Four Play (mmmf)

In one of the now sadly too rare occasions where all three of us had gotten ‘round to free up time to spend a Saturday afternoon together watching football on the television eating pizzas and drinking cold beers today already had the prospects of turning into a grand day indeed.


John, Matt and I have been best buddies since college where we went to some of the same lectures. On paper we were in the same class but it was a mixed set of students, half of us where language students with the other half being math students. And with both John and Matt studying maths and me studying languages we pretty much only had a few lectures together. And even fewer all three together as the only language John had on his schedule was German with Matt having English as his only language study. And with me not having signed up for any maths lectures at all basically we only had the standard lectures together like Ancient Greece, History, Danish and of course the two hours a week with Gym class. So from around thirty odd lectures each week we only had probably ten classes all three of us together. But it was enough for us to stick together like good pals and together we became a solid unit enjoying all things good in life. As well as covering up for each other when need be.


We’ve shared some good wanks together over the years, too. With the first one having taken place in the Autumn holiday in our final year at college and from there we had repeated it whenever we pretty much felt like it, really. Though in recent years, with both of them being in more or less long relationships with girls, planning had become the key word. We’ve never taken things further all three of us at the same time but both John and Matt have had their cocks sucked off by me on the odd occasion without the remaining member of our close unit knowing about it. The only one who knew was me, and I loved having these naughty secrets with them both.


The thing is, you don’t have to be bi-sexual like me and you definitely don’t have to be a gay bloke to enjoy getting your cock sucked off by another lad. And both John and Matt were hot-blooded straight guys. They just happened to enjoy having their cocks in the mouth of their buddy from time to time. No harm in that whatsoever and what their regular girlfriends didn’t know about would never hurt them. It was just a kind of male bonding, really, that just happened to have continued over the years and more power to it, I say.


The three of us support different football teams. My own heart belongs to Sunderland AFC in the North East of England and has done for more than a decade already. While Matt and John support Liverpool FC and Juventus respectively. With two of our clubs being English and the third Italian it wasn’t too often our teams played each other, though the two English clubs did play each other twice a year in the league. But with both Liverpool and Juventus playing in the European Champions League as well as their respective national leagues they did play each other every now and again with a couple of seasons in between. Sunderland being the smallest club of the three had thus far never taken part in the Champions League. But like I usually say when someone fails to understand why I would ever support a team few in my home country have heard of and even less would even consider supporting: It’s just too easy to support big teams and after all you can’t control where your heart goes either. That and my many years of connections to the North East of England had given me quite a ballast as a supporter, too.


But today was different. Not only had all three of us made it for the football but all three teams were playing throughout the afternoon and evening on the very same day, too. Nice one. And though John and Matt both had some difficulties getting away from their girlfriends for this many hours on a Saturday involving the odd argument or two before they had come to my roof flat they still made it, which we were all very pleased with to say the least. Then, if things had worsened in their absence, they would just take any further arguments on the chin once they returned home, I guess. I would, as no woman would get away with telling me where I can go or who I can and cannot see. I would never tell a woman so why should I keep up with anyone telling me, like? Maybe that’s why I’m still living the happy, single life, who knows.


As the first game kicked off we opened the first cans of cold lager and put our feet up. The early game that Saturday saw Liverpool play away at Everton. Usually one hell of a local derby with great tackles and in-fights galore. None of us could have cared any less about the Blues of the town and with our good buddy supporting the Reds no wonder we all rooted for them to win. And the bigger a win the better, too, of course.


At halftime it was still goalless but in a somewhat messy affair thus far no goals to either side at the interval was probably a fair score line. Matt was still high-spirited about the outcome of the game and was positive his Liverpool side would score at least once after the break. And with a good stack of beers still chilling nicely in the fridge we talked about the first half for a bit. Usually at this time we would be pulling our cocks out, put on some hot filth and share a good wank before the second half got underway. But with two more games coming up before our afternoon and evening of football would finish a shared wank wasn’t even mentioned just yet. It was in the air that we would have at least one in between the games but we seemed to have agreed with no words spoken upon the matter that we should wait till the next game.


Returning from the loo having had a needed slash John came back to the living room carrying three fresh cans of lager, which he’d picked up on his way back having passed the fridge on his way. And as the second half of the game got underway nicely we got more and more into the spirit of things. In the end it wasn’t just Matt shouting at the referee and linesmen, both John and I joined in as we wanted the away team to get the win and all three points, not to forget the bragging rights over their fierce local rivals till the next derby day a few months away.


The game stayed goalless as they entered the time added on by the referee at the end. A minimum of four more minutes to be played and just as we cheered that, Liverpool was awarded a free-kick just outside and to the left of the penalty area. Matt sat up in his seat on the sofa bed between me on one side and John sitting in the chair to his left on his other side.


-       This could be it…


Matt said, now even more focused on the game and its final minutes. And then it happened, Everton’s wall of players could do nothing and neither could their American goalkeeper as Gerard, Liverpool’s home-grown midfield general and possibly their biggest star player, took the free-kick and curled the ball over the top of the wall of players and right into the top left corner of the goal.


-       Yeeeess!! Get In!!!


Matt shouted, and 90+ anticipated minutes of what had turned into the expected tough derby game came to a climax and as he jumping up from the sofa bed in his great excitement he spilled some of his beer onto his lap to the amusement of both John and I.


The referee blew the final whistle shortly after, Liverpool had beaten their fierce, local rivals, at their own ground even, by a goal to nil and Matt was over the moon with joy.


And as we laughed and finished the last bits of beer from our cans of lager and with some twenty odd minutes till the next game was shown live, Matt placed a hand on both his thighs, looked at us both and grinned:


-       So, lads, who’s up for a Victory Wank then?


And as we grinned all three, with John still in his chair to our left and with Matt and I still sitting on the sofa bed we pulled our cocks out next to each other, put on some nice, filthy hard-core porn and enjoyed a great, shared cum.




After we had all three off-loaded nicely, and just in time for the second game of the afternoon to kick off, I went to the kitchen and grabbed us a fresh round of chilled cans of lager. When I got back to the other two again I couldn’t help noticing the curled up paper tissues containing the remains of our wanks slightly scattered on the carpet around the sofa table. With a grin I took my seat on the sofa bed again; now that Matt had his win and three points all in the bag it was my turn and hopefully the Lads would do me just as proud.


The match kicked-off sort of OK, but with both teams seemed more focused on not conceding a goal rather than go up and actually score a goal themselves the first twenty odd minutes of the match, compared to the lively Merseyside derby we had just watched, seemed somewhat dull at best. The ball hardly left the centre circle it seemed and as things didn’t seem to improve I decided to go for a wee. I needed one and it didn’t look like I would be missing out on too much footie wise.


But just as I was about to take my cock out by the toilet bowl both Matt and John shouted from the living room:


-       Yess!!


Instantly I knew I had missed either a great chance of my lads opening the scoring or worse, our first goal in three games.


Returning to my two best buddies after having done what I was in need of at the toilet I saw the score line at the top left corner of the telly screen; one nil the Lads.


-       Bugger! Fuck all happens in half an hour and I go for a piss and we bloody score!


I moaned, and went back to my seat next to Matt on the sofa bed. And as I sat down I sighed:


-       Who scored?

-       Malbranque…


John and Matt said at the same time.


-       Piss and bollocks!


I moaned, finding my place in my seat again. I wasn’t upset by the Lads leading, of course, that was great news after what had been a pretty dour opening half hour of the game, but I was annoyed having missed the goal. And not just any goal either; we were playing Hull City at our Stadium of Light but it was Malbranque’s very first league goal for the club, too. And I missed it for the sake of a piss! How bloody annoying.


But my mood soon improved dramatically and when the game finished a good hour or so later we had beaten them four-one. Oh, Happy Days and in my newly found delirious and joy, and the fact that we had all had a good few beers by now, I suggested a second Victory Wank to raise ourselves in honour of the Lads. And hey presto, John and Matt dutifully obliged and pulled their cocks out a second time that late afternoon. And together we all stroke another good one out leaving more paper tissues on the floor in the process. Oh, Happy Days indeed. And Ha’way the Lads!




After our second shared offload we had an hour and a half till John’s Juventus team was shown live as well rounding off what had already been a glorious day for our respective teams. And with Juventus playing at home against one of the lower ranked sides of the league it was all set to be three out of three. But before our third game kicked off we phoned in and had some smoking, hot pizzas delivered. And less than half an hour after the Lads had beaten Hull City four-one the three of us were munching away on slice after slice of tasty pizzas with extra cheese on all three of them as an added extra if we ever needed it. And downed with fresh cans of lager nicely chilled directly from the fridge three buddies from college way back then had a wonderful time together.


Still with a few slices left on the table in front of us and after a couple of visits to the toilet from each of us later, in-ale ex-ale and all that, we were ready for the final instalment of the games this glorious Saturday afternoon and early evening. Kick-off in Turin was getting closer by the minute and just like with Matt and myself earlier on John found himself in a semi-state of growing excitement as the game approached us. With wins for both his buddies thus far and with Juve playing a lower ranked club he was adamant his team would come out victorious as well.


Straight from the off his hopes and wishes came true as with less than three minutes gone the home side had taken the lead. A neat long-ball had reached their French forward who with just one touch and a shot made it one-nil Juventus and John was in a great mood straight away.


-       How about that for a start, eh!


He grinned, with a poorly hidden but appreciated dig at both Matt and I as it had taken our teams forever to score yet there was John’s team having already opened their account just a couple of minutes into the game. Good stuff indeed and a third Victory Wank was already lurking on the horizon.


At halftime it looked like the predicted easy home win with Juventus being three-nil up already, one of the goals coming from a glorious free-kick that made all three of us shout with excitement. There is little better than watching a game of footie with a fellow supporter of your team, especially in the stands of the home ground itself, of course, but watching a game shown live on the telly with fellow footie supporters regardless of the club belonging, the love we all share for our respective clubs give us something great and unique in common. Something, though I’m delighted to say I do know a certain lass very special to me living on the island of Tenerife and very knowledgeable about many other things all things football, something that most women are yet to figure out. Boys will be boys they say and think but The Beautiful Game is so much more than that and until these unknowing, unforgiving, pressuring women realise that, they will forever be a lost course to their football minded companions. To some blokes football is Life itself, to others it’s almost a religion and to most something they simply cannot share with their girlfriends and wives as they just wouldn’t understand anyway. With the odd, wonderfully knowledgably ones apart, or course, the game of football is not for lasses. Sorry, but that’s how pretty much every bloke I’ve ever spoken to about this feel deep down. Which, of course, make the very few girls who know the score even more precious and special to the people who love them. As knowing your footie will give you a clear head start if you’re a lass when it comes to blokes. Just weird how in most cases with women that is yet to hit home but hey.


As the second half went on and despite several chances at goal and a massive almost power-play situation the home side didn’t seem capable of scoring a fourth. But it was hardly needed, really, as pretty much the second goal of the game after some twenty odd minutes of the first half had long killed off the game altogether. And though a couple of more goals would’ve been appreciated in the second half the game finished three-nil and Juventus moved up into second place in the league as result. Much to the delight of our John, of course. And who would’ve thought several hours ago that all three of our supported teams would come out on tops today.


-       I’ve got a wicked idea, lads…


John said, and grinned all over his stubby face more than pleased with his team’s game.


Both Matt and I looked at him, probably thinking the same thought, that he was about to suggest a third Victory Wank of the day, which we would be well up for, too, of course. All For One, One For All and all that.


-       It’s not very often all our teams get a win on the same day and even rarer that we get a chance to watch all our teams play the same day, too…


John began, and giving us a naughty grin he continued:


-       So how about we celebrated our great wins today by getting a lass in for us?


Matt and I looked at him for a few seconds then at each other before returning our eyes to John sitting up all excited there in his chair next to us.


-       What do you mean a lass?


Matt said, and looked pretty much like a human question mark next to me.


-       A hooker!


John said, and grinned all over his face.


-       How about we celebrated our three wins by calling a hooker and had some fun with her?! We bloody well deserve it having won three games out of three today!


He continued, still grinning all over his stubby face.


Matt and I looked at each other, nodded and then smiled at each other then returned our focus to John in his chair:


-       OK, mate, let’s do it! Let’s call a hooker and celebrate our glorious wins!

-       Great!!


John said, with an enthusiasm rarely seen at Saturday footie matches not connected to the game we all love. Then he swiftly got up from his chair next to us:


-       Where’s your phonebook, mate?


And as I told him my phonebooks were in the tiny hall by the front door on top of the only cupboard there he went and got it.


-       There are three brothels in town… Do they make house calls?


He grinned, as he skimmed the pages of local prostitutes. It’s legal to be an escort or a lady of the night in my country and has been for a number of years, too. If you pay your taxes then you can sell your body as much as you want. So we weren’t breaking any laws or anything by calling a hooker at all. It still felt a bit weird, though. I mean, here we were three lustful blokes in our mid-thirties all ready to see a bit of action and none of us too bad looking either and yet we were calling in a lass to have our ways with us. But then again, with both John and Matt being in long standing relationships they had to be careful, of course, so what better option than calling a professional who wouldn’t tell a living soul but the tax man?


Making sure the lass knew we were three blokes waiting for her, John ended the call with a huge grin on his stubby face:


-       She’s coming alright.


And as Matt got up from the sofa bed right next to me heading to the kitchen and another round of nicely chilled lager from the fridge we grinned all three of us. In all the years we’d known each other we had not shared anything but the odd wank together thus far, apart from the nice one-to-ones I’ve had with the two of them on their own, of course. But this would be our very first encounter proper together, and with the added lass, paid to please us, how could we go wrong, eh.




Half an hour or so after our third match of the day and evening had finished the doorbell rang. In the meantime we had had another round of chilled cans of lager but also done a bit of tidying up so the place wouldn’t be full of empty beer cans, pizza boxes and used wank tissues scattered on the floor when the lass turned up. We had also made sure we were all nice and fresh for her having showered and freshened up a bit in the bathroom after our shared wanks earlier on. And as the doorbell rang we were all set for an hour or two of hot, sweaty sex with a complete stranger wanting to please all three of us. Regardless of her being paid or not, which wasn’t even on our horny minds. And as John went to answer the front door Matt and I stayed in the living room on the sofa bed trying our best to appear as natural and cool as possible. I don’t know how many times him or John had been with a prossie but it was my first. In my home town anyway.


-       I hope she’s not too dolled up and tarty…


Matt whispered, and looked at me. I couldn’t agree more, there is very little sexy in a lass who tries too hard. The harder they try to look sexy with a shiteload of make-up and tarty outfits the less a turn-on they actually are. But hey, you get what you pay for, right.


-       Hey lads, this is… Sorry, I didn’t catch your name, pet.


John said, as he returned to the living room with a slim, short brunette next to him.


-       You can call me Tracie.


The lass said, and smiled. She was wearing a light coat and a pair of short-heeled shoes and when John took her coat to our delight we were met by a fairly standard looking, typical Scandinavian lass. She may have dressed up a bit but she wasn’t over the top with neither her make-up nor her dress, a classic black little number.


-       This is how we’re going to do this, lads.


She said, with a friendly yet convincingly strict smile as she followed John and stood next to him by the chair he had been sitting in earlier. And as we all three listened with growing interest she continued:


-       I know it’s your money but I don’t do foreplay, sorry. And instead of shagging you all one after the other I want all three of you at the same time. Are you up for that?


Neither Matt nor I could believe our luck and how delightfully frisky she seemed and as John, still standing right next to her by the chair, pointed in the direction of my bedroom and as we watched the two of them walk towards the bedroom door we both got up at the same time from the sofa bed. And grinningly we followed the other two into my bedroom.


Pulling his Juventus football shirt over his head and undoing his jeans John was the first of us to strip down and after what had only seemed like seconds later he jumped into bed stark naked presenting us with a solid hard-on nicely pointing at us already. And while he gave his big, hard cock a good few strokes sitting on his knees on my double bed both Matt and I got undressed as well all while watching the lass closely remove first her shoes, and then as she let the two thin strops of her black dress fall down her arms, her dress, too.


With John sitting on my bed all excited wanking off slowly Matt and I walked up and soon found ourselves right behind the now fully naked lass. Like well-trained synchronized, Olympic swimmers we let a hand each follow the lines of both her arms; from her bare shoulders all the way down to her hands and fingertips we curiously explored our shared prize for our hat-trick of wins. And though we had all had a few cans of lager throughout the afternoon and early evening we still knew exactly what we wanted. Our already solid cocks touching the back of the lass’ thighs and bottom just proved our point. And as we moved even closer in on her from behind she took her hands and with one hand from each side she reached out behind herself and grabbed us both by the arse. All while looking straight at John wanking his big cock on the bed grinning all over his face being turned more and more on as he watched us.


Turning around facing Matt and I she then went down on her knees without anything but her bare feet touching the wooden floor. And with the both of us looking down on her she pushed us together turning both our naked, hairy bodies slightly towards each other as she went on. Then she moved her hands from our arses and with a firm, experienced grip she soon had a big, hard cock in both her hands. And looking up at us from her semi-kneeled position in front of us she smiled and opened her mouth. And with a tongue so soft and wet it beggared belief she began to lick our solid cocks.


Separate at first going from one cock to the other but as she got on and both Matt and I got more and more into it as well we automatically moved our bodies even closer together. This meant our big, hard cocks were within touching distance of each other, only separated by her two firm hands wanking us off while licking ever so nicely up and down our thick shafts.


John, having stroked his own hard cock for a while alone in bed watching us, then crawled up and joined us at the end of the bed itself. And sitting on his knees right behind her with the lass still licking the two solid cocks in front of her with increasing appetite he reached out with both his hands and from his position seated behind her felt and cupped both her lush breasts. Moving his head down a bit he gave her right shoulder a gentle kiss and looking straight out, inches away from our cocks, he gave her shoulder a second gentle kiss while watching with interest how she licked her way up and down both our hard cocks.


With John’s hands all over her breasts and upper body she opened her mouth a bit more and with her soft, wet tongue playing with the tip of Matt’s cock head she mouthed one of us for the first time.


He looked at me and placed an arm around my naked waist, giving me a naughty smile as to let me know she was good and that I hadn’t seen nothing yet.


With Matt’s big cock deep inside her horny mouth she continued to wank both our cocks the best of ways. Though concentrating on sucking my buddy off most needless to say her stroking hand movements became a bit irregular, of course. But it still felt great and by the sound of things all three of us lads got more and more into things now; and as our moaning increased so did our lust for more.


Not wanting to leave John a bit sidelined any longer and to get us all more comfortable Matt guided the lass up from her kneeling position on the wooden floor and soon all four of us were on my double bed. With her in the middle of us and with three horny lads around her in a misshapen circle of desire we all had our hands on the trophy between us, caressing and feeling her entire body as we got on.


Nodding in the direction of the small bedside table behind John I hinted to him where the rubber was and instantly he reached out and found a package of condoms for us. And as he opened the small package and took out one for himself he passed the package over to Matt and I, still very much caressing and fondling our way with the willing lass between us.


As we watched John rip open the tiny, square plastic pack, pull out the rubber and placed on his knees began to roll the thin piece of latex down on his big cock we all grinned. Matt and I then opened our own tiny, square packs and did the same with our rock hard cocks, too. This time both noticing how John grinned as well in a very nice and naughty kind of way already with a hand of his caressing the naked back of the lass. None of us said anything, no words were needed anyway, and even the hooker gave us a great, big smile. I don’t know how often she got a house call like this from three horny and well up for it lads but she seemed to get more and more into the situation.


With John caressing her with both his hands now running up and down all over her back and neck Matt and I finished fitting our cocks to the occasion and with all three hard cocks pointing to her from all sides of her we threw the empty plastic packs onto the bed and wooden floor so they wouldn’t be in the way when we got off nicely. And off nicely we got indeed.


With gentle hands John guided the lass onto the bed itself placing her on her side facing Matt and I with her arse in John’s direction. Matt, being closest to the top end of the bed, then moved a bit further up placing his crotch and throbbing manhood right in front of her face where he swung his big cock teasingly close to her nose and mouth. The third time his cock touched her lips she reached out and grabbed him by the root of his shaft and stuck his cock into her mouth in one sly move.


-       Fuck yeh!


He said, grinning all over his handsome, stubby face. Then as we all watched her suck him off, she moved her lush lips up and down his cock going just a bit further down on it by each time making his big dick disappear more and more into her warm, horny mouth. And with Matt busy stuffing her face nicely I moved a bit down on the bed and placed myself, still by her side, by her knees. John then moved both his hands to the lower back of her and further down feeling up her lovely arse cheeks. That made her spread her legs a bit with one leg stretched out on the bed and the other leg, bent at the knee, going slightly into the air. Making room for John’s right hand to find its way between her thighs from behind. And as I reached out and did the same from my side at the front of her our fingers touched as they met at the entry to her pussy. I looked at him and we both grinned like horny school lads being naughty behind a teacher’s back.


-       Fuck it’s good!


Matt moaned, as he fucked her mouth deeper and harder now holding her head in his hands as it bobbed in and out on his crotch. And by the look and sound of her, reaching the back of her mouth with a gentle roughness that only a well horny, mid-thirties lad being with a complete stranger for a one-nighter was up for.


Looking back over at John on the other side of her, with our fingers still touching and playing with her pussy between her slightly spread thighs, I saw how he with his other hand had grabbed his impressively large cock giving it a few good strokes. And watching him spit on his rubber covered cock head making it all nice and shiny he smeared his spit all over his thick manhood in soft, round movements. Then he removed his right hand from between her thighs and pussy and as his fingers left mine, with mine still nicely playing with her pussy, he lifted her leg a bit higher up. And as he moved his body close to her with his shiny cock in a firm grip pointing right at her arse he reached out and spread her arse cheeks a bit, too.


Watching both my good mates enjoy a hooker this much in my own bed made me too horny for words and as John very gently guided his thick cock to her butt hole, pressing the hard top of his cock head ever so little inside her arse, and with more room for myself at her other entrance, I stuck three fingers up her pussy.


-       Uhhmm!!


The lass moaned, with her mouth full of Matt’s cock still fucking her face like a good one now with me fingering her pussy as well. And as John’s cock slowly and gently bit by bit moved deeper and deeper into her arse from behind, we were getting full value of our money.


With Matt loving every second of her mouth action on his cock and with John getting into a steady rhythm fucking her arse in front of us from behind, moaning wonderfully as they got on, I pulled out my fingers from her pussy, gave John a naughty grin and licked my fingers clean of her pussy juice. It was like a drug to me and instantly I wanted more of the same so with no hesitation I got down on my knees and elbows, reached my head out to her crotch and got stuck in, too.


-       Yes!!


The lass tried to scream, almost choking on Matt’s big cock, and as John upped the speed of which he was taking her up the arse from behind I had my nose deeply buried in her crotch licking up all the tasty, fresh pussy juice that I could reach with my tongue and lips.


Reaching a hand out between her legs, still licking her pussy real good, I then grabbed John by his sack of balls and pulling them slightly made him fuck the hooker’s arse even harder.


-       Yeh!! Pull my balls, mate!


He moaned, and with his left hand slapping her left arse cheek he reached out and placed his right hand behind my neck pushing my face even deeper into her crotch. All while I licked her pussy the best I knew how and pulling his balls at the same time. Who said lads can’t multitask, eh. Depends on the task, I guess.


-       UMmmmm!! Mmmm!!


All four of us moaned, speaking in pretty much one voice as things rapidly heated up.


More often than not the introduction of a bit of alcohol before sex slows down the act itself and having enjoyed two good, shared wanks beforehand, too even more so but the situation had us all too horny for words and as all three of us gave the lass a proper seeing to from each our position on my bed we sensed it wasn’t going to take long before we would all explode in an orgy of cum. Or fourgy as the case was, though the hooker would probably just play along, of course, she was just doing her job after all.


With John masterly fucking her tight, hot arse from behind with a speed that would have made any formula one World Champion driver green with envy and with Matt fucking her eager mouth with a passion that equalled John’s and mine, I felt my balls pull up. And that was without having touched myself almost at all; the horny situation had proven enough for me and I could probably have shot my load without even holding my hard cock if I had to. I didn’t want to just cum on the sheets though so instead my face left her gloriously tasting, wet pussy and with shiny pussy juice shown on my lips and stubby chin I sat up and returned my fingers to her crotch instead. And as I pulled off the rubber covering my cock I fingered her big time, pretty much fucking her with all five fingers as I wanked myself off.


Sitting on my knees in front of her crotch now fucking her with almost my entire hand now I was getting very close to shooting my load. My balls had long pulled into position and as my breathing got heavier I took my left hand out of her pussy and smeared her juices onto my hard cock making it even more moist and shiny. Then I returned my hand to her warm pussy and looked at my two buddies hard at work at their ends.


 -     Uhmm… Lads… Am gonna cum soon…


I moaned, upping the speed of my right hand dramatically and now wanked myself off with an almost furious speed.


Matt and John were getting close as well by the look on their horny, week-end stubby faces and one after the other they both pulled out of their respective love holes, ripped off the condoms of their big cocks and as the hooker sat up on her knees between us in the middle of my bed we all got to our feet.


Standing with the two of them by her sides and with me standing right in front of her we now wanked our hard cocks like right sinners at the same time, increasing the speed more and more. Looking at my two good pals I saw how their sack of balls had moved up into position as well.


-       Fuuuuck!


Matt moaned, and the lass turned her head to him. And moving her mouth to his balls giving them a good lick he bent his knees a bit in ecstasy and came like a shot all over her forehead.


-       UUHhmmm!!!


He moaned, shooting his creamy load of hot cum out of his thick cock. And while John and I increased our wanking speed to the almost impossible, making the both of us shake a little as we stood there wanking ourselves off faster and faster, Matt, still holding his hard cock squeezing the last bits of cum out, then slapped his cock onto the hooker’s forehead smearing his cum all over her. And as we all watched how it dripped down her cute, little nose and down one side of her grinning face, John reached his left hand out to her head turning her face to him:


-       Take it!! Take it!!!


He moaned, loud and horny and shot a lovely big load of hot cum all over her face as well.


-       MmmmMMMm!! MMMM!!


And as Matt got his breath back a bit squeezing his cock of the last remaining drop of cum John rubbed his thick cock all over the face of the lass, mixing his own sticky cum with Matt’s.


Then it was just me left and needless to say I was now wanking myself off with a speed that was probably not even healthy. Having watched and very much enjoyed how my two good mates had finished off the best of ways onto her face and forehead the lass then turned to me standing there right in front of her.


John, squeezing his cock empty with his left hand, with his right hand he now reached out and grabbed my left arse cheek:


-       Go on, mate!


And not wanting to miss any of the action, grinning all over his face, Matt, having seen where John had put his hand, then reached out to me as well, grabbing my right arse cheek, too. And with both my good mates squeezing my arse nice and rough and with an already cum covered hooker kneeled right in front of me waiting just for me to offload as well the two lads pushed me gently closer to her.


And with a strong hand each on my arse cheeks firmly squeezing me from behind and inches away from her face I looked down at the lass:


-       Am gonna cum… Am gonna cummmmm!!


And moaning it the second time I felt a big rush in our andy and a great, big dollop of cum shot out of him.


-       UUhhhhMMMMM!!



I moaned loud, and as I slowed down my wank quite a bit I just kept shooting what felt like wave after wave of hot, sticky cum right onto her face.


-       Get in!

-       Fucking hell, Alex!


John and Matt said pretty much at the same time and grinned:


-       You horny fucker haha!


And as I wiped my hard cock on her now completely cum covered, smiling face, we laughed all three while trying to get our breaths back to a somewhat normal again.




Some fifteen minutes or so later, after the lass had cleaned herself up and had left us again with a well-deserved stack of dosh, bless her, we found ourselves back in the living room. With a fresh set of beer cans in our hands we laughed and joked about the afternoon and evening. Not only had all three of our football teams done us proud by winning what for some of them on paper at least seemed like tough games but we had definitely also done ourselves proud today, too. It had not been our first shared wanks, far from, and not our last ones either but it had been our very first time together sharing a lass. A hooker, even. Now that’s male bonding for you alright.


Shortly after that John’s mobile rang, his missus was getting annoyed and was “just” wondering when he could be bothered coming home as the games had long finished, as she told him. And checking his mobile phone, too Matt noticed his missus had tried getting in touch as well.


John’s girlfriend was right, of course, the games had indeed long finished but we had had a bit of added time to play. And because boys will always be boys and that there most likely are girlfriends and wives who would never get themselves to agree or even understand…


After all, what they don’t know…, right?