Belle of the Balls (mmf)

It was the morning before the day I was flying back home again. My annual fortnight in my beloved North East of England was coming to an end for another year. And for another year I had stayed at Kyle’s place and loved every minute of it. He had gone to work early this morning and wouldn’t be back home till around four o’clock so I had the entire place to myself.


Beginning the day in my usual manners, bit of shopping across the road, bit of pipey smoking out in the backyard while reading the morning paper and then going back inside to watch a bit of the news from what remained of the breakfast show. And eating two lovely pork pies, of course, from the flock of pies I had bought at the shop as well and a handful of round mini cheeses wrapped in red. Pork pies and cheese with a large glass of full-fat milk after a morning smoke outside, is there a better way to begin the day ?


Sossij the Cat had woken up as well. Despite only seeing me a fortnight a year it is almost like she remembers that all she has to do is look at me when I come downstairs and there will be Dreamies coming her way. She had finished them before I sat down to watch the news on the telly and now she had gone for a lil’ nap on the comfy armchair near the settee I was sitting on.


Turning the telly off again I went back upstairs to get my small notebook computer and returning to the settee shortly after I checked my inbox to see if anything needed my attention. I may be on holiday but there is no need to be rude after all.


Having checked and replied to a couple and decided to leave others be for later I then went back upstairs, grabbed my bath gear and went back down and into the bathroom. Turned the water on and brushed my teeth as the water began to fill the bathtub. Reaching out for my phone and found a suitable playlist for this time of day and pressing play I placed the phone back on the windowsill and got undressed. Moments later I was nicely placed in the bathtub surrounded by lovely bubbles covering my naked body crooning along nicely to a 1980s classic from Phil Collins. Take a look at me now indeed.




All done and having sorted the bathroom after me it had gone midday and I found myself back outside in the backyard in my usual chair ready to have a fresh smoke. The pipe stuffed with my favourite Danish tobacco from back home and within moments the air around me filled up with the sweetest pipe baccy scent as I, with a smile, began to puff away. The music was still playing from my phone but a different playlist now and I was enjoying every bit of being back in Sunderland. But also saddened by it being my last full day back over for now.


Just as I was beginning to feel a bit mellow despite the glorious weather and my dear ol’ pipey, the phone made a sound. Looking at it I noticed it was a message from Ollie, one of Kyle’s best friends and a lad I have grown fond of myself since meeting him the first time a couple of years back. That he also has a wonderfully naughty side to him just made me appreciate his company even more. When I was back over last year we had fooled around a bit. Both alone and with a lass he knew. I still have fond memories of our time together with her in a green field outside the tiny village of Cox Green where she sucked us both off in the sunshine. And equally fond memories of times last year we spent together just him and I being intimate together, first by sharing a good wank on Kyle’s settee then on the bed in my room where we took things a bit further.


I hadn’t seen Ollie much this time round though, only seen him twice and both times had been briefly, first down the pub when he came over and said ‘ello, the second time was last Thursday when I was watching a bit of telly in the evening with Kyle and he came home with Elliot. They didn’t stop in for long and pretty much stayed in the kitchen before leaving again hitting the town.


So, getting a text from him on my last full day back for this year was good. It is always good to hear from him but on this occasion especially as I wasn’t sure if we would meet again before I flew back home the next day.


His text message asked me if I was in and if he could pop round for a bit. There was only one answer to that, of course and ten minutes or so later he walked into the TV room with a big smile on his face:

-         ‘Ello mate.


He grinned and took a seat next to me on the settee, placed a hand on my shorts covered thigh and continued:

-         You didn’t think I would let you fly home without coming over, did you.


It wasn’t as much a question as a statement and either way I was pleased to see him again:

-         I was beginning to wonder…


I said, returning his smile. My sarcasm wasn’t lost on him and we got chatting like we had done last year. It is always good to catch up, and with naughty people even more so. He told me about what he had been up to since I was last back over, a year ago, about his new job, moving out and finding a place on his own, the freedom it gave him to do all things naughty and pretty much everything in between, too. And before we knew it an hour had passed. We didn’t even notice until there was a knock on the front door:

·         Ah, that must be Belle.


Ollie grinned and got up from his seat next to me on the settee. Walked out into the hallway and moments later returned to the TV room with Belle just behind him:

-         Hi Alex.


She said and smiled when she saw me on the settee. Placed her handbag on the armchair and woke up Sossij the Cat in the process who looked all disorientated for a moment before curling back up and back to sleep. Then she continued:

-         Good to see you again, how have you been ?


Returning her smile and noticing how quickly Ollie was to take his seat again on the settee next to me I said:

-         Good to see you, too. Am good…


Then I had a closer look at her:

-         You look like you are well, too. Lovely dress.

-         Thanks, it’s an old one but I like it.


She said and looked down at herself. It isn’t the norm back home that you see that many women wearing a dress when you are out and about during the day, you do see some but not many. And this was only the third time I had met Belle and all three times she had now worn a lovely, thin Summer dress.

-         I need the toilet, back in a flash.


She said, smiled and left the TV room.


Both Ollie and I followed her with our eyes. When she was out of earshot he grinned:

-         Back in a flush more like.


Then he turned his head to me, placed his hand onto my thigh again and continued:

-         Do you like my present, mate ?


Grinning all over his face I instantly knew, of course that he had planned it all, that Belle popping round as well wasn’t just a coincidence. He squeezed my thigh slightly and gave my shoulder a little push with his shoulder:

-         Am going to send you home in style…


And moving closer to me so we now sat right up against each other shoulder to shoulder his grin stayed put.




On her return to the TV room things took a swift change. With no words spoken she walked straight to the settee and kneeled down between us on the floor in front of us. Then she placed a hand each on our nearest thighs and moved her upper body towards me and gave me a good, long kiss. This took me by surprise as I’m not really known for kissing other people on the mouth.


Then she moved to Ollie next to me and did the same. Only he reached out his hands and cupped her breasts while they kissed. This turned me on a lot, watching them go for it like that with me sitting right next to them.


Still with a hand on his thigh and while passionately kissing him she moved her other hand from my own thigh to my crotch. And continuing to kiss him like a right tart she began to fondle my rapidly growing cock through my Summer shorts.


Like all warm-blooded mammals she needed to come back up to the surface for air and when she did, she moved back over to me and began kissing me again. I reluctantly kissed her back but nowhere near as passionately as Ollie had done just moments earlier. While kissing me she kept fondling my now almost solid cock through my shorts. From the corners of my eyes I could see she was now rubbing Ollie’s cock through his shorts as well. And he now had a firm hand on her arse while still grinning all over his handsome face.


Suddenly she stopped kissing me and moved away from my body and the settee but still on her knees in front of us she pulled her dress over her head in one go revealing no bra and no knickers, she had gone completely commando and was now kneeled before us butt naked.


Moving closer in on the both of us again her hands were back to the two crotches in front of her. Her hands rubbed us both rather roughly for a while then moving both her hands to the top of Ollie’s shorts, she pulled them down to his thighs. His beautiful, hard cock jumped out instantly and slammed itself up against his slightly hairy tummy. Pulling his shorts further down to his knees and feet but leaving them there she moved over to me and did the same with my shorts. Our andy followed the lead of Ollie’s cock and jumped onto the scene as well.


Smiling all over and still kneeled in all her glorious nakedness in front of us on the floor in front of the settee, Belle then moved between us and grabbed a solid cock in each hand. Pulling us together making our bodies touch more and more both Ollie and I found a new position slightly on our sides facing both each other and her. And as she pushed our hard cocks together, so the two cockheads touched, Ollie reached out and placed his right hand behind me letting it rest on my shoulders.


Then she moved her face close to our now connected cockheads and with a pointy tongue began to lick both heads at the same time. She also tried to get us both into her mouth but failed in her attempts both the first and second time she tried it.


Instead she went from one cock to the other and repeatedly sucked them off while wanking the vacant cock at the same time.


Ollie’s free hand found a place at the back of her head and as she sucked my cock, he gently pushed her head back and forth making her bob up and down my hard shaft like a good one.


This continued for a few minutes but suddenly he moved his arm away from my shoulders and got up from the settee. Walking around her naked, kneeled body he found himself behind her and with a very pointy cock between the two of them he helped her get back on her feet. Only to move her upper body forward, gently pushing her face back onto my crotch.


As she grabbed our andy again with a firm hand and with her body bent over in an almost V-shape with me still seated on the settee, Ollie moved closer to her, spat on his rock-solid cock and rubbed the spit in with his right hand. With his left hand placed on her naked back he then slowly entered her from behind.

-         Mmmm…


She moaned with her mouth full of cock. Pulled our andy out briefly and moaned louder:

-         Yeh, fuck me ! Fuck me hard !


Then she spat on my cock head and mouthed it again.


We continued this for a few more minutes but then she pulled my cock out of her mouth again and looked me straight into my eyes:

-         I want you both inside me.


That made Ollie grin:

-         You heard her, mate… Come join me.


And as requested I did just that and got to my feet.


In one swift motion Ollie pulled out of her and guided her to the side so he could take a seat on the settee. Once seated with his hard cock pointing straight up at us in front of him, he reached out and took her hand.


She took little if any persuasion and strode his crotch before gracefully sliding her pussy down on his thick shaft facing him. And as she began to ride his cock, he cupped a bouncing breast in each hand. I stood watching them go for maybe a minute or so, smiling all over my face and stroking myself off. Then I moved closer to them.


Ollie moved his hands away from her breasts and grabbed her arse from each side. With a firm grip he spread her cheeks a bit making room for me.


When my crotch was right in front of her arse, I spat on my hard cock a couple of times, smearing the natural lube well into our andy.


Then I moved my cock to her arse. When she felt the tip of my cockhead at her backdoor, she slowed down her ride of Ollie’s cock, almost to a standstill. And with a thumb along my shaft to help the process slightly I slowly entered her arse from behind.

-         Fuck yeh !


She moaned and shook her head. I could hear Ollie grin again and both turned me on so much.


As the tip of my cockhead slowly entered her arse her moaning increased. I took this as a sign of her wanting more so gently pushed my hard cock further into her tight arse. The warmth it gives in your cock when you take someone up the arse and the tightness of it is always pleasure second to none and the further into her arse our andy ventured the warmer and tighter it felt around him.


Once fully inside of her and with Ollie’s cock still deep inside her pussy as well below me we both slowly tried to get a joint motion going. But with these things it always seems the best idea to give and take a little. From both parts.


Eventually we got something decent going. Belle found a position on top of Ollie’s cock where she didn’t need to move much if at all with him doing his best to shag her from his seated position on the settee and I did my best at my end, too slowly but steadily fucking her arse from between Ollie’s legs.

-         Yes ! That’s it !


Belle moaned loud and moved her upper body a bit from side to side:

-         God yes ! Fuck me… Fuck me !


And as Ollie and I continued to do our best to grant her wishes though doing double isn’t the easiest of activities, on a settee or otherwise, I looked over her shoulder and caught his eyes. When our eyes met, we both grinned but unfortunately that just made the positioning even harder. Having a jolly good, shared moment with a lass between us and with both our hard cocks inside of her was difficult enough. But with the added hilarity that we both could see only too clear as well as her slightly over the top reaction to being double penetrated, it just turned out to be too much for the both of us. And it didn’t take long before we nodded to each other in a ‘well we gave it a good go’ sort of appreciative nod. And slowly but pretty much at the same time pulled out of her.

-         Bend over…


Ollie said when he had gotten to his feet again. Belle did just what he asked her to do and bent over onto the settee now with her soft, round arse cheeks slightly in the air and with her face buried into a cushion on the seat in front of her.


Then we found a position right next to each other and began to wank ourselves off in front of her inviting arse.


Slowly at first but we soon upped the speed of our right hands and I took the opportunity to reach out with my left hand and grabbed his right arse cheek. Feeling his hairy bum in the palm of my hand while wanking myself off with the other hand and with Belle’s arse begging for our creamy loads right in front of us, I knew it wouldn’t take me long to nut.


Ollie must have sensed the same. I could feel the muscle in his bum cheek tighten and we looked at each other and instantly knew the score:

-         Mmmmm !!


He moaned as he shot his load all over her arse. And still cupping his bum cheek, seconds later I followed:

-         Fuck… Mmmm !


And shot my own load onto her arse as well. Mixing my creamy cum with his.


Reaching her hands out behind her, still with her head buried in the cushion, she spread her cheeks as far as she could making our mixed cock juices run down the sides of her arse as well as in between her cheeks. I smiled to myself. Her gaping arse looked like a glazed bagel.




Half an hour later and after having cleaned ourselves up, Belle had long left the house again and Ollie and I were back sitting on the settee next to each other. This time with a cold can of Stella in our hands.

-         What are your plans for tonight ?


He asked and took a good slurp of his beer.

-         Not sure yet. Think we’re just going to stay in. My flight is at nine tomorrow morning and Kyle is taking me to the airport. Think we’re leaving at five or so just to be on the safe side with the morning traffic.


I said and took a good slurp of my can as well.

-         That’s probably a good idea.


Ollie said. Then he downed the last of his beer and looked at me:

-         Fancy another ?


He said and got up from the settee. Having just put my own can to my mouth I nodded. I finished mine as well before he came back from the kitchen with two fresh cans for us. As he sat down, he opened his new can:

-         Thirsty work this…


We both grinned and as he took the first sip of his can I opened mine as well. Then we heard the front door open and close and seconds later Kyle came into the TV room. He looked tired but happy:

-         What a day I’ve had… Thank fuck am home. I had to deal with such an arse today at work, you wouldn’t believe… Going to grab a cold beer… Anyone else having one ?


And then he left the TV room again and went into the kitchen where we could hear the fridge open.


Ollie and I looked at each other and smiled.