Master Bait (mmf)

I love the outdoors as much as the next lad, love walking about in the open air and green surroundings that are all over my beloved Northumbria. Love the trees, the open spaces, the beaches, the clean air and the fact that the countryside isn’t too full of people.


But I have never been too hooked on going fishing. Today may have changed that somewhat though.




Having parked the car nearby and getting out with all our gear we walked the shortish walk down to the fishing lake. Which turned out to be more a large pond than an actual lake. But still, the surroundings were grand and with the Penshaw Bridge, or Fatfield Bridge if you like, in the background shining like a beacon in the sunrise all was set for a glorious day ahead.


Not being the most interested lad in all things fishing, I like eating the catch but that is about it, really, I had said yes to going fishing with my good buddy Rob to get a chance to spend a bit of time with him more than anything, really. He loves the outdoors even more than I do and one of his keen interests is spending hours by the rivers and lakes of the area. It doesn’t matter if he actually catches anything or not, he seems to find great joy in just being here. Something one can only admire and respect.


He had left home before the sun got up and when he got to my guesthouse and picked me up on the way, the sun still hadn't woken. It had gotten a bit lighter in the sky, but it wasn’t till pretty much just as we arrived and parked the car that we were greeted by the first sign of the first rim of dark orange circle of the morning sun.


And not a soul around but us. Bliss.


The picnic area by the large fishing pond near the beautiful, 130 years old bridge was where we dropped our fishing gear off. Knowing fishing isn’t exactly a chatty hobby to have I had brought with me a book to read as well as my playlists on my phone, of course. The plan was to leave Rob to it and just enjoy a nice relaxing day together, him doing his fishing business and me very little. If anything.


As the morning sun became more visible by the minute, we found ourselves standing by the river looking at it all, taking it all in, in silence next to each other. The River Wear has many beautiful spots along its way, but this was a very special one and I couldn’t help smiling to myself.




One hour turned into two, then three. I had long found and taken my seat at the picnic table with my book and tunes and with the rare pause Rob had been happily throwing one line after the other into the river. And so far, had caught nothing. But he was as happy as a pig in mud and I was just happy to be out in the wild, if you can call it that, with my good buddy. I was on my annual two weeks holiday in my beloved North East of England and as with most holidays it was all about relaxing and de-stressing, recharging one’s batteries. And this morning has been nothing more than perfect for that.




Noon turned into afternoon and around two o’clock Rob came to the picnic table for a bite to eat. We had brought with us a bag of sandwiches and though we had already tucked into the bag a couple of hours earlier there were still a couple left for us both.


Sitting down in front of me at the picnic table and tucking into his bacon and eggs sarnie he looked over at me:


-  Going to give it a couple more hours and then we’ll turn in.


He smiled, still full of hope and promise of good catches to come. I noddingly agreed and returned his smile. I was having the most relaxing time and didn’t mind at all to stay put for a bit longer. It had turned out a good day, the weather was lovely and sunny and though we hadn't had a chance to talk like we usually do, we had both had a jolly good time by the river.


He finished his sarnie and returned to the riverbed and threw another line into the water. And I went back to my book and my playlists.




Around five o’clock he was all done for the day. Still no catch but I got the feeling that that wasn’t the point at all. It was all about getting out and enjoying a day of fishing more than anything. And his smiles told me he had succeeded.


We packed the gear up and returned to the parked car. It would be close to six o’clock before we were back home:


-  Fancy pizza for tea ?


He said, as he turned the car key and started the car leaving the beautiful Fatfield Bridge behind us.


Pizza is always good, and I could see no reason at all to turn it down, of course, and half an hour later we were back in the city and inside his favourite pizza shop waiting for our order.


Once sorted we were back in his car and drove the short distance from the pizza shop back to his.


-  Looks like Milla is still in...


He said, as we left the car and walked up to the door.


Milla, or Camilla if you are telling her off, is Rob’s house mate. She works odd hours at the local hospital, and they seem to change on a weekly basis. With it now being just after six o’clock in the evening she either had already finished her shift or was working nights this week and hadn’t left yet.


-  Been meaning to ask, mate...


I said, as Rob stuck the key onto the front door. He turned to me before turning the key:


-  Hit me.


He smiled and gave me a wink with both eyes at the same time.


-  Yeh, been meaning to ask… Have the two of you ever done anything ?


-  What do you mean ?


He said, still smiling knowing only too well what I meant.


-  Well, have you ever shagged her ?


I said, returning his smile. Turning the door key, he then opened the door, and as he stepped inside the house, he turned his body to me:


-  Yeh… But only when we have both been really, really pissed...


Then he walked into the narrow hallway grinning and I followed him in holding the two boxes of pizza.




Just as we finished the last slices, she came into the living room. All smiles and wearing a fairly skimpy dress. She looked like she had had a drink or two already. Guess she wasn’t doing night shifts this week.


Rob placed his empty pizza box on the coffee table in front of us just as she found a seat in one of the two cosy armchairs.


-  So, what have you boys been up to today ?


She grinned. It was probably more than just a couple of drinks. She wasn’t hammered in any way, but she had visibly had enough to loosen up a bit. I have only met her a couple of times before and both times she was heading to work, wearing the lovely sky-blue nurses’ uniform. This was the first time I have seen her with her hair down so to speak.




We joined her in a drink and one topic led to another. The conversation soon enough centered around sex.


-  With you being bi, Alex...


She began, and holding her glass in front of her in a pointing kind of way towards me next to Rob on the settee, she continued:


-  Do you have any tips on sucking cock ?


Not knowing what to say at first, her question came from nowhere, really, I was rescued by Rob:


-  Don’t be so rude to our guest...


He grinned, knowing perfectly well I could handle everything thrown at me. We have both been in the game and known each other for long enough not to take these things too seriously.


-  What about you, Rooooob...


She said, now pointing her glass to my good buddy.


-  What about me ?


He smiled back.


-  Have you ever sucked cock ?


Then she sat up in the armchair and took a good sip of her drink again.


-  Not yet, no.


He said, smirked a little and looked at me. He can be such a tease but in the best of ways.


-  Well then...


Milla said, reached out and placed her glass on the coffee table next to the two empty pizza boxes:


-  I know am a bit tipsy but I have always wanted to be with two playful lads...


Then she got up from the armchair and walked over to the smaller settee by the window. Placed herself with her back to us and slowly bent her body over, downwards into the smaller settee. With her arse in the air.


Wriggling around a bit showing off her arse to us she then bent back up and pulled her Summer top off. Still with her back to us. Revealing no bra but as she turned her body slightly, the cutest, firm set of titties were presented nicely. They weren’t the biggest titties in the word but a perfect handful size any day of the week.


Rob and I looked at each other. Our cans of lager met between us in a lovely clunk sound and after the skål and having another sip of our cans, he got up from the settee and walked over to the smaller settee by the window where Milla was still wriggling provocatively in front of us.


He stopped right in front of her, undid the buttons in his Summer shorts and proceeded pulling them down a bit.


She turned to him, crawled like a purring kitten along the settee and reached him just as he pulled his shorts down to his thighs. Revealing a big, fat, sloppy hanging semi hard-on. And with the shorts still around his strong, masculine thighs she moved closer still and when her face reached his crotch, without touching him with her hands, she moved her mouth to his shaft and slowly began to lick the length of it.


As his shorts dropped down his legs to the floor she reached out, grabbed his growing cock with her right hand and mouthed him.


From my position on the larger settee on the other side of the coffee table I watched her lick her way all over his now fully erect cock. After a few moments like that he bent down, and with his hand moved her face up to his and his down to hers and they met in a kiss. Short and gentle one but it looked nice and I could feel our andy coming to life in my own Summer shorts.


I took a sip of my beer can but kept my eyes on them both.


Then he moved further down and from the end of the smaller settee where he stood, he removed his t-shirt and moved his body down and over the length of the settee and down to Milla’s crotch and began to lick her pussy. Milla took this opportunity to mouth his cock again, now right above her head and as I watched them do a sort of sixty-nine with one on top and one below, I took another good sip of my beer. My left hand had found its way to my crotch and rubbing our andy nicely from the outside of the shorts, I soon finished the can, placed it onto the coffee table next to their glasses and the empty pizza boxes and got to my feet.


Before I had moved around the table and over to them on the smaller settee, Rob had moved back up in a standing position at the end of the settee again. Milla turned around and still with her body length laid out along the settee but now on her tummy, she grabbed his hard cock again. Licking his dark-red cock head a bit while gently cupping his shaved ballsack.


When I got to the settee as well, still fully dressed, I stood and watched her suck him off for a bit, then she took him out of her mouth and still holding his throbbing manhood she turned her head:


-  Come...


She grinned and looked up at me standing right there next to them and nodded me closer. I got down on my knees next to the settee. Milla was still holding Rob’s hard cock in her left hand in a firm grip at the root of his shaft. Then she pointed his cock to my face. I looked up at Rob, he gave me a wink with an eye.


Then I placed my mouth at the tip of his cock, gave it a little kiss, placed my lips gently around his cock head and took him deep into my warm mouth.


Milla, still holding a firm grip of his cock, moved her mouth to it as well now and with a set of lustful lips on his cock we began to lick him up and down from each side.


Moments later she took over again and as she sucked him nicely Rob reached out and grabbed the front of my open shirt with both hands and pulled it over my shoulders. As the shirt left my back my mouth returned to his cock and licking the lower part of his shaft my tongue soon found its way to his shaved ballsack. I gave them a proper good licking while Milla continued sucking his cock head. Placing a hand on his hairy tummy I looked up at him from my position with my nose deep into his balls licking the lower part of his scrotum. He gave me a naughty smile and placed a hand at the back of my head.


Moments later he moved his hand from the back of my head and placed a hand on each of my shoulders. Guiding me to my feet, he took a kneeling position next to the settee and in front of me. Pretty much pulled my Summer shorts down in one move, revealing our andy in all his glory as he sprung out from his poorly hidden spot inside my shorts.


With my shorts now at my feet I was all but naked as well. Then with no hesitation Rob reached out and grabbed my hard cock, gave it a good few strokes and moved his face to my crotch. And took me into his warm mouth.


I think this came as a surprise to Milla, who sat up on the settee next to us and grinning all over her face she watched as he got deeper and deeper into sucking off our andy. He kept sucking like a dream, hard to know this was the first time ever he had had another man’s hard cock in his mouth.


He kept sucking and licking me ever so good and while at the same time wanking me off with his right hand, his left hand cupped my ballsack, playing with my hairless balls like he was juggling a pair of walnuts at Christmas.


-  I need a wee...


Milla suddenly said, and as she got up from the settee, she left the living room still grinning.




I don’t know how long we went on for, seemed like a delightfully long time but in reality, we are probably just talking a handful of minutes. Milla hadn’t returned yet and we sort of got lost in the moment together, just two good mates enjoying each other.


Rob got to his feet again and standing right in front of each other we hugged like mates do. But then he moved his hands down my back to my arse and grabbed a cheek in each hand. Squeezed them a little and my hands followed troop down his back as well. Then our faces moved closer and when our lips met for the first time ever, we kissed like only new lovers do.


Moving his hands from my bum cheeks to my waist he moved his mouth away from my lips. Down my stubbly chin, down my neck. Kissing my skin as he went on. Till he reached my hairy chest and nipples. Gave the left one a good licking before moving across the chest to my right nipple. Gave that one the same attention to detail before moving further down still kissing and licking his way through my upper body. When he reached my bellybutton, his hands moved from my waist back to my bum cheeks. And as he moved his mouth and tongue further down, I could see a tiny drop of pre-cum drip from his hard cock and onto the wooden floors.


This turned me on so much I could have screamed of joy.


When he reached our andy he mouthed him again and licked and sucked him like a good one. Like it was his first and only ever blowjob for life.


Then he slowly turned me around and with my back now facing him he guided me towards the settee, pushed me gently forward and while still standing in front of him I moved my upper body down into the seats.


With his hands he then grabbed a cheek each again, spread them the best he knew how and moved his face to my arse. As he began to rim me, I could have cum on the spot. It felt so very good and I didn’t want it to stop anytime soon.


Few minutes passed like this, him rimming me the nicest of ways, me moaning with pleasure. And then he moved his face from my arse, stood back up again, took a good, firm grip of his hard cock, spat on it a couple of times and then proceeded guiding it to my arse.


As the tip of his hard cock entered my ring, I felt my entire body drop further down into the settee seats. With his entire cock head now inside of me he paused:


- You OK, mate ?


I could do nothing but moan as reply. And as he gently pushed his hard cock deeper into me, I grabbed a cushion next to me and squeezed it to death.


-  Mmmm...


He moaned, as he began to slowly fuck me:


-  God, your arse is so tight.


And upping the speed of his movement he soon enough fucked me harder and harder. Just the way I like it, slow at first and when my arse has got used to having a great, big cock inside it, the harder the better. Without ever having talked about these things it was like he instinctively knew the score. And the harder he pounded me the more we both moaned with pleasure.


After several minutes of hard pounding he slowed down and pulled out of my arse. Then he guided me to turn around and got onto the settee with me. Now on my back he placed himself between my legs, lifted them onto each of his shoulders and moved his crotch closer to me again.


With my legs out of the way he spat on his cock head a couple more times and smeared his spit all over his cock. Then with a firm grip of his manhood, with a thumb along its top, he steered his cock back to my ring.


Spat on it again and with direct eye contact with me in front and below him he penetrated my arse. And like before he set off slowly but soon upped the speed again and fucked me like there was no tomorrow.


Our andy was rock solid and moved with his fucking motions. I grabbed it and began to stroke myself off nicely. We soon found a shared rhythm and continued like this for a few more minutes.


-  Mmm… mate...


I moaned, with my arse full of hard cock.


-  I want to ride you...


-  Yeh ?


Rob grinned, slowed down his pounding and pulled out of my arse again. Then we changed positions and he placed himself on his back on the settee. This time I spat on his hard cock, rubbed my spit all over it making it so wonderfully shiny and moist. And moving closer to him I then strode his crotch. With a leg on each side of him I moved my body down, grabbed his solid cock and guided it to my ring again.


Slowly and very gently I then moved my arse onto his cock. As the head penetrated my ring again, we both moaned nicely. And slowly sliding down onto his hard cock I was now in full control. When I reached the root of his cock, our andy pointed straight to Rob. I paused and gave him a naughty smile.


- You OK ?


I asked. Returning my naughty smile he replied:


-  Oh God, yes… It feels amazing.


And then I began to ride him. Boy it felt good and by each move up and down inside my arse I could feel I was getting closer to climax. I grabbed our andy and began to stroke him off again:


-  Mate… Am getting close...


I moaned, with my arse full of cock and my right hand feverishly wanking myself off at the same time.


-  Go for it… Cum on me...


He grinned and placed a hand on my hairy chest.


-  Mate...


-  Yeh, cum… Cum for me...


And as I reached the top speed of riding his hard cock, I shot my load onto his hairy tummy and chest in two large squirts of cum.


-  Mmmmm !!


-  Fuck yeh...


He grinned, and looked down at his upper body now all glossy with sticky, warm cum.


Slowing down my riding I soon after got off his hard cock. Rob got on his feet and almost pushed me down onto the settee again. Then he sat himself on top of my chest and as my cum dripped down through his hairy tummy and into his trimmed pubes he began to wank himself off on top of me.


Moving my hands around his body I grabbed an arse cheek in each hand and as he wanked himself off harder and harder on top of my chest, I squeezed his bum cheeks harder, too.


And then he came. In a great moan of pleasure, he shot his load onto my face. As it dripped down my chin and the side of my face and he was all done, we both burst into laughter.




Having gone upstairs to clean ourselves up we heard a mild snoring sound from Milla’s room.


-  At least she didn’t fall asleep on the loo...


Rob grinned, and opened the door to the bathroom.


Both still fully naked and with dripping cum on us we decided to just grab a shower together. And as Milla was fast approaching Dreamland, we soaped ourselves in and cleaned up nicely.




About ten minutes or so later we were back in the living room, wearing just a towel around the waist. The evening was still pretty young, and we didn’t have any plans.


-  Fancy a movie ?


Rob asked. And as he began flicking through the streaming service, I took the empty pizza boxes out and returned with two fresh cans of cold, smooth lager for us.


As the movie began and we had found our seats in the larger settee again, we opened the cans, said Skål, and grinned. It had been a jolly good day.


-  Shame you didn’t catch anything earlier on.


I smiled and looked at him there next to me.


-  I did though...


He looked me straight into my eyes, returning my smile:


-  I caught you, didn’t I.


We both grinned, and Rob put his naked feet and legs onto the corner of the coffee table in front of us. His towel split a bit doing so revealing half of his crotch.


Reaching out my right hand, using the beer can to point, I nodded in the direction of his barely semi-covered crotch:


-  It’s all about the bait....


Our eyes met again, and so did our beer cans with a grin. And as the movie got going, we just enjoyed a perfect end to what has been a perfect day.