Flexing (mm)

As I opened the little, white-painted wooden gate to the allotment and walked up to the blue-painted wooden allotment building I looked around the place. Despite the current heatwave everything still looked mostly pleasantly lush and green. But then again, I don’t think I have watered things as much as I have done this year before.


The last couple of weeks especially, all the plants, bushes, fruit trees, vegs and berries had been crying out for water and the lawn alone must have had thousands of litres already. If this heatwave continued for much longer, so would my daily trips to the place. Not that I mind, of course, the allotment is always a very nice place to be, rain or shine, or even during the cold and dark months of Scandinavian Winters. But this heat was beginning to do my head in somewhat.


It isn't just the plants. I blame my Viking genes for not coping too well in this heat either. There is a reason we discovered Greenland and not Madagascar after all. Anything above twenty-five degrees and I slowly begin to smelt away. God knows how the plants would have coped if I hadn’t been back there every day for the best part of a fortnight, spending hours on end hosing it all down. I was, however, getting a lovely Summer tan in the process so it wasn’t all bad, I guess.


When there and mostly on my own and especially in weather like this I tend to strip down to a bare minimum pretty much as soon as I get past the wooden gate. Today was no different and though I wore shorts and a light lumberjack shirt on my way there I couldn’t wait to get the shorts off and sit on the terrace with it all hanging out. It also meant that my bits had a lovely tan as well by now.




Having gone round the back of the wooden allotment house to check the shed, something I always do first thing after an idiot tried to break in a few years back, and seeing all was well I then walked back round the house and locked myself into the building itself.


Next thing I always do first when I get there is to feed the birds. Or officially the non-existent squirrel since bird feeding is no-longer allowed there by the somewhat silly local allotment society. Feeding the squirrel raises no eyebrows though, funny that, but give it time and am sure the deluded, vindictive woman who sees herself as the Queen of the allotments and who has broken plenty of rules herself, will ban that as well as a way of her constant bothering and bullying of the growing number of allotment people who disagree with her.


Anyway, once the birds, sorry, the squirrel had been fed, my routine continued to plan.


The two comfy chairs were brought out onto the terrace from inside the small building. My lil’ notebook computer and pipey smoking gear came out as well and the computer got plugged into the roof solar thingies, so I knew I had enough battery to last me the rest of the day and evening there.


Then I took the morning paper out of my trusted, ol’ rucksack, too and on my way to finding my seat in one of the comfy chairs now on the terrace I went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of cold water as well.


Within a couple of minutes, I found myself seated in one of the two very comfy chairs on the terrace, naked from the waist down, sipping from the chilled water bottle and already feeling the warmth of the late morning sun on my crotch.


Then it was time to read the printed news of the day but before I opened the morning paper, I opened the notebook and clicked play on one of my many and frankly quite varied Spotify playlists. I need music in my life, I reckon we all do.




Half an hour or so later and having finished the morning paper it was time for a little snack.


Going back into the allotment house I plugged in the toastie maker and proceeded making a couple of toasties. Spicy pepperoni, slice of nicely mature cheese on each and a few leaves off a couple of fresh sprigs of oregano plucked directly from one of the fresh herb pots placed next to the strawberries. And moments later I found myself back outside on the terrace in the now almost midday sun snacking away like a good one.


Downing the rest of the water bottle having finished the two toasties and a tiny but much satisfied gentleman’s burp later, it was time to do a bit of watering.


Getting up from the comfy chair I went back inside the house and found my sheer, blue shorts in the drawer. Putting them on and adjusting my bits I went back outside and walked down the path again to the white-painted, small wooden gate.


The water tabs are just next to the gate, almost inside the hedge to the right, and turning two of the three tabs on, the ones connected to a hose each, I walked back to the terrace.


Suddenly remembering I had forgotten to put my beloved, Irish allotment cap on when I went inside to put the sheer, blue shorts on and knowing only too well my shaved head needs protection from the heat of the sun, I went back into the house and got the cap.


Moments later I had begun watering the allotment. For the thirteenth day in a row.




Having finished watering the vegs paths as well as the bushes and greens surrounding the lawn and rounding the watering up by giving the grass nearest the path to the wooden gate itself a good watering, I took a seat on the garden bench. Watering standing up in the mid-day sun like this is needed but at some point, you need a bit of rest. And I have long, happily found out that sitting on the bench means I can water the rest of the lawn from there sitting down.


So having found my usual seat at the end of the bench, on the spread out, lovely woolly blanket I had brought out with me before I began watering, I rested my back against the back of the bench, adjusted my bits again in the sheer, blue shorts and continued with the watering of the rest of the lawn.


Within about half an hour I heard the sound of a helicopter approaching. This isn’t a rare thing at the allotment as the local helicopter company flies over several times a day and I don’t know if they can see me as such but I always get a kick out of pulling our andy out and flash him when they fly by. They do so quite low so who knows.


Putting the watering hose down for a bit I pulled my sheer, blue shorts down and began to fondle myself on the garden bench. If nothing else, helicoptering the helicopter makes me smile.


When it had passed over the allotment moments later, I pulled my shorts back up and adjusted myself again. Our andy had gotten a bit more than semi-hard by then but I left it at that. For now.


And as I turned the watering hose back on and continued watering the rest of the lawn, I smiled to myself.




As the clock passed one in the afternoon the first watering of the day had finished.


I know you’re not really meant to do any watering at mid-day in this heat as the water will evaporate before most of it sinks into the ground, but I like doing it anyway. In my head it makes sense even though the roots of the plants don’t get all of the water; am sure they appreciate it, nevertheless. And I always give the whole lot a second and sometimes even a third good watering before I head home in the evening anyway.


As I put the watering hose down on the grass in front of me on the bench, I looked around the place. With the risk of sounding like a nutter, the plants and bushes and fruit trees seemed altogether happy and full.


Getting up from the bench I then walked back across the freshly watered and still wonderfully moist lawn and back to the terrace and the comfy chair.


When I got there, I pulled my sheer, blue shorts off again, placed the shorts on the other chair and took a seat in my usual one in front of the open sliding door. Balls and cock nicely hanging out in the sunshine. Our andy was still as happy as the plants and trees but back to his normal, flaccid self again.


Reaching out for my lil’ notebook computer I put on a new playlist. This time one with crooners. And as Frank Sinatra began flying to the moon I leaned back in my comfy chair and briefly closed my eyes soaking up the warmth of the sun on my semi-naked body.




Not sure how long for but I must have dozed off a bit as I felt slightly woken up all of a sudden when I heard a text message coming in on my phone, placed on the table next to the chair.


It was from Mike, one of my Thursday night football watching buddies.


His holiday was still on and he was getting a bit bored at home and sounded like he needed a break from his girlfriend as she was doing his head in somewhat. Asked if I was in but when he heard I was at allotment he wanted to drop by.




I decided to just stay put in the comfy chair with my bits out in the sun; it wasn’t anything he hadn’t seen before after all. Especially after our football night recently where we ended up fooling around a bit when Bradley had gone home. He probably wouldn’t mind anyway.






My hometown of Varde isn’t very large and you can pretty much get from one end of town to the other in twenty odd minutes or half an hour tops. On foot. And with Mike being a keen bicyclist it would take him even less to get from his to the allotment.


And before long I heard him walk up to the allotment on the gravel paved path outside the allotment and open the wooden gate.

-         Hi mate.


He said with a big smile as he walked up from the gate to the terrace where I was still sitting in the sun.

-         Hi.


I said, returning his big smile. It is always good seeing him, he is a good lad.


As he reached the terrace and walked the two steps up, he stopped in front of me and grinned:

-         Getting a tan, I see.

-         Yeh… Just did a bit of watering and putting my feet up now.


I replied before continuing:

-         Fancy a beer ?

-         Always, mate.


He grinned.

-         You know where they are.


I said and smiled again as he walked past the two comfy chairs and into the allotment building to the fridge where he grabbed two cold cans of lager.


As he came back out onto the terrace, he reached a hand out to me and handed me one of the nicely chilled cans before instantly taking a seat in the empty chair right next to me.


I don’t know if it was the heat of the sun or the memory of what we did together after football night the other evening, but I felt our andy liking his company as well.


As we opened our cans and took a good slurp of them respectively, we sat in silence for a moment or two.

-         Mind if I joined you ?


He suddenly said and broke the silence. And before I got a chance to reply he got up from his seat and pulled his shorts off and threw them onto the main table underneath the two parasols. His t-shirt went the same way and as I looked on with a big smile on my face, he was soon butt naked and took his seat next to me again.


As he adjusted his cock and ballsack in his seat he reached out his can of beer to me and smiled:

-         Cheers, mate.

-         Cheers.


I grinned as our two cans touched and as we both downed another good slurp of refreshingly chilled lager, I felt our andy begin to wake up even more.

-         Tell me, how are things going with your bit on the side ?


I asked a few moments later, trying but failing to ignore how our andy was slowly growing.


Mike looked at me and grinned:

-         Not sure, mate… She wants a boyfriend and I have told her that isn’t going to happen, of course… But the sex is fun.


I took another good slurp of my beer can:

-         You could always ask her to come here and we can both have a go at her.


We both grinned and I noticed Mike was touching his ballsack again with his free hand, still holding his beer can with the other. Was he getting a semi-on as well ? I think he was.

-         Nah, with the school being on a Summer break she won’t have many chances to go out without her son… Nice thought though.


He grinned and pulled his ballsack a bit. He was getting a bit of a chub-on indeed. And so was I.


Without touching our andy I felt him grow more and more and felt how his growing length slowly but surely moved up against my left thigh.



-         I never knew you liked your crooners this much, mate.


Mike said and broke the silence again. I had forgotten about the Spotify playlist, but it was still happily playing in the background. And he was right, my taste in music couldn’t be more varied, I guess.

-         Yeh, am old-fashioned and pretty old school when it takes me.


We both smiled.

-         Nothing wrong with that, mate.


He said as our eyes met and we both smiled.




With the clock having gone just past two thirty now and with the afternoon sun still beaming down on our naked and semi-naked bodies on the terrace we finished our cans in good spirits.

-         Do you have any plans later on ?


I asked, hoping he didn’t as I loved his company. Mike is always a good laugh and after our shared experience after the football night the other evening I was up for more of the same if the occasion came about.

-         Nah, Minna is off seeing a couple of her friends tonight and I have no plans at all the rest of the day… Why ?


As he put his now empty can of beer down on the table next to us, he continued:

-         What do you have in mind ?

-         Well…


I began, and placed my own empty beer can on the table next to his can:

-         Just that I have an unopened bottle of Jackie inside that I wouldn’t mind opening…


Our eyes met again. It was like we both knew that if the bottle got opened and with the both of us already having our nicely grown cocks out in the sun that something would probably happen again between us.

-         I’m in.


He grinned as his hand wandered back to his naked crotch. As I watched him play with his dangling ballsack we both smiled.

-         Great. Been waiting for the opportunity to open it… I like a drink as you know but it feels much better to open the bottle with someone else instead of on my own.

-         Well, get it opened then, mate.


He grinned again and getting up from my comfy chair I reached out and grabbed the two empty beer cans from the table next to us. I was still sporting a decent semi chub-on and as I passed Mike in his chair he reached out and gave my cock a friendly push, which made us both laugh as it made my cock dangle even more.


Then I walked into the allotment building and into the room connecting the terrace through the open sliding door, found the Jackie bottle in the drawer as well as two whiskey tumblers and returned outside to Mike who was still sitting in his own comfy chair on the terrace in all his glorious nudity.

-         Nice one.


He said and burst into a big smile the second he saw me passing his chair with the two tumblers and the whiskey bottle.


Taking my seat again next to him I passed him one of the tumblers and put my own down on the table next to us. Then I unscrewed the top breaking the seal in the process and once the top was off, I poured us both a nice, large shot each.


Putting the bottle down on the table next to the lil’ notebook computer still playing classic crooners’ songs I then leaned back into the comfy chair and our eyes met again:

-         Cheers, mate.


Mike grinned and held his tumbler out in front of him. Doing the same with mine, the two glasses met in a lovely, highly satisfying clunk sound and after swirling the Jackie around a couple of times in our tumblers we both downed the shots in one go.

-         Fancy another ?


I asked, already knowing the answer well, of course. For some reason it is always best to follow up the first shot straight away with a second. Then after that a bit longer between the shots is usually the norm.

-         Hell yeh.


Mike grinned and instantly reached his empty tumbler out to me awaiting a refill. At the same time, he moved his free hand back to his ballsack and cupped himself again. Our andy was still in a nice state of a decent semi-on but watching him touch himself and play with himself right in front of me this way turned me on more than I could possibly say, and my cock began to grow again.


As I reached out for the whiskey bottle again and unscrewed the lid I couldn’t help but notice Mike’s hand had moved from his nicely shaven ballsack to his cock itself and as he now began to play with his cock as well I poured us both another large shot of Jackie.


Screwing the lid back onto the bottle and putting the bottle back down onto the table next to us our eyes met again:

-         You’re enjoying this aren’t you… Naughty boy.


He grinned and with his now refilled tumbler in his hand he pointed to my naked crotch while holding the glass. I looked down at myself and noticed I was now sporting a full-on erection in my comfy chair right next to him:

-         Oh yes, very much so.


I said and we both grinned. There was no point in even trying to hide the fact that I was getting well turned on by now; our andy made that impossible. And I didn’t want to hide it anyway.

-         You’re not far behind there either…


I said and gave him a big smile. Returning my smile with one just as big he replied, now stroking his almost full chub-on:

-         Must be the weather… Or something.


We both grinned as we both knew it wasn’t just that; that the company had a lot to answer for as well.


And as we downed the second shot of whiskey in one go, too the warmth of the alcohol was beginning to be felt in my body.



-         This lil’ thing here playing your crooners tunes… Does it have any porno on as well ?


He said after we had enjoyed our fourth shot of Jackie a bit later on.

-         It sure does.


I said and we both grinned again.

-         Well, say goodnight to Ol’ Blue Eyes and put some on for us then, mate…


Mike said and grabbed his now long, fully erect cock.


Not needing any persuasion, I put my empty tumbler down on the table next to us and reached out and took the lil’ notebook computer and placed it in my naked lap.


Having logged on the internet using my mobile hotspot as usual shortly after I reached the allotment a few hours earlier it was no hassle at all going online. And going into my saved Favourites list I found a twenty-something minute home-made, amateur clip of two Russian lads having their way with a lass. I had stumbled across the clip only last week and it must have been in the back of my mind to keep it for a situation like today as I had saved the clip for future use. And what better use than now, sitting here in the mid-afternoon sun with my good buddy with us both having our cocks out in the open and both solid as rocks.

-         The sun makes it a bit difficult to see the screen proper… Shall we go inside instead ?


I said and looked him straight into his blue eyes. He was still holding his big, hard cock in a firm grip in his free hand and putting his empty tumbler onto the table next to mine he gave himself a few quick strokes and smiled:

-         Let’s do that, mate…




Moments later and now inside the allotment building we took a seat right next to each other on the settee. I put the notebook onto the sofa table in front of us and turned it slightly so we both had a good view of what was already unfolding nicely on the small screen. Then we both sat back, resting our backs against the back of the settee. We looked at each other and as our eyes met, so did our smiles. And as our focus went back to the porno in front of us, we began to play with ourselves and stroke ourselves off nice and slowly right next to each other.


I was still wearing my lumberjack shirt, open to the middle of my hairy chest but Mike was still fully naked and as we got more and more into the naughty movie unfolding in front of us our naked thighs touched. Then they touched again and after the third time we left them touching. And as we continued to wank our hard cocks, our bodies now felt aligned nicely as well with our thighs rubbing against each other.


With neither of us being seventeen anymore and with a beer and four shots of Jackie down it wasn’t going to be the quickest nut in the world, of course. Which was good as I do enjoy a good, long session the most. A quick one off the wrist as they say is not to be sniffed at, but the best nuts are still the longer ones. Anyway, with the drinks onboard we didn’t have much of a choice, really.

-         Mate…


Mike suddenly said, in an almost whispering tone. I turned my head to him there next to me and as our eyes met, he continued:

-         Will you blow me ?


We both smiled. There was nothing at this very moment in time I would have loved to do more than that. And without saying a word I moved my right hand from stroking my hard cock and moved it to his hard ditto and as I leaned forward in my seat on the settee, I soon found my head at his crotch.


Looking up at him from my newfound position our eyes met again. Our smiles said it all and as I took a good, strong grip of his beautiful, hard cock and began to wank him off he got his answer.


Wanking him off like this only lasted for a few moments. Then I moved closer to his crotch and still holding his solid manhood in my experienced right hand I looked up at him again when my mouth was just outside his hard cock.


He gave me a very naughty smile and a nod with his head. That was all I needed.


I gave his throbbing cockhead a soft kiss, not once but twice. Squeezed a drop of clear pre-cum out of its opening and licked it up like a good one.


Then I licked my lustful lips and opened my mouth more. And mouthed him.


He tasted glorious and as I slowly began to suck him off, we both forgot about the Russian amateur porno still playing on the sofa table in front of us.




Thinking about it. In the last week or so my good buddy had gone from being a straight lad to being curious to now being borderline hetero-flexible and it would be rude not to make the most of it.


Just how flexible he was growing into became clear to us both a few minutes later.




Having sucked and licked his big, hard cock for what seemed way too short a time Mike suddenly reached out and held my head in both his hands, looked me straight into my eyes and said:

-         Mate… I want to fuck you.


Still with his big, hard cock inside my warm mouth I looked up at him from my position at his naked crotch. His eyes told me straight away he was being serious, and his naughty smile told me as well how much he meant it.


Moving away from his beautiful, tasteful cock I returned to my seated position next to him. Grabbed our andy and gave myself a few good strokes while keeping eye contact with my good buddy.


Then I got to my knees on the settee having moved to the end of it and invitingly positioned my naked arse pretty much directly at him.


Mike took onboard the invite like a champ and got to his knees as well placing himself right behind me. Then he grabbed both sides of my hips, moving a curious hand down grabbing my right arse cheek. After giving it a jolly nice and firm squeeze, he moved closer still and placed himself on his knees very close to my bum.


With me perfectly positioned on all fours right in front of him I looked over my left shoulder. As our eyes met again, his smile continued to say it all.


Then he let a good dollop of spit land right on my crack, running slowly down between my arse cheeks. With a couple of fingers, he smeared his warm spit into the entry of my hole and even let the tip of a finger go inside ever so slightly.


What can I say, it felt wonderful. Just wonderful.


Then I heard him spit a second time followed by the sound of what I sensed was him smearing the fresh spit onto his hard cock.


And moments later I felt his cock touch my arse.


Gently and wonderfully provocative he let his hard cock run up and down between my arse cheeks a few times. Like he was teasing me with his big cock. I liked it. A lot.


But I wanted more. Much more. And to my undivided pleasure I soon enough felt his cockhead at the opening of my bum.


Like always in situations like this, a thumb along the hard shaft guiding the hard cock gently into position was the way to go. And feeling both his fingers and his rock-solid manhood on my naked skin reassured me he was indeed planning on going ahead with his plan.


It was a plan that had never entered my mind before but now that it was moments from happening, I just wanted him to enter me and fill me up.


And so he did.


Very slowly and very gently he moved his big, hard cock inside my hole. As the tip of his cockhead entered me, he paused for a moment:

-         You OK ?


I looked over my left shoulder again and smiled as our eyes met again:

-         Oh yes.

-         Good lad.


He grinned.


Then he continued and slowly pressed his solid cock deeper into me. It felt too bloody good for words. I haven’t had a good seeing to in a while and who better to end the drought than your good buddy.


As his glorious cock went deeper and deeper into my arse, I felt a strong hand on my back. Then a second hand on the left side of my hip.


With his hand on my back gently pushing my upper body down a bit making my bum move up a bit, his other hand grabbed the left side of my hips squeezing my hip harder.


Once fully inside of me he paused for a moment:

-         You’re so tight and warm.


He grinned in the most wonderfully, lustful way.


Then he began to fuck me.


Slowly at first. As if to get a sense of how it was for the both of us. But realising he enjoyed it and that I was man enough to take his big, hard cock this way he upped the speed and began to pound me harder and harder from behind.


This continued for several minutes. His cock felt so good inside of me and the way he fucked me this hard was just what I needed. And by the sound of it all, just what he needed, too.

-         Turn around, mate…


He suddenly said after slowing down his movement inside of me to pretty much a halt, before continuing:

-         I want to see your face.


Then he slowly pulled out of me with his right hand around the roof of his thick shaft and I turned around.


Having changed from a position on my all fours I now found myself on my back still right in front of him. I looked at his crotch. His big cock was still rock solid. Always a good sign. And as I moved my bum closer to him again, he moved closer to me again with his cock, too.


With our andy standing strong and proudly erected between us Mike grabbed his hard cock and, again with a thumb along his shaft, he guided his cock back to my arse and slowly entered me again.


It felt even better than before. Being able to look into his beautiful, Norse-blue eyes as he began to fuck me again, turned me on even more.

-         You’re rock hard, mate.


He grinned as we both looked down at my naked crotch at our andy in all his stiffness.


Then, before I even had a chance to respond, he reached out and grabbed my hard cock and began to stroke me off. It was a bit irregular when it came to stroking someone off but I wasn’t complaining. His focus was first and foremost on his hard cock deep inside my tight arse.


They say, six pints will turn anyone curious. I guess one can of lager and four shots of Jackie have the same effect.


But curiosity aside we were both getting well and truly into this by now and as he began to pound me harder and harder again, his hand left my cock. I reached out my right hand and began to stroke myself off between us.




I wasn’t expecting to get the well-known and longed sensation of reaching climax already. What with long not being a horny teen anymore and with the alcohol inboard but only a few minutes after having turned my body from being on all fours to now on my back and being fucked well and proper by my good buddy this way, I felt my balls pull up as I kept stroking myself off.

-         Mate…


I moaned, with my right hand and arse full of throbbing, hard cock.

-         Am getting close…


Our eyes met again, and Mike grinned:

-         Go for it, mate… Cum for me.


That was the final straw. My lustfulness had reaching a point of no return and his words and naughty grin was tipping me over the edge:

-         Mate…


I moaned, more and more out of breath.

-         Am going to cum.


And no sooner had I finished my sentence before I shot my load all over my tummy and up onto my hairy chest clearly visible through my half open lumberjack shirt. I kept stroking my hard cock like a good one, milking every last bit of hot, creamy nut out of myself.

-         Yeh !


Mike grinned and upped the speed of his pounding even more:

-         Good lad !


He grinned again and moved a hand to my hairy chest. As he rubbed my warm cum into my skin and the lumberjack shirt he slowed down somewhat:

-         Am going to cum, too…


He moaned and moments after he pulled his big cock out of me and wanked himself off onto my tummy and chest, too:

-         MMmmm !!


I looked on with a big smile as his creamy nut landed on me and mixed with my own nut from only moments earlier. His cum face turned me on so much, too and still slowly stroking myself off it was one of the best times I have enjoyed at the allotment this Summer.




A few minutes later and having finished giggling about what we had just done and completed together we found ourselves back out sitting in the two comfy chairs on the terrace in the sun. The bottle of Jackie had been opened again and downing a fresh shot of whiskey we sat in silence for a while. Just soaking up the sun a bit with a naughty smile on each of our faces.


It had gone just past three thirty; this was the time I usually water the whole place a second time. But as things were, I stayed put and enjoyed the naked company of my good buddy sitting there next to me.

-         Fancy another dram ?


I said and looked at him.

-         Why not, eh… The day is still young.


Mike grinned. And as I reached out for the bottle of Jackie on the table next to us, I returned his smile while pouring us both a fresh shot.


The afternoon was indeed still young and with neither of us having any plans for the Summer evening ahead either I had the impression our friendship could take another turn again before sunset later on.


I was right, too.