/AFK (mmf)

Last week of August and first week of my annual fortnight back over in my beloved Sunderland and it has been another cracking time back.


Needless to say, seeing Kyle again had been something we had both been looking forward to very much, especially after his trip over to mine in late July had been a no-go with the silly airline company suddenly cancelling its route from Humberside to Esbjerg just seven days before he was flying over. We had both been looking forward to his trip back to mine and to resurrect our wonderful times at my beloved duck lakes and the allotment. He loves my hometown of Varde, in his own words it is a place so clean and peaceful and we were both eager to have him back over again four weeks ago.


But with the silly airline company changing everything just before his scheduled flights it was a no-go this year. Next year we will go back to using the trusted KLM instead, that’s for sure.


But the following four weeks flew by and now I was back over at his and thoroughly enjoying my time back in my beloved Sunderland, my home away from home and a place very dear to me.


One of Kyle’s mates, Max, runs an establishment in the town centre. It isn’t your usual English pub, it is an Esport pub, something completely new to me not being a gamer myself. Instead of the usual sports being shown on the telly screens the pub had Egames showing and from the off the place intrigued me.


I was probably the oldest person in there the night Kyle took me to the place the first time a couple of days ago but being somewhat young at heart and despite not knowing my arse from my elbow when it comes to anything even remotely connected to Esports I instantly felt it was a place I could very easily have a few drinks in.


Also, in all my years of coming back over to my beloved Sunderland and having visited countless local pubs, the /AFK turned out to be the only pub where I have been able to get my favourite tipple, Campari & orange juice. Seriously, what was not to like about a place like that.


Helped too, by the owner, Kyle’s mate Max, who greeted me with a big, warm friendly smile and lovely welcoming hug. You cannot but feel very welcome in a pub like that with the owner being generous with both his friendly smiles, his words and his hugs. I am aware that not everyone is into hugging complete strangers or even hugging in general but never having been a hand-shaker I go for hugs first thing. And Max had no issue with that at all, which just made it the perfect beginning to a great night out.


Within seconds after Kyle had introduced us to each other and we had hugged, Max turned around and reached out for a book on the shelf behind him. When he showed it to me with another big, friendly smile and I noticed straight away it was Master Bait, one of my earlier books I was a bit taken back by it, I must admit. I didn’t realise he had a copy of the book and when he told me he liked it and that he hadn’t been the only one there to have given it a go I felt all warm inside. I know how silly that sounds and how pathetic it probably makes me, too, but getting a response like that when I didn’t expect it at all was very heart-warming to say the least.


Our night there was good and we had a good chat as well but sadly we had to head home early and after just one Campari & orange juice, I finished Kyle’s as well as I was just overwhelmed to finally have found a place that has my favourite tipple in, we took a taxi back to Kyle’s and had an early night.


Before we left though and during our wonderful chat with Max, I asked him if he by any chance would like to feature in my next book. I have never been to an Esport pub before let alone penned a piece on one. And to my delight he was up for that and before we left for the taxi outside the front of the pub I told him I would be back later in the week and if he had a few spare minutes I would like to ask him a few questions for a possible piece for my next book. Again, he was up for that and after a sadly too brief time there that first night with Kyle I was all set to do a bit of research a couple of nights later.




Kyle and I had been to the beautiful village of Lanchester, my old hunting grounds, visiting dear, old friends from my time living there seventeen or so years back. A few years ago, when back over in Sunderland I had asked Kyle if he fancied going to the village with me to meet my dear friends and he had been well up for it. And every year since we had made the journey back to them. They love him to bits, I knew they would, and he loves them just as much back and this year was no different. We got there just after three o’clock and stayed and had a proper good catch-up for about two hours before driving back to Sunderland again. Kyle was meeting up with a good friend in Gateshead the same evening and the plan was to drop me off at the /AFK on his way.


So here I was.




Max greeted me with his big, friendly smile as I walked into his /AFK pub and as hugs go, he gives as good as he receives.


While ordering a Campari & orange as well as a pint of beer we talked about the questions I had for a possible piece on him and his pub. Warning him that they may be a bit private he smiled and said he was up for them when the second bar staff member came in later on.


To my embarrassment when I was about to pay for my drinks it suddenly struck me that Kyle had said two nights ago that the /AFK is a card only pub and me being used to paying with cash money only it had completely slipped my mind. I only ever use my card in cash machines and online both back in my native Denmark as well as when abroad and had never used it in a pub before. Thankfully and saving me from further embarrassment my card worked just fine, and all was well. But truth be told I could have hidden myself in a hole when it dawned on me; what a silly thing to forget in just two days.


The Campari & orange went down very nicely indeed and so did the beer. Kyle was probably already in Gateshead by then and enjoying a good catch-up with his good friend over a nice bit of grub, but I hadn’t had my tea yet and was feeling a bit snackish.


Going back to the bar I had a look at the snack menu. A nice-looking menu as well. I cannot and won’t hide my fondness for cheese, fried cheese in particular and noticed them on the menu. Sadly, they had just run out, but Max suggested one of the pizzas. It was a cheese pizza and when he said yes to my question whether it was possible to put a bit of extra cheese on top, that was the deal breaker. And when it came to my table not long after, it wasn’t only presented in the nicest of ways, but it was gloriously cheesy and tasty as well. And went bloody well with the fresh pint I got while at the bar.




Having finished and thoroughly enjoyed the pizza and not really needing a wee just yet but at the same time giving myself a good chance to check out the place a bit more before it got too busy to do so, I went into the Gents. It was as fresh and clean and fitted the lovely pub the nicest of ways.


Having done my business at the urinal and seconds later washing my hands like a good boy I noticed the paper towel box was running on empty and when I ran into Max outside the Gents shortly after I mentioned it to him. And no sooner had I taken my seat at the table again did I see him walk to the Gents with a box of paper towels to refill the close to empty one. What great service.




I had taken out my lil’ notebook pretty much as soon as I had found my table and my seat. It is what I do after all. And I had penned just over a page and a half when Max came to the table:

-         I’m ready. Fire away.


He said and smiled again.


And for the next ten or fifteen minutes or so I asked him the usual questions I ask people for penning possible pieces on them.


The more we talked about all things naughty and somewhat private the more I sensed he would be a great candidate to write about. And, quite frankly, he turned me on somewhat as well, which is never a bad sign. When I asked him about his body, somewhat intimate questions but also the more plainer ones on body hair, tattoos, piercings and such things, he pulled down his t-shirt at the top and showed me a gloriously, sexy dark-haired chest. Chest hair on a lad is quite possibly one of my biggest turn-ons and I instantly felt our andy grow inside my Summer shorts. For the rest of our chat I sat in front of him sporting a semi-on. If he noticed, he didn’t say a thing, so I reckon he hadn’t. Hell, just writing these lines thinking back on our chat is giving me a decent chub-on again.


I thanked him for taking the time to help me with the research and for his open mindedness and asked him if I could get back to him if I had more questions. Which I very much just might have. He told me I could ask away and then we ended our nice chat by finding each other on Facebook. That would make it easier as well to pop him the odd question if I need it once I get back home to my native Denmark again later next week.


Then he went back to the bar and I went to the Gents again, making sure as I got up from my seat at the table to pull my lumberjack shirt down covering my somewhat bulging crotch. And shortly after, having done my business in the Gents, I was back at the table and got a bit more down in my lil’ notebook. When I left the /AFK again in mid-evening my tummy was full of cheesy goodness, my thirst had been quenched nicely, I had had a very good research chat with Max and had penned close to three pages of notes.




Second week of my annual fortnight back over in Sunderland. It was early evening Tuesday and Kyle was off to a band practice session shortly. I had asked him if he could drop me off in town again as I wouldn’t mind a closer look at the /AFK pub before flying back home on Thursday. And possibly another chat with Max. There was no problem with that at all, Kyle is a good lad, and as I waved him goodbye outside the pub and watched him head for band practice I looked up at the sign above the pub doors and smiled as I walked in.


With the pub being closed on Mondays, today was the first opening day of the week, of course. The place was just like I remembered it from the other night, cosy and full of warmth. And when Max saw me, he went around the bar and greeted me with a lovely hug. I loved that. So much so that as he went back behind the bar and I ordered my beloved Campari & orange I felt our andy begin to grow again in my black, short-trousered dungarees.


Not wearing tonight’s chosen lumberjack shirt on the outside but tucked inside the dungarees instead I had no way of hiding my growing bulge this time. But with the place not yet as full as the other night and with the other thirsty punters sitting at the tables a bit away from the bar itself enjoying their Egames and drinks I didn’t really mind standing at the bar with an andy that seemed to be in a somewhat uncontrollable growing mood now.


The wicked lil’ devil on my left shoulder wanted Max to see my state of arousal and the mere thought of it made me smile. As he sorted the Campari & orange and remembered to myself about the card only situation, I took out my phone and found the card ready for payment. And as Max moments after placed the gloriously looking red and orange coloured drink in front of me, complete with a nice red and white straw he moved to the side of the bar and placed the payment gadget onto the bar about a metre or so from me. Taking the two short steps to the gadget I still stood in front of the bar but about half a metre away and as I sorted the payment of my drink our eyes met and we both smiled.


Then as I grabbed my wonderfully refreshing drink with my right hand the temptation got the better of me and I sneakily reached my left hand to my crotch and cupped myself a bit. Right in front of Max and on purpose, of course, as I wanted to see his reaction that I was standing this close to him, now sporting an almost full chub-on. The lil’ devil on my left shoulder had won.


His reaction was just as wonderful as I had come to know from him the two nights I had been in his pub before and his big smile said it all:

-         Any plans for the night ?


He asked and his big smile stayed put as his focus returned to my bulging crotch still being cupped gently by my left hand.

-         Depends what’s on offer…


I replied and returned his smile. Then I grabbed my now solid cock through the dungarees showing him the stiff outline of our andy.

-         Nice one, mate.


He said, still smiling, but in a softer tone of voice.


I knew from our chat the other night when he helped me with the research for a possible piece on him and his pub that he hadn’t been with another man and that it wasn’t something he had ever thought much of. But he seemed wonderfully open minded to me and I do enjoy a good challenge. And when he continued, still smiling I kept my hand around the stiff outline of my hard cock:

-         Let’s see what the night brings…


He said and gave me a wink with an eye. Am never sure exactly what an eye wink means in a given situation, but it always means something, I guess.


With my Campari & orange in hand I walked up to the table I had sat at and penned a few pages of notes the other night. The other punters were all seated at the tables at the other end of the pub and walking up to the table with my back to the rest of the pub, no-one could see the state of our andy’s hardness.


When I reached the table, I placed the drink glass onto it and turned around halfway away from the table and looked at the bar. Max was looking right back at me and still smiling. Returning his smile, I left the table before taking a seat and went to the Gents. It was as fresh and clean as the other nights, a great sign for a pub in my eyes.


As I reached the urinals and placed myself in front of them, I undid the first strip of the dungarees. They don’t have an opening at the crotch so each time I need a wee I have to undo the two strips on my chest.


As I flung the first strip over my right shoulder and reached out for the second strip the door to the Gents opened. Looking over my left shoulder as I flung the second strip the same way I saw Max walk up to the urinals and found a place only a foot or so to my left.

-         Might as well have a piss while it is nice and quiet and before it gets busy later on.


He smiled.


Returning his wonderful smile and now with both dungarees strips over a shoulder each I let the front part of the dungarees fall down and our eyes met again. Max unzipped his blue jeans just as I pulled my smurf-blue boxers down slightly and pulled our andy out into the open.


I didn’t begin my business straight away; it was like something was blocking me from having a wee. So, I ended up just standing there right next to Max holding my still very solid cock in my right hand.

-         Impressive…


He grinned and our eyes met again. I looked down at his crotch as he pulled his cock out, too. To my surprise and delight he was sporting a solid chub-on as well. And it seemed he had the same issue with a quick wee as I was having.

-         You, too.


I smiled and nodded appreciatively in the direction of his cock. He had told me the other night in our research chat that he was above average, and he sure was. In fact, our two cocks were very similar in both size and girth as well as amount of foreskin as we stood there right next to each other at the urinals of his pub with both our hard cocks out and in our respective right hands. Our eyes met again and we both smiled.


Then our eyes wandered back to our crotches and with no words spoken I slowly began to stroke myself off next to him. Max was still just holding his hard cock, but his eyes were focused on what my right hand was doing in front of us.


This wasn’t my first solid cock encounter at urinals, but it was my first one with a landlord of the pub where the urinals were located. And it turned me on quite a bit, I must admit standing here next to each other with both our hard cocks out.


I continued to slowly stroke myself off for about another minute or so then I upped the speed of my right hand a bit.


I was looking at Max’s hard cock just as he was looking at mine and as I upped the speed of my right hand, I noticed he began to slowly stroke himself off as well. This turned me on even more and my right hand began to move a bit faster still.


I hadn’t had sex yet during my time back over in Sunderland this time and hadn’t had a wank all that day either so needless to say it wouldn’t be a tantric length tossing session at the urinals. And standing this close to Max, who had already turned me on somewhat during our research chat the other night when he showed me his gloriously sexy, dark chest hair, and with him stroking himself off as well now within touching distance of each other it was a matter of time before things would finish. And right on track I felt my shaved ballsack pull up more and more getting ready to offload.


With still no words spoken I moved a bit closer to the urinals and with my left hand I pulled my smurf-blue boxers a bit further down trying to avoid getting cum on them. That meant my ballsack now appeared as well and as they did, I noticed Max’s right hand was getting busier stroking his hard cock. We even seemed to have the same wanking technique.


Then only a few moments later I shot my creamy load into the urinals. Two big squirts of hot cum followed by a third smaller one and trying my hardest not to moan too much and too loud I slowed down my right hand almost to a halt and squeezed the last remaining droplets of cum out of our andy.


Our eyes met and we both grinned. As Max upped the speed of his right hand and now wanked himself nicely off with impressive speed while we both looked at his strong, firm hand going up and down on his beautiful, rock-solid cock.


Then, just as we both sensed he was reaching the point of no return, the door to the Gents suddenly opened and the young lad working as barman stuck his face through the door:

-         One of the breweries is on the phone, Max.

-         Alright, mate… Am coming out.


Max replied, somewhat out of breath but I think it was only noticed by the two of us and not by the young barman as well.


As the lad left the door again and the door closed behind him Max grinned:

-         Fuck that was close.


Then he paused his right hand on his hard cock and tucked it unfulfilled back inside his blue jeans and zipped them back up. Our eyes met again and we both knew he was right; it had been a close call indeed. He then went to the sink and washed his hands and as I still stood facing the urinals with my now rapidly relaxing cock in my right hand, he placed a hand on my shoulder as he passed me on his way from the sink:

-         Your next Campari is on me, mate…


Looking over my shoulder we both smiled and as he left the Gents again, I finally managed to begin and finish my business at the urinals.


Shortly after and having washed my hands, of course, I walked back into the pub itself and took the same seat at the same table I had the other night. My Campari & orange was still there, and I took a jolly good sip from the straw. It tasted fantastic. I was so very pleased to have finally found a local Sunderland pub that stocks my favourite tipple. Then as I placed the drink glass back onto the table in front of me, I looked around the pub. It was slightly busier than before I had gone for a wee, and the night was still young so who was to say what could possibly happen after this.


Shortly after Max came back out having sorted his phone call and as he passed me at the table, he gave me a great, big naughty smile and another wink with an eye. This wasn’t the last time I had seen his hard cock; I felt that very strongly. And as I returned his smile and my eyes followed him back to behind the bar again, I reached out and lifted my drink and took another jolly good sip.




The night went from strength to strength and the /AFK got quite busy as well. People having a good night out, plenty drinks and joyous banter and each time I went to the bar for a refill Max made sure he was the one taking my orders and each time he gave me a wink with an eye and a knowing smile that told me he hadn’t seen our andy solid for the last time either.




One hour passed another and the /AFK got busier and busier but then all of a sudden and within a period of probably about half an hour or so the young gaming punters seemed to head off. Some alone but most of them in small groups of two or three people. It was a Tuesday night after all.


But I was determined to stay on. I was having a jolly good time on my own and Kyle’s band practice session probably still had a good hour to go. I had texted him earlier in the evening to hear if he fancied a couple of pints after their session and he said he would pop by but with him driving he wasn’t drinking. Another proof of how good a lad he is.


That didn’t stop me, though and I was already on half a dozen Campari & oranges. Now that I knew where to get them, not ten wild horses could drag me away that night. Also, I was on my holiday, of course, and though it was closing in on ten o’clock and the place closed at eleven I still felt deep inside that the night was still up for grabs. One way or another.


At one point during the night a nice-looking and very friendly and chatty mid twenty-something year old lass came to my table. She had noticed I was scribbling things down and in the end her curiosity got the better of her and she had come to my table. Full of questions. Well, to be fair to her, she only came over with the one obvious one, but my answer must have intrigued her into firing on all cylinders from there and on. She wasn’t pushy or anything and I love talking to strangers, especially ones that are capable of having a good conversation after a drink or three.


She never told me her name, but I got the feeling she knew Max as well. Or that he knew her and during my chat with her I had a glance or two at the bar and each time I saw Max looking at us smiling. One time he even raised his hand out a bit and gave me a thumbs up sign.




It had gone a quarter past ten and the place was thinning out a bit. Only about seven punters left. Including me and the friendly, chatty lass.


But everything that goes in must go out as they say, and it was time for a quick visit to the Gents again.


After sorting the strips on my dungarees, letting the front of the dungarees fall down and having taken my cock out to do my business the door opened, and Max came in again.


Walking up to me and placing himself right next to me on my left like earlier in the evening when we had shared a moment at the exact same spot, here we were again and again with our cocks out. This time neither of us had any issues getting the business done and finishing his wee first he stayed standing next to me holding his cock. I finished my own business at the urinals as well and did the same.

-         You know that lass that came over to you ?


He said and played with his cock a bit.

-         Yes ?

-         She is a sure thing if you fancy getting balls deep tonight…

-         Yeh ?


I said, slightly surprised as I hadn’t got that feeling from chatting to her. She had just been asking questions, really. A lot of questions.

-         Oh yes, mate.


Max said and looked me in my eyes and smiled.

-         Have you been there ?


I asked, returning his smile and his grin said it all as he continued:

-         Nah, but half of the pub have had their cocks sucked by her… It is sort of a long-running in-joke between the lads.

-         Ah…


I don’t mind an experienced cock gobbler at all, in many ways I prefer them over lesser experienced gobblers. But having had plenty of cocks in one’s mouth doesn’t always guarantee a job well done. Some gobblers with less experience can be far better at it than one who swallows every Tom, Dick and Harry on a night out. Talent doesn’t always come with experience after all. You either have it or you don’t.


Still playing with his now rapidly growing cock we both looked at his crotch and at his right-hand fingers moving his foreskin slowly back and forth a few times. Our andy sprung back to life as well and moments later we were back where we were earlier in the evening, stroking our solid chub-ons right next to each other at the urinals.

-         Don’t suppose you fancy joining us if she wants to suck us off ?


I said in a soft tone as if for some reason to make sure no-one else would overhear our conversation in the Gents.

-         I’m a married man, mate…


Max smiled and we both laughed at the funny side to what he had just said, considering he was seconds from nutting with me only a couple of hours earlier. But then again, a shared wank isn’t against the marriage rules, am sure. If it was then quite a few lads I have done similar with over the years could be in trouble at home and they aren’t. And to many lads a random blow job isn’t against the rules either; just think of Clinton. And I don’t mean George.

-         But the night is coming to an end, so I’ll tell you what, I’ll close the bar and lock the doors. That will do the trick. And I will happily watch you.


He grinned and I got yet another fine indication to why I like naughty, married lads this much.

-         Sounds good. Let’s see if she takes the bite.


I said and gently fondled my now solid cock back inside my smurf-blue boxers. Max gave his hard cock a few more strokes as we both looked at his wonderful handy work on display in front of us. Then as he, as gently as I had tucked our andy back inside, tucked his hard cock back inside his boxers as well, I sorted the strips on the dungarees, and he zipped his blue jeans back up.


Having washed and dried our hands we went back into the pub. It was now pretty empty. Only one punter, a young lad, at the bar and the young barman served him a shot of something, which the young lad downed in one go, said his goodnights and was off. That left us with just the young barman, the chatty lass and Max and me.

-         I’ll close up tonight, mate, go grab an early night. And I’ll see you tomorrow.

-         Cheers.


The young barman smiled, and a couple of minutes after, Max followed him to the doors and locked them behind him. Then it was just the two of us and the chatty lass.




Good publicans always know the score and Max was no different, of course. He knew what he was doing, and he knew his regular punters. Creating a mini lock-in at his pub seemed to spur something on in the mind of the chatty lass. And no sooner had I taken my seat at the table again before I felt a silent, curious hand on my left thigh. Touching the end of the dungarees and the top of my naked thigh at the same time.


I looked to my left and my eyes met the eyes of the chatty lass. She was suddenly a lass of few words but also clearly with one thing on her questionable mind. She wanted a bit of Norse cock.


As her curious hand moved up along my thigh and closer to my still sort of semi-on, I looked at the bar. Max was cleaning the surface of the top of the bar and his grin said it all. As he gave me a thumbs up sign again, I realised what the first one had meant, and my smile couldn’t possibly have gotten any bigger.


With the chatty, or make that the former chatty lass’s eager hand now fondling my growing bulge without a word spoken between us, I undid the two strips of the dungarees and let the front of the dungarees fall down. It landed so it covered her hand but in one swift move she moved her hand from under it to on top of it and began to fondle my now almost solid bulge from the outside of my smurf-blue boxers.


Lifting up my bum from my seat on the bench by the wall at the table and still with her hand exploring a bit of cotton covered Norse wood I moved the dungarees down to my knees. When I tried to do the same with my boxers, the lass took over and did it for me.


And then I was sitting in the /AFK with my rock-solid cock out in the open, in the hands of a lass whose name I didn’t know, who moments later bent over and mouthed me.


My thoughts and theories on talent not always being the same as plenty of experience became more than mere thoughts and theories seconds after our andy had entered her mouth. She loved sucking cock, no doubt about that, but she was shite at it.


I looked to the bar again and saw Max walk around it with a spray flask and a cloth in his hands. And as the lass made my toes curl with her cock sucking technique, or lack of as the case clearly was, I followed Max with my eyes from table to table as he cleaned the surfaces one by one. Just as he was closely following what was happening at my table, too. Grinning from ear to ear.




The lass’ gobbling technique was so bad it actually hurt not only my cock but deep into my soul, too. And as the seconds of undivided displeasure and quite frankly pain went by, our andy lost more and more of his staying power.


Moments later, and having known from the moment she mouthed me that this wasn’t going to happen, I looked over at Max again. He was still grinning and when our eyes met, he cupped himself at the near-by table he was cleaning but I just shook my head. Not even the massive turn-on it was having him watch me getting sucked off in his pub after hours was enough for me to go on any longer and as I reached both hands out to the lass’ head uncontrollably bobbing up and down on my crotch, I gently lifted her face up and as our andy left her terror of a mouth I caught her eyes:

-         Am sorry, sweetheart, but this just isn’t doing it for me.


She looked horrified for a split second then swiftly moved her head away from my crotch, got up from her chair next to the bench I was sitting on by the wall and couldn’t get out of the pub quick enough. When she reached the locked front doors, she turned around and shouted:

-         Open the fucking doors, Max !


Max, seeing the funny side of it, put the cleaning spray flask and the cloth down on a table and slowly walked up to the doors while grinning, and let her out. Her final farewell once outside was to turn around and shout:

-         Fucking morons !


Then she strutted off in haste while cursing the world and everyone in it and Max locked the doors again, turned around and came back to my table. I was still sitting on the bench and still with my now only semi-on out in the open:

-         What happened ?


We both laughed and I replied:

-         Well, she wasn’t much good at it and I sort of told her…


Max laughed again:

-         Her pride just took a tumble haha.

-         Well…


I began, still grinning and continued:

-         It was either that or waking up tomorrow with half a shredded cock left… Mind if I sit here for a bit with it hanging out ? It needs to restore itself a bit…


Max looked at me and smiled:

-         Not at all, mate… Am almost done here anyway. Fancy a beer ?

-         Oh yes, thank you. That would be just what the doctor ordered to recover.

-         Coming up.


Grinning, he then went to the bar. On his way he picked up the cleaning spray flask and the cloth from the other table and once behind the bar he poured two pints and came back to the table. Placed one of them on the table in front of me, the other next to mine. Then he walked around the table and took a seat on the bench right next to me to my right.


Reaching out for our pints our glasses touched:

-         Skål.

-         Skoll, mate.


Max said and grinned again. He knew he hadn’t quite mastered it, but I loved him for giving it a go.


A good couple of refreshing sips from our pints later we put our glasses back onto the table in front of us:

-         Can I have a look ?


He grinned and looked at my still naked crotch.

-         Doesn’t look like any lasting scars.


He continued and grinned again. With him still looking at my crotch my eyes followed his. And so did my left hand as I reached out and gave my cock and balls a lil’ shuffle.

-         Yeh, he’ll survive… Just.


I replied and we both laughed and keeping my cock and balls in my left hand I gave our andy another lil’ shuffle. That made him grow a bit but let’s face it, after tonight it wasn’t anything Max hadn’t already seen after all.


We continued enjoying our pints and got a jolly good chat going. My left hand moved to my left thigh as my cock continued to grow and my experienced right hand took over. Now it was more a slight tug of the almost fully grown shaft and the odd pull of my ballsack.


Max looked on right next to me and smiled:

-         Fancy another wank ?


I was well up for that, of course:

-         Always.


I replied and as he put his pint glass back onto the table in front of us, he moved his hands to the top of his blue jeans and undid the button and zipper. Moments later he pulled his rock-solid cock out as well and we sat next to each other on the bench so close our legs touched.


After slowly stroking ourselves off for a few minutes he suddenly said:

-         Can I touch it ?

-         Of course, you can.


I said and watched him reach his left hand out to my crotch. With his own hard cock still being stroked nice and slow with his right hand he gently grabbed my cock with his left hand. Held it for only a couple of seconds then moved his hand down cupping my shaved ballsack. Spreading my legs a bit making room for him as he pulled my balls slightly in the palm of his hand, our andy pointed proudly straight up in his returned state of fully solid.


Having cupped and juggled my ballsack a bit the nicest of ways Max moved his hand back up a bit and grabbed my hard cock again. This time his hand stayed put and as he slowly began to stroke me off while still stroking his own rock-hard cock next to me on the bench, he got a very pleasant rhythm going with both his hands around a cock each.


Feeling his hand gently tighten around the length of our andy as he went on, his hand showed more experience in doing this than I had thought it would do after what he told me in our research chat a few nights back. But he could very much also be just a fast learner. And to be fair to his new-found heteroflexibility and healthy, natural curiosity he was used to stroking himself off on a daily basis as well and every beginner into these matters tends to go with what feels good on themselves first, which is the main reason why lasses very rarely have a clue on giving even a half decent handjob. They simply don’t know from experience how it feels or what to do. Whereas lads our age have decades of sometimes daily personal practice and know what we like.


As he continued to gently stroke me off with a wonderfully firm, steady grip, I moved back into my seat on our shared bench next to him resting my back against the back of the bench. This was so much better and felt so much nicer all round than what the lass had even remotely tried to pull off some fifteen or so minutes earlier before she had left his pub in a huff and a storm cloud of bad language.




Several minutes later and with no words spoken between us while he had been stroking me off in the most wonderful of ways Max turned his head to me and looking me straight into my Norse blue eyes he gave me a naughty smile and another wink with an eye.


With the lass long gone and probably still cursing her way through the night, his wink served to me as another of his thumbs up and when his firm hand moments later left my hard cock again, he got up from our shared bench by the wall and walked around the table.


Finding a new position standing right in front of me he stepped out of his blue jeans and boxers and now naked from his waist down his rock-solid cock pointed straight at me as he stood there with both his arms down the sides of his body.


Our eyes met again, and he gave me another naughty smile and a silent nod with his head.


This was an invitation I would be rude to turn down and moving forward in my seat and still keeping eye contact with him I reached my left arm out and moved it behind him, grabbing his right bum cheek with my hand. Gave it a little squeeze and let it stay there.


Moving closer still I reached my right hand out as well and placed it on his nicely trimmed pubic area. As I moved it very slowly downwards, his beautiful, hard cock touched the back of my hand.


Then I grabbed it.


It felt so wonderfully hard and solid in my experienced hand and returning his naughty smile I moved my focus to the very inviting task in front of me.


As I slowly began to stroke him off in front of me and still fondling his right bum cheek with my left hand, I moved closer to his crotch and licked my lips.


Then I looked up at him again and his eyes and smile told me to just go for it.


I did.


Moving my face to his crotch I opened my mouth and when my mouth was in touching distance of his beautiful manhood, I stuck my tongue out ever so slightly and licked the underside of his solid cock head.


As my moist tongue touched the string underneath his cock head, he shivered slightly but I just continued and licked my way down his thick shaft. All the way to the root of it. Then I slowly licked my way back up again. His shivering continued for a few more seconds then he lost himself in the moment. And so did I as I mouthed him.


His cock felt amazing in my warm mouth and the first droplets of pre-cum tasted gloriously as I licked them all up like a good lad.


Then I began to suck him off.

-         Mmm…


He moaned as my mouth and lips went down on his shaft and my eager tongue played with his cock head inside my mouth. For someone who had no experience with another lad Max was wonderfully open-minded and simply just went along with what we were doing in our mini lock-in at his pub.


With just the two of us there now I wanted so much to take it further, but I didn’t want to mess up a good time by possibly taking things too far too soon. So instead I continued sucking him off the best I knew how and from his moaning it told me we were both enjoying it quite a bit.

-         Fuck, you give good head, mate…


He moaned and grinned at the same time. This was music to my ears. I knew I wasn’t the worst cock gobbler in the world, but it is always nice to be confirmed. And it was also a big turn-on for me as well sucking off an otherwise very straight lad who enjoyed it this much, too.


But bearing in mind he was seconds away from nutting with me at the urinals earlier in the evening when we were interrupted by the young barman, we both knew it wasn’t going to take him long to finish off this time.


And giving his right bum cheek another good squeeze with my left hand I wanked him off faster and faster with my right hand still sucking him off at the same time:

-         Mmmm…


He moaned again. This time a bit louder as he followed my mouth movement and began to fuck my mouth.


I continued to suck him off like a good one for a couple more minutes and loved every inch of his throbbing cock when he suddenly moaned, somewhat out of breath:

-         Am going to cum soon…

-         Mmm…


I moaned as well with my mouth full of delicious 40-year old cock.

-         Mate…


He continued, more and more out of breath, then went on:

-         Am getting close… Can I cum in your mou…


But before he finished his sentence, he shot his creamy load deep into my warm mouth and down my throat:

-         Fuuck ! Mmmm !!


Feeling him squirt one warm, tasty load after another into my mouth and listening to his moaning as he did turned me on like little else and as I continued to suck him off I slowed down somewhat and with my left hand still squeezing his right bum cheek and pressing his crotch and hard cock as deep into my face and mouth as I could, his squirting paused after maybe four shots.


Then I took him out of my mouth and looked up at him as he stood there right in front of me. His smile was big and naughtily satisfied and returning it my eyes went back to his cock. Still in my firm grip I squeezed the last remaining droplets of hot cum out of his hard cock, stuck my tongue out and licked it all up. Before licking his cock head and shaft clean of gloriously tasty cum.


My own cock had been left unattended throughout my gobbling of Max and looking down myself I noticed our andy was pre-cumming nicely further down.


Max noticed it as well and we both grinned.

-         Your turn, mate…


He said and got to his knees in front of me.


I didn’t expect him to suck me off and he didn’t. Instead when on his knees he reached out and grabbed our andy with his right hand.


Instantly his firm touch on my hard cock did the trick and as he wanked me off to a great cum, my second of the night after our shared moment of naughty fun at the urinals earlier on, we soon found ourselves sitting next to each other on the bench against the wall.




A text message from Kyle popped up moments after Max had taken his seat right next to me again. Band practice was over for the night and he wanted to hear if I was still at the /AFK. I was, of course, and told him so. And he was coming round shortly like planned.




After a brief chat and a good amount of laughs Max and I pulled our now relaxing cocks back into our boxers and as he pulled up his blue jeans I pulled my short-trousered, black dungarees back up as well and fastened the two strips on my chest again.


Moments later there was a knock at the front door and Kyle had arrived for a late-night drink. He was still being a good lad and only had a pint of cola while Max and I both had a pint of lager. And as we talked about their band practice and the return of their former drummer, all in good spirit, Max and I occasionally looked at each other and smiled. We now shared a secret, a good one, too, and on top of it all Kyle and I left his pub about half an hour later with inspiration for my next book.




That night I went to bed with a big smile on my face. And during the night when I woke up and went downstairs for a wee, I had a bloody good wank on my own as well when I got back into bed.