Treasure Island (mf)

There’s nothing quite like a nice drink at the end of a hard workday to relax and to put the events of the day into perspective. Usually I enjoy that at home in my own sphere where I can just put my feet up, turn the machines on and simply be carried away to somewhere pleasant like I was all alone in the world. Yesterday was one of those days. After a busy day at work I finally got in late, hungry, tired and boy could I murder a drink.


After a nice greeting from the pigs it was time for a long soak in the tub to remove the stress that a day on the rails can present you with. Got a bottle of dark rum and some chilled coke, made myself a stiff drink and went to the bathroom where I lit a couple of candles and turned the bathwater on. Stripped to the tunes of “Moments in Love” and felt great. Knackered but great. Looking at myself in the fogging mirror I smiled. I’m all right I am and so what if I’m in my mid 30s and living on my own. I like my life and I like my freedom.


Turning the water off I looked at the bath for a few seconds with all its bubbles before testing it with my left foot. Hot but doable. So I got in.


Having your tired body surrounded by bubbles like that you cannot help but smile. Placing the back of my head on the edge of the tub once in the water I did just that. Smiled and relaxed. Closed my eyes for a while and just enjoyed the moment. Imagined I could stay like this forever. Feeling my cock float between my legs and by every move I made it would be visible like a whale at sea coming to the surface for air. Moved my hands from down the sides of my body. Placed one on my hairy chest while the other began to search for the whale in motion. Still with my eyes closed I touched myself, as only I know how. Getting harder by the second. Caressing my inner thighs with one hand while the other hand gently pinched my right nipple. Not too fond of massive pain but this was good pain. I was on my own and I enjoyed every minute of it.


Moving my hand from my thigh I touched my balls. Uhm, nice and smooth. Joggled them between my fingers, pulling them slightly. As I pulled them my hard cock left the water so I released the strength on them slightly. Only to repeat the pulling over and over again till I knew my cock couldn’t fit a single drop of pumping blood more, as it was already burstingly hard. I opened my eyes, looked down my naked body. Noticed how the dark hairs on my chest moved like seaweed under the water. Looked at my andy, smiled with satisfaction. I’ve got a pretty nice one, I knew that already but seeing him like this, surrounded by white bubbles, he looked even better.


I closed my eyes again and placed my head back on the edge of the tub. Still pinching my right nipple I went for my cock. Played with it for a few minutes before getting a good, firm grip. Moved the foreskin back and forth nice and slow to the tune in the background. Uhm… This was Heaven. This was pure relaxation and I was getting horny as sin. Moved the speed up a gear and started a steady wank. The hand movements made tiny waves that tickled my neck and while wanking I moved my arse a bit round the smooth floor of the tub. The white porcelain felt so good next to my naked skin. Warm and slippery… Like a nice pussy.


I had a good rhythm going now and my nipples were getting rapidly erect, too. Pinching them always made me so horny. If only someone else was with me in the tub. There wasn’t, I was on my own and I was wanking like mad now. Moving around uneasy in the warm water, getting closer… Getting closer… I felt the muscles in my stomach go up and down and when my balls moved upwards I knew only too well that I would soon cum. Still with my eyes closed, I wanked my juicy, hard cock with what felt like the speed of light and just as I thought I couldn’t possibly feel any better I opened my eyes, let out a cry of pleasure and shot my heavy load straight into the air. And like the whale, our andy spurted leaving me completely out of breath.


Returning to a somewhat normal breathing I noticed the background music again, the candles near the showerhead and how my creamy cum was splitting up into smaller pieces in the water above my hairy chest. Surrounded by bubbles and with left over cum on my upper body I got up, turned the shower on and sorted myself out. Grabbing a fluffy towel I dried my wet body, took the rum’n’coke with me into the computer room where I put the towel on the chair before placing my naked arse on it. Nicely relaxed and freshly wanked I got online to a mate and we chatted for about an hour before it was time for a nap.




After a long day on the rails one should think that falling asleep wouldn’t cause a problem. And after a nice, warm bath and a good wank, too, well, let’s just say I tried but failed. Got up after having moved around in bed restlessly for about half an hour, and after a chat with the pigs I decided to go for a walk.


The second I got outside it began to rain. Sod’s Law, I guess. Thought that maybe I should just stay put and watch some night telly instead but hey, I had my jacket on now anyway, so why not, eh. After all, a bit of rain never hurt anyone. But the weather worsened and a few hundred yards into my walk I was already soaked. My local pub was just around the corner from where I walked and I decided to drop in for a night drink to warm myself before heading back home again.


Entering the pub “Waltzing Mathilda” was playing from the jukebox. I dried my wet shoes on the doormat and noticed all the tiny holes in the carpet that dropped, burning ciggies had left over the years. Undid my jacket and went to the bar where I ordered a rum’n’coke. No need to change things if they’re nice and doing you good now is there. I got my drink, tasted it and turned around to see who else was present. Though I’d seen a few of the blokes there before, I’ve never really spoken to any of them. Not many lasses present last night either but there was one that caught my eye immediately. She was in the back of the room shooting pool with another woman and she had a very nice smile. Giggled with her mate and seemed to fully enjoy herself.


I don’t know for how long I starred at her but I guess it must’ve been a while. Time loses its meaning when you’re looking at something interesting and boy was she interesting. Blonde, leggy and curvy. Way out of my reach but one can always appreciate a good thing when this close to it, right. And she was the kind of woman that a bloke could really appreciate. A very lucky bloke, mind.


The night went on and the pub would be calling a close soon. I thought about heading back home; don’t like to be away from the pigs all day as it is, but something held me back. Don’t know if I really believed I could have a go at a woman of her calibre, to most blokes that would be insane and deemed a mission impossible, but I stayed put for the time being. And when her mate had to call it a night due to work in the morning, I ordered a pint and another rum’n’coke and headed for the pool table.


-       You look like you could do with a fresh one.


I said, in the most embarrassing of ways. She looked me straight in the eyes and replied:


-       And you look a bit lost there, pet...


Then she took the pint from my hand, smiled and continued:


-       I noticed you were watching me and my mate for a while before she had to leave just now.


Still embarrassed by my poor opening line I just nodded and smiled awkwardly.


-       Fancy a game, luv?


An old fat bloke with greasy hair, wearing a black leather vest over his fat beer belly whilst waiting for his heart attack, shouted from the bar.


-       He’s talking to you, pet.


She said, with a grin that almost fractured her face. And by that, the spell had been broken and our glasses met for the first time.


-       I’d rather play with you...


She said, in a soft, teasing voice. And feeling frisky by the situation and quite possible by the power of the booze, too, I leaned over and replied:


-       You can play with me anytime you want...


She laughed with such a pretty laughter and doing so her perfect tits jumped up and down slightly. Couldn’t help but noticing just how perfect they were and just as I was about to wet my lips she placed a pool cue in my hand and said:


-       The winner gets to choose who’ll be on top.


And that was it, from then and on I had a good feeling about her and though we never got round to finish the game before the landlord rang his bell, I still reckoned I made a good decision by dropping by for a night drink.




Once outside the pub with the rain still pissing down, she grabbed my hand as if to say something with no use of words. And she did, she spoke volumes.


We walked a bit before she led me to a small road with only a couple of cars parked.


-       This is me, this is where I live.


She said, leading me to the doorstep. I wasn’t sure if she was one of them lasses who go all the way on the first date; the ones you gladly sleep with but never marry; but then again, this was hardly a normal date now was it.


-       Take your wet shoes off before you go into the living room.


She said, looking over her shoulder, and continued:


-       Oh, and I quite fancy a big, fat cock in my wet pussy tonight so you better not disappoint me, pet!


And giggling all the way to the sofa she got out of her clothes with me standing in the hallway looking at her in amazement. This was so going to happen. I was so going to shag her brains out. Her tits alone will be in my fantasy for months to come when I wank. I just knew that and now, a day after, I still do.




Once out of her clothes, still giggling, she came to me again, took the shoe from my hand dropped it on the floor and looked at me. Gave me the elevator look, twice, before grapping my arse with both hands in the way only people bursting with utter lust do. Pushing me close to her and squeezing my cheeks through my wet jeans she smiled in the most naughty of ways. Oh yes, this woman was gagging for it all right and I had just the tool for the job. Before the night was over I would’ve fixed her real good.


Then she kissed me. Very gentle, very female and very tasty. Her lush lips were nice and soft to the touch and when I felt the tip of her tongue play with the corner of my lips I could’ve cum on the spot! My wet jeans were bulging by now with our andy fighting to get in on the action as well. She sensed this, got down on one knee and looked at my crotch. Still with both her hands firmly placed on my arse she moved her pretty blonde head to the denim in front of her and began rubbing her face in it. I stood there for a few seconds before grapping her head, forcing her to look up at me.


-       Suck my cock!


I said, and in such a masterly way that I surprised even me.


-       You want me to suck it, do you?


She said, wetting her lips:


-       I’ll suck you when I’m good and ready, mister.


And hissing this she squeezed my arse even harder.


-       What’s this?


She said, all of a sudden, fiddling with my back pocket:


-       A pen? Hmm, now why would a big boy like you need a pen like that?


What was I to say? I could’ve told her why, I guess, but telling her I use the pen as part of a ritual when doing radio somehow wouldn’t fit the situation. Not with her being completely naked between my legs and all. So I kept quiet. For now. She took it out of my pocket, moved it so she had it in front of her there right next to my crotch. Looked up at me, gave me a naughty smile and then, still looking me straight in the eyes, she began tapping the pen against the denim poorly hiding my swollen hard-on. Slowly at first then faster and faster till she hit my cock so hard that the pen flew out of her hand landing close to my wet shoes.


-       Don’t move a muscle...


She said, and turned around on the floor, still on her knees. Then, like a playful kitten going for a rolled up paper ball, she crawled on the wooden floor to get her drumstick back. With her arse slightly lifted she reached the pen, moved her head to it and picked it up with her teeth. And all while I just stood there with my mouth wide open. She was one horny bitch no question about that and I was about to split my jeans! Boy, was she fuckable the way she crawled like that with her plum arse slightly in the air. I wanted to rip off my clothes, grab her from behind, slam my big cock in her wet pussy, fill her with my hot cum before beating my chest like an Alpha gorilla. I felt like a right animal. And even better, so did she…




Once in the bedroom she went straight for the bed. Placed at a big window where the streetlights shone through. She got into a rather nice position on the bed in front of me letting me see her wonderful pussy in all its trimmed glory. Nothing worse than an overgrown downstairs bush. Going down on a woman with a pussy surrounded by long, thick curly hair is one of my biggest turn-offs. I simply cannot get myself to lick something that horrible, in fact, it ought to be a male human right that women trim their bush in order to receive some tongue! Just like it should be a woman’s right to get her fella to trim his pubes and shave his balls on a regular basis, too. But that wasn’t the case last night. This woman here was build like a goddess and her pubes were well trimmed and if ever there was an eatable pussy hers was it.


-       Don’t just stand there.


She said, touching her breasts with gliding hands in a somewhat provocative motion.


-       Get naked! I want to fuck!


Not a bloke to leave a lady in need waiting for long I pulled my t-shirt over my head, threw it on the floor, dropped my jeans and my boxers to reveal and welcome our andy to the world. He was as ready as ever and I paraded him to the bed where he was met by her hungry eyes.


Wetting her lips yet again she crawled from the end of the bed to where I stood next to it. How I just wanted to grab her and have my beastie ways with her right then and there she would never know. She had taken the lead long ago and I could only follow her every move like the slave I was. Reaching the side of the bed she stopped and without looking up at me she went straight for andy. At first she only touched him with the tip of her tongue, playing with his tiny slit. It tickled, she made me even harder, and it felt so good. Her hands went up and down my thighs touching the hair on their way before heading for my arse. Uhm was she good with them hands of hers. She could massage my arse as much as she wanted to, I was well up for it.


-       Close your eyes...


She said, releasing her firm grip on my arse. I did. And then I heard a slight click…


What followed next was one of the most erotic things I’d experienced thus far in my life. It was unbelievably sexy and a huge turn-on. I cannot recommend it strong enough!


Without me noticing it she had taken my radio pen with her into the bedroom and now she used it on my hard cock. Without shaking her hand she drew a line along the side of it. Following the vein. It felt so wicked, so good and my hard cock wanted more of this!


-       Uhm…


I sighed.


-       You’re going to love this, pet.


She said, and continued:


-       And even better, so will I...


She kept drawing lines all over my cock, up and down and back up again and when she reached the head she made circles round it a few times before leading her naughty quill to my stomach. It tickled ever so nice and I couldn’t help but smile. This was an all-new sensation for me and I just wanted it to last forever. She got on her knees, still on the bed, and continued drawing further up my body. The way the pen moved through my chest hair made me open my eyes. Couldn’t control the urge to see what she was drawing any longer.


-       Did I say you could open your eyes?


She smiled.


-       No...


I whispered.


-       No, you didn’t...


She then took the pen and placed it on my lips:


-       Sssch…


I was completely in her powers and I bloody enjoyed every minute of it. She could do anything to me this one. For all I cared she could ravish my body and leave me stranded. In fact I wanted her to. I wanted her to take my big cock and skin it like a ripe banana. Wanted her to beat my meat before swallowing every drop I made. And boy, how I wanted her, too!


She moved the pen from my lips, sat down on the bed and looked at me.


-       How well do you know your cock?


An odd thing to ask a bloke in his mid 30s I thought but hey the entire evening had been a bit unusual so I played along and opened my eyes again.


-       Well, boredom and curiosity can be powerful motivators...


I replied, with a grin.


-       Time to greet an old friend then, mister.


She said, and gave me a very naughty smile back.


-       Grab your cock and wank for me...


Though feeling that the situation had changed somewhat I reached for our andy. She got on her back resting her blonde locks on a pillow still smiling very naughty and still playing with my pen in her hand.


-       Go on.


She said, and continued:


-       Wank! I want to see how well you play your own instrument.


I set off slowly. Touching my dark chest with the other hand I wanked my hard cock nice and easy while looking down at her there on the bed in front of me. Wetting her lips she spread her legs. Still lying down she placed another pillow behind her back. It made her goddess body figure look even more divine. Every curve of her lush body called my name but all I did was stand there next to her bed wanking my hard-on like a standing ovation to my Venus.


Looking at my cock and then at me she then began touching herself, too. My pen circled round her left tit before she turned it over and began making lines on her own upper body. From her slim neck it went South. From one breast to the other the line kept moving as eagerly as her tongue playing round her lustful lips making them nicely glossy and moist. Down one side then across her tummy to the other side the pen led the way. And with me standing next to her wanking slightly faster now she took the pen further down. Spreading her legs a bit more she continued and drew a straight line to her pussy. Then she gave me a dirty look with her tongue touching her upper lip as she moved my pen through her well-trimmed pussy line before entering her grotto. I was wanking like mad now and though I didn’t want to I knew I was getting close. Luckily, she wasn’t about to let me.


Moving the pen round the gateway of her pussy, letting it slip inside every now and again and with me moving my right hand as fast as I did she all of a sudden stopped. Looked me straight in the eyes. I slowed down my wank. And when she took my pen out of her pussy all shiny and wet with her sweet pussy juice and led it to her mouth, I almost stopped wanking completely. As the pen touched her lips I simply stood there like a lustful wanker wanting more of the same and when she opened her mouth slightly, showing her tongue before licking my pen clean I had had enough!


-       I want to fuck you so much.


I said, and shook my head.


-       You have no idea how much I want to fuck you...

-       Give me your hand.


She replied, and reached out for it.


-       I want to show you something...


And taking my hand she pulled me over to her on the bed. Sitting in front of each other, well, her still sort of lying down, she took my hand, placed it on her breasts and said:


-       I’m going to take you on a trip. It’ll be a trip of pleasure, a trip of lust, and no-matter how well you reckon you can steer your ship, for us both to get safe to harbour I’m going to show you the way. Let me be the stars in the night sky and we’ll both be very happy very soon, mister. But whatever you do, don’t rush it. A woman is like an island in the stream, we do very well on our own, but when the boat comes in we don’t hang around. Now, do you think you can handle that, Captain Morgan? Do you think you can steer your ship around the Sea in search of the island? If not, tell me now… and I’ll paddle away on my own...


There was only one thing I could possibly say to that and she was well gagging for it:


-       All aboard!




 Being in bed with her at last and with the streetlights shining through the window and the rain still pissing down giving the scenario a rather nice glow to it I looked at my hand now placed on her left breast, down her fabulous goddess figure and noticed for the first time what she had done with my pen. Her entire upper body was a drawn-out map leading to Pussy Galore in wonderfully curvy lines covering her upper body. It was a map of pleasure all right. It was a map of the world. Not the New World but her world and I was about to discover all its richness and glory. Looking down at my cock, still hard as a rock, I noticed a map there, too. And though my heavy wanking had blurred it somewhat it was easy to see the two were connected. One without the other would leave you lost, but put the two together and you would be half there already.


Placing myself between her legs I began the journey. A gentle hand on each side of her tummy caressed her nice and slow as they went. Her skin felt beautiful to the touch. Smooth and soft like that of only a real woman. Going for her breasts I wetted my lips, bent over her and kissed her neck before licking my way to her left tit. Making the area all wet with my tongue while squeezing them ever so gently. I love licking a woman’s body. Gives me so much pleasure to do so and they like it, too. I don’t understand when a bloke doesn’t want to go down on a lass and yet still wants her to give him head as if anything but a gobbler was a crime. It should work both ways, I think. With me it does anyway.


Following the map, the lines she made with my pen, I licked my way through all of her upper body. From side to side. Up and down. Going round in circles when the route required so. Feeling hornier by every turn and lick. Every time my moist tongue discovered new land where I was yet to explore, that’s just what I would do, explore. Like Columbus on his second journey I explored places I thought I knew but when it came to it, didn’t know at all. Places all very familiar yet somehow wonderfully fresh and new. My tongue, uhm, my tongue tasted her every inch on its way to the island further South. I was heading in the right direction for sure and the closer the ship of my tongue came to Eden the more powerful and uneasy the waves became. Like a tropical tempest of lust she moved her naked, wild body and the closer I got to the main island the more my ship had to control the heavy seas making her almost slide on the bed in front of me. The sounds she made, made me even more determined to break the waves and getting ever so close now it was about time I docked my vessel and called on the fleet.


I had come a long way from home and was reaching my destination. I could now clearly see the island ahead as I slowed down and went to explore the bay leading into her treasure. Looking at the well-trimmed bush land I had a feeling I wasn’t going to be the first man on the moon. This may not have been a giant leap for mankind but it was a decisive moment on andy’s glorious path to pleasure and my tongue was willing and able to help him explore even more…


Still with the pillows behind her back I spread her legs to gain easier access. The way she looked at me told me to just go for it. Sticking to the map she had made I followed it to the island itself and soon I would use the map she drew on my hard cock as well to find the hidden treasure. But before entering her moist cave I needed to explore the surroundings a bit more. I looked at her knees, gave them a good tongue slashing before licking my way up her inner thigh. She moaned. She moaned like she fully enjoyed every minute of it. Can’t blame her; I enjoyed it, too. Heading for her dark grotto I tasted the sweet sweat from her bikini line. Licked it all up like it was a tropical cocktail without the colourful paper umbrella. I drank off of her sweaty line like I was drinking of a plate of nectar but I was thirsty as hell and went for the well.


There is nothing quite like a completely wet, well-trimmed pussy and my tongue wanted more of the same. The tip touched her tip and she let out a sigh of pleasure. I played with it for a while before getting my hands dirty as well. Fingering her wet pussy slowly at first but soon more and more hefty till it finally got a bit rough on her.


-       Fuck me!


She said, in a strict, almost shouting tone.


-       Fuck me now!


And being the slave I was on our journey of lust I got up from her peninsula, took a firm grip of our andy to make sure he was ready to rock the boat. Pulled my foreskin back and forth a couple of times. Spat on his head, rubbing the spit all over him before leading him to retrieve her treasure.


I’m large but not massive, I know that but I was still surprised by the tightness of her pussy. Pleasantly surprised. She was tight, she was wet and I began to fuck her nice and slow. And while she continued to moan and move uneasy on the sheets, with the rain still pissing down outside her bedroom window, I raised the tempo only to slow it down again. Raised it, slowed it down, raised it, slowed it down. Teasing her the best I could. Letting our andy take control and pole his way to her hidden treasure. Ahh, this felt so good. My hard cock in her pussy like that, uhmm. Andy hammering away into her cave trying his best to leave his mark. Uhmm, fucking hell, fucking hell, fucking heeelllllll…


Didn’t want to shoot my load inside of her as I just love to see my hot spunk shoot out of my cock and getting very close I had to pull out. She got the grip, got up, pushed me down on the bed and attacked me like a warrior woman out for the kill. Grabbed my hard cock and took it in her mouth in a matter of seconds. Wanked andy the rest of his way before the troops set in and the West would be won. Her beautiful tits dangled as she did so. Sucked my hard cock like there was no tomorrow and then… then.


-       MMmmm!! MMmmmm!!! Oh yesss, Oh YES!


And just like that I shot my load into her warm mouth and she was still sucking me when Scotty beamed me back to the real world again. Milking me for every tiny drop of hot cum. Oh boy, was she good at this, she really was. And when she finally did take our andy out of her mouth there wasn’t a trace of cum to be seen. He was as clean as a whistle. She’d licked him dry like a proper bitch that knows just how to please a bloke would do. Good gal indeed.




 -       There you go, Captain...


She said, handing over a cuppa tea a few minutes later.


-       Hope you enjoyed the trip.


I told her I had and asked her about the picture on the nightstand.


-       Oh, that.


She said, and continued:


-       That’s David, my husband.

-       Your husband?


I asked, a bit baffled.


-       Yes, I’m married. Doesn’t make any difference, really.


She said, and went on:


-       Dave hasn’t seen a pussy since the day he was born. He’s as pink as they come.

-       Yeh? Wow… So why did you marry him in the first place then?


I was curious.


-       Well...


She began.


-       He named these two shooters here so how could I not marry him, eh?


And pushing her lush tits together in front of me she laughed her lovely laughter again.


-       He works at nights at the local garage so he won’t be in for hours yet.

-       Ah well, what people do in the privacy of their own homes…


But feeling a bit iffy about it all I decided to head for home shortly after that.


-       Are you sure you have to go now?


She asked, when we were back at the front door again.


-       I’m afraid so.


I said.


-       I have an early shift on the rails in the morning… I just needed a drink, really.

-       And some pussy...


She said, smiled and turned around. Going down the few steps I turned to her before she closed the door.


-       What names did he give them?


I asked. Wasn’t really my plate to eat but I was curious.


-       Pinky & Perky...


She said, and blew me a kiss in the wind.


-       Good night, Captain Morgan, safe journey home...


And then she closed the door.


Walking home the rain slowed down before finally dying out. It was a chilly night and doing my jacked up to avoid the cold, I thought about the events of the night. From coming home from work, the great wank in the tub with all the bubbles, the failed attempt of sleep, the pub, the horny lass and now this, walking home in the wet trying not to get all blue by the cold. Blue like my cock when I pulled it out of her steamy pussy. With the blurred ink mixed with her tasty pussy juice it looked more like a horny smurf than our usual andy. Which reminds me, I need to get a new pen…