Sticks & Stoned (Again) (mm)

As the distinct guitar sound of Black Velvet filled the car, we left the parking spot outside Kyle’s house and set our radar to our first ever game of mini golf in the near-by town of South Shields just outside my beloved Sunderland. The mood was great, the weather lovely and it had all the signs of being another glorious day back in my home away from home, the North East of England.


We had decided not to pack a picnic basket this time. The memory of our washed out attempt from twelve months back when I was last over was still too fresh in both our minds. Today promised if not a clear blue sky then at least no downpour and as we drove through the streets of Sunderland and soon out of the city itself the 1980s playlist changed to Hungry Heart followed by When Doves Cry and Uptown Girl. The plan was to play a round of mini golf at the place by the sea, then go for a walk, grab a bite to eat somewhere and find a place to smoke our dear ol’ pipeys.


The very first time I met Kyle was at the beachside pub near the guesthouse I was staying at a couple of years earlier. Kyle later said he knew we would get on well the moment I saw him, got up from my seat out in the beer garden and hugged him. And I knew he smoked the odd tab so the following year, last year, when we met again, I brought him his own pipe from back home. Was a bit of a risk present wise but Kyle being Kyle he loved his present and has puffed it from time to time since, which I love the thought of very much.


This year, my first year staying at his and not the good ol’ guesthouse I had been very happily staying at for years when over, was no different, as we had already spent lovely quality time puffing away on our pipeys together. Both down various pubs’ beer gardens and out the back of his house. He is a great lad; a very good friend and I have rarely met anyone whose company I feel as relaxed in as his. That is maybe the biggest compliment a friend can give another friend and if he didn’t know already, I hope he will realise at some point just how special he is to me and to everyone around him. As they say in that part of the world, he is a good egg.


As Need You Tonight followed Thorn In My Side on our daytrip playlist we got ever nearer South Shields and soon enough we found an available parking spot on the busy road by the beach. Turned out it was very near the mini golf course and the short walk to it took mere minutes.


When we got there the mini golf lanes were visible from the entry and after sorting us with a club and a ball each, we walked up to the first hole. Both in jolly good moods and confident of doing well.


The first two holes I kicked arse well and proper. But on hole three and six I made massive cock-ups and Kyle took the lead. To his amusement and to my embarrassment I didn’t do much better the rest of the course and despite my almost perfect opening to the course he ended up beating me fair and square. Time for a bite to eat and to forget about my mini golf horror of disappointment.


Handing in our clubs at the entry box where we got them about half an hour earlier, we soon found ourselves back out on the pavement by the busy street. Kyle suggested we went to Marine Park, the large park across the road. They had a café where we could get something to eat and drink and we could find a place to light our pipeys, too. Never having been there before and trusting him completely I simply followed troop.

-         You do know...


I said, as we stood waiting to cross the road. Looked at him and continued:

-         That when we have a rematch next year, I’m going to kick your arse.


We both grinned at the absurdity of my, until now, well-hidden competitive mindset on mini golf but also, quite probably, at the absurdity of mini golf as a whole.


The park café was fairly close to the entry of the park. Asking what I fancied and getting ‘a pork pie if possible and a can of pop would be lovely’ as my reply he went to the desk and shortly after came back with our refreshments.

-         Let’s find somewhere to sit.


He said and looked around the place. There was a small, shallow lake filled with kids and loved-up couples pedalling in large plastic swans. A mini-train as well going around the park on a tiny set of tracks. But all of that I didn’t much notice as my eyes were fully focused on the man selling and holding a large bunch of nasty balloons nearby. Suffering from globophobia is no laughing matter and I was desperate for Scotty to beam me up and away from there. Kyle noticed my facial expression, which must have shown pure horror, as he knew about my fear of balloons and instantly, he found a way around and away from the vender, which made it all much better.


A short walk later we reached the end of the park, away from the pesky, noisy kids and loved-up couples enjoying a nice day out. Found a bench near the old Victorian pavilion bandstand, and with the bench area being about ten steps higher up the ground than the park itself, overlooking the entire park at the same time.


Finishing our lovely snacks and sipping our cans of chilled pop we enjoyed the moment and each other's company very much. And then it was time for stuffing and lighting up our dear pipes. The wind wasn’t that strong, but it still caused us a bit of trouble getting them lit. But once done we both got a nice burn going, moved further back on the shared bench and just puffed our pipeys for a bit in silence. It was a glorious day and I couldn’t think of a better place to be and of better company to be with in this very moment of time.




Back at the house later that day while doing the dishes we talked about my previous visits to my beloved North East of England, including my time living there.

-         Is there anywhere you haven’t been to yet ?


Kyle asked.

-         Plenty of places I haven’t seen yet.


I smiled back while drying another clean plate he had just washed. Then continued:

-         I haven’t yet been to St Cuthbert’s Cave, been wanting to go there for years but never had the chance yet… And closer by there is Penshaw Monument...


Kyle paused cleaning the dishes, turned to me and said:

-         You’ve never been to Penshaw Monument ?


Having been a Sunderland football supporter since the late 1990s and with the monument being part of the club’s crest, I instantly felt ashamed:

-         Only from afar… Never seen it up close.


Kyle, still turned to me, pointed the washing up brush towards me and smiled:

-         We are changing that. Today !


I didn’t know what to say. It had been on my wish list of places to go for more than two decades. If today was the day it finally happened, I would grab the chance with both hands.




A couple of hours later we set off in his car again. It wasn’t a long drive, but it was very enjoyable. Always is in Kyle’s company. As we drove out of town, we passed what looked like a fairly new-build park on one side. But I barely noticed it as on the other side the monument of Penshaw towered on top of a hill, something I just couldn’t take my eyes away from.

-         Let’s park here.


Kyle said, parked the car by the roadside near the ground of the hill and undid his seatbelt. Doing the same with mine I just nodded. I was beyond excited and the smile on my face felt clued on. But in the very best of ways.


It wasn’t the biggest hill in the world but compared to anything we have back home in my native, very flat Denmark it was a mountain. It was a bit steep in places as well and with neither of us being in perfect shape we just took the time needed to walk up to the top without killing ourselves. In a perfect world I would have been fit as fuck and ran the distance but in a way doing it this way, and being out of shape, made the whole experience even better. It lasted longer and we got to see the growing view better taking our time.


When we got closer to the top of the hill the coloured spotlights around the monument turned on. It had gone mid evening in early September and the sunset had begun. The spotlights lighting up the monument were green and red and made it look very nice from our walk up the hill.


Then we were there. A group of about six youngsters had already gathered there and were drinking, smoking and listening to music. Not in a negative, loud way but in a relaxed, respectable way which I rather liked. It was endearing to me to see the monument being used as a meeting spot for the younger generation.


As the sunset got close to climax, we entered the monument itself. Almost 176 years to the day of its completion in late August of 1844. It was everything and more than I have ever wished for. It was stunning. Just stunning. I took a few pictures, even managed to avoid getting any of the youngsters into the frames and then I put the phone camera down and moved to the side of the monument, still inside of it, and looked around. Then it suddenly came. I was overwhelmed with emotion of joy and sadness. Joy because after all these years I was finally here, at the perfect time of day with the perfect sunset going through the pillars at the top of the hill and in perfect company. Sad because I had only now had the chance to come and experience it all. Kyle walked over to me, but I had to look away, the tears were pressing on and I felt silly being this emotional. But when he got closer, I couldn’t not look at him:

-         I’m sorry...


I said, almost whispering. The words barely came over my lips before the first tear went down my face.

-         Oh, mate...


Kyle said, came closer and hugged me:

-         It’s OK.


If there was ever a perfect time and a perfect place for a hug between two good friends this was it. I really needed it and Kyle instinctively knew. What a good day this had been. I was so very happy and pretty drained emotionally when we walked down the 140 metres hill shortly after and was back in his car driving home again.




When we got back to the house the place was empty. Elliot had long gone to work, and we had the place to ourselves. In the car driving home Kyle had asked if I like sausage casserole. When he heard I had never had it we made a quick stop at the large food boutique across the road and got the things we needed for one. And he was right, ninety minutes later we were both stuffed full of lovely grub and rubbing our tummies on the settee next to each other. Leaving the empty dishes in the kitchen sink we soon after went out into the backyard for a smoke on the dear ol’ pipeys.

-         You know...


He began but paused while holding his pipe and pointing it to me. Looked over at me sitting there in the chair next to him puffing away nicely on my own pipey then continued:

-         I have a bit of weed, fancy a smoke ?


Never one for turning down a good thing when offered I was up for that, of course and as he went back inside and shortly after came back out again holding a small plastic bag with a bit of dried green in, we both grinned.


It didn’t take us long to mix a bit of the lovely pipe tobacco with a bit of the equally nice scented greens and before the songs changed in the background, we were puffing away nicely on some quality gear.




Two very nice pipes later we were back on the comfy settee in the TV room munching on chili crisps from back home and a pack of salt sticks happily giggling away.


Putting the salt sticks down I grinningly looked at Kyle there next to me licking his fingers one by one from a handful of chili crisps:

-         We need beers.


Instantly he got up from the settee and moments later he returned to the TV room holding two very chilled cans of lovely Stella. Handed me one of them and sat back down grinning like the cat who got the cream. Opening our cans pretty much at the same time just made us giggle even more. God bless good weed.


A good couple of refreshing slurps later we both placed our cans in a hand on our laps:

-         Bit warm tonight isn’t it ?


He suddenly said and grinned a bit more before continuing:

-         You know what we should do ?

-         Get naked ?


I grinned knowing only too well that nakedness is funny at any time.

-         Hell yeh !


Kyle said, and before I got a chance to put my beer can down, he was up on his feet again and removing his t-shirt. Revealing his glorious and dark chest hair. I have always had a thing for chest hair, it is a massive turn on for me and I have long known he packs a very nice set but seeing it like this right in front of me freed me of any left-over hesitation I may have had left. Which, let’s face it, had gone before that anyway.


Following his example, I put the can down as well and got up on my feet, too. As I pulled off my own t-shirt standing right next to him, he unzipped his blue jeans and pulled them off before throwing them onto the comfy armchair by the other wall. Standing in his boxer tights only he pulled the top of them slightly revealing the top of his pubes, looked at me as I took my Summer shorts off as well:

-         All of it ?

-         Oh yes.


I smirked and looked at his bulge:

-         Naked is naked.


We both grinned, and my Summer shorts landed on the same armchair as his blue jeans. And as we stood there in our boxer tights only, I grabbed the top of mine as well:

-         One… Two… Three !


And off they went.


Having dropped our boxer tights as well now we stood next to each other for a moment, both fully naked. As much as I like a bit of cock, I loved his hairy chest as well. And I was the first to break the silence:

-         Can I touch it ?


Kyle noticed where my focus was and grinned:

-         Go for it, mate.


And with no further delay I reached out and placed my right hand right in the middle of his wonderfully hairy chest. The way it felt as my fingers slowly wandered from one nipple to the other was borderline mesmerising. And our andy felt it, too. The more I explored Kyle’s upper body, from his now fully erect nipples downwards across his hairy tummy the more alive our andy got.


Moving closer to him I reached my left hand out to his chest as well and caressing him with both hands slowly wandering up and down his upper body, I noticed his cock began to grow as well:

-         Oh ‘ello...


I smiled and we both looked down to his crotch. My own cock was reaching a state of fully solid now and Kyle’s wasn’t far behind either.


With my left hand still touching his sexy, hairy chest nicely I moved my right hand down across his tummy, ventured through his dark pubes and soon enough was in touching distance with his hard cock. Moving closer still to his naked body I cupped his ballsack and played with his balls a bit. Then I moved my hand up and grabbed his cock gently and gave it a few strokes. Neither of us said anything now, the moment for weedish giggling had passed; a moment of intimacy between two good friends had taken over.


Then I took my left hand away from his chest and took it to his cock as well. Moving my own body to within touching distance of his, our two hard cocks touched. I grabbed a hard cock in each hand and began to slowly stroke us both off at the same time. He seemed to like this so I took it a bit further and moved our andy to Kyle’s cock, lined them up next to each other and with a grip of experience I grabbed both cocks in my right hand and began to wank them off together.

-         Mate...


Kyle whispered. I looked up at him and our eyes met:

-         This feels so good...


He continued and gave me a smile.


Alas even the best things never last forever and wanking us both off at the same time with increasing speed would have had us both unload too soon. So instead I loosened my grip of our hard cocks, went down on my knees in front of him and looked up at him. Still smiling he gave me a nod.


Sticking my tongue out I gently licked the tip of his cock. Licked the edge of his cockhead and went back to the tip of it licking it clean from his tasty precum. And then I mouthed him. Very slowly at first. His hard cock fitted perfectly in my warm mouth and as he got used to being in the mouth of another lad, I upped the speed a bit and began to suck him off nicely.

-         Mmm...


He moaned and placed both his hands at the back of my head. I took this as a sign of upping the sucking further and moments later I was sucking his hard cock like it was my last ever cock to suck.


Moving a hand to his ballsack I pulled his balls a bit. Doing this I felt him push himself into my mouth. And as he began to fuck my face, I moved my free hand around his body and grabbed one of his arse cheeks and gave it a good squeeze.


My own cock was dripping with precum even with no touching of it and moved up and down a bit the harder he fucked my mouth.

-         Mate...


He moaned and I felt his hands at the back of my head tighten a bit:

-         Am getting close...


And just in time I got back to my feet again, grabbed both our cocks again and wanked us both off at the same time using just my right hand. And then he came:

-         MmmmM !!


His warm cum shot out and landed on both our hard cocks and my trimmed pubes. I kept wanking us both off and moments later it was andy’s turn. Using Kyle’s sticky load as lube I wanked so fast now that there was no turning back:

-         Fuck… Am going to cum...


I moaned and straight after I shot my load pretty much the same way as he had done moments earlier, landing on his pubes and on both our cocks.


Both out of breath the giggling returned:

-         Mate, that was awesome.


He grinned and we both burst out laughing.


It took a couple of minutes before we managed to stop and then we wiped ourselves off with sheets from the kitchen roll on the table by the window.

-         We need more beer !


Kyle suddenly said and went to the kitchen and returned with two fresh, still very chilled cans of lovely Stella. While he was in the kitchen, I finished the first can and as he came back into the TV room with fresh supplies for us, we found ourselves back on the settee. Still both naked as the day we were born but with our cocks pretty much all relaxed again.


Opening our cans, he looked at me and smiled:

-         Skoll, my Viking friend.


I smiled back. He still hadn’t fully mastered it but top points for effort:

-         Skål… Thank you for a wonderful day.


I said and gave him a wink with an eye. A few good slurps later he reached out for the remains of his chili crisps and I did the same with my pack of salt sticks.


The fresh pair of cans led to two more and then two more after that. And as Midnight approached, we mixed the rest of the night with good tunes, cold beer and the odd al fresco pipey smoking out the backyard.




A perfect ending to a perfect day. And needless to say, one of the sunset pictures from Penshaw Monument has been my screensaver ever since. I see it every day, think back of this day and smile.