Taxi (mm)

One of the many things I love about the North East of England and compared to my small hometown of Varde back in West Jutland of Denmark, is that they still have taxis. Now, I know how this sounds but until you one day wake up to find that your hometown no-longer has them it won’t dawn on you just how much they should be appreciated while they are still there. At the end of the day you just never know if you will need one and when they are no-longer an option you very easily could find yourself somewhat stuck. We don’t even have Uber drivers here anymore. That was down to our glorious tax system, of course, but the lack of local taxis is down to the service not being all that needed anymore apparently.


But not everyone drives and not everyone fancies taking one's bicycle to the pub on a Friday night. Not just for the inconvenience that lies therein but also because you will get a fine for drunk driving when using a bicycle when slightly pissed after a night out on the town, of course.


I don’t even own a bicycle, well apart from the stationary one in my bedchamber that I, to my shame, pretty much solely use to hang newly washed shirts on to dry. And I have never had a driving licence so taking a car isn’t an option for me either. My hometown is, however, small enough to just walk home from the pub. And a bit of fresh air is always good, of course. But taxis are still a big miss here, so it always brings a smile to my face when I am back over in my beloved North East of England. Knowing I can always just get a hired car back to where I am staying makes everything that much easier.




One year returning home from Sunderland and after landing at Billund in late afternoon I just couldn’t be arsed to take the bus into town and then a second bus to Grindsted and then a third bus to my hometown of Varde. I was tired after a long journey having been up very early to catch my first flight back home from Newcastle and then the usual transit at Amsterdam before the second flight. So, when I was back with my feet on Norse soil and exiting the airport, I went for the small row of taxis straight away.


The drive was about forty-five minutes or so in total, or maybe just under, but the driver was canny and kept me awake in good ways with a good sense of humour. A part of me was even more awake only minutes into the drive from the airport back to mine and the more I tried to ignore him, our andy stood strong and firm in my Summer shorts as I sat there next to the driver in the front seat.


I hadn’t had time before I left Sunderland early that morning to have my usual morning wank and needless to say I ended up having a jolly good one in the taxi heading home. I did ask the nice driver before I pulled our andy out of my shorts, of course, if he was OK with me having a lil’ tug on the way home. And as I expected he didn’t mind at all, so I ended up having a long, very nice wank in my seat next to the driver. I pretty much stroked myself off all the way home and only just shot my load as we entered my hometown a good half hour or so later. It was a jolly good nut as well and I still remember how some of it landed on the seatbelt, but the driver just laughed it off and asked me if I had enjoyed it. I had, of course, and when I was back in my small roof flat by the town river moments later, I went straight to bed, despite it being still only teatime, and slept till the next morning straight.




So yes, I enjoy taking a taxi but with my hometown of Varde these days void of any I can now only use them when in my beloved North East of England. And then I am not the only passenger most of the time so there is a lack of stroking myself off while the driver takes us to our destination.


My destination the past few years has been Kyle’s place. I have a lot of time for Kyle, he is a wonderful person and a wonderful friend. He also knows very well about my long-running desire to strike the odd one out, often at the most random time and place. And he is perfectly fine with it. Sometimes he edges me on in the back seat of the taxi, but I am yet to actually pull our andy out of my Summer shorts in a taxi with him next to me. That doesn’t stop me from getting solid though, far from it.


But there are also times where I have taken a taxi back to Kyle’s place on my own on a late evening. This happens when we have been to the pub during the evening and Kyle has headed home early with work in the morning. Most of these times I join him in an early night but there have been times where I have stayed at our chosen pub and he has taken a taxi home alone. I am on my holiday after all.




One of these nights happened on my most recent stay at his.


It was my first full week of my annual holiday. I landed the previous Friday as usual and Kyle and I had gone into town to play a bit of pool at the newly opened, wonderful pool place. It was Tuesday evening and we had gone there not long after he finished work. To rewind after his workday and to spend some jolly good time together with a few games of pool, few pints and a lush plate with the tasty, cheesy titbits the pool place has on offer.


The manager of the pool place greeted us with a big, friendly smile as we entered his establishment for the first time during my holiday at the week-end. And this early week-day evening was no different. A welcome like that makes all the difference and sets the evening up the best of ways.


Sorting the brightly coloured pool balls and getting us a table, we ordered a couple of drinks as well before heading upstairs to the first floor where we usually play when there. Once there we set up the first game and shortly after the manager came up the stairs as well holding a gloriously looking stern of beer in each hand. Proper one litre ones as well, happy days.


Naturally we paused the first game of pool straight away only moments after we had begun, took a good slurp of our sterns and as we gave each other a smile of satisfaction we both knew the evening had indeed begun the best of ways.


The place was still fairly quiet, in fact we were the only ones there by now and as we got back into the first game of pool, we had a jolly good time like we always do there.


Since meeting each other for the first time for a cheeky pint at the pub I used to frequent when I was staying at the wonderful guesthouse by the beach at Seaburn a few years earlier Kyle and I had clicked perfectly. He later told me that when he saw me sitting outside in the beer garden back then and I got up from my chair and gave him a big hug as the very first thing he knew we would get along swimmingly. We did and indeed we have in the years since, too. We have so much in common, too which helps, of course, but the main reason we enjoy each other’s company this much is that we have grown into very good friends over the years and can laugh together at the silliest of things. We also don’t take ourselves too seriously and mixed with a wicked sense of sometimes wonderfully silly humour we get on like we have known and loved each other all our lives.




One game followed the next and as the jolly times continued with pretty evens in who won the games, which is a rarity I must admit as I am still very much trailing on our ‘first to fifty’, the pints went down nicely. And so did the cheesy and fried titbits that were served by the friendly pool place manager mid-games.


In between our games we took time out to head to the wonderfully stocked jukebox and got a dozen or so tunes on as well. I have a weird fondness for the Bee Gees and one of their songs was a pick of mine. When the song came up, the table next to ours which had been occupied by two young lads in the meantime, paused their game and found the song choice either a bit off putting or a downright laugh. Either way I didn’t care, The Gibb Brothers have made some fab tunes for several decades so what if one of their songs came on the jukebox while playing pool. Like it or lump it, I say.


As the cheesy and fried snacks went down a treat and the games at the pool table counted up one by one, before we knew it a couple of hours had passed. It was still quite early in the evening; we had gone to the pool place in town not long after Kyle had gotten home from work after all and the night was still young.


Having won seven games each, and not doing anything to alter the current ‘first to fifty’ apart from getting closer to losing overall we called it a night at the pool place. Or so I thought anyway. Kyle fancied an early night with work in the morning and I fancied sticking around for a bit longer. So, we decided it so he would take a cab home and I would stick around for a bit longer and take a cap home later on my own.


The outcome was that after a very good time together we hugged and as we went downstairs again to pay for the early pool evening, he then went home when the taxi arrived and I stayed put finding a seat at the bar. It would have been a bit weird to stay upstairs by the pool tables on my own after all, though I sure could do with the practice. So instead I found myself seated at the bar after Kyle had gone home. Or standing as the case was with no chairs at the bar.




With it being a Tuesday evening and not the busiest night of the week the barman had plenty of time to chat. And when the pool place manager went home for the evening the barman and I got chatting even more. Turned out he was bi-curious; long story but at one point it came up in our chat and we took it from there, of course. And not only was he curious he was also interested in knowing more about my line of work.


I have known for as long as I have been penning books that people react in one of three ways when they hear. Either they are a bit uncomfortable talking about all things naughty, and let’s face it my books tend to be somewhat naughty at times. And then they leave it at that. Or they say very little only to come back to me not long after with the usual questions. Or they get the feel and ask whatever questions they have pretty much straight away. Adrian, the early twenty-something barman, fitted into the last category.

-         So how does it work ?


He said, having just sorted a couple who came in with a set of pool balls and as they went upstairs to the tables he continued:

-         Are your books all fantasy or based on your own experiences ?


This is one of the questions I regularly get, and the answer is always the same. I just figure if whoever asks the question is open minded enough to ask it then they are equally open minded to hear the truth, too.

-         Well…


I began and took a good sip of my freshly served pint of lager. Putting the pint glass onto the bar desk I went on:

-         I usually take two, sometimes three episodes of my own life, mix them up a bit and the end result go into the books.


The young barman looked at me and smiled:

-         You’ll have to explain that a bit more.


Returning his smile, I continued:

-         You see, If I meet up with someone and the build-up is decent, but the actual sex isn’t much to write about, I may use the build-up as a build-up to a piece for a book. And then add the sex from another encounter to make it more interesting… So, the way the pieces in the books are written down may not have been exactly how things happened but taken apart they are.


The barman smiled again:

-         Ah I see.


After another good sip of my refreshing pint of lager and with the barman looking on still smiling, I licked the foam off my upper lip and continued:

-         I just feel it is easier to write about things I know about. And if I have tried the things I write about it just flows more naturally on the pages when I write them at night.

-         I get that…


Adrian said and smiled again. Turned around and grabbed a piece of cloth and began wiping the bar desktop:

-         What about the people you write about ? Do they know they are in your books ?


I smiled to myself and to him. He had an almost irresistible aura of innocence about him:

-         Some do, some don’t… I sometimes even meet people who would like me to write about them. Unless they specifically ask me to use their real names, I always change their names, though. And if they want me to use a different one, I ask them if they have one in mind, they prefer… And also, if they have specific things about them, I change those as well… It isn’t up to me to out anyone and let’s face it, the majority of my male lovers are either in relationships or still in the closet.


He smiled again:

-         Like what ? I mean, what sort of specifics would you be changing ?

-         Well…


I began, and took another good sip of my now only half full pint glass before continuing:

-         Say a lad or a lass I was fooling around with had a very specific tattoo. In the piece they would still have one, but I would then change their tattoo into something else to not give them away… The same if they have a very specific hairstyle or hair colour.




The evening turned from somewhat early to about eleven o’clock and with the extra few pints inboard I figured it was time to call it a night. I had enjoyed the games with Kyle very much and likewise the chat with Adrian the barman, but it was getting closer to hitting the bed by each pint, I sensed.




What seemed like mere moments after Adrian had called for a taxi for me the car turned up outside the pool place. And as I said my goodnights and told Adrian both Kyle and I would be back again before I flew home again next week I soon found myself in the passenger seat in the taxi waiting in front of the building in the centre of town.




Having taken my seat next to the driver and while fastening my seatbelt I told him my destination of Kyle’s place and as we slowly drove onto the street and towards my home for my fortnight back over in my beloved North East of England, we got chatting.

-         Looks like it has been a good night ?


The driver said and smiled. He seemed very friendly and with the outgoingness and humour I have loved for more than two decades when back over.

-         Yes…


I began. Looked out of the window next to me then back over at the driver. He was a lad in his mid or late twenties, short dark hair, bit of stubble going on and seemed pretty fit. Smiling to myself and probably with the added help of the pints inboard I then continued:

-         I did OK at the pool tables and it was a good night overall…


Then I paused and the driver picked up on it straight away as he turned his head to me and smiled:

-         But ?


We both grinned.

-         Well, since you asked… I was hoping to get my leg over tonight, too.


We both grinned again. The taxi driver looked out of the front window and as he shortly after took a turn at the main road he continued:

-         The night is still young, mate.


I smiled to myself. Was he flirting with me ? I couldn’t quite tell. But I liked it:

-         Yeh, but I guess tonight it will just be a good, long wank when I get into bed…


A moment of silence broke out between us but at the next turn he looked at me and smiled:

-         You live by yourself ?


Returning his smile, I replied:

-         Am staying with a good friend… Am not from here… I’m Danish and only here for a couple of weeks.

-         Ah, I see.


The driver smiled. And seconds later he continued:

-         Are you here on holiday ? We don’t get many foreign tourists ‘round here.

-         Yeh… I have been coming back over for two weeks every year for a long time now… I love this place; it has a very special place close to my heart.

-         Yeh, it’s not a bad place to be…


The driver said, looked at me and smiled again:

-         What do you do ?

-         I’m a writer.


I replied and for the next few minutes it was like being back at the bar with Adrian the barman; the questions were similar, and the interest shown as well.

-         Never met a porno writer before… Where do you get your inspiration from for your books ?


He asked as we took another turn. I knew the way from there to Kyle’s place so if he thought me too rude and asked me to leave his taxi I wouldn’t be at all lost. So, I decided to just go for it. What was the worst that could happen after all.

-         From my own life, really.


I said and smiled as I looked at him. Turning his head to me he grinned:

-         So, you’re a bit of a shagger then ?

-         Well… Not sure about that but I am a bit of a tart, I guess… And a bit of a wanker, too.


We both grinned again. And his reaction to that made me want to go a bit further:

-         Most of my books are based on my meet-ups with strangers, don’t have to be full-on sex, sometimes just a shared wank or a gobble…


The taxi driver grinned again and with the assistance of the pints inboard I seized the moment and continued:

-         What’s your name ?

-         Marco…


He replied and smiled while looking out of the front window as we drove on.

-         Well, Marco…


I began, paused for a few seconds and went on:

-         I don’t know if you are that way inclined, but you look pretty fit and am sure you have your own stories to tell from your rides… I’m always looking for new research, so to speak…


I said it just as we paused the taxi by the lights at the crossing with Kyle’s place in viewing distance. While stopped for red he turned his head to me and smiled somewhat nervously:

-         I’ve never been with another lad.


I love little more than picking a straight man’s bi-curious cherry:

-         Would you like to ?


I unashamedly continued and returned his smile.

-         Never really thought about it to be honest.


He replied and turned his focus back onto the crossing and as the red lights turned green, he drove on. About a couple of hundred metres further then took a left turn and drove slowly down the road where Kyle lives near the end. As he stopped the taxi right in front of the house, I looked at him again and smiled:

-         Well, if you are curious and fancy giving it a go, we don’t have to end the ride here…


I sensed from his short pause of silence and the look in his eyes that he might actually be considering the offer.


I paid for my fare; it came to seven pounds something and passing him a tenner and telling him to keep the change I undid my seatbelt and reached out for the door opener to my left when he broke his silence. He thanked me for the tip first then said in a lower toned voice as if to make sure I was the only one to hear it:

-         How would we do it ? ...If we were to do it.


Turning my upper body back into my seated position our eyes met again and giving him a smile, I said:

-         Tell you what…


I then opened my trusted ol’ rucksack placed on my lap, found a card and passed it to him there next to me:

-         My number is on there. I’m here for another week or so. If you fancy meeting up for a cheeky pint or two while am here just give me a bell or send me a text. And we’ll take it from there and see how it goes.


Then I gave him another smile, pulled the strings in my rucksack back up and buttoned the two leather strips before reaching out for the door opener again.

-         How about tonight ?


He suddenly said and turning my head to him our eyes met again. He was smiling as well then continued:

-         Am off work in about twenty minutes… I could drop by and we could drive somewhere ? …If you like.


I liked the sound of that. If anything indeed was to happen between us I didn’t want it to happen in the house with Kyle sleeping upstairs and possibly waking up to the sound of his good buddy being naughty:

-         We can do that, sure.


I smiled and as we arranged it so he would drop by in about half an hour I told him I would be waiting outside.




Having left Marco and his taxi I was shortly after back inside the house where I was met by Sossij the Cat. After a little greeting time and despite the lovely fried cheesy snacks at the pool place earlier in the evening I felt a bit snackish so putting the rucksack down I went straight to the fridge. On purpose I had saved a flock of lovely pork pies for this very moment after getting them at the large food boutique across the road at midday. One was missing in action, suspect it was in Kyle’s sleeping tummy now, but I picked out two of the three pies remaining and grabbed the large plastic bottle of full fat milk as well. Poured myself a large drink of it and brought the glass and the two pork pies with me into the TV room.


As I sat myself down getting ready to munch the snacks and the chilled milk Sossij the Cat jumped onto the settee as well.


Putting the snacks and glass down I reached out to my right and found the weird scented cat snacks on the round side table. Pulled one of the long, thin sausage sticks out and as I did, the cat was already purring next to me in anticipation of her own tasty snack. As she jumped onto the floor in front of me and began to devour it, she kept purring. I love that cat to bits, as cats go, she is the best.


Resting my back into the back of the settee I thought for a second of turning the telly on. But not wanting to wake up Kyle, in the end I resisted the urge and instead began and finished the two pork pies and the glass of milk nicely in the tranquillity of the semi-darkened TV room. Full fat milk and chilled pork pies are a match made in heaven and shortly after I sat back and enjoyed a full, satisfied tummy again.


A few minutes later and having watched Sossij the Cat finish her snack as well my phone beeped. Reaching out and picking it up from the round side table where I had placed it to recharge a bit, I read a text from Marco the taxi driver. He just wanted to let me know that he was now on his way and wanted to hear if we were still on. Texting him back letting him know we were I then got up from the settee and went to the bathroom.


After a needed wee I then washed not only my hands like a good lad but also our andy and shaved ballsack. Just in case and that. Also brushed my teeth, of course, as the wonderful taste of pork pie still very much lingered in my mouth.


On my way back through the kitchen again I poured myself a glass of water and took one of the lovely blue smarties. I wanted to make sure our andy would do us proud.


Then I went back into the TV room. Sossij the Cat had taken my place on the settee and was getting into what looked like a rather cosy and comfortable position on the blanket ready for a lil’ nap. As I quietly walked past her and unplugged my phone from the recharger, she turned her head and looked up at me. If I didn’t know any better, I could have sworn she smiled back at me.


Then I went back to the front door. From earlier I knew it was a warm evening with little wind and few clouds about; a perfect late August evening in the North East of England. Pulling on my sandals again I decided to just keep my lumberjack shirt on and leave my fleece top behind. Then holding the phone in one hand I grabbed the keys to the door and locked it behind me.


Seconds later I found myself standing outside in the warm evening. It had gone just past 11.45 and the city seemed half asleep with little traffic anywhere. As I stood there on my tod waiting for Marco to stop by, I thought of possible places we could go. The beach would be the most obvious choice, I guess. Rather that than a dark back alley somewhere. Though I don’t mind the odd back alley truth be told but not especially with what was still pretty much a complete stranger.




Moments later a dark blue car took a turn left where the big road meets Kyle’s road. And as the car slowly approached me where I was standing outside the house and came to a stop right in front of me, I saw a smiling Marco in the driver’s seat giving me a wave.


Walking the few metres to the car I then walked around it and opened the car door on my side. I don’t know why I was expecting him to turn up in his taxi; of course he would have parked it elsewhere and be driving his own car after his shift had finished.


Once in his car our eyes met and as he smiled, he said:

-         I don’t know what to expect… Wasn’t even sure I would come…


Returning his smile while putting on my seatbelt I replied:

-         Let’s just see where it goes.


Then our eyes met again and once belted up he drove the car from Kyle’s street onto the main road, took a turn left again and within moments we crossed the green lights at the crossing. Following the road straight ahead and with no other words spoken between us, guess he was a bit nervous, he turned his head to me and smiled:

-         How about we park by the beach somewhere and go for a walk ?


It was like he had read my mind:

-         Sure, let’s do that.


I replied and we then drove down the road all the way to the end of it, took another left turn and drove along the sea road. Soon we found ourselves driving slowly into a parking space near the bus shelter by the roundabout. Stopping the car and turning the engine off he turned to me again:

-         So, what do we do now ?


Our eyes met again and our smiles likewise:

-         Let’s go for a walk.


I said and as we both undid or seatbelts we got out of the car, closed the doors behind us and as Marco locked them, I walked around the car and met him on the other side:

-         It’s a clear night tonight.


He looked into the dark air towards the beach and smiled:

-         Nice and warm, too…


Then we began to walk. Our first target seemed to be the beach. The sea was beautiful and dark with white bits of shiny foam shining through from the top of the small waves as they came crashing in onto what remained of the shoreline:

-         Looks like the tide is in…


Marco said and broke the silence between us.

-         Yeh… No sandy beach fun tonight.


I said and we both grinned. Him somewhat nervous which showed me if anyone was to take the lead it would probably have to be me. So naturally after another brief moment of silence I did just that:

-         Shall we go back to the car ?


He looked at me and smiled:

-         Sure.




Back seated nicely in his car again and without putting the seatbelts back on we sat next to each other and got chatting. I didn’t want to scare him off, of course, but at the same time I wouldn’t turn down sucking off someone as fit as him. And though the car was parked somewhat public right next to the bus shelter and the roundabout I would happily do so right then and there.

-         There isn’t much room to fool around in here…


He said, after a bit of general chat about nothing, really.

-         It doesn’t take much room to get our cocks out though…


I smiled back and our eyes met again. His smile said it all as he placed his right hand onto his lap and grabbed his crotch. As my eyes followed his move, I returned his smile again:

-         Fancy rubbing one out ?


We both grinned. The absurdity of the situation for a curious newbie like him must have been pretty funny.

-I’m rock hard, mate… So yeh.


He grinned.


I was getting pretty hard in my Summer shorts, too and had moved my hand to my growing bulge as well now:

-         Me, too.


He looked around the place a bit then our eyes met again and still keeping eye focus he unzipped his blue jeans, pulled them down to his knees and revealed what looked like a rather impressive bulge in his boxer shorts. As he moved his right hand to the soft cotton fabric and moved his left hand to the top of my seat, he began to rub himself through his boxers.


This was my cue.


Slowly but dedicatedly, I pulled my Summer shorts down. Going commando as always, I soon found myself sitting right next to him with a solid chub-on out in the open. And as I began to stroke our andy slowly in front of Marco his eyes lit up in the semi darkness of his car:

-         Nice one, mate…


He said and smiled.


He watched me stroke myself off for about half a minute or so then he lifted up the top of his boxer shorts, pulled out his own hard cock and at the same time pulled his boxers down to his knees where they were met by his blue jeans. In the slight darkness of his car I couldn’t help noticing how well-hung he was. His cock was rock solid and as he grabbed it with his right hand, still with his left hand on top of my seat next to him, and began to wank himself off slowly we both smiled:

-         Nice cock.


I said. His smile of appreciation turned me on.


If there is anything a lass needs to know about a lad she is with it is that we all like to be complimented on our manhood, regardless of the size of it we love being told it is big. Marco’s manhood left little to the imagination though. He was indeed a big lad. And as I kept stroking my own hard cock all I could think of was how his cock would feel in the warmth of my lustful mouth.

-         Can I touch it ?


I asked after a couple of minutes slowly stroking ourselves off next to one another.

-         Yeh…


He said, looked me straight into my Norse blue eyes and smiled before continuing:

-         I’d like to try that.


Still with his left hand on top of the seat behind me my right hand left our andy as I moved closer to his crotch. Marco took his right hand away from his cock and placed it onto his t-shirt covered tummy. And placing my left hand onto his hairy, naked left thigh I grabbed his big cock with my right hand and moved my upper body closer still.


His big cock fitted perfectly in my hand and as I began to stroke him off slowly, I moved closer to his crotch.


Inches away from his cock head I licked my lips and looked up at him in his seat:

-         Can I suck it ?


I said.

-         Yeh.


He replied in a somewhat soft yet very masculine voice and moments later I moved in. Giving his solid cock a gentle kiss, I then licked my way around the edge of his cock head a couple of times. He was already beginning to pre-cum a bit and as I squeezed a drop of clear pre-cum out of his solid cock head, I stuck my experienced tongue out and licked it all up. He tasted gloriously sweet, clean and very inviting.


Then I mouthed him.

-         Mmmmm…


He moaned as my soft lips and warm mouth engulfed his cock head and as I slowly began to move my mouth up and down his thick shaft while gently tonguing his cock head inside my mouth his moaning continued:

-         Mate… It feels so fucking good.


Still with his left arm on the top of my seat behind me he now moved his right hand from his tummy to the back of my head and as my mouth slowly at first then a bit more eager began going up and down his thick shaft his hand followed my moves from the back of my head.


We continued this for several minutes. Every now and again a car drove by on the sea road behind us and each time we both ignored the risk of getting caught. In silence, only interrupted by Marco’s growing moaning of pleasure, we simply went on with our own business.

-         Mate…


He suddenly said in an almost whispering way and moved his left hand from the top of my seat to my right shoulder. Still gently caressing the back of my head he continued:

-         Mate, I want to suck you, too.


I gently took his hard cock out of my mouth again and looked up at him from my position at his naked crotch:

-         You sure ?


He smiled and said:

-         Yeh… I want to try sucking cock.




In for a penny and all that but I was still slightly surprised by his words. Pleasantly that is. And as I returned to a seating position in my seat again our andy still stood proud and solid before our eyes:

-         Go for it.


I said, returning his smile.


And just like that he moved over to me, grabbed my hard cock with his right hand and began to stroke me off. It felt good, very good even. He sure knew how to wank a dick. And as he continued for about a minute or two more, just stroking me off, he then moved closer from his seat next to me and to my naked crotch.


With his face close to my hard cock he spat on my cock head a couple of times and as he smeared his spit all over our andy, Marco’s stroking of him continued:

-         Mmm…


I moaned. It was a natural reaction and sound to how well he was doing. Leaning back into my seat and barely noticing another car driving past on the sea road behind us I closed my eyes.


But not for long.


When I felt the tip of Marco’s tongue touch and play with my cock head, I opened my eyes again. Just in time to see his mouth engulf my hard cock.


I was hoping for this but hope and reality sometimes don’t go hand in hand. It had gone past Midnight and this Midnight my hopes came true. Plus, neither of us had turned into a pumpkin.


Feeling his warm mouth around my cock made our andy even more solid if that was at all possible. He was rock hard and loving every second of it. And by the sound of it all, we all were.


As Marco’s sucking intensified a little bit his mouth went up and down my shaft in the most glorious of ways and as he licked his way from the tip of my cock to the base while stroking me off at the same time I sensed it wouldn’t take me long to nut:

-         Mate…


I moaned somewhat out of breath before continuing:

-         If you continue like that am going to cum…


With his mouth full of Norse cock Marco turned his head slightly and our eyes met again. His eyes said it all, they were smiling and lustful as he just kept sucking me off like a good lad.

-         Mmmmm…


I moaned again, even more out of breath. And as I felt my shaved ballsack begin to pull up Marco sensed it as well. That time was getting near to our andy busting.


Slowly and still tonguing my shaft nicely he looked up at me from his position at my naked crotch again, smiled and said:

-         I want to see you cum.


Returning his smile, I said nothing as my breathing increased more and more; it wouldn’t be long now.


With his face still close to my hard cock and his inexperienced yet eager mouth even closer he began to wank me off faster and faster. His focus was solely on my cock now and his smile grew bigger by each fast stroke he made.

-         Am getting close…


I moaned.

-         Yeh… Cum for me, mate.


Marco said but kept his focus on his job at hand.

-         Mmmm… Am going to cum…


I moaned and just as I finished the words our andy did us both proud as two big squirts of warm, creamy cum shot out of him:

-         MMMmmmm !


I moaned loud as Marco’s hand slowed down:

-         Fuck yeh.


He grinned and still holding my hard cock in a firm grip he now began to gently milk the cum out of my cock. It landed on my lumberjack shirt as well as on my naked right thigh as he kept milking every last drop of warm Norse cum out of me. Some of my cum also landed on his right hand and dripped down his fingers still having a firm grip on me.

-         Fuck that was hot.


He grinned as he wiped his hand onto my shirt. Then he sat up again in his own seat of the car and turned his head to me:

-         I’ve never done anything like that before.


He said, this time his grin had turned into an almost apologetic smile. Returning his smile and still with our andy out in the open and still hard I reached my right hand out to Marco’s cock and moved closer to him:

-         Let me return the favour.


And within seconds his big cock was back in my mouth. And as I began to give him the gobble he never thought he would get from another lad, his moaning increased:

-         Mmmm… That feels so good.


I think we both knew at that point that he wouldn’t last long either. The build-up, him sucking and wanking me to a perfect nut only moments earlier had clearly taken its toll on him:

-         Oh mate…


He moaned as my mouth and tongue were all over his thick shaft and cock head:

-         Am getting close…


But I just kept sucking his beautiful, big dick like it was my last dick to ever suck and upped the speed of my right hand wanking him off, too:

-         Mate…


He moaned, almost out of breath. Only seconds later to continue:

-         Mate… Am going to… MMMmmm !!


And just like that he shot his warm, creamy cum into my mouth in several heavy squirts. I kept on sucking and tonguing him the best I knew how to and though I slowed down the speed of my right hand somewhat and soon found myself milking him dry, my warm mouth never left his hard cock for a second. I wanted to show him what another horny lad can do; I wanted to please and pleasure him like he hadn’t felt it before.




A couple of minutes later and with us now both back seated next to each other again and both with a satisfied grin on our faces Marco turned to me and said:

-         That was awesome.


Returning his grin, I said:

-         Wasn’t bad for a first time, was it.


We both grinned again and shortly after we pulled our shorts and blue jeans back up. It had been a good night and we both enjoyed it.




On our drive back to Kyle’s place we were still grinning like two naughty schoolboys:

-         Was that tonight’s ‘research’ ?


He smiled. Giving him a positive answer in return I followed it up by saying:

-         If you keep a diary, tonight’s entry should be a good one.


He looked at me and smiled:

-         I don’t. But if I did, I would have to keep it away from anyone else haha




Shortly after we drove onto Kyle’s road and as he stopped the car outside the house Marco took his left hand away from the steering wheel and placed it on top of my right thigh. Gave it a gentle squeeze and as our eyes met again, he smiled:

-         Thanks for tonight, mate.


Returning his smile, I replied:

-         And thank you. I really enjoyed it.

-         Me, too.


He said. And as we said our goodbyes, I watched him drive off into the Sunderland night.