Nuttin' Hill (mm)

Having worked through the night as usual I turned in just after four o’clock in the morning again. Or tried to, I should say as I couldn’t find any rest for love nor money. So, after turning in bed over and over for half an hour and with the Midsummer morning slowly beginning to awaken, I decided to get out of bed again. Might as well since I was still wide awake and nowhere near ready for a good kip.


While up anyway I decided a nice quick shower would be good followed by a short walk to the small, nearby hill to see the sunrise. Surely that would make me tired enough to fall asleep once back home again.




A quarter to five I then found myself walking out and away from the building, my small roof flat by the town river I have called home for just over two decades.


It was getting lighter by the minute, but the sun hadn't shown up yet. The semi darkness of a warm, Midsummer morning is something I don’t get to experience that often. Normally I will either still be working or will have turned in by this time of the day. But walking along the empty road, crossing the town river I smiled to myself, I may not have been able to fall asleep, but it was the perfect weather and the perfect early morning to be out and about all things considered.


As I crossed the road after having crossed one of the bridges over the town river, I saw the paperboy approaching on his electric scooter. It must be so much nicer delivering newspapers to strangers on his route on a morning like this rather than in the cold and darkness or Scandinavian Winter mornings.


Crossing the cobblestone paved side to the right of the river, fondly named The Harbour by the locals, and turning right I soon crossed a second road. It was as empty and quiet as the first one just a moment earlier.


A short walk along the river later I came to the old, wobbly wooden bridge leading up to the small hill. Well to call it a bridge is probably taking it a bit too far as it was pretty much just a few planks of old wood placed together making it easier to cross the tiny stream, a part of the town river that surrounded the small hill.


Crossing the wobbly planks of old wood and walking up the small hill I soon reached the top of it. The flagpole placed on the top was bare and the grass on the hill growing high. Walking a few metres across the top of the hill and past the flagpole I reached the other side of the hill. I have two benches in town I really like spending time sitting on. The one at my beloved duck lakes and this one here. Placed on the other side of the small hill no-one who didn’t know already the bench was there would even notice it. But I knew it was there, of course, and took a seat.


Looking around the green pastures in front of me below the small hill I noticed the cows. It was an old breed with long, furry hair and horns. Some of them were already grazing but most of them were just resting on their bellies on the grass. I wondered if they were waiting for the sunrise as well and smiled to myself.


Then I reached out and into the left pocket of my Summer shorts and took out my dear ol’ pipey and a pocket of tobacco. Gently stuffed the pipe and placed the baccy next to me on the bench before lighting the pipe. It was glorious. I got a good burn going and the sweet scent of pipe tobacco filled the air around me. I do enjoy a nice puff.


The sun was beginning to come up as well now and it made the moment even nicer. Old breed cows, dear ol’ pipey and the beauty and warmth of the sunrise hitting my bare legs and arms. And not another soul around. It was bliss, just pure bliss. In the distance I could hear the early morning train come and go.


I sat like this on the bench for probably ten minutes or so just soaking up the beautiful surroundings in the very early hours of the morning. The sweet pipe baccy still filling the air around me and the warming sunrise doing all things good for both body and mind. I felt a bit of blood rush to our andy as well and before I knew much about it, I was sitting on the bench with slightly more than a semi-on in my Summer shorts.


It is fair to say am no stranger to having a sneaky al fresco tug and the harder our andy got the harder it was for me to ignore him. Soon I was holding the pipe in one hand and gently rubbing myself from the outside of my shorts. The bulge just grew bigger and bigger and it was a matter of time before the urge to pull it out would become too much for me.


I looked around but I was still very much by myself on the small hill, of course. My hometown was barely awake yet and no-one would be any the wiser at this hour if I had a sneaky wank on the bench.


But just in case I got interrupted somehow, I didn’t pull down my shorts. Instead I unzipped them and pulled my now rock solid cock out that way. Still puffing nicely away on dear ol’ pipey with my left hand I then began to stroke myself off slowly with my right hand.


This went on for a while, me slowly wanking my hard cock while puffing the pipe in front of the long-haired, horned cows further down. I smiled to myself thinking they have probably seen and woken up to worse.


I was getting so well into myself and the lustful situation at hand that I failed to hear and notice anything else.

-         That smells good.


I suddenly heard a voice behind me. On top of the small hill, in front of the naked flagpole, stood a man. He spooked me somewhat and I almost dropped the pipe from my hand.

-         Mind if I join you for a smoke ?


The man said. I had no time to put our andy back inside the shorts so as the man came closer and walked around the bench to my left side, I could only hide my hard cock by placing my right hand on my crotch. It didn’t hide it completely though but there wasn’t time to do it any other way.


The man took a seat next to me on the bench and took out a rollie cigarette from the breast pocket of his fleece top. Tipped it slightly on the bench between us and then looked at me:

-         Got a light ?


He smiled and placed the rollie between his lips.

-         Sure…


I said, returning his smile, and put my pipe down onto my left thigh and reached my lighter to him next to me on the bench. Still with my right hand placed on my still very much solid cock. He took the lighter, lit his rollie and passed the lighter back to me:

-         Cheers.


He said and took a long drag on his tab. Then he looked straight ahead:

-         Lovely cows.


I smiled to myself. I think I got away with my sneaky wank.

-         What are you doing up at this hour ?


He then asked after a short pause and looked at me. Our eyes met and I tried to sound as innocent as possible:

-         I couldn’t sleep so thought a walk would do me good.


I smiled. The man took another good drag on his rollie and blew out a cloud of thick, grey smoke in front of us.

-         Me neither.


He said and flicked a bit of ash off the tip of his rollie with a flick of his finger.


I couldn’t get our andy to relax at all, he was still hard as a rock and the more I thought about it the harder he stayed.

-         Oh… Did I interrupt something ?


The man suddenly said and grinned. I looked at him and he nodded to my crotch. I followed his focus and my right hand had done a pretty poor job at hiding my hard-on after all.

-         It’s alright…


He said and grinned again.

-         Yeh, the sun made me a bit warm…


I replied with a sly smile. He seemed to be the open-minded kind so figured I may as well just come clean.

-         If you want to finish it, go ahead.


He said and looked me in the eyes. This was too tempting for me to turn down, so I slowly moved my right hand away from poorly hiding my hard cock and took a firm grip of it again instead. My pipe had burned out by now, so I placed it on the bench between us. Then slowly I began to stroke myself off again.


We sat like this for a few minutes, him smoking his rollie next to me and me slowly stroking myself off. Then he finished his tab and his hands moved to the top of his blue jeans. Rubbing what appeared to be a rather nice bulge from the outside of the denim, shortly after he unbuttoned and unzipped them. Pulled his boxers down a bit and pulled out a lovely looking, hard cock.

-         Might as well join you.


We both grinned at his frankness and before either of us said another word we were stroking our hard cocks next to each other on the bench. The warmth from the early morning sun and just sitting there with a complete stranger playing with our cocks turned me on so much.


I looked down to his crotch, watched him stroke himself off while doing the same at my end with our andy. A couple of minutes later he moved his left hand to his crotch as well and pulled out his ballsack from the top of his boxers letting everything out into the open. Following his fine example, I did the same straight away.

-         Nice balls.


He said and smiled. Our eyes met again and returning his smile I said:

-         You, too…


Then my eyes returned to his crotch and watching his hand movements I continued:

-         Your cock isn’t bad either if you don’t mind me saying so.


The man grinned:

-         Don’t mind at all… It’s nice being told.


He was right, of course. It is always nice to hear someone appreciate and compliment your bits. Not enough straight men seem to do so, so when it happens it means even more as they probably mean it. Sometimes a compliment is just that, a compliment. You can tell another lad he has a nice set of cock and balls without coming on to him. This was one of those occasions and it felt nice.


Having stroked myself off in a slow tempo for a bit I upped the speed of my right hand. The man did the same next to me on the bench and in the bright, early morning sunlight I could see his cockhead was all shiny and glossy. As he moved his hand back and forth, I also noticed his ballsack wasn’t hanging as loosely anymore. Having been at it myself for a while before the stranger showed up behind me and now with him having joined me, needless to say my own ballsack was pulling up a bit as well.

-         This is a fine way to spend the morning.


The man grinned while his eyes were fully focused on my hard cock.

-         Oh yes…


I grinned back, with my own eyes focused on his cock, too.


I now moved my right hand a bit faster still and following my lead his breathing got heavier as result. I sensed it wouldn’t be long now. For either of us.

-         Am getting close…


I softly moaned as my breathing got heavier as well.

-         Me, too…


The man smiled. His mouth was slightly open, and I could see the tip of his tongue play with the corner of his lips.

-         Almost there…


I moaned a little bit louder but still quite softly.

-         Am cumming.


He suddenly said and with no other warning he moved a bit forward in his seat on the bench right next to me and shot his creamy morning load onto the ground in front of him:

-         Mmm !


His cum landed on the ground in three nice shots as he moaned with pleasure. It was such a turn-on for me, and I couldn’t hold back anymore either:

-         Aah… Mmmm !


And just like that I shot my own hefty morning load onto the ground in front of us, too.

-         Fuck yeh… Get it all out.


The man grinned as he watched me cum in a couple of big squirts. While squeezing the last remaining drops of cum out of his own cock letting them drip onto the ground as well.




Moments later and with the both of us now nicely released but still with our cocks and balls out in the open we got our breathing back to a somewhat normal.

-         I think I need another ciggie after that.


The man grinned. He was as good-humoured as he had been since he showed up some twenty or so minutes earlier. Reaching into the breast pocket of his fleece top again he took out a fresh rollie. Placed it at his lips and reached out for the lighter on the bench between us:

-         May I ?


As he picked up the lighter our eyes met again:

-         Of course.


I said, and as he lit his rollie I picked up my pipe again and glanced into it. Still a bit of baccy left inside its head. Having lit his fresh tab, he passed me the lighter and soon we both had a nice burn going again.


We sat in silence for a bit, still with our cocks and balls out but they were getting deflated by the minute and both ballsacks seemed to be hanging more loosely again now. I could hear the morning traffic on the nearby bridge begin to get busier and looking in front of us to the field of old breed cows they all seemed to have begun their daily business as well.


The silence between us on the bench didn’t seem awkward in any way or form, it was natural after what we had just done and sometimes words are just not needed. We just smoked our respective baccy and looked at each other from time to time and smiled. Like we now had a shared, feel-good secret.


After a few more minutes the man had finished his rollie. He reached out and grabbed his now flaccid cock, shook it a bit and then pulled both his cock and his ballsack back into his boxers. Unzipped his blue jeans and finally did the button as well. Then he leaned forward and looked at the ground in front of the bench:

-         It’s like we have never even been.


He grinned and nodded to the ground. My eyes followed his nod and he was right, there were only a mere few moist spots left on the otherwise dry ground to show where our cum had landed. And those spots would vanish soon enough.


Then he looked at me and pointed to my still fully uncovered private parts:

-         I really enjoyed that.


Still puffing away nicely on dear ol’ pipey next to him I returned his smile:

-         Me, too.


He got up from his seat on the bench and turned to me when he was back on his feet standing in front of me. Looked at my naked crotch again and smiled. I put the pipe down on the seat next to me and gave our andy a little shake before pulling him and my shaved ballsack back into my Summer shorts.

-         You think you will be able to sleep now ?


We both grinned and as he shortly after wished me a fine morning and a good day he was off again. As silently as he had appeared.


I don’t much like to leave an unfulfilled pipey be, so I picked it up from the bench again and got another nice burn going. Then I watched the long-haired cows for a bit longer while puffing away nicely on my own in the morning sun.




Walking home again half an hour or so later I stopped at the top of the small hill and stood next to the empty flagpole and looked across the town river for a moment or two. The morning sun was very bright and there were only a few clouds in the sky, too. I looked like it was going to be a very pleasant day ahead. It had begun very pleasant, that’s for sure.


Walking back down the small hill and crossing the tiny bridge thingie with the old wood planks and further along the grass lane along the river, I was soon back at the cobblestoned harbour. Moments later I crossed the bridge across the river again and crossing the street straight after I could see my building as I turned the corner by the carports on the other side of the road. Before going up the stairs to my tiny roof flat I got the morning paper out from the mailbox. When I got back home, I put the paper onto the sofa table and was all but ready to get a good kip at last.


Something told me it wouldn’t take me long to fall asleep now.