View To A Kilt (mm)

It was a Monday in early June when I met Sean the first time. And here six months on with snow gently falling outside June seems a long time ago. Many things have happened in that time. Many jolly good experiences mixed with the odd forgettable one, too. Many people have come and many have gone but looking back on the second half of the year all cuddled up nicely in front of the fireplace in grandpa’s old leather armchair, one in particular stands out. Sean.


Over the years it had been a recurrent resolution of mine at the turn of the year to decide to trim my body a bit and get some muscles connected to the bones. Almost a year ago things were no different but it took me several months to actually do something about it. This, to my defence, was still a big improvement on the previous years where I hadn’t actually done much about it altogether.


But leaving Spring behind for another season and with the light nights of early Summer rapidly approaching I finally decided to put pen to paper and sign up for a gym. I didn’t want to sign up for just any gym, though, and though there was one just around the corner from where I lived I opted instead for one in another town near by.


The first time I went I had little if any ideas of just how much I would end up hating the place with such a passion that I would soon regret ever having joined. Being away from my home town surely I couldn’t let anyone down but myself but I was soon enough to find out how wrong I was.


On my first time at the gym I was pretty much lost from the off. There were mirrors everywhere, in fact barely a piece of naked wall could be seen, and everyone there seemed so fit and ready to pound away on whatever fitness regime they were following.


Having changed from my normal clothes and into a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of plain sneakers, I’m a simple bloke after all, I had gone into the big open space that was the centre of the gym itself. Watching all the hardworking, sweaty people hard at it I was quite tempted to just leave it at that and walk back to the changing room and leave again never to return. But then I heard a somewhat deep voice behind me in a wonderful, Scottish accent that would soon change my whole concept of working up a sweat. And before I got a chance to turn around I felt a strong, firm hand on both my shoulders:


-       Hey buddy, are you Alex?

-       Yeh...


I said, in a somewhat nervous tone trying my best not to sound and appear too obvious that I was way out of my normal sphere standing there.


-       Great! I’m Sean, I’ll be your personal trainer today.


His strong hands left my shoulders only to be replaced by his right arm now placed around me instead. And as my eyes where met by this big, muscular lad with a love-marine haircut showing sadly little of his ginger hair in his mid thirties with a nice smile and a body so fit it beggared belief he pretty much forced me forward:


-       Don’t look so scared, buddy, every new member gets a private trainer the first five visits after signing up.


He said, and grinned all over his face. He was a good-looking lad and if nothing else I didn’t want to lose face being a twat on my first time there so I followed his lead with a silent smile and shortly after we stood facing a rather long row of training bikes.


-       You look like a strong lad, shall we say ten miles to begin with?


I looked at him with both admiration and disbelief. I admired his positive outlook on me actually finishing the ten miles but at the same time how could anyone be that daft.




Two hours later and having been put through Hell doing one mad machine after another with the obviously needed mini-breaks in between I found myself pretty much collapsed on the wooden bench in the changing room. I was absolutely knackered. My entire body told me in no terms unmistakably how it disagreed big time with the afternoon thus far and to make it even worse I was dying for a smoke.


-       There’s one more thing to do before you can call it a day, buddy.


The now rapidly annoyingly fit trainer bloke said. And his jolly grin made it even worse.


-       I’m too tired...


I said, hoping that my pathetic tone of voice would give me a wee bit of credit with him.


-       That’s great!


He grinned. How can anyone be this happy doing hard work-out all day? The mind boggles.


-       That’s what the next room is for, buddy. Get naked and grab your towel.


I was desperate for a smoke and a cold drink, preferably an ice beer far away from the Halls of Hell but Sean wanted none of it. And as I reached out for my towel I slowly got up from the wooden bench and followed his lead one more time.


Taking me through the open doorway I was delighted to see the showers in front of me. Sean pulled his tight top over his head and dropped his shorts, too and soon we were standing under the most refreshing shower I’d had in a very long time. But it wasn’t to last long, of course, and within what seemed like mere seconds he gave my right arm a slight push and pointed to a heavy looking wooden door with a tiny glass window at the top:


-       You should always finish your work-out with a stay in the sauna. It relaxes your muscles and the heat will do your mind great, too.


As if I hadn’t been sweating enough the last two hours, sigh.


Then he turned his shower off, reached out for both our towels, threw mine in my direction and as I caught it in the air he walked to the heavy wooden door in front of us. Turning my own shower off I followed him into the steam room.


-       Looks like we have the place to ourselves, buddy.


He grinned, spread out his towel on the damp bench and sat down. But before I got a chance to do the same he got straight up again, went to the hot rocks and poured a bit of water onto them filling the entire small space with piping hot steam. And as I placed my own towel on the same bench we sat down almost at the same time.


A few minutes passed in silence. I was sweating like a right bassa and had a sneaky look at him to see if he was as boiling as I was. But when our eyes caught I quickly looked away.


-       It’s OK to look, buddy.


He grinned, and looked down my crotch. My cock was sweating just as much as the rest of me and my shaven balls could feel the heat of the wooden bench even through the damp towel.


-       It’s a good way of bonding...


Had I not already been red in the face from the hot steam I would’ve blushed on the spot I’m sure.


-       Go on, buddy, have a look if you like. I don’t mind.


He continued, still grinning. And after about ten seconds I could no-longer fight the temptation, turned my head slightly and looked at his crotch, too. Then up his fit, muscular upper body, which had tiny pearls of sweat in his beautiful, ginger chest hair. I find red-haired people very sexy and have been with a couple, too. Sadly I am yet to come across a porn flick with even just one ginger bloke in; you occasionally see a red-haired lass in naughty scenes but they are always coloured-red, not natural-red and therefore less of a turn-on for me. But blokes with ginger hair had so far been proven close to impossible to find starring in porn. I wonder why they don’t make them, they really should. Maybe I ought to make one for myself one day when I meet a willing ginger top again. That would be good indeed.


-       You like what you see, buddy?


Sean grinned, and placed his left arm behind me on the hot, wooden bench.


-       Yeh, looks nice...


I said, almost ashamed to admit to myself I had just complimented a hot, naked bloke in a sauna.


-       As I said, the steam will do wonders for your muscles but it will do your dick no harm either haha


He had a great laugh and his Scottish accent made him sound even cooler. I looked down his naked crotch again and smiled.


-       Has anyone ever gotten a hard-on in here that you know of?


I said, in an almost apologizing way. I was too knackered to do any decent thinking and figured he would probably already have seen someone get a bit excited in the steam room if he’s been working at the gym for long. And from his open-minded way of talking to me throughout the last good two hours and how he smiled and grinned all the time I was pretty sure he wouldn’t mind me asking this directly.


-       Aye. It’s happened a few times but then you either use your towel and cover yourself up a bit or go back out under the showers and cool off.


His grin had turned into a somewhat serious but still friendly smile. Even sitting butt-naked right next to an equally naked other bloke and a very attractive one of that, too and even with me being bi-sexual and rarely saying no to anything slightly naughty and wicked I was nowhere near getting a hard-on. The rough, two hour work-out he’s just put me through prevented any blood flow to my manhood just now.


-       It’s happened to me, too. Though only when I’ve been in here on my own haha


He grinned, and placed a hand on my naked, sweaty right thigh. Gave it a little squeeze, looked at me and continued:


-       Righty, buddy, time to hit the showers. Today’s training is done.


Then he gave me a wink with an eye, squeezed my naked thigh a second time and got up from the warm, wooden bench. Picked up his towel and walked towards the wooden door with the tiny window at the top, turned around and smiled:


-       See you Thursday at one, yeh.


And as he opened the heavy wooden door I got up from the bench, too, picked up my own damp towel and followed him out back into the shower room.




Tuesday came and I could barely walk from the hellish work-out the day before. Wednesday was not much better and I was sure I couldn’t possibly make a return to the gym in just 24 hours time. But when I woke up Thursday morning, though still feeling a bit sore in places, I didn’t feel too bad all things considered, really, and decided to give it a second go. No pain no gain and all that, right.


A half hour bus ride just a few hours later I was back in the men’s changing room at the dreaded gym. I hadn’t seen Sean on my way in but it was only a quarter to one o’clock and he was probably on his lunch break. Thinking that I smiled to myself wondering what sort of lunch break a fitness fanatic like him would have. But as I was deciding between apple and fresh orange juice the door to the changing rooms opened and he walked in.


To my big surprise he was wearing a plain white t-shirt and... wait for it... a kilt!


When he saw me sitting on the bench he broke into a great, big smile and came to me.


-       Hey buddy!


He said, and dropped his sports bag onto the floor in front of the bench.


-       Hi...


I said, and returning his big smile I continued:


-       Nice skirt...

-       Ha, yeh, cool ain’t it. It’s for my other job.


He grinned, and took a seat right next to me on the bench. Then looking at me and seeing how puzzled I was he went on:


-       Three mornings every week I sell tickets to a show in Edinburgh. Not a bad show either but I have to wear this thing to make it more believable.

-       Ahh... That makes sense, cheers.


I said, and returning his grin:


-       Well you have the legs for it.


We both laughed, and I watched on as he pulled his white t-shirt over his head.


-       Is it true that they don’t wear anything underneath?


I said, and looked at his kilt-covered crotch.


-       Some do, some don’t...


He smiled.


-       And you? What do you do?


I asked, feeling the ice had long been broken.


-       I prefer going without but if it’s a windy day I need to have something underneath in case the kilt blows up while I sell tickets.


He grinned.


-       And today?


I said, hoping I already knew the answer to my own question.


-       Today all’s hanging loose, buddy haha


We both grinned again.


-       What if you get a hard-on wearing one of these things and didn’t wear anything underneath?

-       Haha you do like talking about hard-ons, don’t you?


He laughed, making me blush ever so slightly.


-       Have you been with a man?


He suddenly said, after a few seconds of silence. Surprised by his direct approach I found myself looking straight onto the floor of the changing room.


-       Don’t be shy...


He said, and moved his upper body to mine giving me a little body push:


-       It’s all good, buddy. I have...


Looking up straight away I met his eyes and his wonderful smile:


-       I have, too yeh...

-       Good lad!


He grinned, and gave me a second body push with his right shoulder.


For a couple of minutes we then sat in silence taking our clothes off getting ready for the Halls of Hell upstairs putting on our sports gear instead. No-one else came into the changing room, few people were at the gym at this time of the day it seemed, and I was quite happy to be there on my own with him.


-       How about we ring the changes and begin in the steam room today, buddy?


Sean suddenly said, as he was about to put his trainers on.


-       Sure...


I smiled, and reached out for my sports bag again to see if I’d remembered a towel. I had, of course, and as we both stripped off again I soon followed him into the shower room where we each turned a shower on respectively. And shortly after I followed him into the already boiling sauna and closed the heavy wooden door behind us.


Just like on Monday he poured a bit of water onto the hot rocks making the entire room steam up nicely and then took a seat on his towel not too neatly folded on the warm wooden bench. I took a seat right next to him and this time I wasn’t knackered from a tough two-hour work out. In fact the remaining pain I felt when I woke this morning was almost gone completely and I felt pretty good. And unfortunately so, so did our andy.


-       Let’s hope no-one comes in, eh buddy.


Sean suddenly grinned and broke the silence.


-       What do you mean?


I said, but the second I asked I noticed he was pointing to my crotch.


-       Looks like you’re getting used to the heat, eh...


He smiled. And looking down myself I noticed how I had grown a rather nice semi hard-on sloppily resting against my hairy left thigh. It was so hot and humid in the steam room that I hadn’t even noticed how our andy had been filling up nicely. And it seemed there was no turning back for him either as with both Sean and I looking down my crotch my cock just kept growing harder and harder without me touching myself whatsoever.


-       Don’t worry, buddy. No-one uses the steam room this early in the day anyway, you’re perfectly safe.


He grinned, and moved a bit on his towel next to me. Doing so I noticed he was getting hard as well.


-       Nice one, buddy!


He grinned, and pointed with his head down to my now fully erect cock.


-       Cheers, mate… Looks like you’re not far behind there yourself...


I smiled, returning his naughty grin. Then glanced at the heavy wooden door with the tiny window and continued:


-       You sure no-one will come in?

-       Positive, yeh.


Taking my eyes away from the door and back to him there next to me I gave him a smile and in a low voice, almost whispering, said:


-       Can I touch it?

-       Yeh, buddy, go for it...


He said, and his grin turned into a naughty smile.


Letting my eyes wander from his friendly smile down his slightly hairy, ginger chest beginning to shine a bit from the hot steam in the small room my eyes soon found their way to his now nicely filling cock. I looked at it for a few seconds watching it grow a bit harder and then with no words spoken I reached my right hand out and placed it on his hairy, washboard tummy. And with Sean following my every move still smiling nicely naughty I slowly moved my hand a little bit further down. His cock had now grown to almost full size and touched the back of my hand as I went further down to his crotch.


-       Go on, buddy…


Sean whispered. I don’t know if he was trying to tease me into touching his beautiful manhood but he didn’t need to as I was getting more and more into the situation on my own needing no teasing or temptation to feed my desire whatsoever.


With our andy now solid as a rock pointing up at us, too I moved my right hand further down. Through his beautiful, ginger pubes. Though nicely trimmed they still curled around my slow moving fingers a bit as I went downwards.


When I reached the end of his pubes and the root of his big cock I moved my hand around it and with a firm yet gentle grip I began to stroke him off. In fairly slow moves I moved my firm hand up and down his fat cock making sure there was a bit of foreskin between my grip and his dark-red cock head to avoid any unnecessary pain.


For a few minutes we sat like that. Him being wanked off nice and slow by my right hand and both of us thoroughly enjoying it, too.


After a while, still holding on to his throbbing cock I turned a bit on the warm wooden bench and with my left hand I reached out to his crotch as well. Finding my way swiftly down and below his hard cock with my left hand I soon found myself cupping his glorious sack of balls while at the same time continued stroking him off nicely with my right hand.


Sean seemed to enjoy it as much as I did and gently placed his left hand on my naked back, long wet from the hot steam. And with his hand on my back like that I continued to wank his big, hard cock nice and slow.


After a few more minutes like that he moved his hand from my naked back to the back of my neck and gently guided my head forward in a completely non-pushing kind of way leading my willing face to his crotch in the process. He wanted me to suck him off and I was more than up for the task given.


Moving my right hand down a bit on his cock making room for my mouth and still cupping and juggling his hairless sack of balls gently, I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and with the tip of it began to lick his shaft from my fingers to the edge of his cock head, pulling back his foreskin as I got on.


It wasn’t possible to lick all the way round his cock from my position seated there next to him but I gave it a bloody good go nevertheless.


After probably less than a minute though I was filled with lust for more in such a way that I got up from the wooden bench, left my towel where it was and kneeled in front of him between his hairy legs. He looked a bit surprised at me but his naughty smile quickly returned and as he spread his legs wide open making room for me I moved closer to him. And as my left hand found his dangling balls again I took a firm grip of his thick cock and moved my mouth back to his cock head.


Licking him ‘round the rim of his cock head for a few seconds at first my eager tongue soon found its way further up and with the tip of my tongue I teased him by barely touching him.


Still cupping his balls I felt in my hand how they moved up a bit and as I began to wank him off a bit faster I changed my wet tongue from pointy to soft and round and with lips of experience I moved up and down the third of his big cock that wasn’t already covered by my right hand wanking him off nicely. Then I took him into my warm mouth.


-       Uhmm…


He whispered, in the horniest of moaning ways making me even more set on pleasing him big time. I just love it when the people, women as well as men, I’m pleasuring sound like they enjoy it as well. It turns me on so much when I hear how turned on they are, too instantly doubling the pleasure between us. That’s one of the good things about being a semi-submissive, bi-sexual lad; I find great pleasure and lust in sorting other people out first and foremost and the more they sound like they enjoy it allot, too the more I want to please them. A win-win situation for everyone.


With the horny sounds of Sean’s sexy moaning above my head I sucked and licked his fat cock like a good one. And when he placed a hand on each of my shoulders, nicely wet and sweaty from the hot steam still very much hanging in the air of the small room, we both knew he was getting close.


-       Buddy…


He whispered, getting more and more out of breath.


-       Mmmmm…


I moaned, in a poor attempt to reply with my horny mouth full of tasty cock.


-       Buddy… If you don’t slow down… I’m gonna cum in your mouth…

-       Mmmm…


I moaned again, looking up at him while sucking him off faster and faster letting him know that was exactly the outcome I was aiming for and expecting shortly.


And as his balls moved up inside my cupping, left hand we both knew it was a matter of seconds now. Pressing his hands harder into my naked, wet shoulders and with the muscles in his fit tummy beginning to react, too his heavy breathing increased further. And it felt like his big cock grew even bigger and harder inside my mouth.


-       Buddy… Buddy!


He moaned, and just as he whispered it the second time he shot his warm, salty load of cum deep into my mouth.


-       Uhmmmm…mmmm…


He moaned, as he kept shooting his thick, creamy cock juice into my mouth and down my throat moving uneasy on his damp towel on the wooden bench above me. And as I continued sucking him completely empty nicely kneeled between his hairy legs, wanting every last drop of tasty, warm cum his breathing slowly returned to a somewhat normal again and his naughty smile turned into a sly grin.


-       Man, you suck some good dick, buddy!


He grinned in his sexy, Scottish accent, and as I got to my feet again standing right in front of him with a rock solid andy pointing proudly between us, his grin got even wider:


-       That’s warm-up sorted for today…


And reaching out grabbing my hard cock now dripping with tasty pre-cum and giving our andy a few good strokes he continued:


-       After training it’s your turn, buddy!


Then he gave me a wink with an eye and my left arse cheek a cheeky slap:


-       Let’s hit the showers…




So there you have it; here six months on with snow gently falling outside June indeed seems a long time ago. I never did get the hang of the whole gym culture and I didn’t renew my membership when it ran out three months later. But cuddled up nicely here by the fireplace in grandpa’s old leather armchair frankly I couldn’t care any less. I found something much more giving and lasting than doing ten miles on a dreaded training bike three times a week: a personal trainer. And at the end of the day, that’s the kind of work-out I prefer.