Same Girl (mmf)

It was close to noon when I finally rose from the bed. Or sofa I should say. I don’t remember how we got back in nor when we got back in for that matter, the last couple of hours of last night were a big blur.


Getting up from the sofa I went and opened the curtains at the window. The sharp, mid-day sunshine instantly hitting my face made my eyes hurt and I swiftly closed the curtains again. The world wasn’t ready for me yet.


Stumbling into the kitchen I found the kettle, filled it and turned it on. A nice cup of strong builder’s tea would set me straight, surely. Should probably make one for Leo as well. I wonder how he is.


Stumbling out of the kitchen again and to the stairs leading up to the first floor I had to hold onto the railings not to fall over. My head hurt and as I reached the top of the stairs and turned the corner with Leo’s bedroom right there, I placed a hand on the door frame as I knocked on the door.


Not a sound at first. I tried knocking on the door again. And this time I heard a moany groan, quite a sorry one of that, too. Like a proper hangover moany groan so at least my buddy showed signs of being alive. Whether or not he was well as well was another question.


Opening the door to his bedroom the first thing I noticed was a fully dressed woman on his bed. No sign of him. She was out cold by the looks of it. Figured it was someone we had brought home with us last night, though I had no recollection of it of any kind.


Walking into his bedroom I paused by the bed. The woman’s snoring was very little ladylike, but I guess she had had a few too many last night as well. I looked around the room and found Leo on the other side of the bed. On the floor.


-  Hey...


I said and reached out and gave him a gentle push.


-  Fancy a cuppa ?


No motions from my floored buddy so I gave him a gentle slap on the side of his face facing me. That did the trick.


- Mm Uh ?


He groaned and opened his blurry eyes.


-  Morning, mate… Fancy a cuppa ?


I tried again, this time a bit more successful as he seemed to focus on me, moved a bit and turned onto his back.


-  What time is it ?


His rusty voice revealed all about last night.


-  Almost noon.


I replied with a smile. His situation amused me. More than it should really, in the state I was in myself.




Ten minutes or so later Leo had dragged himself down the stairs and was having a morning cuppa with me in the kitchen. We talked about last night but neither of us could recall much of it, at least not the latter part of the evening.


-  Who is that woman sleeping in my bed ?


He asked, looking like a question mark.


-  No idea, probably some tart you picked up at the bar last night.


I said, and we both grinned nervously at that.


-  Better let her sleep it off and send her home when she wakes up.


I said, returning his smile.


-  Yeh.


Then followed a couple of moments of silence, just two good mates standing in the kitchen wearing boxer shorts only, having a cup of strong tea after a night out.


-  Am going to grab a bath.


I said, breaking the silence, gave him a smile and continued:


- Want to join me ?


Leo looked at me and smiled:


-  Yeh, why not.




The bubbles of foamy soap floating on top of the bath water barely covered Leo’s naked crotch as he found a place in front of me in the tub. With my legs by his side he moved a bit further back and if there is such a thing as bathtub spooning this was probably getting close to being it.


Reaching out for a sponge and dipping it in the tub water I began to gently run it across his chest with his back to me. His shoulders. His neck. Then back down again to his chest, gave his nipples a good wash before moving my hand and the sponge to his hairy tummy. Gave it a gentle wash as well.


Now bending both his knees a bit making them stick out of the bathtub water, and at the same time spreading them making them touch my legs, it was like an open invite to further explore with the sponge. And needless to say, I did just that.


Dipping the sponge back into the tub water both the sponge and my hand soon found their way back to his hairy tummy. Stayed there for a moment, caressing his skin nicely with the soft sponge. Then I moved further down. Sponging his dark pubes made him move a bit in his spooning seat in front of me. I could feel our andy begin to show signs of life, too and moving the sponge further down still, to Leo’s cock, I felt my own cock grow by each turn the sponge took around his crotch.


With my cock now touching his lower back I sponged his cock a bit more. But it didn’t take me long to move the soft sponge past his semi-hard cock and down one side by his thigh.


Leo spread his legs a bit more and rested his head on my right shoulder, just where the chest ended, and the shoulder began. That made room for our andy who sprung from Leo’s lower back and now found a nice resting place up against his back instead.


Moving the sponge from the side of his semi-hard cock to his ballsack I now gently began to sponge his sack as well. Touching his balls from time to time with my thumb holding the sponge.


-  Mmm… That feels so good.


He said in a soft voice, and still with his head resting on my shoulder, his hands found their way to my legs. And as I continued to sponge his ballsack and growing cock he began to move his hands slowly up and down each of my legs placed by his sides.


-  Yeh...


I almost whispered as reply. And placing my free hand on his chest I gave him a little cuddle from behind. While still holding the soft sponge underneath his dangling ballsack.


-  What the fuck ?


We both froze and turned our heads. In the door frame to the bathroom a somewhat confused looking woman in her late twenties stood looking at us.


-  Who are you and where am I ?


She said in a voice mixed with both morning after rust and bewilderment.


- In my flat...


Leo said, trying to calm her down a bit and put a stop to her confusion. She looked changed and he continued:


-  None of us can remember much from last night but you were asleep on my bed when we woke up and we figured we must have met you down the pub last night?


The woman walked into the bathroom, sat herself down on the toilet seat and held her head:


-  Can’t remember anything… Did we.. ?


Then she looked at us again.


-  Don’t think so, pet.


Leo grinned and crossed his hands on his tummy:


-  You were fully clothed, Alex slept on the sofa downstairs and I was out cold on the floor. Very much doubt anything happened.


That seemed to relax her more. She even smiled and after a few moments she said:


-  OK… So what’s going on here then ?


And pointing at us, there naked and barely covered in water and foamy bubbles in the tub together in front of her, she continued:


-  Are you gay ?


We both grinned and shook our heads:


-  Nah, just good mates.


Getting up from her seat on the toilet she smiled:


-  That’s a shame. Always wanted to try a three-way with a gay couple...


Leo was straight in:


-  Alex is bi… Does that count ?


She moved closer to the bathtub and stopped about a metre away, looked into the bathwater and the foamy bubbles poorly hiding our naked bodies. Leo’s cock was floating between his hairy thighs popping up to the surface every now and again, like a dolphin for air.


-  Not sure...


She said, with a sly smile and got down to her knees right next to the bathtub:


-  I need to see you do something as well before I make up my mind...

-  Like what ?


Leo said, with a smile though a slightly nervous one of that.


-  Let’s see...


The woman replied, then she put a hand into the bathwater and looked at me:


-  Alex, why don’t you stand up ?


Apart from the odd shared wank over the years and numerous showers and baths together Leo and I have never actually taken things further than to maybe a sneaky hand job, and that has always been me providing the stroking hand. Sensing the tables may be about to turn he moved his body forward making room for me to get up.


With water and foamy bubbles dripping from my naked body I stood up in the bathtub. Looking at her and then at my good mate I smiled:


- Now what ?


The woman nodded in the direction of my still pretty hard cock then at Leo and then back at our andy:


-  Grab it.


Her smile had not vanished completely, but it had turned to a more serious, testing-us, smile. And still kneeled by the bathtub with me towering over them both her smile returned:


-  Go on...


Leo looked at her then up at me as if to see if I was OK with it. With no words spoken I simply gave him a naughty smile and a wink with an eye. He knew the score, just like he has for years. Each time we had fooled around a bit not only had alcohol or a bit of weed mostly been involved, too but things had just happened naturally. Not like now. Being put on the spot like this, this was a test for us both but mostly for him, all I did was to just stand there with a now almost fully erect cock again.


Turning my body slightly, our andy was now pointing directly at Leo and as he moved a bit in the bathwater, he moved closer to my crotch.


He looked at the woman again and then back up at me. Before his eyes went down a bit again and focused on my crotch. I moved my cock a bit up and down as to greet him. That made him smile.


-  Can’t believe am doing this...


He said and moved his left hand up along my right thigh while his other hand reached out and cupped my shaved ballsack, nicely wet still from the bath.


Playing with my balls for a moment first, and still with his left hand placed on my right thigh, he then moved his right hand from my ballsack to my hard cock. Took a firm grip of it and looking directly at it he slowly began to wank me off.


-  That’s it… Keep going...


The woman grinned.


From my position the view was glorious. This was the first time Leo had touched our andy proper and we all seemed to enjoy it.


-  How is he doing ?


She asked, looking up at me.


-  Yeh, not bad.


I grinned. I was enjoying it more than I probably should have but the situation was just so funny. And my hangover horn had made me rock solid.


-  Stroke him faster.


She said, with a somewhat strict tone of voice.


-  That’s it… You’re doing well.


Her grinning was back as Leo upped the speed of his right hand around my hard cock. The faster he stroked me off the firmer his other hand felt on my wet thigh. It felt very nice.


Then out of the blue and without being told to, he moved his left hand from my thigh to my ballsack and gave it a gentle pull. I love having my balls pulled when someone is sucking me off but having them pulled by your good mate while he wanks you off is pretty close to being just as good.


-  Yeh, go on...


The woman said, smiled and continued:


-  You work that cock.


Not having had my leg over last night and the cosy bath with Leo before she turned up had already made me somewhat horny and I knew it wouldn’t take me long to climax if he continued this way.


Feeling my balls pull up inside his left hand and while still wanking me off pretty hard he sensed the way it was going, too and looked up at me with a sly smile.


Smiling back, I gave him a nod of recognition with my mouth half open and my breathing getting heavier.


-  Mate...


I whispered.


Which only made him stroke me off even harder.


-  Mate… You’re going to make me cum…

-  Mmm… Go for it...


He said, and at that very moment we both seemed to have forgotten about the woman kneeled on the bathroom floor next to us in the bathtub. She got on her feet and without either of us taking any real notice she walked out of the bathroom.


-  Mate… Am gonna cum...


I whispered, and as Leo slowed down his right hand on my hard cock and now stroked me off in an easier fashion, while still cupping my ballsack, I could feel my balls pull up even further.


Seconds later I shot my load.


-  MMmmm !!


My cum went all over his chest and dripped into the bathwater. He slowed his right hand down to an almost halt and squeezed the last bit of salty cream out of my cock head and onto his fingers. Then smeared it all over my cock.


Took me a few moments to get my state of mind back but when it did, and I looked down at my good mate still sitting in the bathtub in front of me, I was met by the biggest grin.




The rest of the day we spent ordering pizza, drinking pops, eating salty crisps and watching movies. With the needed afternoon nap thrown in for good measure. We talked about the woman and her vanishing act for probably about three minutes in total then forgot about her and just chilled out together.


As the afternoon turned into early evening, we decided to head to the pub again. There was an evening football match being televised and the pub had it on. And to be fair we could do with a bit of fresh air as well.




A quick shower later, though not together this time, we found ourselves back at the same table down the pub as last night with two almost already empty but gloriously cold and refreshing pints in front of us.


The match was about to kick off and Leo focused on the telly screen in the corner of the pub. I went to the bar to get us a couple more pints and returning to the table I glanced at the opening door as I sat myself down again. Placing his fresh pint on the table in front of him I moved a little closer to Leo, nodded in the direction of the door and said:


-  Isn’t that..?