Seaburn Nights (mm)



-         Last orders, lads.


The barman at tonight’s pub said as he came back out into the beer garden collecting our already close to empty glasses. And while he turned around and wiped a couple of tables to our right, we finished our pints. Turning back to us he picked them up:

-         Same again ?

-         Yes, please.


Glenn said and gave the barman a smile:

-         Thank you.


And then we were alone in the beer garden again. But only briefly as the barman returned shortly after with two fresh pints of tasty lager for us. The pub was reaching closing time for the night and was already close to being empty of punters.

-         What are your plans for the week-end ?


I asked and took a good sip from my glass. Taking a sip of his as well and putting the glass down on the table in front of him he shook his head slightly:

-         Probably the usual… House and garden work Saturday, then the usual Sunday dinner at Sofie’s parents.


For a second there I had forgotten he was in a relationship. Easy mistake to make, really. It had just been a couple of hours since we first met after all.


Kyle and I had gone to the pub for a couple of pints and a game of Yatzy after tea and had a good time as always. But he had headed back to the house a couple of hours ago, work in the morning meant an early night for him. I had decided to stick around for a bit longer and soon enough had found myself out in the beer garden puffing dear ol’ pipey. Glenn had come out for a smoke and asked me if he could borrow my pipe matches. That’s how we got chatting and before long he had settled down at my table and now two hours had flown by and the pub was about to close for the night.


Ten minutes or so later the barman returned:

-         Alright, lads. Time to call it a night.


We settled our bills and finished our pints and shortly after we found ourselves outside the pub. Not knowing in which direction he was off in, the local geography, even after all these years coming back for a fortnight in late Summer, was still pretty lost on me.

-         How are you getting home ?


He asked and smiled in the semi darkness of the late Summer’s evening.

-         I’ll just walk. It isn’t too far away and the fresh air will do me good.


I said, returning his smile. Before continuing:

-         But it is a beautiful night and I might go for a walk on the beach first.


A moment of silence followed, interrupted by Glenn a few seconds later:

-         Mind if I joined you ? I haven’t seen the beach up close at this hour in years.

-         Not at all… I’d like the company.


I replied and moments later we crossed the road with the beach just on the other side and before we said anything else, we felt the sand under our shoes. Well, sandals really as we were both sporting the casual Summer look. The weather was lovely, still around twenty degrees and little wind if any at all. The North Sea looked dark and mysterious and the small waves breaking near the beach had an almost supernatural glow about them with their luminescent tops as they broke away just before reaching the wet sand.


We walked a bit further. Looked like we were the only people there. Unlike during the day when there are plenty of people enjoying themselves on the beach, playing or walking their dogs. Apart from the odd, lonesome car on the road behind us we just crossed, the only sounds came from the sea itself and our footsteps in the wet sand. A couple of seagulls aside looking for late-night snacks left behind from the day.

-         Is there anywhere we can sit down ? I fancy a pipe and prefer to sit rather than walk and puff.


I said, much to Glenn’s amusement:

-         There are benches up there.


He said and pointed up the small hill where the beach ended. Then after a short pause he continued:

-         Or we can just sit on the sand. It’s dry a bit further back...


In the semi darkness I saw him smile again and returning his smile I said:

-         Sitting on the beach sounds wonderful.


It felt very nice and not at all weird walking and talking on the beach in the darkness with pretty much a complete stranger. I love meeting new people; everyone has a story to tell and I enjoy listening to people talk about all things great and small. The chance meeting of two strangers getting on like we seemed to have just makes it even better. Opening up with strangers and hearing their stories is of much interest to me. And a setting like this one just capped it off nicely.


We found a dry spot of sand and sat down. I took my trusted rucksack off my back and took out my pipe gear, stuffed the pipe and got a decent burn going. Glenn lit a cigarette and for a moment we just sat there in silence next to each other looking into the North Sea. It was romantic without being mushy, intimate without being vulgar and the sea air and the pints down the pub made us both relax nicely in each other’s company.

-         I love this place.


Glenn said and broke the silence, took a long drag on his cigarette, blew out a wonderful steel-blue cloud of smoke in front of us and puffing my pipey all I could do was agree with him.

-         It is very special.


I smiled.

-         Especially on a night like tonight… We could be the only people in the world, and it would still be very special.


He said, looked at me and returned my smile.


I don’t like getting my signals crossed but it felt like he was flirting a bit with me. I rather liked it but left it at that.

-         When you write your books...


He began and looked back into the dark sea in front of us before continuing:

-         Where do you get your ideas from ?


Back in the beer garden the chat had crossed our lives in different ways, one being our lines of work. He was a tree surgeon, freelance and could pick his own working hours. When I told him I write and what I write about he seemed thoroughly interested.

-         I write about my own experiences… Both here and from back home.


I said and answered his question with a smile. Looking away from the sea and back to me his face lit up:

-         So when you write about, say, sucking someone off you are actually writing about blokes you have sucked off ?

-         Yeh…

-         Nice one.


He grinned, and looked back into the sea:

-         I’ve never met anyone as open about things as you… You don’t get that here much. People are a lot less open about these things here.


I grinned as well, knowing the score only too well having come back to my beloved North East of England for more than two decades:

-         All it takes is a few pints and people will happily open up to you.


He finished his cigarette and stubbed it out in the little ashtray I always carry with me in my rucksack, still smiling all over:

-         You’re probably right… I mean, just look at me. We only just met a couple of hours ago and here I am asking you about blow jobs haha


We both laughed and straight away he took a second cigarette out of his pack and lit it, took a deep drag and blew another cloud out in front of us:

-         I wish Sofie would learn a thing or two about blowies.


He said but with a serious note to the way his words came out. Like it had been on his mind for a while and finally had a chance to let it out.

-         In what way ?


I asked, both curious and caring; I always have a curious side to these things but at the same time I don’t like visioning possible bad things in the intimate acts of couples in love. And poorly performed gobbles can be the downfall to any new relationship, for some it can be the break full stop.

-         Just that… When we get to it and she goes down on me… I never really enjoy it much… The way she does it… I have to tell her how I like it, when she should know by now…


He said, and his smile seemed to have gone from his handsomely rugged face. A face used to being outdoors for hours each day, a man’s face.

-         How long have you been together ?


I asked, hoping the answer wouldn’t be tallied in years.

-         Eighteen months next week… She wants to go away for the week-end and celebrate. Just the two of us.


I looked at him, his eyes were still focused on the dark sea in front of us.

-         Do you go down on her ?


I asked and he turned his head to me:

-         Of course. I mean, I want to, but she isn’t really into it… Each time I try I can see she doesn’t enjoy it as much as I do so I just stop, and we end up doing something else… Usually just the missionary… She is a great lass and I really like her but her sexual skills and desires are as far from mine as they probably can be.


He sighed and took another drag on his cigarette. Moved his neck back and blew a thick cloud of smoke into the air above us:

-         I will most likely end up cheating on her.


I kept looking at him but before I got a chance to say anything he continued:

-         Or beat the world record at wanking on my own.


He grinned and it was good to see the smile back on his face. A lot can be said about North East lads and a lot is but one of the things I appreciate the most in them is their ability to laugh things off. Humour is a powerful tool.


I don’t know if it was down to the pints in the beer garden, the fresh sea air or just my usual, Scandinavian straight forwardness but the devil on my right shoulder told me to put a hand on his thigh and needless to say I did just that.


He looked at me and in the semi darkness of the late Summer’s night on the beach our eyes met:

-         I have never been with another man...


He said, almost whispering. His words sounded like Apologise and Wanting had had a love child.

-         Now is as good a time as any.


I said and gave him a smile and moved my hand along his inner thigh and closer to his crotch.


He looked down at my hand slowly moving towards his private parts then back up at me and returned my smile:

-         What do you have in mind ?




Having fondled his crotch for a few moments and feeling him nicely rise to the occasion in the palm of my experienced hand I wanted more. And by the looks of things so did he.

-         May I see it ?


I asked, still cupping his crotch, looking him straight into his eyes. He looked around a couple of times and seeing we were still all alone in the semi darkness of the beach he turned his head to me and smiled:

-         Sure...


Then he lifted himself up slightly from the sandy spot we sat on and pulled his Summer shorts down slightly. Revealing a rather large, uncut beauty of a cock.


Placing a hand of his by each his sides in a resting sitting position and still looking at me he continued:

-         Do your best...


As naughty invites go this was right up my street. Putting my beloved pipe down on the sand next to me I turned to my freshly revealed new buddy sitting there right next to me on the beach with his hard cock out in all its glory.


As I reached out and cupped his dangling ballsack he spread his legs a bit more making room for my hand. His ballsack felt wonderfully heavy in my soft hand. Like they were full to the brim of creamy goodness.


Still cupping and playing with his sack with my left hand I moved my right hand to his hairy tummy, caressed it gently and then moved the hand down. Not yet touching his throbbing manhood itself I moved my right hand across his trimmed pubes and down to the root of his shaft. Grabbed it by the root and shook it a bit in my hand while still juggling his ballsack gently in my other hand.


Catching his eyes in the darkness of the beach to see if he was still OK with it, his smile confirmed to me that he was. Then I moved my right hand up a bit and took a firm grip of his hard cock.


Slowly at first, I began to stroke him off. With a bit of foreskin between my naked hand and his bare cockhead avoiding any possible unwelcome feeling, I gave him a few good strokes. Then my hand left his cock again.


Moving my hand to my face I spat into the hand a couple of times and took it back to his hard cock. The spit in my palm made a glorious sound as I began to stroke him off again. This time slightly faster than before.

-         Oh mate...


He moaned.


I continued to wank him off for a couple of minutes, all while mixing between cupping and gently pulling his heavy ballsack with my other hand.


Still stroking him off nicely our eyes caught each other again and I smiled:

-         Can I suck it ?


Looking around the beach a couple of times again his eyes went back to mine and returning my smile he whispered:

-         Yeh...


I got up from my sitting position on the sand next to him, to my knees and quietly moved in front of him and found a new place between his hairy legs. His Summer shorts were still only down to his thighs, so I pulled them a bit further down. As they reached his knees I crawled in between his legs and gently pushed his legs down touching the sand below.


Moving closer in on his inviting crotch, I grabbed his hard cock again and with my left hand back to playing with his ballsack I began to wank him off again with my right one. Moving closer in still, my face was soon right in front of his crotch. I looked up at him and his smile said it all.


Then I kissed his rock-solid cockhead. Still cupping his ballsack. A drop of clear, shiny pre-cum could be seen in the semi darkness of the beach and moving my tongue directly to the slit opening I licked it all up. It was nectar from the Gods, and it made me incredibly horny. Pre-cum is one of my favourite tastes in the world, if ever bottled and sold I would bathe in it and drink it after.


And then I mouthed him. Slowly moving my lustful lips across his glorious cockhead, my eager tongue playing with the delicate skin. And letting the tongue explore the edge of his cockhead I moved my lips and mouth further down over his hard shaft.

-         Mate… That feels so good...


He moaned.


It is pretty easy, when you know what you are doing, to make another lad feel like this, especially if he is used to a lesser gifted and lesser experienced gobbler taking care of his cock. Like so many other things it comes with practise but also from a deep-rooted love of giving head.


I felt my own cock press against my Summer shorts but as much as I wanted to free our andy and let him loose on the beach as well, tonight was all about Glenn and giving him a good end to the evening. A happy ending if you like. And I was determined to make it a jolly happy one for the both of us.


Moving my mouth further down on his thick and long shaft I took in as much as I could. While my left hand still juggled his heavy ballsack and pulling them gently on occasion I now found myself sucking his hard cock like a good one.


When my mouth at one point reached back to the top of his manhood having moved up and down his cock many times over and still with his cockhead inside my mouth I took a firm grip of his shaft again with my right hand and began to wank him off at the same time as sucking and licking my way all over the top half of his cock.

-         Oh mate...


He moaned again and it just made me even more determined to give him a good send-off.

-         You are so good at this...


I took the compliment in slurpy silence and downed it with the same ease as I did his hard cock. And feeling in my left hand how his heavy ballsack was beginning to pull up, we both knew it wouldn’t take long for him to shoot his load now.

-         Mate...


He moaned, more and more out of breath. Still sucking and licking his cock I looked up at him from my position between his hairy legs. His breathing got heavier and heavier and the more it did the more eager I sucked and wanked his thick cock.

-         Mate… !


He said again, this time a bit louder but still borderline whispering. Our eyes met across his upper body:

-         If you continue I’m going to cum in your mouth…

-         Mmmm...


I moaned back with my mouth and hands full of glorious manhood and ballsack. I wasn’t going to let him off now, I wanted him to experience what a proper blowie felt like. Not taking one for the team or anything, I was thoroughly enjoying myself as well, but I wanted to send him home to his missus with a big smile on his face.


He reached out his hands and quickly placed them both on top of and behind my bobbing head pushing me down onto his throbbing cock.


And then he came.

-         Mmmmm !!!


He moaned and as his entire body began to shake, he shot his big, creamy load deep into my sucking mouth and down my throat. It felt like I had my mouth under a hefty running tab of lukewarm water the way he kept shooting his load into my mouth.

-         MMMmmmmm !


He moaned again, and his body shook again as I milked and sucked the last remaining droplets of salty juices out of him.


Slowing down my movements with my right hand but still fondling his now much smaller and tightened ballsack I finally took him out of my warm mouth. But I continued to give him a few more strokes with my hand, though much slower strokes than before. Then I looked up at him, removed my left hand from his sack and placed it on his hairy tummy, caressing it lovingly. As our eyes met again in the moonlight and otherwise darkness of the beach, he gave me a very nice and satisfied smile.

-         Oh man… You sure know how to suck a dick.


He grinned as I licked my lips and returned his smile.




A few moments later I was back sitting on the dry sand next to him. Our andy was still finding room in my Summer shorts a bit difficult but in the darkness around us Glenn didn’t notice my erection and as he reached out for his pack of cigarettes and lit another one, I stuffed dear ol’ pipey and got a decent burn going myself as well. The sweet pipe tobacco tasted glorious with the remaining taste of his salty cum still nicely lingering in my mouth.


We chatted for a bit longer and then he was off. Back home to Sofie. Maybe to teach her a trick or two.