Summer Rain (mmf)

We ran into Leen down the pub. Out in the beer garden at the back of the pub. Was my annual two weeks return to my beloved North East of England and for years now my preferred stay at the wonderful guesthouse by the beach in Seaburn proved yet again to be the best of times.


Ewan had popped round after work and we talked about going for a bite to eat and then catch a movie somewhere but had ended up down my ‘local’ oasis of a watering hole after a nice walk on the beach just across the road from the pub. It was, or at least began as a lovely evening weather wise. And it would have been silly going to watch a movie at the local movie theatre in Sunderland city centre on a beautiful, late Summer’s evening like this. So, a stroll on the lovely, sandy beach followed by a few pints down the pub seemed the better option.


With the smoking ban inside English pubs long in place we had ventured out into the beer garden at the back of the pub to let me light my dear ol’ pipe after our stroll. And while Ewan went to get our first pints, I found a table for us by the black painted wood wall at the back.


Taking my pipe and leather pocket of baccy out of my trusted rucksack after sitting down and nicely stuffing the pipe I leaned back in my chair and had a look around the beer garden. It wasn’t the biggest beer garden in the world, but it was nicely enclosed and one of my favourite spots to be each time I popped back over to my home away from home. Was good to be back. Always is.




It didn’t take us long to get settled on the bed in my room at the guesthouse. The night was still young, we had had a few pints and were all set for a bit of sexy time. Spirits were high and Leen had already stripped down to nothing, now sitting on her knees in the middle of the bed with my good buddy Ewan standing on one side by the bed and myself getting undressed on the other side. Ewan had already taken his t-shirt off and unzipped his blue jeans and as he moved closer to her on the bed, he pulled his cock out at the top of his blue jeans but keeping them on for now. She crawled her way towards him by the side of the bed all while I stripped fully down and got onto the bed from behind her as well.


With little if any hesitation she mouthed him and as he placed a hand at the back of her head, he pushed her mouth down onto his already nicely hard cock.


On the bed myself now I looked at them both at it and let a hand run down her back as she sucked him off. Then I placed myself right next to her on the opposite side of her and gave our andy a few good strokes.


Within moments Ewan grabbed her by the hair and guided her to my cock. Her mouth felt nice and warm and the thought of Ewan’s cock having just been in the same spot only seconds before made me even harder. I do like sharing.


Holding her long hair I looked at my buddy as he gave his own hard cock a few good strokes as well. Then looked on as he removed his blue jeans. When they hit the floor, he got onto the bed with us and bent down giving her arse a little slap.


Then he moved his body closer to her, reached out and grabbed a boob from each side of her and began to kiss and lick them. While he was doing this, she kept sucking my hard cock like a good one. Placing a hand around my arse grabbing my left bum cheek with her right hand.


After giving her boobs a good seeing to with his hands and tongue Ewan now got up again and found a position right next to her. With the both of us at each her side now with our hard cocks pointing straight at her face she continued to suck me off for a few more moments before moving back to Ewan’s cock.


With a hard, solid cock in each of her hands she now placed both our cocks at her lips and changing every few moments between sucking each one. Doing this our cock heads touched very nicely every now and again. Placing them both at her mouth now she began to lick both cocks at the same time. It felt pretty good and I caught Ewan’s eyes and he gave me a naughty smile back.


Then she changed back to sucking one cock at a time, all while stroking the other. Like a tit-wank this didn’t feel as good. It looked better than it felt. But her uneven hand movements while stroking as well as sucking the other cock was just another proof that lasses may be able to multitask better than lads, but they haven’t got a clue on how to wank a lad off. All they can do is think they know what they are doing. While we just let them believe it and rarely tell them how it should be done. It is one of the reasons why it is so much easier to hook up with another lad for no strings attached sexy times, we know the score from the start, and we know what we like. In all my life I have never had a decent handjob from a woman.


Leen was no different, her handjob left a lot to be desired but her warm mouth made up for it.


She changed back to sucking Ewan’s cock again and I took the opportunity to check out her arse. Looked good from my standing position next to her and as he reached out now holding her head with both hands, I moved mine down her back and further down, grabbing one of her arse cheeks. Wondering if she would be up for a bit of backside action as well.


Moving my hands away from her arse again I soon began to fondle her breasts. She took this as a sign of changing positions again and moved her head from Ewan’s crotch back over to my hard cock and mouthed our andy.


I noticed Ewan’s hands were still around and holding her head as she was bobbing her mouth up and down my hard cock. He moved her hair from the side of her face to get a better view of her sucking me off. I rather enjoyed that. It turned me on quite a bit seeing my good buddy was into it as well


After a few moments with her lips firmly around our andy, Ewan moved his hands from her head and followed my path from before and began to explore her backside as well now. Slapping her arse cheeks as he went along. We had joked about bum sex before but never really talked about it as a possibility for our first three-way. But if he was up for it, and the lass was as well, then why not. He knows I am bi, of course and I know he likes to explore most things sexually so if the opportunity came by it would be borderline rude to miss it.


Moving her mouth and lips away from my hard cock again she moved back to his. I got on my knees and moved to a position behind her now. And while keeping a keen eye on her sucking him off nicely I spat on my fingers and moved them to her pussy. She felt gloriously warm and cosy and as I began to finger her from behind, I looked up at Ewan again. Our eyes met and with no words spoken we smiled to each other, both knowing she could well be up for it.


Fingering her pussy I could feel how moist she was, and giving my buddy a nudge he moved from her side to a place in front of her, making it easier for both her sucking him off and for him to see what I was up to at her back.


Reaching out for the table by the bedside and grabbing a condom, I opened it and gently pulled it over our andy. He was now ready and all set to get in on the action as well. And moving back to my position kneeled behind her I guided him with my right hand to her moist pussy. As I entered her from behind, she moaned slightly, still with her mouth full of Ewan’s big cock.


And then I slowly began to fuck her from behind.


As I upped the tempo of fucking her Ewan pulled his cock out of her mouth, and still kneeled in front of her he gave her face a little slap. Then he positioned himself on the bed itself and now on his back he took a hold of her head again and guided it back to his crotch. All while I kept fucking her from behind.


We kept this going for a few minutes, but not to climax too soon I pulled out of her warm pussy and doing so Ewan guided her from her bent over position to the top of his crotch. And as she gently glided down onto his hard cock, I placed myself behind his head and right in front of her head as she bobbed up and down on his cock.


Riding him nicely and with increasing speed I reached out and placed both hands on her head, guiding her mouth back to our andy, still covered with a condom. When she noticed she reached out and pulled the condom off. Then proceeded to lick him up and down and soon enough took him back into her warm mouth.


Moving up a bit letting him fuck her on his back while still sucking me off above his head I looked down. Ewan was looking up at me and keeping a close eye on my cock going in and out of her mouth. Our eyes met again, and we smiled at the same time. There is a lot to be said about good pals, but you don’t get the same sort of appreciative smile anywhere else than in the bedroom when you’re both shagging the same lass.


Holding her head, I gently pushed her mouth further down onto our andy. And looking down at my good buddy fucking her on the bed below me and seeing how he slapped her arse cheeks as he went on turned me on so very much.


After a while he pushed her away from his crotch and pulled her away from my cock at the same time. Moving her body from the position on top of him and turning her body she was now faced with her face down in the bed. And moving her round again and grabbing one of her legs to make more room and easier access for him he entered her pussy again, now with her on her back.


Letting go of her leg I then moved to her other side, and as I watched him fuck her real good, I moved closer to her so our andy was now right on front of her face again.


With her pussy filled with Ewan’s big cock she reached out and took a firm grip of my cock again and mouthed him. I reached out and cupped and fondled one of her breasts.


Then Ewan turned her on the side and fucking her now from almost behind with her still busy sucking our andy we had reached the perfect position of any three-way.


After a couple of minutes like this he pulled out of her, and as she moved her mouth from my hard cock to my shaved ballsack giving it a good licking he spat on a finger and took it to her arse.


Gently pushing his wet finger into her arse, she moaned a bit more.


Still with her licking my ballsack nicely, soon after he pulled his finger out of her arse and moved his body closer to her backside. And with a thumb at the bottom of his hard shaft he now gently guided his hard cock to her arse. Just before he entered her, he spat on his cock head. Then he slowly penetrated her arse. She moaned more now but seemed OK with being taken up the arse, and still licking my ballsack nicely.


Looking on I was rock solid and stood for a few moments stroking myself off while watching my buddy arse fuck the lass on my bed in my guesthouse room. I was so horny and in-the-moment that I forgot what I was doing and when my ballsack pulled up getting ready to nut it was all too late.


-  Fuuck...


Shooting my load now wasn’t in our plans but it is impossible to stop a rolling avalanche after all and my creamy cum just kept shooting out of our andy. Most of it landed on Ewan’s tummy and chest. Our eyes met again and we both grinned at the situation.


Leen reached out both her hands and smeared my cum all over his upper body. While giggling in the most annoying of ways. It was clear to me just how much her giggling put him off and it was only a matter of time now before we would call it a night with her.


I took a seat in the chair at the corner of the room and as my cock began to deflate somewhat, I continued watching them at it on my bed.


But I was right, of course. The point of no return for him had passed and looking over at me I gave him a wink with an eye. It was our secret wink, and he knew what he had to do.


So, to avoid not letting on that he wasn’t able to cum now, he pulled out of her arse, pushed her onto her front and with her arse now in the air he pretended to wank himself off behind her back. Within moments he silently spat a couple of times on her back while moaning the best he knew how. It was the gay gentleman’s way out of climaxing without actually letting on that he didn’t at all. Spit and cum has the same temperature, of course, and with her back to him she was none the wiser that he didn’t cum at all, that the warm fluid hitting her back was in fact just simple spit.


-  Yeh, go on, mate.


I grinned, helping him keep up the facade.


-  Fuck yeh.


He grinned and his pretend moan got a little less loud.




Not long after, Leen got up from the bed and both she and I got dressed. Shortly after I followed her out the room and downstairs and after saying our goodbyes at the front door she walked away and into the night and I went back upstairs to my room. Ewan was already in the shower sorting himself out. The shower space wasn’t big enough for the both of us, so I waited with my shower till he was all done.




-  I just hate that sort of stupid giggling.


He said, when we had both showered and were resting on the bed wearing just our towels. I knew only too well what he meant and how he feels about these things. It is a massive turn-off for me, too.


-  I know, mate...


I smiled, and placed a hand on his naked knee:


-  I have a few cans in the fridge in the kitchen downstairs, how about we grabbed them and went back to the beach ?


-  Sounds good that.


He smiled back and placed a hand on top of mine on his naked knee.




Less than ten minutes later we had gotten dressed and grabbed the cold cans of lager and found a bench by the lighthouse overlooking the beach, too. It had gotten pretty dark by now but with it being late Summer it wasn’t pitch black. But it did look like heavy clouds were coming in from the North Sea making it darker than usual at this hour.


Having sat down on the bench and opened the first two cans of lager it was like being back at the pub beer garden. Only even more al fresco. The semi darkness only lit by the odd path lane light a bit away made it even cosier.


We talked briefly about the woman from the pub and what we got up to back in my room at the guesthouse but soon the conversation shifted to our football team, which wasn’t doing too bad at the moment.


-  You know what, mate.


Ewan suddenly said. Looked straight at me and continued:


-  I need to cum so bad.


Looking at him we both grinned.


-  I know…


I said, with a smile, placed a hand on his bare knee just below where his Summer shorts ended:


-  It wasn’t the best for me either…

- Well at least you shot your muck.


Meeting his words with a smile and still with my hand on his bare knee I went on:


-  Still time to end the night on a high...


I smiled and gave his naked knee a little squeeze with my hand.


-  We won’t find another lass up for it now...


He said, looking a bit frustrated.


-  Maybe not.


I replied, and looked him straight in his eyes:


-  Pull your cock out now and I will finish what she started...




Within moments Ewan had undone the buttons in his Summer shorts and gently pulled out his already semi-hard cock.


-  Nice one.


I smiled. And gave him another wink with an eye. Then I moved closer to him next to me on the bench, grabbed his growing cock and slowly began to stroke it a bit.


-  What if someone catches us ?


He said, almost whispering.


I looked around and couldn’t see a single soul around but the two of us. It was a week-day in the late evening and no-one was likely to be out and about on the beach at this hour.


-  Shall we take the chance ?


I smiled.


A few seconds of silence followed while he looked around the place as well:


-  Aye, why not...




Stroking his big, hard cock on a bench by the lighthouse turned me on quite a bit. The semi-darkness now with the added first few drops of soft Summer rain set the scene up nicely. Even fewer people were likely to be out and about in wet weather.


Moving closer to him and sitting right next to him now our legs touched. He placed a hand on the back of the bench behind my back giving me better access to his hard cock nicely poking out of his Summer shorts.


He looked around the place again:


-  Suck it, mate...


He whispered, as he saw the coast was still clear.


Being a good friend I duly obliged. Taking a firm grip of his hard cock I then moved my face to his crotch, gave his shaft a good licking up and down a few times. Then I mouthed him.


-  Mmmm...


He whispered and took his hand away from the back of the bench and placed it behind my head. Not as much holding it, more in a guiding kind of way.


Moving my left hand to his shaft now my right hand was free to play with and fondle his ballsack. Already hanging less low after what has already been a productive night for his sack I continued to play with his balls while stroking him off with my other hand and sucking his cock with great pleasure. Giving head is one of life’s great treats but giving head to a good buddy is even better. And as the soft Summer rain increased slightly, I sucked him off like a good one.


It didn’t take him long to get into a heavier, uneven breathing. And feeling his balls pull up in my right hand we both knew the score.


-  Mate...


He whispered, almost out of breath.


-  Am getting close…

- Mmmm...


With my mouth full of throbbing cock that was all I could say.


And then he shot his load. Deep into my warm mouth and down my throat:


-  Fuuuuckk….Mmmmm !


He moaned, still borderline whispering.


Swallowing it all and then licking his cock head and shaft clean while squeezing the last drops of creamy cum out of the opening at the tip of his cock head, I wanted every last drop. He tasted so good.


-  Fuck man, that was good.


He smiled, and as I sat myself back up on the bench right next to him, still with our legs touching, my hands left his ballsack and shaft. As he pulled his Summer shorts back on, I returned his satisfied smile and we sat there for a moment or two in silence as he got his breathing back.






Reaching out for my rucksack on the bench for two more cans of lager, I handed him his and opened my own. He opened his as well and our eyes met again:


-  Happy Ending to a good night.


And as our cans met in a nice skål and the soft Summer rain fell upon us, we both grinned. Sharing is good.