Barrel of a Hun (mmm)

I had known Mark for years, but we had never actually met each other yet. Our friendship began with a mutual love for all things Sunderland, the local football club in particular. And though we had talked for a few years about meeting up when we were both back in my beloved North East of England we have never quite succeeded yet.


Mark moved away from Sunderland when he met and fell in love with a wonderful lass from the Czech Republic where he had now lived for a few years and where they had started a family together. And for us to meet up back home in Sunderland not only time and schedule from the both of us had to combine but also things out of our control, like Icelandic volcanoes having a tantrum creating chaos with flights and, of course most recently a worldwide pandemic.


For a long time, I had wanted to visit Prague but had never booked a flight yet. Something always came up and I always ended up back in Northumbria instead.


Mark and his family don’t live in Prague though but in Brno. A name, until he moved there, I only knew through European football nights on the telly when me and a couple of lads had our weekly Thursday footie nights with plenty of chilled beer and a match on.


But this year was our year, we both felt it and we were both adamant, to make it happen. We would finally meet up after all these years. But again, plans didn’t go our way and a meet up in Sunderland proved as difficult as in previous years.


Jokingly we had said that we would probably stand a better chance of pulling it off if we met somewhere else, somewhere away from the UK. And hey presto one thing led to another and within weeks I found myself on a flight to the Czech Republic for my first ever visit to the country.




Meeting me inside the airport when I landed, there were big hugs all over. He was as good-looking and funny as I had always thought him to be online and we hit it off straight away.

-         May is still at work and the kids are having a sleep-over somewhere… Fancy a couple of pints on our way to mine ?


He asked as we reached his car parked close by the front entry of the airport.

-         I would love a pint. Flying is thirsty business.


I said and we both laughed. I didn’t have to tell him that, of course, he had had more air miles in the past few years than me after all and I’ve had a few myself. And likewise, he didn’t have to ask me twice about going to the pub.


So, leaving the airport we were at his favourite pub in town less than an hour or so later.


With me not having a clue on how to order drinks, or anything else for that matter, in his new language he went to the bar and got us our first drinks. My very first pint in his adopted country.

-         Was it difficult to learn the language ?


I asked with interest after we had found a nice table near a corner of the pub. He looked at me and grinned:

-         I still only know a few phrases… But the important ones, of course… Cheers, mate… Good to have you here and to meet you at last.


He reached out his hand and grabbed his pint glass and as it met mine across the table in a lovely Klunk sound I tasted my first Czech pint. It went down gloriously well:

-         Man, this is good. I needed that.


I said and smiled. Then continued:

-         And good to see you, too my friend, been too long.


As we happily agreed on that we took another good slurp of our pints.


It isn’t a long flight from Billund to his, but travelling is always a little bit tiring and it was the perfect way to meet him for the first time in real life going to the pub straight after landing. With him driving we would only stay for a couple, but it was still a wonderful time shared.


Sitting with my back to the wall with Mark opposite me on the other side of the table with his back to the room he didn’t notice a lad come up to us:

-         Hello.


The lad said as he got close to us. I looked up and Mark turned around and smiled:

-         Oh hi, Tomas.


The lad was local by the sound of his lingo and he already had a half-finished pint in his hand. He looked at me.

-         This is Alex, my good friend from Denmark.


Mark said and pointed his pint glass in my direction.

-         Hi Alex, I’m Tomas.


The lad said and smiled. Then as he reached out his hand to say hello Mark continued:

-         Nah, Alex doesn’t do handshakes.


Getting up from my seat the lad moved his hand back. I reached out both of mine and my invitation for a hug was met with another smile:

-         I’m a hugger, not a shaker.


The lad laughed and gave me a good hug while still holding his pint.

-         Want to join us ?


Mark asked and pulled out a chair for him. As the lad took his seat at the table between us the chat went from jolly to even jollier. Turned out they played on the same five-a-side football team and had done so for about a year. Each Sunday morning regardless of the weather. I loved to hear that, it was almost like Mark had brought a bit of England with him to the Czech Republic. But for all I knew they could have had Sunday leagues there already, of course.


A second pint later and we were off again. Tomas gave me another good hug on our way back to the car and asked me if I played football. Telling him I hadn’t played since I was a wee lad and that I wasn’t sure my dodgy knees these days would be up for it, he still invited me to join them the following Sunday morning for a kick about.


With it being late Friday afternoon and having enjoyed his company with Mark I said yes. Mark said I could go with him when he went no problem. And that was that, I had signed up for my first football match in decades.




Friday night went very well. Meeting Mark and spending time with him after having only known him online for years was a joy. And May, his missus, was a lovely lass as well. They were perfect together and it made me so very happy to watch them together.


Saturday was all about sightseeing. Brno was as interesting as I had hoped it would be. Mark took me to all the best places and not having any football boots, of course why would I have, he took me to a local sports shop as well where we found a pair for me for the next day. And after a day out and about we finished the night off with a few drinks down at his local pub again and had a jolly good time.




Sunday morning, I was woken by the bright sunlight shining straight on me through the windows. It was still a bit early and May and Mark were still fast asleep. The kids were still having a sleep-over somewhere, so it was just the three of us for the time being.


Not being able to fall back to sleep I was now fully awake and decided I might as well grab a shower and get ready for the football match.


Turning the shower on I soon found myself underneath a nice flow of hot water and began to soap myself in. I had barely just begun when there was a knock on the bathroom door:

-         Hey mate, can I come in ? I need a piss.


Mark said and figuring he had seen plenty of naked lads already and not being at all ashamed of being naked in front of others I replied:

-         Of course.


The door opened and Mark came into the bathroom wearing a pair of boxers only. I didn’t bother turning around and just continued soaping myself in.

-         All set for the match ?


He grinned as he went to the toilet and lifted up the seat.

-         As set as I will ever be.


I said and gave him a smile. I’m not very good at playing football and with it being years since my last match I wasn’t expecting to run onto the pitch feeling like Pelé.

-         You’ll be fine, mate.


Mark grinned, finished his wee and as he shook his cock, I could see he had a slight morning chub-on. I had woken up with one myself only minutes earlier, of course, and with both of us being men of the world it was nothing neither of us hadn’t seen before after all.


As he went to the bathroom sink to wash his hands he looked into the mirror and our eyes met. He noticed my growing chub-on and grinned:

-         Feel yourself at home, mate.

-         Oh, I am…


We both laughed as I continued soaping my wet body in. There was no point now in trying to hide that our andy had gone more than just semi and why would I want to anyway. Why be ashamed of what your body does.

-         We’ll be leaving in about an hour or so.


He said as he wiped his hands on a towel next to the sink. Then as he turned around, he paused and looked at me then continued:

-         Let me know when you’re done, and I’ll jump in as well before we’re off.

-         Sure.


I said and returning my smile he left the bathroom again.



-         I don’t have breakfast before a match, but we can grab something on our way home if you like.


Mark said as we drove away from the building they lived in and headed for the sports club.

-         No worries… I don’t usually have breakfast anyway. It’s the time I go to bed.


I said and we both laughed.


Not long after, a short drive away, we pulled into a parking slot outside the ground where the Sunday league match was taking place. Grabbing our bags, we went inside the building to get changed.


Tomas met us outside the door to the men’s changing room:

-         I’ve told the lads you’re joining us.


He grinned and gave me a hug as a lovely welcome. Then he went on:

-         Told them you’re Danish so they are expecting you to do some Laudrup magic.


They both laughed but I was suddenly a bit nervous all of a sudden as I didn’t quite know if he was being serious or if he was just pulling my leg.




Turned out I didn’t need to have worried at all. The match was more or less a wonderful display of hangover football, just the way I had hoped it would be. The team ended up as receivers of an eight-nil dropping but no-one seemed to care much if at all, it was just a very nice Sunday morning spent in the company of good mates and everyone was having a laugh.


And to top it all off nicely, there were chilled cans of lager ready for us when we got back into the dressing room. And while half of the team finished early and left for home not long after, it ended up with it just being Mark, Tomas and myself left in the end.


Getting our football gear off, Mark’s phone rang and as he got chatting to someone, I followed Tomas into the shower room.


In the middle of the shower room there was a long bench with shower heads on the wall away from the entry to the room. We walked around the long bench and turned a shower on each. Then we began to soap ourselves in nicely next to each other.


I didn’t fail to notice that Tomas was getting a bit of a chub-on but I didn’t say anything. I was a guest in his country after all. And I like the look of a growing cock in the showers anyway.


Having soaped ourselves in and washed it all off again we reached out for our towels which we had put onto the long bench before we turned the shower heads on.


Tomas had no problem at all displaying his now almost full-on erection as he dried himself off with one foot on the bench. I was standing in front of the bench and got a sneaky look from time to time as he gave his crotch more attention with his towel than he needed to dry himself off.


When I was all dry, he looked at me and got up onto the bench in front of me. His hard cock pointed straight at me:

-         You like ?


He smiled and gave his hard cock a wriggle without touching it.

-         Looks good… Nice cock.


I said, returning his smile.

-         You want ?


He continued and reached out a hand to me. His hand touched my naked shoulder and I moved away a little bit:

-         But Mark is just in there…


I said and pointed into the changing room next door.

-         He’s on his phone, he won’t see.


Tomas smiled, reached out to me and touched my shoulder again:

-         Come, give me your hand.


It was too tempting for me, there was no way I would turn down the chance of touching my first ever Czech lad’s cock when handed to me on a plate like this.


I wrapped my towel around my waist and moved closer to him. He was still standing on the long bench but now grabbed his own cock and swung it around a bit.


Moving closer still, his cock was right in front of my face now. He moved his hand away from his hard cock and I reached out and grabbed it instead. Looked at it then looked up at him. He smiled and gave me a nod. And then I moved my face to his crotch and slowly mouthed him.


He tasted a bit of soap, clean and fresh. Just like I like my hard cocks to be. And as I began to suck him off slowly, he reached both his arms up and touched the ceiling with his hands.


My own cock was getting rapidly hard as well inside my moist towel and reaching a hand around and grabbing his right bum cheek I continued to wank him off while sucking him at the same time.


This went on for a few moments and then my towel loosened by itself and fell to the shower room floor revealing my own cock, rock-solid as his and wanting in on the action as well.


He was a tall, striking lad in his late twenties and his cock was pretty big. It filled my warm mouth nicely.

-         Mmmm… You’re good.


He moaned slightly, still with both arms in the air and his hands touching the ceiling.


We stayed like that for a few more minutes. I can suck cock till the sun goes down and Tomas’ cock was definitely worthy of attention.


But after a while he moved his hands away from the ceiling, pulled out of my mouth and stepped down from the long bench. Then he walked around the bench and came over to me on the other side of it.


As he got close to me, he placed a hand on my naked back and pushed my upper body gently forward. His cock touched the lower part of my back and as I felt how hard it was, he began to rub it gently up and down a bit. His dangling ballsack touched my bum cheeks as well. It felt pretty good.


Then he grabbed my left leg and guided it onto the bench in front of me. With a leg away giving him better access he moved both his hands to my bum cheeks and began to examine my arse from behind.


Spreading my cheeks, he had a good look at my arse before moving his face closer. Spitting onto it and letting his spit drip down the crack between my cheeks he moved the fingers of one hand to my bum hole and smeared it around the hole itself. Tapping my hole as he went on. He stood close enough to me for me to feel his hard cock touch my right thigh as well.


Pushing my upper body a bit more forward towards the bench in front of me, I placed both hands onto the bench as he moved still closer to my backside and began to rub his big, hard cock between my bum cheeks.


I reached out underneath me and grabbed our andy. And as I began to stroke myself off a bit, Tomas reached out for a bottle of shampoo on the bench next to me.


Putting a bit of shampoo onto his fingers he moved his hand back to my arse and smeared it gently onto and slightly inside my arse. The rest of it he smeared onto his hard cock. Then he moved closer to my bum again. And with a firm hand placed on my naked back pushing me down a bit further he gently entered me.


His cock inside my tight arse felt bloody marvellous and as he began to slowly fuck me from behind, I did my best not to moan too loud.


With a leg on the bench and the other still grounded on the floor I felt the presence of his thick cock fuck me harder and harder. I was so into it that I hadn’t noticed that Mark had come into the shower room as well. It wasn’t till I heard a shower head in front of me being turned on that I looked up.


With my arse full of throbbing cock my eyes met Mark’s.


He was grinning all over and sporting a jolly nice chub-on as well, which he was stroking off slowly underneath the shower head in front of me.


Tomas continued to fuck me nice and hard for several minutes but feeling a cramp coming on in my leg on the floor I moved a bit uneasy in front of him. He must have noticed that as well because after about five minutes of pounding my arse from behind he pulled out again. As gently as he had entered me.


Then he reached out and picked up my moist towel from the floor and moved around me and spread the towel out onto the bench. I rather liked the way he thought of my comfort in the heat of the moment.


As he walked around the long bench he high-fived Mark, still stroking himself off slowly in the shower in front of us. I couldn’t help smiling at that, it was such a lads thing to do.


Guiding me onto the bench itself I found myself on my back and instinctively raised my legs a bit into the air. Tomas took a new position with a leg stretched on each side of the bench.


Then he moved closer to me again and spitting on his hard cock as well as onto my arse he moved his cockhead back to my bum hole and gently entered me again.


Turning my head to my left my eyes met Mark’s again, he was still grinning all over and his hand movements around his own hard cock increased in speed.


I noticed his ballsack wasn’t hanging as loosely as before and that turned me on even more.


Wanting to join him in his wank I reached out and grabbed a hold of my own hard cock as well and began to wank myself off. While keeping eye contact with him there in the shower right next to us.


And as Tomas began to pound me harder and harder again, I wanked myself off harder and harder, too.


We all knew it wouldn’t last long for the first one of us to nut and as it turned out it looked like it would be Tomas.


Pulling out of my tight arse he moved his legs away from the bench and came up to me, still on my back on the bench stroking myself off nicely.


Then as he found another position with his hard cock pointed straight to my face, he reached a hand out behind the back of my head and pushed my eager face to his crotch.


As I now licked his ballsack he began to wank himself off with impressive speed.

-         Mmmm !!


And just like that and with his ballsack getting licked good and proper he shot his load onto my face and neck.

-         Fuck yeh.


I heard Mark say in a big grin.


Licking my lips, I focused my attention back onto our andy and as I wanked myself off harder and harder now, Tomas moved away from my face and back to striding the bench again. And with his big, hard cock still dripping with cum he entered my arse again.


I turned my head to the left and caught the eyes of Mark again. Just as he shot his load, too:

-         Mmmmm !! Fuck !


Watching him nut onto the wet shower room floor right in front of me turned me on so much and with my arse full of newly released cock as well it was a matter of no return for me.


Shooting my load onto my hairy tummy and chest in three big squirts I must have squeezed my bum cheeks as Tomas stopped his cock play inside my arse at the same time as I shot my creamy load. And shortly after he pulled out of me again.




Having finished our shower and cleaned ourselves off we were back in the changing room not long after.

-         Well, that was interesting.


Mark said and grinned as he opened a fresh can of lager.


Both Tomas and I agreed. And as one chilled can followed another I thought to myself that as Sunday leagues go, the team may have lost today but in my eyes, they were still top of the table.