me the tiny cup they had to wear as protection during the games and I asked if it didn’t hurt like Hell to get a hard-on wearing one of them. But as they say that’s another story for another day...