Strawberries & Cream (mmm)

Two days after our second Night Out I was still walking around with a smile on my face. Not that that in itself is all so unusual, I do tend to smile of course, but my current smile was a bit unusual in its reason for being there.


Sunday had flown by. Kyle and I had gone for our annual drive up to the cave followed by a visit to Holy Island again on our way back to Sunderland. It is always a jolly good drive and good times are always had; this year was no exception. And early in the evening we had gone to the newly opened pool place in town and had a jolly good time there, too.


A good night’s kip later and Kyle had gone to work in the morning. He wouldn’t be back in till around four o’clock and I didn’t have any plans for the day apart from doing very little and enjoying another fine day back over in my beloved North East of England.


I began the new day, the new week even, with a nice bath and then went outside in the backyard with dear ol’ pipey and some nice tunes on my playlists. Today I went for the 1980s playlist, which over time had accumulated enough songs to fill close to nineteen hours of non-stop 80s classics, a decade of music close to my heart. And perfect for a morning like this one.




Around eleven o’clock I decided to go for a walk. Kyle’s place being a bit further in town than the lovely guesthouse by the beach I had previously stayed at when back over, meant the beach was about a twenty or so minute walk away. But having already made the walk the year before I knew the way now and though I don’t really like large cities that much the walk from his to the beach was pretty straight forward.


So, after packing my trusted ol’ rucksack I locked the front door behind me and ventured out.




Walking along the long main road having crossed the multiple of roads joined at the busy crossroads near the house, it suddenly struck me how many funny looks I had already had from the handful of people that had looked my way since leaving the house only minutes ago. I guess seeing a lad, who is clearly not local, walking by himself with a constant silly smile on his face was a bit out of the norm. But the more I thought about my smile the harder it was for me to shake off. And anyway, there are worse things to come across than a smiling alien only visiting the area for a couple of weeks each year, surely.




Before reaching the end of the long main road I made a brief stop at a corner shop where I got a bottle of pop, a sandwich triangle and a copy of the local newspaper. And shortly after I turned left where the long road met the equally long road going along the beach.


Moments later I could see the old, white-painted iron lighthouse and instantly I knew my favourite bench was just as near.


Walking on I had the large green grass area soon after to my left and following the curved walking path along the beach I found my usual seat on the old fighter pilot’s bench within minutes. As I sat down, I took my rucksack off my back and placed it next to me on the bench. For close to ten years now this has been my favourite spot to have a quiet puff on pipey when back over. It was perfect for people watching, too and the view to the sea was stunning, regardless of the weather.


Today the weather presented itself from its best of ways though and I soon had my pipe stuffed and a decent burn going.




I had probably been sitting by myself on the bench for about half an hour puffing away nicely with no care in the world and still with a silly smile on my face from our second Night Out on Saturday in town, getting smiles and ‘ellos from various locals walking by on the walking path right in front of the bench. The locals in Sunderland are among the friendliest people you will come across anywhere and I love coming back over again and again as I always feel so wonderfully welcome.

-         ‘Ello…


Just as I was about to empty the ashes from my pipe into the sealed, little travel ashtray I always carry with me in my rucksack I heard a voice behind the bench.


Turning my head, I looked straight into the eyes of a lad in his early to mid-thirties. It was a familiar face and it took me by surprise as I hadn’t expected to run into him again. Not this soon anyway.

-         Remember me ?


The lad said and smiled.


It would have been a bit silly to try and convince him of anything else. He was the reason I have had this silly smile on my face for two days after all.

-         Of course.


I said, returning his smile. And then I noticed the dog.

-         Is this your dog ?

-         It sure is… Hector come and say ‘ello to the nice man.


The lad called the dog over to him and like a good dog he came rushing over straight away, carrying a well-worn tennis ball in his mouth.

-         Lovely dog.


I said, and smiled again before continuing:

-         How old is he ?


The lad walked around the bench and now stood in front of me on the walking path:

-         Just over a year… So still a puppy really.


Then Hector came around the bench as well and sat himself down right in front of me, dropped the tennis ball from his mouth and looked up at me as if he wanted me to pick it up and throw it for him to catch.


The lad gave the dog a pad and looked around a couple of times:

-         I enjoyed Saturday night…


He said and gave me what looked like a slightly nervous smile. There was nothing to be nervous about, we were pretty much alone by the bench, the nearest person to us was standing at the bus stop some fifty metres or so away.

-         Me, too.


I said, returning his smile.


It seemed to make him relax a bit more and his smile seemed less nervous.




Having joined me on the bench and found a seat next to me we talked a bit more about Hector while the lad threw the old, worn-out tennis ball onto the grass area behind us a few times, each time the dog rushed to get it and came back for more of the same.


We also talked about how random it was that we met again like this, which turned out not to be that random at all as he lived close to the beach and working nights he always takes Hector for a walk there before lunchtime. Felt like the random part was actually me being there. But having told him about the guesthouse I used to stay at and this being my favourite bench and pipey smoking spot, everything suddenly seemed a lot clearer to us both and we ended up chatting for about half an hour.

-         Think it’s time for Hector’s nap.


The lad suddenly said and got up from his seat next to me on the bench. I followed him with my eyes and smiled:

-         Well, it was good seeing you again.

-         You, too.


The lad called the dog back over and threw the tennis ball one last time. Then just as he was setting off again, he said:

-         What are you doing this afternoon ?


And before I had a chance to reply he continued:

-         I’m planning on going for a drive into the countryside in an hour's time… If you fancy joining me ?


Needless to say, I instantly felt our andy move slightly in my Summer shorts:

-         Sure, I’d like that.

-         Great… Shall we just meet up here again at one o’clock or so ?

-         That’ll be perfect.


I smiled back, as that would give me time to eat my sandwich first and have another puff on my pipe while also finishing the local newspaper.

-         Great… I’m Jack by the way.

-         Alex.


I said and we both grinned at the absurdity of only introducing ourselves now. After all, we had been chatting for a while on the bench and he had my hard cock in his mouth in his car outside the pub two nights ago.

-         See you at one.


He smiled and called Hector back over again. The dog playfully dropped the tennis ball at his feet again and Jack picked it back up and threw it as far as he could into the large grass area. The dog sprinted to get it and the lad gave me a little wave and off they went.




Just before one o’clock and mid-smoke, having finished my sandwich, the paper and the bottle of pop I bought at the corner shop on my way to the beach a couple of hours earlier, I saw the lad walk up to the bench. This time without Hector the dog but still smiling:

-         Ready ?


He said when he got close to me.

-         Sure.


I smiled and got up from the bench, put the pipe and lighter into my shorts pocket and reached out for my rucksack. Swinging it onto my back our eyes met:

-         Great, let’s go.


He smiled as well and began to walk in front of me on the walking path. I caught up with him in no time and together we walked to the small parking spaces near the bus shelter. I don’t know my arse from my elbow when it comes to cars and to be fair, I had only seen his car once and that was in the dark, so I just followed him.


Once both inside and nicely seated in his car and having sorted our seatbelts we left the parking space, took a right-turn by the roundabout and shortly after drove past the large Morrison’s food boutique on the next corner. Then we followed the long road along the beach and moments later we were out of the city of Sunderland.


The car radio was playing the local radio station and to my delight it seemed to be 80s Hour. And as Frankie Goes To Hollywood were followed by a classic Phil Collins solo from mid of the decade Jack reached out and turned the sound down a bit:

-         Have you been to Kielder before ?


I told him I had but only once. That it was years ago when I lived in Shildon and my housemate and I had gone there in early Spring for a day out. My most vivid memory of that day was the wonderful scent of wild garlic everywhere and the very tall trees.


He listened with interest then smiled and said that there wouldn’t be much wild garlic about at this time of the year. Having grown wild garlic at the allotment for years I knew that, of course, but I just smiled back.




A good drive and a good chat later we reached Kielder. We got to know each other a bit better, of course, and the more I got to know about him the less I thought about having gone into a car with a virtual stranger. Not that I worried all that much but it is one thing to get into his car for a gobble when it is parked right outside the pub, it is another thing altogether to get into his car and go for a long drive into the wilderness woodland of Northumbria. But the more we chatted, the more we learned about each other, the easier it got and the easier our conversation went as well.


He told me about his girlfriend, that they had been together for five years and that they were good together. That she was a good lass but a bit boring in bed and combined with his growing thoughts of trying to be with another man and seeing me at the pub on Saturday he figured why not give it a go. He told me she was at work during the day and with him working nights they only saw each other at the week-ends really, and even then, commitments in different directions meant they didn’t spend much time together. It seemed to work for them both as neither of them were needy partners, he said. They both liked being a couple but at the same time they liked their individual freedom as well. I must admit the more he talked about it the more I could see his point of it being a good set-up for them both.

-         And she doesn’t know about your thoughts of being with another man ?


I asked, just as we took a right-turn and drove into the large forest area.

-         Nah… But am sure she has her secrets, too.


He grinned and it made me smile.


Then we were there, at the natural looking parking spaces that fitted the surroundings perfectly at the entry to Kielder, where we parked the car and he got out. Once outside Jack stretched his arms and looked at me across the roof of the car as I got out and closed the car door on my side as well:

-         Let’s try that way…


He said and pointed in the direction of a walking path to our right leading away from the parking spaces. None of it seemed familiar to me at all but then again Kielder is a pretty big area and the one time I had been before was probably thirteen years back.




We walked along the path for a while and kept on chatting. It was almost like a first date where two strangers try to get to know each other. Except this wasn’t a date, this was, well, I didn’t even know what it was, but it wasn’t bad at all. That much I knew.


After about ten or fifteen minutes of walking along the path and getting deeper into the big forest we noticed a smaller path crossing the one we walked on, leading into a section of the forest away from the main walking route. And it was like we both had a feeling where our drive out was heading as with just a nod from him and a smile from me, we turned right and left the main path following the smaller one instead.


A few minutes later the forest seemed to open up a bit and in the distance we could see an old wooden picnic table with a bench attached to each long-side. In a weird but also natural silent agreement we walked up to the picnic table and stopped.


Looking around the place Jack turned to me and smiled:

-         I can’t stop thinking about your cock…


Returning his smile, I reached out and placed my right hand on my crotch, cupped myself and said:

-         Do you want it ?


Without a word he walked up to me, stopped right in front of me and looked me straight into my eyes. Even his eyes were smiling now.


Then he got down to his knees in front of me.


I moved my hand away from my crotch and with both my arms now resting by my sides I looked down at him. He looked up and our eyes met again:

-         Go for it…


I grinned, thinking that was exactly the same I said to him in the darkness in his car outside the pub on Saturday night. And just like two days ago he didn’t have to be told twice.


He reached out both his hands and grabbed the top of my Summer shorts, still looking me straight into my eyes and still smiling. Then he slowly pulled my shorts down, revealing an already nicely growing andy who happily sprung out from his hiding place inside the rapidly tightening shorts.


With little to no hesitation and with my shorts down to my thighs and my almost solid cock pointing directly to his face, Jack moved his left hand to my ballsack and cupped my balls gently. Then he moved his right hand to my hard shaft and gave me a few strokes. Looked up at me again and seeing my smile and the nod with my head his focus went back to our andy.


And then he mouthed me.


His warm mouth and eager tongue felt so good on my cock. And standing there by the old wooden picnic table in the middle of a forest opening getting a good suck from a lad eager and willing to learn how to pleasure another man made it even better.


As he licked and sucked and kissed his way around my hard cock and ballsack and slightly moaning with pleasure as he went on, I looked around the place. We hadn’t met a single person walking from the car to where we took a right-turn into the forest. And then if possible, the place seemed even more deserted as we had walked up to the picnic table so there was little chance of getting caught.


My eyes went to Jack again and for several minutes I stood over him watching him suck my hard cock and watching how it rested on his face as he licked my shaved ballsack, too leaving a shiny and moist mark of pre-cum on his chin in the process.


After a while this way with him changing between sucking and wanking me off and licking my balls he looked up at me and smiled:

-         I want you to fuck me… I want your hard cock inside of me…


My reply to his request was to say nothing. Instead I silently reached my arms out to him and guided him back up onto his feet in front of me with only a smile.


Then I unzipped his fleece top, revealing a t-shirt underneath with strawberry prints on, which made us both laugh:

-         Sorry about that one…


He said and gave me a look so apologetic it was borderline cute.

-         Don’t worry about your top…


I grinned and removed his fleece and put it onto the wooden picnic table next to us. Then I undid the button in his blue denim shorts, unzipped it and pulled them slowly down over his legs. I was pleased to see he didn’t have berries or fruit printed on his boxer shorts, too.


As they reached his feet, he stepped out of them but kept his trainers on. Then I noticed his bulging boxer shorts and smiled again:

-         Nice one.


I wanted to cup a feel, of course, and reaching out to his crotch I rubbed his rock-solid cock for a bit. He was so horny that his pre-cum left a moist mark on his boxers.


I moved my hands up and caressed his upper body a bit as well. Then I moved closer to him and turned him around.


With him now facing the picnic table I gently guided his upper body down onto the table and then moved both my hands to the sides of his boxers, grabbed them on each side and slowly pulled them over his arse, liberating his hard cock at the same time at the front. And with my feet I spread his legs a bit. Then a bit more and moved closer to him.


With his upper body resting on his bended arms on top of his fleece top on the picnic table and with his back to me I lifted up his strawberry printed t-shirt and caressed his naked back underneath it. I let my hard cock rest at the top of his arse and lower backside for a bit, feeling his warm body in the palm of my hands.


Then I moved back slightly, grabbed our andy in all his glory, spat on him a couple of times and smeared my spit well into his head and shaft and gave myself a few good strokes before spitting on it again and doing the same a second time making it ready.


Grabbing my cock a bit harder, I then pointed it to his arse, spat on my cockhead one last time and spread his legs a bit more with my feet.


Then, with a thumb along the cockhead, I gently entered him from behind, moving the thumb further down the more inside of him our andy got.

-         Mmmm… Mmmmm.


Jack moaned, as my hard cock filled his arse more and more. And moments later I began to fuck him.


He was wonderfully tight and the warmth inside his arse turned me on so much. As did his moaning in front of me. But I know with myself when I am being fucked that I prefer to be on my back instead of being taken from behind as I like to be able to see the lad fucking me. And not knowing if Jack was similar or not, I didn’t want to spend all my energy on just this one position in case he wanted more like I did.


So after just a few minutes fucking him from behind I gently pulled out of his tight arse again and guided him onto his back instead.


With his back now on the picnic table I lifted his legs and placed them on top of my shoulders. His cock was pretty big and hard as a rock pointing up against his slightly hairy tummy half covered by his strawberry printed t-shirt. It was shiny and moist and leaving behind a string of clear pre-cum from his cockhead to his tummy. That turned me on as well.


Then I grabbed our andy again and following the same routine with a thumb along the shaft I gently entered him again, this time from the front and with his legs around my ears.


Fucking him this way was much better for me and an even bigger turn-on pounding his tight arse while watching him squirm and moan with pleasure on his back on the picnic table facing me. And as our eyes met again, I fucked him like he had long dreamt of being fucked by another man.


This went on for several minutes and every now and again I would up the tempo and fuck him hard only to slow down and drill him gently. Repeating over and over again to tease him as much as possible with my hard cock inside his arse. He loved it and after a while he reached out and grabbed his own cock. It was still hard as a rock and so shiny and moist now that it made the most glorious sound as he began to wank himself off.


It was then that I looked up and noticed a man in his forties standing next to a tree about ten metres or so away with his cock out stroking himself off watching us. I didn’t say anything to Jack at first, I just kept fucking his tight arse while keeping an eye on the man keeping an eye on the two of us at the picnic table.


But being watched like this was almost too much for our andy and I had to do something to avoid nutting already as I could feel the lust in me grow bigger and more intense by the minute.


So, I slowed down somewhat and when I reached an almost halt but still deep inside Jack’s warm arse, I moved my body down over his and said in a low voice that someone was watching us.


At first Jack looked spooked but then he smiled and gave me a wink with an eye:

-         Wave him over…


That was music to my ears, and I reached out and waved the onlooking man over.


He hesitated for a moment or two but eventually walked over to us at the picnic table, still stroking his cock as he got nearer and nearer.


When he reached us in the middle of the forest opening, I upped the tempo again and began to fuck Jack’s arse harder again.


When the man was in Jack’s view Jack nodded to him to walk round the table to his side, which he did with no hesitation. As the man stopped right in front of his face Jack reached out, grabbed the man’s hard cock and began to suck him off. Still with our andy deep inside his arse doing us both good.


I don’t know for how long the man had been watching us and wanking from a distance or if he was a quick-cummer but within just a few minutes he shot his load onto Jack’s t-shirt. It was a nice, big nut and Jack only just avoided being hit in the face with the first squirt from the man’s cock.


That was too much for me and I pulled out of his arse and began to wank myself off between his legs still placed on my shoulders.


Jack collected some of the man’s fresh, warm cum from his t-shirt in his right hand and took the sticky handful to his own hard cock and began to wank himself off as well. Using the man’s cum as lube.


And almost simultaneously we shot our loads onto his t-shirt, mixing our tasty cum with the stranger’s cum, who still stood next to Jack’s face slowly stroking his cock while looking on.




About an hour and a half later I was met by a jolly Kyle in the kitchen when I got back to the house. He was making toasties and when he saw me come in, he grinned:

-         Perfect timing, mate, fancy a toastie ?


Putting my trusted ol’ rucksack down on the floor by the oven he looked at me a second time and before I had a chance to reply he continued:

-         You’re still smiling… Even more secretly than yesterday… What have you been up to, you naughty, naughty man ?


We both laughed and as he sorted the first two toasties and made two more, he said:

-         Good day ?

-         Very.


I smiled.

-         Tell me about it. I know you have been up to no good, I can see it in your eyes…


We both grinned again and taking our toasties with us into the living room I said with another smile:

-         You know how it is… Sometimes you just don’t see the wood for trees…