Bi the Way (mm)

The first time I met Aaron was when he popped by the allotment one afternoon in late June. The weather had been gloriously sunny and warm for a good week or so and that day was no different.


We had both been looking forward to it, too. It had proven slightly difficult to make it happen but when it eventually did, we made the most of it and of our afternoon of sin together.




For weeks leading up to our first meet-up we had been regularly chatting on a dating site we both frequent. It had begun nice and slow and at first, we just talked about fairly innocent things. I never let it be known from the off what I do for a living. For several reasons; I like my privacy, I know from experience that there are people out there who will use it for bad things, it might put people off and of course if things go further there is always time to mention it before any possible meet-up.


Aaron felt the same, I guess. Though his profile picture showed him in green camouflage gear which gave it away slightly. But I never asked him what he does for a living till a couple of weeks into chatting together.


And I was right. Though only partly. He wasn’t a soldier training at the local military academy to head into a dangerous war zone, he had been there and done that already. No, these days he was a long-running member of the Home Guard. It sounded a lot safer and he still got to wear a very sexy uniform daily. What’s not to like ?


After about a month of chatting, not on a daily basis of course but regularly nevertheless, we eventually sorted a day for our first meet-up. He liked the idea of the allotment, a place where we can be ourselves and do what we like, and with him having the night shift that night he had the afternoon free to pop round.




Having mentioned to him where he could park his car and having given him the number for the allotment, we had arranged that he would have a look in at around two o’clock.


Our chats on the dating website had turned a wee bit naughty in the days leading up to our first meet-up.


We had both sent various dick pics and short, home-made video clips but it was still in the back of my mind that his profile had him down as being straight. Not that I minded too much. I have had my share of straight acting lads over the years after all and Aaron seemed legit in the sense that our chats had shown him to like my cock. But on the other hand, he had also mentioned that he wasn’t the most experienced of lads and that I shouldn’t take it the wrong way if he didn’t suck me off. Despite liking the look of our andy. Which was perfectly fine by me, of course.


Having told him the parking arrangements and the number of the allotment I also mentioned to him the colour of the allotment house as he would notice that before seeing the number on the white-painted garden gate as he walked up along the gravel covered path outside which divided all the allotments on each side.


I also mentioned to him that I would most likely be sitting in the sun on the terrace with my cock and ballsack hanging out in the open.




I’m rarely nervous when meeting up with complete strangers. Especially not with the meet-up place being picked by me as I always go for places I know by heart. But there was just something about this lad that I couldn’t quite put my finger on yet. I mean, as he was on his way and I found myself naked from the waist down sitting in the sun, I didn’t even know his real name. That didn’t come about till later that afternoon. When everything came down to it, I didn’t know him from Adam. But on the other hand, that was part of the excitement, too. My growing cock there in the bright sunshine was proof of that.




As I heard a car park at the end of the path and then soon after footsteps walking on the path getting ever closer, my cock got harder and harder. And when the sound of the footsteps paused right outside the garden gate to the allotment our andy was rock solid pointing straight to the blue sky from my crotch and my seated position in a garden chair on the terrace.


I heard the gate close and the footsteps continue but this time not on the path anymore but on the paved tiles leading up from the garden gate to the allotment building itself. With the bushes and small trees between the paved path and me on the terrace I wasn’t able to see the person, but it was Aaron, of course. And as he turned the corner and walked the remaining few metres up to the terrace and the building, we saw each other for the first time.


Saying he was very handsome was an understatement. He was sexy, too. With a nice, rugged beardy thing going on and looked fit as fuck. Instinctively I gave our andy a couple of slow strokes, inviting my possible new bum chum closer.


My smile was met by his ditto and his eyes focused on my naked crotch and rock-solid cock as he went up the three steps to the terrace itself. Paused and as he found himself right in front of me sitting in the garden chair, he watched me for a few seconds, still smiling to me.


I moved my right hand away from my hard cock and placed it onto my hairy tummy. And straight away he moved closer to me and grabbed my hard cock in his hand. As he gave it a few good strokes we both smiled again. His warm, strong hand felt good around my cock and I didn’t want him to stop stroking me off.


But he did, as only moments later he got to his knees in front of me, guided our andy to his face and with lips so wonderfully soft he mouthed me. No words had been spoken between us yet as he continued to suck me off nicely for several minutes.


Then he got back up on his feet, gave me a naughty grin and pulled down his Summer shorts a bit revealing a beautiful, hard cock of his own. Moving closer to me in my seat I did the same towards him and moved my body closer to him as he stood there right in front of me. He pulled his shaved ballsack out as well now and all looked so very tempting and tasty that I couldn’t resist a go.


Placing my left hand behind him, caressing his naked right arse cheek, squeezing it gently in the process, I reached out with my right hand to his impressive, dangling ballsack and gently cupped his nuts. Then I moved my face closer to his crotch and with his hard cock pointing directly at my mouth I licked my lips and opened my mouth.


Then I kissed the tip of his cockhead ever so gently and looked up at him. He was still all smiles and moving my mouth and lips a bit down I began to lick his solid shaft slowly up and down. To the root of his cock then back up to the rim of his hard cockhead, licked the rim all round the edge once, twice and a third time, too before licking my way down along his shaft again. He moaned nicely and when I reached his cockhead again, I slowly mouthed him. His moaning increased and he moved his right hand to the back of my head and let it follow my movement as my warm mouth bopped up and down on his solid cock. He was a big lad in that department, and I couldn’t take it all in one go but I gave it a bloody good try.

-         Mmmm…


He moaned, the first sort of word spoken between us and I liked it.




Having licked and sucked his beautiful cock for a while and both thoroughly enjoyed the experience he reached both his hands out to me and placed them on each side of my face, gently guiding my attention up to his eyes as he still stood right in front of me:

-         Shall we go inside ?


I took his hard cock out of my mouth and smiled:

-         Sure.


And moments later we found ourselves on the settee inside the allotment building, sitting next to each other. On our way in we had removed our clothes and sitting right beside him, both of us fully naked, both of us fully solid, the look in his eyes was as horny as mine must have been, too.


He placed a hand on my naked right thigh:

-         I want to fuck you.


And just like that he had gone from not being sure in our chats prior to meeting up whether or not he would give me a gobble to giving me one without a word spoken to now, as we sat right there next to each other with everything sticking out in all the right places, to being moments away from entering me on the settee.


I was in the mood and heck in these circumstances it would have been rude not to, I guess.


Preferring to look my lovers in the eyes, especially complete strangers, I moved to the end of the settee and placed my naked back against the end of it. Then I moved my legs onto the seats as well and as I spread them, he moved in and found a new position between them.


Grabbing his rock-solid cock with his right hand, with his left he took my right leg and placed it on his left shoulder. With one leg of mine up and the other more or less still seated though bent in the knee he spat onto his cockhead, smeared his spit well into it and along the shaft, too making his cock go all moist and shiny.


Then he moved closer to me. And as he did, I readjusted my position slightly and lifted up my lower body a bit making room for him.


Placing his hard cockhead right at the entry to my arse he spat on it a second time and as he very gently entered me from his position between my legs our eyes met again. No words were spoken, none were needed. His concentration on doing it right and mine on relaxing my arse as much as I could making it easier for him to penetrate me with his big cock, was all that was needed.


As his cockhead gently moved past my ring muscle and deeper inside of me and feeling the wonderful sensation of being filled up by him, he opened his mouth slightly.

-         Mmm…


I moaned in an almost whispering way. Still very much with eye contact between us:

-         Mate…


He said, in a similar whispering way as mine, gave me a naughty grin then continued:

-         You’re so tight.


I always take that as a compliment. Little worse than fucking an empty bucket after all, for neither. And as he continued to gently go deeper and deeper inside of me it didn’t take him long to fill me up completely. When he was all in, he paused for a moment:

-         You OK ?

-         Oh yes…


I said and gave him a naughty smile back reassuring him all was very well.


Then he began to fuck me. Slow and steady at first but when he saw I was up for it and could take it he upped the speed and began to fuck me a bit harder. Then harder still and soon he was giving me a right seeing to.

-         MMmmm… Mmm !


I moaned with complete pleasure and briefly closed my eyes. The entire settee was shaking a bit now and when I felt a strong hand on my hairy chest, I opened them again. His big, hard cock felt so bloody good inside of my arse and I just wanted him to fuck me hard. Felt like I needed a good sorting out.




I hadn’t relied on getting sucked off today, let alone getting stuffed well and proper but as surprises go it was a rather pleasant one to say the least.


Reaching out I placed a hand on top of his hand on my chest and left it there for the time being, caressing his strong fingers while he pounded me from his position between my legs.


With my other hand I reached out and grabbed our andy. And as I began to stroke myself off Aaron reached out his spare hand and cupped my shaved ballsack. Feeling him gently pull my balls while deep inside of me turned me on so very much and I had a feeling it wouldn’t take me long to climax, sadly. The build-up, our chats, our first encounter outside on the terrace in the gloriously bright sunshine earlier and now this were all proving to be probably a bit too much for my libido and as his hard cock kept going up and down inside my tight arse the more I felt the sensation of getting closer to bursting my nuts.


My balls still being cupped by his gentle hand were already pulling up somewhat and stroking myself off faster and faster didn’t stop the well-known sensation at all:

-         Oh man…


I moaned and was getting out of breath but somehow still managed to continue:

-         Mmmm… Am going to cum soon…

-         Yeh ?


He smiled, a bit out of breath himself, too then continued:

-         Getting close, big boy ?


That I was indeed and there was no turning back now as I shot my creamy load all over my hairy tummy and chest:

-         Mmmm !! Mmmmm…


Aaron’s cock slowed down a bit but didn’t pause its satisfying movement and play inside my arse.

-         Good lad !


He said loud and grinned all over his handsome, stubbly face. And as I squeezed the last droplets of tasty cum out of our andy he gently pulled his cock out of me again. Gave himself a few good strokes but without cumming. In the end he moved away from his position between my legs and found a seat next to me on the settee again. Getting up from my own position with my back to the end of the settee I found a seat next to him, too. Sometimes the build-up to a naughty encounter with what is basically a complete stranger makes the act itself a bit harder for whatever reason that may be. Like Christmas when you were a kid, once the presents have been opened the weeks of building it all up takes its toll; you are happy with your presents and play with them for a bit but oddly worn out by the excitement of it all, too.


But it happens to all lads. I have been there myself, too of course. So needless to say, we both just took him not cumming for what it was.




A few minutes later we were back outside sitting in the bright sunshine on the terrace. We had both put our Summer shorts and tops back on and were enjoying a cold can of pop each. I felt like having a cold can of lager but he was on evening and night duty at the Home Guard in a couple of hours time so pop it was for him and I thought it only right to join him in that. I could always have a can of beer or two when he had left again for work.


I don’t usually sit around chatting with newly found lovers. More often than not we both prefer to part shortly after and meet up again some other time. But sitting there in the sunshine chatting away felt good. We got to know each other a bit better and covered many topics the next half hour or so.

-         It suddenly dawned on me… That I don’t know your name ?


I said after a good while and gave him a smile.

-         Aaron.


He said, returning my smile.

-         Ah… Like the brother of Moses ?


I smiled back. He looked at me and grinned:

-         Yeh… Am glad you didn’t ask the Elvis question… Most people do.


We both smiled again and took a good sip of our nicely chilled cans of pop. To be brutally frank I didn’t give Elvis the slightest thought, but he didn’t have to know that. He was pleased with my response and I left it at that.




Another twenty or so minutes passed by where he talked about how he discovered in his mid-teens that he liked to be with another lad. That the first lad he had been with was a school mate and how they used to wank off together behind the bus shelter after school. He had sucked him off a few times, too but his mate had not been interested in sucking him off as well. Then they went separate ways after the school years finished and never saw each other again and he found a nice lass instead. They married and had a kid but after fifteen years together they split up and, back to being single and free again, the thoughts of times spent with his old school mate had returned more and more often. And eventually he felt he had to find out if he was indeed bi-sexual or if those days were well and truly in the past; that he needed to find out if it was still something he wanted to pursue or if it was down to just two good school mates being curious back then.


The more he talked about it all the more lively our andy got again and without even thinking about it my right hand had found its way to my crotch and from the outside of my Summer shorts I had begun to fondle myself a bit again.


Aaron had noticed it as well:

-         Getting hard again ?


What could I do but smile:

-         Seems that way…




Moments later and having moved his terrace chair from next to mine to opposite me and found a seat again Arron began to fondle himself as well from the outside of his Summer shorts.


With both our focus on each other’s bulging crotches it didn’t take me long to get a full chub-on again. And within minutes I pulled our andy back out into the open. The fresh air and slight breeze on the terrace felt glorious on his naked skin.


Aaron kept his focus on my now liberated cock and ballsack and as I slowly began to stroke myself off, he sat still in his chair right opposite from me.


But it didn’t take long for him to lift up his bum from his seat and pull down his shorts as well. And for a while we sat in a chair each in front of each other in the still bright sunshine stroking ourselves off nicely.


Then with no words spoken he got to his feet and went over to me. Still holding his big cock in his left hand, with his right hand he reached out and grabbed our andy. Gave him a good, few strokes and then got to his knees and gently mouthed me again:

-         Mmmm…


He moaned with delight as the taste of my cum from earlier reached his taste buds. There is little better than the taste of fresh cum. Well, maybe the taste of lovely, sweet pre-cum but that is about it.


Sucking and licking his way all over and up and down my solid cock and shaved balls seemed to get him well in the mood again.


After giving my shaft a proper seeing to, he got back onto his feet and in his newfound position standing right in front of me he reached out and grabbed both my feet. Placed them on a shoulder of his each and then proceeded moving his naked lower body closer to my crotch.


Lifting up my arse he grabbed his hard cock and giving it a few, strong strokes he pointed it to me again.


Then he spat on his cock not two but three times, smearing his warm spit well onto his cock and moved closer still.


I lifted my lower body up a bit more. That was too tempting for him, just like I knew it would be. And as I felt the tip of his cockhead touch the opening of my hole, we both knew what would happen next.


Gently entering me again, this time in the mid-afternoon sunshine on the terrace, felt almost too good to comprehend. It felt like he was even bigger this time than he had been on the settee inside the allotment building less than an hour ago.


And as he gently began to fuck me again, slow at first then harder and harder, I forgot all about where I was and just let the moment and feeling of being humped again rush over me.


Not being seventeen anymore and having barely recovered and filled up my deposits again from the previous loading from earlier I knew it wouldn’t take me thirty seconds to nut, of course. But I was still surprised by how quickly I felt my ballsack pull up again getting ready to offload for the second time. I wanted to wait for Aaron though, especially with him not cumming when we were on the settee. So, I slowed down my right hand on my hard cock and doing so his fucking of my tight arse increased in speed and intensity. He was determined to make it all count before he was off to work soon, and I loved every minute of it.


With a leg on top of each his shoulders and with his big cock pounding me well and proper again I reached out both my hands and grabbed his naked, hairy bum cheeks, Pushing him even closer into me in the process. Placing both his hands onto my chest, with one of his hands he pulled up my t-shirt revealing my hairy chest again. My nipples were as erect as before and with both of them out in the open again now he placed both his hands onto my chest. Pushing them down into my naked skin a bit while pounding me harder and harder:

-         Am getting close…


He suddenly moaned.


I was more than ready, of course, and while still fondling his hairy right bum cheek with my left hand I now moved my right hand back to our andy and began to stroke myself off again.


Within moments Aaron pulled his throbbing cock out of my tight arse and as he grabbed his cock and gave it a handful of speedy strokes he came in a mini fountain onto my hairy tummy and chest. Some of his warm cum hit my neck as well:

-         Mmmmm !! Fuckkk !! Mmmm…


He offloaded in three big squirts and as each hit me it felt bloody good.

-         Fuck yeh…


I said, getting more and more out of breath myself, too. And seconds later and still with him holding and squeezing the last droplets of hot cum out of his big cock, I shot my load as well:

-         Mmmm !


As our cum mixed on my naked tummy and chest we both tried our best not to giggle. Both out of breath and with good eye contact, our breathing slowed down somewhat, and he pulled his body a bit away from me. Moving my legs from his shoulders my feet found their place back on the wood terrace floor again and as I sat myself up in my chair, covered in warm cum he walked a few feet backwards and took a seat in his chair opposite me again.




About half an hour later Aaron had left for his late-night shift at the Home Guard and I had cleaned myself up. We hadn’t made any new plans for a second meet-up but said we would stay in touch.


That he had now found out that he was indeed bi-sexual and his memories of times spent behind the bus shelter with his school mate back then weren’t just a part of his history; that he has embarked on more future memories of being with another lad, I was to discover and help him with even more in the coming months.


As it turned out I discovered myself, that Winter at allotment didn’t put a stop to being naughty on the terrace there. We did indeed keep in touch on the dating website, but it wasn’t till late November that we met up again when roles were reversed somewhat.


But that is another time and another story and even better, another good memory to pass on.