Band on the Fun (mm)

I first met Craig about a year or so back when the band he and Kyle play in had a gig at The Fort pub not far from Kyle’s place where I was staying while back over in my beloved Sunderland for my annual fortnight. It was my first taste of seeing the band and with the pub being a typical, old-fashioned English pub it wasn’t the biggest area they had been given to set up all their gear. But it worked and it was a great afternoon. For the band and for everyone else being there enjoying their music and plenty of pints.


Having known Kyle for a few years now it was a pleasure to finally meet and say hello to his band members. They were all wonderfully relaxed and seemed like a great bunch of lads. I pretty much knew they would be even before we went to the pub back then as I know Kyle wouldn’t interact with anyone who didn’t fit the bill.


The three things I remembered the most about seeing them that first time was my good friend on vocals, of course, then how loud they played for a pub of that size but also the band’s guitarist, Craig. I’m no groupie but I never turn down a jolly good time and I had no doubt from the moment I saw how he worked that guitar of his that he had a few more tricks up his sleeve, too.


And I remember when we were back at the house in the early evening after their gig had finished and all was packed up ready for next time. Kyle and I talked about the music they played, the pub and not least the band itself. And how I was eager to ask him all sorts of questions about the guitar player. In the end I never did and once back home in my native Denmark again a couple of weeks later the gig at The Fort and the memories from the afternoon spent there faded a bit as the months passed.




Twelve months had now passed, and I was back over and staying at Kyle’s again. I landed at Newcastle Airport in late afternoon on the Friday and staying for a fortnight as usual meant I had two week-ends, with his band possibly playing gigs and if they were, I would be well up for seeing them play again.


And as it turned out I was right. Their next gig lined up was the night after I landed, at a place in town called Victors, a large and modern English pub with plenty of room for the band to set up and plenty of room for people to come and see them play. And to get a few drinks inboard as well, of course.


The area of the pub where they were to play was a couple of feet higher up than the main floor below and after having reached the place in good time Kyle found me a place on the platform at a table to the right of where the band was busy setting it all up.


The table was just perfectly placed for me, I could hear and watch them all at it and at the same time not have any interaction with the punters on the main floor. Not that I mind such interaction, of course but I had my little notebook with me in my rucksack as always and planned to get a few notes down for future pages.


The table and my seat felt very VIP as no-one else was allowed onto the platform with the band and I must admit I liked my lil’ spot to their right. It gave me the freedom to enjoy the band close up and it gave me the perfect opportunity to get a few words down as well.


While the band members were setting up their gear, I removed my jacket and hung it on the back of my chair and noticed Kyle coming over:

-         Alright, mate ?


He smiled, and putting my rucksack down on the chair next to the one I planned to sit in I returned his smile:

-         Oh yes, great seats.


Kyle grinned:

-         Only the best for my Viking buddy.

-         Where’s the toilet in this place ?


I asked and looked around.

-         Round the corner and down the stairs.


Kyle replied and pointed to the end of the bar. Figuring I would go for a quick wee before the place filled up too much and get us a couple of pints on my way back, I nodded:

-         Will my things be OK here ?


It wasn’t like I expected the Great Train Robbers to make a brief appearance or anything, I just wanted to check and be sure.

-         Yeh, I’ll keep an eye on it for you.


Kyle smiled, and I walked around the table and down the few steps to the main floor of the pub. Followed the long bar and turned left in the direction he had pointed me to. Then to the end of the pub and through the door downstairs to the Gents.


The toilets were nice and clean and walking up to the urinal I did my business and at the same time looked at the framed pictures on the wall. A quick hand wash later I was back upstairs and went to the bar. The place was OK busy but getting a bit busier by now and with only one punter being served in front of me it was soon my turn.


Not knowing the tipples of the rest of his band, I decided to get a round in later and only got a pint for Kyle and myself. I wanted a Campari and orange juice but needless to say they didn’t carry Campari. In all my years of coming back over I was yet to find a pub in town with the lovely, red stuff so it wasn’t a surprise to find that Victors didn’t either. I hoped they would have had some as it looked like a modern place but alas, not this time.


Carrying the two pints, I crossed the main floor and went up the few steps up to the platform again and placed both glasses on the table in front of me. Caught Kyle’s eyes and gave him a nod and a smile.

-         There you go.


I said and took a seat in the chair nearest the band.

-         Ah, cheers, mate.


He said, reached out for his pint and took a good slurp of it then placed his glass back onto the table. Reaching into my rucksack on the chair next to me I took out my pipey gear, just in case the opportunity of puffing it at some point during the night would come and placed it on the table near the wall. Kyle reached out and lifted his pint glass again and took a second good slurp. Then, still holding the glass he looked around the pub. The platform may only have been a couple of feet higher up than the main floor, but it gave us a very easy view of the entire place.

-         Oh, I forgot the nuts.


I said and got up from my seat again and walked back down to the bar. The young barman looked at me and smiled:

-         Back already ? You must be thirsty tonight.


We both grinned and as he reached down for the tiny bags of salted nuts, I looked around the pub. It was filling up nicely now and I decided to get two more pints while I was there as the bar could well be quite busy soon.


Carrying the pints back up to the platform carefully so as not to drop the small bags of nuts I was holding as well, I was soon seated at the table again. The two fresh pints I placed in front of me on the table but more in the middle than the two we had already begun. Lifting up my first glass I took a jolly good slurp of it and looked around the pub again. The tables were filling up and a number of people were now standing everywhere holding their drinks and already enjoying their nights. I loved seeing that.


Taking a second good sip of my pint I then put the glass back down onto the table just as the sound of a guitar filled the room. I looked to my left and saw that Craig had joined us as well now. And hey presto, the memories from a year ago came back to me.


I watched as he tuned his instrument and having adjusted it slightly, he seemed OK with the result and put the guitar gently down again.


Watching him control and play with it sent me straight back to The Fort pub a year ago. My cock began to show signs of life and it felt strangely good sitting there getting a semi chub-on knowing that no-one would be able to see it under the table. The lighting in the pub helped as well.


But maybe I shouldn’t have worn a pair of short-trousered dungarees. They didn’t leave much room to say the least and already sitting there with a steadily growing cock inside of them it was a matter of time before I had to adjust myself a bit.


Reaching out for my pint glass I moved the chair back making room for me to cross my legs. Doing so one of my nuts got stuck and I almost spilt some of the beer in the process. Kyle noticed and came over to the table:

-         You OK ?

-         Yeh.


I smiled and took a sip of my pint as he reached out and grabbed his glass as well.

-         We’re about to begin our first set… Will you be alright there ?


He asked and took a good slurp of beer. I love the way he has always looks out for me. Not that I need a nanny or anything, I’m a big boy after all, but it is always heart-warming and good to know he has my back.

-         Of course, best seat in the house.


I said and we both grinned. Then he placed his glass back onto the table and walked up to his band mates.




As one song followed another the night went from great to even better. They were good at The Fort a year ago and even better now. It made me feel good sitting there watching all four of them kick arse this way. And very proud, too. And as more and more people came into the pub and I saw the look on their faces, the prouder it made me feel.


Having finished my first two pints and with Kyle busy doing his thing I figured I might as well grab his second pint instead of going back down getting a fresh one just yet. I was rapidly running low on salty nuts though and dear ol’ pipey had been looking at me a couple of times, too.


Reaching out for the glass it felt a little bit warmer than the one I had just finished, of course, but it still went down a treat.


I couldn’t remember when Kyle had said their first set was over but having played a good few songs already, the break was approaching I felt. I also then decided to wait till the second set with getting the notebook and pen out.


Then I heard Kyle say it was the last song before the break and knowing the Gents would most likely be busy soon I got up from my seat and did my best not to bump into too many punters enjoying the night on my way through the main floor and down the stairs at the end of the pub to the toilets.


There was already a small queue of lads waiting to empty their bladder when I got there. I could still hear the band playing upstairs and I smiled to myself.


It probably took a few minutes before the queue to the urinals had gone and walking up to the first vacated one, I undid my dungarees on both sides at the top and left the two strips hanging over my chest. The dungarees didn’t have a zipper or any buttons at the crotch so each time I needed a wee I had to undo them at the top. Then as I was about to pull the front down slightly and pull out our andy the music paused upstairs.


Like any lad knows it is possible to hold your drink for quite a while but once you have been to the Gents once you seem to need to go back every twenty or so minutes. For reasons that have always evaded me. I guess the old slogan is right, once you pop…


But with two pints and a bit inboard I was bursting to go and no sooner as I had my cock out a stream happily flooded into the urinal.


I was so occupied and feeling more and more released by the second that I hadn’t noticed the urinal next to me had been vacated and another lad had taken the place of the previous one.

-         ‘Ello, mate.


A voice right next to me said. I turned my head and looked straight into Craig’s eyes:

-         Oh, hi…


I said, and suddenly I couldn’t get a drop of wee out. What the fuck was this, stage fright at my age ?

-         Enjoying your night ?


He said and gave me a smile. Returning his smile and still not being able to continue my wee I said:

-         Very much so. You are even better than last year.


Then he began to do his own business next to me while all I could do was just stand there next to him holding my cock. And to make it even more awkward my cock was beginning to get hard again. Please don’t notice, please don’t notice. But it was too late.

-         Nice one, mate.


He said. Our eyes met again, and he nodded towards my crotch. I was now holding and sporting an almost full chub-on.

-         Thanks… Sorry about that…


I said and smiled. I was a bit embarrassed but at that point we were the only two lads in the Gents and having had a slight crush on him for a year it didn’t feel too bad.

-         No need to be sorry.


He smiled, gave me a gentle push with his shoulder and continued:

-         See…


Following the focus of his eyes I then saw he was doing half the helicopter with his own cock, which was getting to a state of semi as well.

-         Nice.


I said and we both grinned. Then he pulled his cock back into his blue jeans and zipped back up. Giving my hard cock a little shake, I pulled mine back inside my dungarees as well and did the two strips on my chest back up. Then I followed him to the sinks on the other wall just as two more lads came into the Gents and went straight to the urinals. Drying our hands, we both looked down at my poorly hidden, bulging crotch:

-         You’ll be fine, mate.


He grinned, and I followed him as we both went back upstairs. Thank fuck the dungarees were black and the lighting in the pub was soft, it made it a bit easier at least, to hide our andy.




Getting a couple of pints on my way to the table on the platform I was met by a grinning Kyle as I got up from the few steps from the main floor below:

-         Did you like it ?


He asked, and handing him his pint he continued:

-         Ah, cheers mate.


As I placed my own pint on the table next to us and took my seat again, I replied:

-         I liked it very much. You’re getting a fine reception as well. I love that.


He turned his head to the many people on the main floor then turned back to me:

-         They must be drunk haha


I know he was only jesting, of course, but I don’t like that people I care for put themselves down in any way so giving him a friendly, stern look I went on:

-         Oi, that’s my good friend you’re talking about… Am not having that. You’re great and you know it… The Dalai Viking has spoken.


That was my main go-to reply to end any discussion and getting the final word. And it works, as it always results in a good smile:

-         Yes, sir.


He grinned and took a good slurp from his pint. I forgot to get more salty nuts and the bar was rapidly filling up again, so I decided not to bother going back just yet. Instead I had a good natter with Kyle and with him standing next to me at the table with his back to the rest of the platform neither of us noticed the drummer, who was a handsome chap as well, and Craig coming up behind him walked past us. I didn’t see Craig till he was just next to Kyle and without stopping his walk behind the drummer he smiled and gave me a wink with an eye. I quickly looked away but couldn’t help smiling. Kyle didn’t notice any of it and was still blissfully unaware of his guitarist and I having shared a little moment in the Gents only moments earlier.




The second set kicked off where the first one had finished, with great umpf and pumpf and the crowd on the main floor was back into swings straight away, too.


Looking into my trusted, ol’ rucksack I took out the notebook and found a pen as well and having a look around the place I began to scribble down a few notes for later use. I always carry a notebook and pen with me just in case something needs to be penned down for future references and that night was no different, of course.


But I couldn’t get what had happened in the Gents out of my head. Nor that Craig winked at me as he walked past us. Was I imagining things or was he flirting a bit with me ? I was straight back to The Fort a year earlier when I had the same feeling. But I couldn’t be right, surely. He is married with kids after all. But on the other hand, I had been intimate with plenty of attached lads over the years so who knows.


The night went from strength to strength and the band had everyone by their balls. Some people were even dancing. I liked that and it made me smile.


But all good things come to an end and an hour later with the second set of their gig finished and the band packing their gear up again, I went down to the bar on the main floor and got us all a drink. The drummer and the bass player wanted to finish putting all the gear back into the van, but Craig joined Kyle and I at the table. When Kyle shortly after went downstairs to the Gents Craig moved closer to me.

-         I wish I could play an instrument as well as you all do… But am too old to learn it now.


I said and smiled. I didn’t know for how long he had been playing the guitar but the way he controlled its strings and the confident way he did so told me it must be years.

-         You’re never too old to learn it.


He smiled and took a good sip of his pint.


A moment of silence broke out between us and for some reason both of us seemed to avoid asking the question we both knew was coming.

-         Would you teach me ?


I finally asked and broke the silence. His eyes even smiled now, and I continued:

-         Just the very basics, of course.

-         Of course… I’m free tomorrow morning if you fancy it ?


That would be perfect, I thought to myself, reached out and grabbed my pint glass from the table in front of me again then said:

-         That will work, Kyle is popping round to his parents at ten and won’t be back till after they have had their Sunday dinner… And Elliot is in Scotland with his own band this week-end so we have the place to ourselves.


The second I said it I could hear how wrong it sounded and we both grinned and downed some more beer.


Putting my pint down onto the table again I reached out for my phone and took out a little card with my details on and handed it to him:

-         My number is on there… If you can’t make it let me know, yeh.

-         Will do.


He smiled and finished his pint just as Kyle returned from the Gents and their two band mates walked past us carrying the last bits of gear to the parked van just outside. And that was our clue as well. Both Kyle and I finished our pints and shortly after their gig was done for another night and successfully so, too and we said our goodbyes and took a taxi back to his to put our feet up.




Sunday morning and I walked downstairs to be met by Sossij the Cat. As usual she followed me into the kitchen in anticipation of getting a little handful of her beloved Dreamies. Not wanting to disappoint her I opened the cupboard and got the yellow bag out. She instantly jumped up onto the kitchen desk and then straight back down to the floor again. I love that cat to bits; she is very much her own spirit but at the same time so wonderfully predictable. Especially when it comes to morning titbits.


I left her to it and could still hear her purr as I went into the bathroom to do my morning business and to grab a bath.


When I came back out fifteen or so minutes later Kyle had come downstairs as well and was making a cup of coffee:

-         Morning, mate.


He said and greeted me with a smile.

-         Morning.


Returning his smile, I walked back upstairs with my bath gear and moments after coming back down again we found ourselves out in the backyard puffing our dear pipeys.

-         Will you be OK on your own while I’m at my parents ?


He asked as he blew a lovely, sweet-scented cloud of pipe tobacco smoke into the air in front of him.

-         Of course… I’m a big boy.


I said and we both grinned.

-         Right, am off now…


He said a bit later and knocked out the ashes in his pipe head. Then he got up from his chair next to me.

-         Oki doki, have a good one.


I smiled and as he walked back into the house he continued:

-         You, too… I’ll be back about two.


And then he was off, and I had the house to myself.




Only about ten minutes or so after Kyle had gone to his parents for Sunday lunch Craig knocked on the front door. He was one big smile when I opened the door and carried an old-fashioned acoustic guitar in his hand.

-         Can I get you anything to drink ?


I asked as we reached the TV room next to the hallway.

-         Am good, thanks…


He smiled and went on:

-         But you can turn that one up if you like, I love a bit of Journey.


As I was getting ready for him to pop round and teach me how to play the guitar I had put on a Spotify playlist I had made for Kyle for relaxing times and Open Arms was playing in the background as we came into the TV room.



-         I think the best way to go about this is if you sit in front of me and I can show you the basics before you try them.


He said and moved his body into the back of the settee. I didn’t mind at all, if this was the easiest way to learn I was all up for it.

-         No not there, here…


He said, as I was about to take a seat on the floor in front of the settee, and padded the empty space on the settee between his legs. I liked that approach even more and smiled:


-         Oki doki.


And before he had a chance to change his mind I gently sat down on the edge of the settee with a leg of his next to mine.


Then he reached out for his guitar placed on the seat next to us and moved it in front of me. He could barely reach it from behind me but there was a way around that:

-         Move a bit closer.


He said, and even with my back to him I could hear a smile in his voice. No, he wasn’t flirting with me, he couldn’t be, I thought to myself. Though at the same time secretly wished he was, of course.


Then he grabbed the guitar from behind me and for the next hour or so he had the patience of a Saint.

-         I’m hopeless at this.


I laughed and blamed the miscoordination of my fingers.

-         It’ll take time but you’re getting there.


He said and returned my laugh. He was being too kind, of course, there was no way I was getting to grips with any of this any time soon.

-         You just need to relax your shoulders a bit…


He said and moved his upper body a bit closer to my back. Then he moved a hand each onto my shoulders and continued:

-         Man, you’re stiff as a board.


If only he knew. From the moment I took my seat between his legs I had tried to ignore our andy and for the last half an hour I had been constantly boned up underneath the guitar.

-         Let me take this.


He said and reached around me with a hand and grabbed the guitar. Placed it next to us on the settee and moved his hand back to my shoulder and with both hands he now began to rub my shoulders gently but firm.


It felt ever so good but did nothing to relax our andy. I tried to ignore my chub-on but failed every time.

-         That’s better…


Craig said, his voice sounded softer all of a sudden and I felt his body move closer to my back.

-         You're enjoying this aren’t you ?


He grinned and that was when I noticed he had moved his head forward as well and was looking over my shoulder and down to my bulging crotch. Turning my head to where his voice came from my chin touched his and I quickly turned my head back:

-         Sorry.


I said but his grin set us both off.

-         Tell you what… You won’t be able to concentrate on the guitar with that in the way.


I smiled but didn’t say anything and he went on:

-         You need to get rid of it first.


That was when the devil on my left shoulder decided to take over. And knowing myself well enough in these situations there was nothing I could do to stop it:

-         Yeh ?


I said, returning his soft tone of voice.

-         Yeh… Might as well take it out.


He said and moved his right hand from my right shoulder and down my chest, across my tummy and down to my crotch. When his hand reached my poorly hidden bulge, he grabbed my cock from the outside of my Summer shorts and began to rub it gently.


With no words spoken for a bit we sat there, me between his legs and him right behind me rubbing my hard-on from behind. When he moved even closer to my back, I could feel his cock as well, it felt as solid as mine:

-         Tell you what…


I began and moved a little bit away from him:

-         You tried to show me how to play the guitar strings… How about I try to show you how to play the banjo string in return ?


Then I turned around and got up from my seat between his legs and turned to him. Now facing each other I moved my hands down to the top of my Summer shorts and slowly pulled them down. When they reached my knees, they fell to the floor by themselves and I stepped out of them before taking a seat again on the settee. This time seated next to him but also in front of him. He moved his body around and soon we sat in the middle of the settee facing each other:

-         Take yours off as well…


I smiled and nodded to his blue jeans. With no questions asked he got up from his seat, undid his zipper and pulled his jeans off. Quickly followed by his boxers and then sat down on the settee again facing me. His hard cock pointed straight at me just like our andy pointed to him.


I grabbed my hard cock and began to stroke myself off slowly. Craig did the same with his cock and for a while it was just two lads sitting in front of each other on the same settee slowly stroking ourselves off while watching each other with no words spoken between us.


But after a few minutes I got to my knees on the settee and turned around:

-         Lay back.


I said in a soft voice and again without questioning it he did just that.


With his back to the end of the settee and his naked legs spread I moved in between his legs again and rested my back against his chest. Then I reached out and took his right hand and moved it to our andy. I closed his fingers around my rock-solid shaft and with my hand on top of his I began to move his hand gently up and down my cock:

-         There you go… Play me…


I said and rested the back of my head on his left shoulder so we both could see what he was doing.


After a few moments guiding his hand this way I took my hand away and let him stroke me off on his own. I could feel his hard cock press against my lower back through my t-shirt and both the front and back of me felt good. It was like his body was all around me and being in the middle of him this way turned me on so very much.


As his hand around my hard cock began to move faster and faster I felt him move his groin area a bit as well; he was now not only wanking me off with increasing speed but also rubbing his own hard cock up and down my lower back.

-         This feels so good…


He said, still in a soft voice but slightly more out of breath.


It had the same effect on me and as my breathing got heavier, too we both got more and more into it. His right hand was now stroking me off with impressive speed, he sure knew his string instruments, it all came natural to him it seemed.


The Spotify playlist I had made for Kyle’s relaxing time was still playing in the background and as Rough Boy was getting close to its end, so was I. With ZZ Top leading the way I knew it was only a matter of time now:

-         You’re going to make me cum soon…


I moaned and felt his hard cock rub against my lower back even more:

-         Me, too…


He moaned and within seconds I shot my load:

-         Mmmm !!


Craig kept stroking my hard cock but slowed down his hand somewhat, which was a welcome gesture as my cockhead is always a bit tender just before and after nutting.

-         Fuuck…


He moaned loud while rubbing his hard cock against my lower back even faster:

-         I’m cumming… Fuck, Mmmmm !!


And as his sweet moaning filled my ear, with my head still resting on his left shoulder, his cock filled the lower parts of my t-shirt with moist, warm cum.


As his sticky cum soaked into my t-shirt he rested his face against mine. Still holding my cock, he gave it a final, few strokes and squeezed the last droplets of cum out of our andy. His own cock was still solid but now pressed against my lower back in a resting position.


We stayed like this for a few moments, just relaxing our bodies against each other at the end of Kyle’s settee with our legs stretched out in front of us. Craig’s arms around my chest and tummy:

-         Think I better get cleaned up.


He said after a while and nodding my head, I agreed with him and moved a bit away from his body. Finding a new position sitting in the middle of the settee with my feet on the floor again gave him room to move his legs around my body and onto the floor as well. His cock was getting more relaxed now, but it was smeared in his cum. We both looked down at ourselves and laughed. As guitar lessons go this was educational.




I didn’t want to crowd the bathroom and with Craig heading home for his Sunday dinner shortly after, he went and cleaned himself off first. When he came back into the TV room I was still sitting on the settee and still with our andy out in the open.

-         I better be off now…


He said as he came into the room. Then he went to the settee and picked up his guitar. Our eyes met and we both smiled.

-         When are you flying home again ?


He asked as he held his guitar a bit closer.

-         In just under two weeks time, I only got here on Friday.


I said, still smiling. Returning my smile again he went on:

-         We’re playing a gig in Lanchester on Friday if you want to come.

-         Yeh ? I used to live there.


I grinned. Seeing the funny part in that as well but still slightly confused Craig said:

-         Really ? Kyle never said.

-         Well, it was just for four months and it was years ago… Nice place and lovely people.


He looked at me with interest and intrigue, like he had just been told something he would never have thought he would hear:

-         Did you hook up with anyone while living there ?


He asked, as I walked him through the hallway and to the front door, and grinned as he knew the answer already, of course.

-         A few…


I said and gave him a naughty smile before continuing:

-         One of them taught me how to play the trumpet… I’ll show you my skills next time you’re here.