Temptation (mm)

When Kyle, while chatting to him down the pub one night about online dating, was surprised to hear I didn’t have a profile on the biggest dating website in the North East of England, it later made me think. And needless to say, when we got back home, I had a sneaky look at the site in question and decided to sign up. It didn’t look too out of place for a single lad like me and soon enough I got the hang of the site and to my undivided pleasure discovered I wasn’t the only bi lad in the area looking for some quality, naughty times between the sheets.




I don’t know why but it seems that jukeboxes are getting more and more a thing of the past in Sunderland pubs. They still play music, granted, but it comes from a machine that plays only what the landlord finds fitting. Not that it is all a bad thing but a part of me still likes the idea of being able to put a coin into a jukebox and play tunes I have picked myself. Maybe am getting more old-fashioned as the years pass, who knows.


I had gone to the pub with Kyle, who I am staying with on my current trip back to my beloved North East of England. He works in shifts and tonight he has the night shift so won’t be drinking anything remotely alcoholic, which is understandable of course. But it did leave me with the conundrum of whether or not I should be drinking as well or follow troop. Guess I would leave it up to chance, really and in the worst case find my own way home later on.


We had gone to his local, The Blue Bell, as it was both convenient and near. And to be fair they do have some of the best-looking barmen in the city. Something I like in a pub probably a little more than I should.


We ordered our meal, finished it and enjoyed it quite a bit, too. And also squeezed in a couple of frames of pool and the odd game of darts. The pool games were close as always but when it came to the darts board, I reckon my weekly practices at the allotment back home proved me the better or luckiest player. In the end we won a frame of pool each, but I cleared the floor in darts.


Good times were had but Kyle eventually had to leave for work leaving me with the choice of getting a lift back to his house or to stay put and continue the evening on my own.


I didn’t have any plans till later tomorrow afternoon, and most of those involved doing the odd shopping for and cooking our tea at some point. So, I opted for the stay option and after a good bear hug we parted, he went to work on his nightshift, and I stayed put for the time being. And got me a pint of beer, why not.


About half an hour or so later, and a second pint on the table in front of me I got a text.


‘Hi mate, how are you doing ? Are you free tonight by any chance ? Miranda is in a mood and I could do with getting away for a bit.’


It was from Martin, a fellow supporter of the football club we all love to the point of frustration at times.


Texting him back that I was free as a bird tonight and already down the pub if he fancied popping by, and half an hour or so later he came through the door. I was almost done with my third pint, so he had some catching up to do.


-  Hi mate, good to see you again.  


He said, as we hugged.


-  And you, mate.


I smiled, and continued:


- What are you having ?

- Can’t really drink, am driving.


He replied, then looked at the pint glass on the table in front of us:


-  But go on I’ll have a lager.




Couple of pints, four frames of pool with two wins to each, and lots of tiny bags of lovely, salty nuts later we found ourselves at the table again, enjoying our beers and chatting like it was going out of fashion.


-  I envy you, you now.


Martin suddenly said and lifted his glass without drinking from it.


-  In what way ?


I asked, not quite knowing in which direction this was going.


-  You are a free spirit, single and bi-sexual. You have the world at your feet and you just grab it… I wish I had some of that sometimes.

- Nah...


I said, and picked up my pint glass as well:


-  You have a lovely wife and beautiful kids, am never going to have that.


And looking straight into his eyes I continued:


- I may have all the freedom in the world to live my life and do what I want but you have family. You have love… I envy You that.


I smiled, and klunked his pint glass with mine in a Skål.


-  Guess so...


He sighed, looked at me and said:


-  Just that sometimes you need a bit more than what you have. Love and family are good, don’t get me wrong, but I miss the raunchiness, the free-spirited encounters with no strings attached, the liberating sex.


I looked at him and smiled:


-  You can get sex everywhere. But what you have you can’t get anywhere else. Home is where the heart is, as they say.


Martin nodded in agreement, but he had that look on his face I have seen a few times before, the look of what-could-have-been.


After a few moments of silence, he continued:


-  I just need to get my cock sucked, really. Miranda is always too busy or too tired...


I couldn’t help smiling. It was so cute and at the same time a sign of unfulfilled, manly needs.


-  Well, if that is all, I can do that for you no problems.


I grinned, and he joined in:


-  Hasn’t quite come to that yet, mate.


He laughed and got up from his chair heading to the bar.


When he came back to the table with fresh drinks, a pint of lager for me and a pint of pops for himself, he was driving after all, he seemed a bit quiet all of a sudden. Like something was on his mind.


I figured it wasn’t the place nor the time to ask more about it so just said:


-  Fancy some darts ? You have some catching up to do. Haven’t beaten me yet I seem to recall.


I grinned, and with a slight gruntle he got up from his chair and joined me at the darts board. Picking up the six darts I passed them onto him:


-  I’ll let you pick the darts, mate. Don’t want any excuses this time.


We both laughed at that, and as one game lead to another, he got closer to beating me by each round.


-  Fancy one last one ?


He said, after narrowly losing yet again.


-  Sure, why not… Your luck has to change at some point.


I grinned.


-  Damn right.


He said, took a sip of his pint of pop and looked me straight in the eyes:


-  How about we made it a bit more interesting ?


He said, with a sneaky smile.


-  What do you have in mind ?


I asked and reached out for my pint of lager as well.


-  The winner gets a blow job.


His words took me by surprise, but it wasn’t the first bet of this kind I have taken part in nor likely to be my last, and either way I wanted to win.


-  You’re on !


I grinned. And we kicked off another game.




-  So... where do you want to suck me off ?


Still undefeated and with the prospect of a gobble that was likely to never happen I felt it only right to tease him a bit. Martin, being good-humoured as always, teased me back:


-  Best of three ?




About an hour or so later the pub had rung the bell for last orders, and we found ourselves in Martin’s car by the parking spots outside the pub. He had kindly offered me a lift back to Kyle’s, so I didn’t have to wait for a taxi. I didn’t mind waiting for a taxi, but it was kind of him to offer.


-  I know you won… Again.


He began, after we had put our seatbelts on.


-  I will beat you one day though.


He was right, of course. As the evening went on, he got closer and closer to beating me. But it wasn’t to be tonight, which will only set him up even more next time we play. ‘Tis all good.


-  I’ve had a good night.


I smiled, as he was about to start the car.


-  Me, too. Good to get away for a couple of hours, too.


He stopped his hand just as the car key was about to be turned. And for a few seconds he just sat there staring into the dark night.


After a moment of silence, I turned to him:


-  You know, mate…


I began, and looked at him:


-  Am only back over here for a fortnight, flying back home Thursday next week… If you want a blowjob all you have to do is ask. It will stay between us and it’s not like we will run into each other every week after next week...


Martin turned his head and looked me straight into my eyes:


-  Yeh...


Then he gave me a nervous smile:


-  Let’s take you back to Kyle’s.




Having asked him in for a cup of tea when we got there a short drive later, he had found a seat on the settee while I had put the kettle on. A few minutes later I joined him on the settee with a cuppa for the both of us. Another moment of silence was broken when I put my cup down on the coffee table in front of us.


Turning to him there next to me, I gently placed a hand on his thigh:


-  We could always say I won on penalties...


That made him smile and instantly whatever it was holding him back no-longer did.


Putting his own cup of tea down on the coffee table as well, still with my hand on his thigh, he leaned back into the settee and turned his head to me:


-  Do your best, mate...


It took me little persuasion to say the least and I soon found myself kneeled in front of him between him seated on the settee and the coffee table now behind me. Placing a hand on each of his thighs and giving them a gentle rub, I soon moved my hands closer in on his crotch.


The second I touched his crotch I felt his cock give way. I like to believe it was down to me and my touch, but truth be told he was more likely just horny as fuck and needed a good nut.


Undoing the button of his trousers I went on and gently unzipped them as well. Trying not to look up at him. I didn’t want to risk seeing an expression on his face that would change the mind of either of us.


When the zipper went down as far as it could I grabbed the top of his trousers and with no words spoken Martin lifted his bum slightly to give me better access to pull them down to first his knees then his feet.


To my surprise but also to my delight he had gone commando and I soon found out he shaves his ballsack, too. There is little worse with sexy times than to go down on someone, be that a woman or a man, who doesn’t at least trim downstairs. And cleanly shaved balls are the best. Sucking and licking them is a much nicer and fresher experience than a full-on hairy set of balls.


Having pulled his trousers down to his feet I moved my hands up along his thighs again, now as naked as was intended. He was hairy but not overly, just the perfect balance of hair to skin ratio. And touching his naked flesh like this got me even more in a mood of pleasure.


Cupping his shaved ballsack I then with my other hand grabbed a good, firm grip of his hard shaft with the other. And moving in on his thighs I gave them a good licking before moving further up. All while stroking his hard shaft nicely.


Moaning in the best of ways as I went on, I soon found my mouth near his ballsack. Gave it the best licking possible and then moved upwards. To the shaft itself.


Licking my way from his scrotum to the tip of his hard cock head and all the way back down again. I did that a few times and the more I continued the more uneasy he moved in his seat on Kyle’s settee in front of me. Uneasy in good ways. I may not have been his first-choice gobbler, but I was determined to make the most of it. And I did just that.


The fourth time I licked my way up to his swelling cock head I opened my mouth further and took him in.


Licking my way around the edge of his cock head made him moan slightly. He seemed to enjoy the experience and God knew so did I. And then I took him deep. With his hard cock head in my mouth I now used my lips to work their ways on the outside of his shaft all while teasing him nicely with my tongue on the tip of his head.


I continued to do this for several minutes, making him more and more lustful. But I wanted more and before I let him do what comes natural, I took him out of my mouth and moved my head a bit further down.


Licking my way back to his shaved scrotum I then lifted his legs a bit making room for my eager tongue at his backside entry.


As I rimmed him the best of ways his moaning increased, and it made me feel so good. Him, too.


After about a minute or so licking his arse nicely I moved my head away from it and licked on one of my fingers. And looked up at him for the first time. He was in no mood to turn it down now, so I licked on my finger a second time before placing it just outside of his hole.


And then I slowly and gently moved my finger inside his arse.


-  Ooh...


He said, with slight surprise in his tone of voice. As if this was the first time anyone had fingered him. We didn’t mention anything but we both knew that wasn’t the case.


Entering his bum, a bit further with my finger and moving it gently back and forth a bit, too I then grabbed his hard cock with my other hand. And while fingering him I began to wank him off. Slowly at first but it didn’t take long before I had a decent tempo going. With my right hand around his shaft as well as with the finger pleasuring his arse.


Moving closer to his crotch I spat on his cock head. Making the stroking movements smoother. Then I looked up at him again, caught his eyes and his smile confirmed to me what I wanted to do.


And then I mouthed him again. Still with a finger up his bum and with my right hand wanking him off nicely steady I was now sucking him off as well. Could taste his pre-cum, which just made me even more up for the task.


It felt good, it felt really good, and his moaning found a new level.


-  Oh, mate...


For someone new to being sucked off by another lad Martin was getting into it now. And I think we both knew it wouldn’t take him long to nut.


But I kept going, kept sucking and wanking his hard cock and kept fingering his warm arse.


-  Getting close...


He moaned and moved uneasy on the settee.


Still with a finger up his arse I now took him out of my mouth and upped the speed of my wanking hand. Wanking him off hard now within about twenty seconds he shot his creamy load about a foot straight into the air, landing on both his trimmed pubes and tummy as well as on my right hand.


-  Mmmmm !!!


Milking the last remaining drops of cum out of his cock I then looked up at him and smiled. Returning my smile and getting his breathing back I got up from my kneeling position in front of the settee and sat myself down next to him again. Reached out for my cup of tea on the coffee table and leaned back onto the settee.


-  Thank you.


He smiled, and reached out for his cup of tea as well:


-  I needed that...




We stayed on the settee for a bit and talked about all things high and low, mostly football and the current state of affairs at our beloved club. About an hour later he drove home. I cleared the living room removing any trace of what had been going on and returning from the kitchen I then grabbed a shower and went upstairs to get dressed. Kyle was still on his night shift at work and I was too awake to turn in just yet.


When I got back down having changed into my Summer onesie after the quick but nicely refreshing shower, I sat down in front of the computer, looked through the day’s results and the scores on the football website and also checked the odd post on the club forum. And just after deciding to watch a movie and then turn in I thought I would have a quick look on the dating website Kyle had talked about.


To my surprise I had received a personal note from someone. I didn’t recognise the profile attached to it but clicked on the note anyway. Out of curiosity more than anything, really.


The note simply read:


‘Thank you for a lovely evening. Chat soon. M.’