Neighbourhood Watch (mmf)

After what had turned out to be a long, rather exhausting day with interviews spread throughout the day including two photo shoots for two different news papers that went on far too long for my liking I had decided an early night would do just the trick. So after a quick bite for late tea and a very nice, refreshing shower I had gone to bed. Without even turning the telly on to catch a bit of news I simply went to bed.


Soon I found myself half covered with the duvet naked as the day I was born and with a chilled bottle of nice Chilean Chardonnay and a wineglass next to me on the other side of the bed. And with a bowl of green grapes also nicely chilled from the fridge I was all set to enjoy some quality me-time. Turned the CD player on and turned all lights but the small lamp on the small table right next to the bed off. Then I lit a fat, round candle and went on to open the wine bottle. As the familiar voice of the great Billie Holiday filled the bedroom the chilled white wine filled the glass.


With a glass of lovely wine in one hand I reached out and grabbed my beloved complete works of the ol’ Bard. If I don’t read Macbeth at least once a month something will feel missing in my life. I just love that play, by far my favourite play by the ol’ Bard and since I finished college many moons ago I’ve repeatedly read it at least once a month. Regardless of where I am I always find time to pleasure myself mentally with his beautiful writing. And more often than not I read the play in a nicely set surrounding like tonight.




After Midnight and with nothing but satisfaction in my entire body and mind I put the book down having thoroughly enjoyed the play yet again. The wine bottle was long empty and miss Holiday was on her fourth repeated rotation in the CD player. I really should do this more often, I thought to myself and smiled.


Placing the heavy book on the empty side of the bed to my right next to the empty bottle and wine glass I reached out and picked out the last few grapes remaining in the bowl. Placed an arm behind the back of my neck and as I ate the last grapes I had a look around the bedroom. The softly flickering light from the fat, round candle and the small lamp by the bedside table along with the fabulous voice of Holiday and probably the bottle of Chardonnay inboard made me feel nicely relaxed. Closed my eyes and just enjoyed the music gently escaping the small speakers at the end wall.


I stayed like this for about thirty odd minutes and ended up so relaxed and chilled that it would have been a crime going to sleep and get some proper kip.


Instead I decided to get a bit of fresh air seeing it was a mild early Summer’s evening after all.


Blowing out the candle on my way out of the bedroom I left the small lamp by the bedside table on and went into the living room. On my way I grabbed my bath rope and glancing towards the kitchen I put the rope on so I wouldn’t be completely naked. Then I went to get my beloved pipe and some tobacco and matches and noticed I had about a quarter of an ounce of weed left in there as well. I like smoking the odd weed every now and again especially while working through the night; makes me free up my mind and the pieces I pen when smoking the odd joint always seem even more open-minded than they might would’ve been with just a stiff drink next to me on the table when I write. Either way it makes my quill flow more freely, with fewer things on my mind the end result is usually better with the help of a bit of wacky baccy.


I don’t smoke weed straight all that often, though, I tend to mix the crushed up buds with my normal, dark thickly cut pipe tobacco. Not only will it make the buds last longer but it gives a nicer, more calm smoking experience when mixed in with some lovely Black Cavendish, I feel.


Taking my beloved, old pipe and my smoking gear with me I then went out onto the small balcony. The Midnight air was fresh and mild and there was no sound to be heard anywhere. As I sat down on the comfy beach chair with the pipe in one hand and the tobacco and matches in the other hand I looked around the place. My rosemary and thyme were coming along nicely and all the many pots everywhere with plain, Summer flowers were all nicely in bloom as well.


Fiddling with the pocket of straight tobacco I took out a couple of buds of weed, crushed them up slightly and mixed them in using the plastic pocket. When nicely combined and mixed together I grabbed my pipe and began to stuff it gently with the lovely mixture. The alcohol in my blood didn’t have too much of an effect on things and soon I had the pipe stuffed nicely. Putting the plastic pocket with the rest of the naughty mixture onto the wooden balcony floor I reached for the matches, stroked one of them on the box and placed the pipe in my mouth. As with any decent tobacco it burned nicely from the off and as I got more and more comfortable there in my beach chair puffing away like a good one I got a good little burn going.


Once the pipe was lit the best of ways I leaned back into the beach chair, took a good, long suck on the pipe and a couple of seconds later blew out the most fantastic looking, thick grey smoke. Allot can be said about smoking weed and allot is already said, of course, but I’m a true believer in legalising the stuff. After all if drinking is still allowed then why ever not smoking the odd wacky baccy as well. It’s not as bad a thing to do as some righteous people make it out to be. I mean, when did a hippie ever harm anyone, like.


I sat there gently puffing away on my beloved pipe for a bit completely in a world of my own and thoroughly enjoying every second of it, getting more and more relaxed as the minutes passed me by. With no lights on on the balcony and with little light coming through from inside my roof flat itself I was indeed having a chilled time on my own.


I looked around again, though this time away from the pots and herbs and glanced away from the balcony a bit. Not many people seemed to be awake at this late hour. Only a couple of the windows across from mine had a light on the rest of them were as dark and sleepy as could be.


But then I noticed that behind one of the windows that did have a light on something interesting might be about to happen.


A mid-twenty something woman was moving around in what looked like a bedroom. Wearing a pair of knickers and a bra only she seemed to be doing some sort of a dance. I hadn’t seen the young woman before and the bloke who lives in the flat was nowhere to be seen.


She suddenly stopped her dance and placed herself on the bed. But only briefly as soon she was back on her feet again this time dancing even more freely. Bending over she soon had her arse in the air while touching her feet. What a sight it was. I almost forgot to keep the pipe burning with my eyes now fully focused on what was unfolding before my very eyes.


She stayed bent over for a few seconds then returned to an upright position grinning all over her face. With the bedroom being lit by some lamps and with me sitting on my balcony there in the dark there was little worry that she would see me. I felt a bit naughty watching her like this but also somewhat aroused.


Then she turned her back to the window again, moved her hands behind her back and undid her bra, took it off and threw it onto the bed right next to her. And it wasn’t till now that I noticed the bloke living in the flat was actually there as well. Holding a video camera.


The camera was somehow connected to a television placed on a shelf close to the bed. From where I was sitting I could see only about half of the screen but it showed what the bloke was filming and with her bra now off she bent over again making her arse go back in the air. By the look of the telly screen the bloke zoomed in on her arse and probably said something to the young woman as she moved both her hands to her arse and with her legs slightly spread she now removed a bit of her knickers unveiling what from afar looked like a gloriously tasting piece of arse.


Moving closer to her body and still zooming in on her the bloke sorted it so her butt crack now filled almost the entire screen on the telly. Then he moved the camera up following her naked back and as the camera reached her head she turned her face to the lens and looked straight into the camera with eyes too naughty for words while provocatively licking her lips.


Then the bloke zoomed out again and moved a couple of feet away from the young woman who instead turned around. Facing the camera with her front now she showed off a lovely set of lush tits, not the biggest in the world but very nice to view indeed. And within seconds she moved her hands to her crotch and began to fondle herself in front of the camera from outside of her knickers.


The bloke moved a bit closer to her again zooming in on her hand movements as he got closer. And just as he was in touching distance she took a hold of her knickers and moved them to one side letting show a very nice looking, trimmed pussy. The bloke zoomed further in on the young lass and within seconds a close-up of her love lips filled almost the entire telly screen.


Touching herself the nicest of ways letting just one of her eager fingers slip inside a bit the bloke zoomed out again. Shame I couldn’t hear what was said, damn.


Then she turned her head to her left and back and with her tongue still very much playing around the corners of her lush mouth she bent over ever so slightly pulling her knickers down. When they reached her knees she placed herself onto the bed, stretched her legs out and with a firm hand on each side of her legs continued to pull her knickers off till she held them in just one hand, swung them around a couple of times and threw them onto the floor in front of her laughing.


Then she placed herself in a comfortable position on the bed with one leg still floored and the other now on the bed. Spread her legs wide open and while resting on her right elbow she moved her left hand to her now fully naked crotch and began to fondle herself nicely.


As the bloke and the video camera moved closer to her again she took her leg off the floor and stretched it out into the air spreading her legs even further now. At the same time she moved her right arm, the one she was resting and leaning against, and with her left hand now caressing her breasts she moved her right hand to her crotch and began to play with her pussy.


As the camera zoomed in on her even more the bloke got a bit in the way of my view from my balcony but luckily I could follow their progress on the telly screen next to the bed.


The young lass took her right hand from her pussy to her mouth and after quickly licking the middle three fingers in one go they soon found their way back to her crotch. On her back now and still caressing her lush tits with her left hand the bloke now zoomed in even more to show on the telly screen how she was touching herself ever so nicely.


Her hand and fingers moved up and down her shiny cunt and every now and again a couple of her fingers went inside her pussy only to return a couple of seconds later all shiny and glossy with glorious pussy juice.


Still puffing on my beloved pipe I now found myself with a solid hard-on pressing wildly to be freed from inside the bath rope I was still wearing. Figured I might as well just go with the flow and undid the belt letting it fall to the wooden floor of the balcony while the rope itself opened and fell partly down the sides of my hairy thighs. Our andy stood proud and tall and was probably the only part of me that was more alive than ever. The Chilean alcohol and the wacky baccy had taken their toll unfortunately but I can always rely on our andy to find strength and power when needed and having been freed from his hiding place inside the bath rope he was more than ready to take whatever part he could get.


But before I could do much else than admire how solid I was sitting there in my beach chair with a full-on erection pointing up at me the lights went out in the bloke’s bedroom and the room went pretty much all dark. The only light still on was the television screen but all I could see on there now was how the video camera seemed to be moved around the room quickly and within seconds the telly screen was turned off as well leaving the bedroom in complete darkness. Bugger.




Sitting on my tiny balcony earlier on getting a solid hard-on watching the neighbour bloke across from mine film a young, naughty woman in his bedroom had me set for a night of passion but being alone in bed and having enjoyed a bottle of wine as well as a bit of weed it had not taken me long to fall asleep once back under the duvet in bed.


I slept so hard that I didn’t even hear the front door being unlocked and my good mate, Jason, come into the flat. Many moons ago while I was away in my beloved Northumbria for a few months he needed a place to crash for a few days and I gave him a spare key before I left which he still had.


Jason is a good friend of mine; we go back a number of years and have enjoyed many ups and downs in that time. We’ve always been there for each other like proper mates are and even when he’s been in the odd relationship from time to time we’ve always found ways to express ourselves both naughty and otherwise.


Jason is the kind of chap who likes to strike a good one out as much as I do and countless are the times we’ve shared a good wank while watching some nice filth on the telly. If ever there was anyone who could turn on lust as quickly as I can it’s him and though he’s as straight as they come he’s also very open-minded and curious. This has over the years resulted in him allowing me to not only wank him off from time to time but also given us both the pleasure of letting me suck him off occasionally, too. Thus far it’s not gone further than that, really, the odd phone wank when he’s driving home from work apart. He’s never touched our andy though we’ve talked about it with him teasing me nicely every now and again telling me he just might return the favour one day.


I would love few things more than for him, while driving home from work having picked me up on his journey home somewhere and with me already wanking off next to him in the passenger seat, for him to reach out and touch my hard cock and give it a few good strokes. Am still hopeful that’ll happen one day soon as it would be a very interesting situation for the both of us.


At the moment Jason is living very much the single life. In our mid thirties most of our mates are long settled in long-running relationships and even some with kids, too. But Jase and I tend to just go with the flow so to speak. He lives in a near-by village but with the nightlife there being very limited he usually heads to my town some five miles from his when going out for a night on the town. Having a key to my flat means he doesn’t have to worry about inflated cab fares or a place to crash when he’s had one too many to drink. And tonight had been one of these nights. Only he had not come into my flat on his own this time.




While fast asleep probably dreaming all things naughty and nice after the jolly good time watching my neighbour across from here having fun with his video camera I didn’t hear Jason lock himself into the flat nor when he came to my bedroom to see if I was in. And I didn’t hear him giggle and whisper with the early twenty something young lass there with him. Apparently someone he met at the club a couple of hours earlier that night.


Both slightly pissed they had gone to me there in bed sleeping like a log, stood next to me watching me for a few seconds before getting undressed and crawled into bed with me.


Still very much asleep I didn’t even notice the duvet being lifted and gently removed from my lower body. I didn’t even wake up when the young lass reached out and began playing with my nightly semi-hard cock. It wasn’t till I felt a little slap in my face that I suddenly woke up and instantly looked in his direction:


- Mmh?!


I said, doing my best to focus in the darkness of the bedroom.


- Ah, you are awake, mate…


I looked at my naked friend and was met by a great, big grin.


- Mmm…


I mumbled, somewhat light-headed.


- I’ve brought you something…


He said, and turned to his right. And that’s when I noticed the young lass sitting next to him on the bed butt-naked as well with both her hands playing with my now rapidly growing cock.


- Nice one…


I mumbled, and though both surprised and tired having just been wakened from what was probably a very pleasant dream I smiled back at them both.


- Just lay back and enjoy, mate…


Jase whispered, and placed himself on his back next to me on the other side of the bed. He was just as naked as the young lass playing with my now almost solid cock and reaching out to his own manhood it took him a mere few seconds to grow a full-on hard-on as well.


The young lass turned slightly in her seat between us and taking one hand away from our andy, still holding him with her other hand she now reached out and grabbed Jason’s fat cock as well. And as she began to stroke us both off nice and slow Jase looked at me and grinned:


- Her name is Ausra, she’s from Lithuania and doesn’t speak a word of Danish…


He said. I looked at her placed there between us both and was met by a lovely smile. Returning her smile I turned my face to Jase again. He was still grinning like a good one. Then he stretched out his left arm and placed it behind my head.


- She came highly recommended hahaha


He laughed, and gave me a wink with an eye.




After several minutes with the young lass wanking us off nicely Jason got up, went and sat next to her before guiding her gently down on the bed next to me. Then he placed himself between her legs and spread them even wider. Moved his face to her crotch and with a hand firmly placed on each her legs he began to lick her pussy.


I grabbed my hard cock with my left hand and moved my right hand to her upper body and began to fondle her breasts. They felt so lush and soft in my hand and soon my left hand left our andy, too and as I got to my knees in a somewhat sitting position on the bed I reached out and began to fondle her breasts with both hands now.


Jase was thoroughly enjoying himself between her legs licking her pussy the best of ways as her legs spread and stretched out even further. And so was she.


- Mmmm…


She moaned, and wriggled her body on the sheets in front of us.


With me now nicely seated to her left touching her upper body all over and with my good friend giving her a proper licking she wriggled her way to me there next to her. And without lowering her stretched out legs and with Jase still very much munching away on her pussy she reached a hand around my arse. Grabbing one of my cheeks she bent over a bit more and with her other hand now moving to the top of Jason’s head she opened her mouth and in one go took my hard cock deep inside.


With no use of hands she began to suck me off like a good one.


It felt great. The build-up lust in me from having watched the neighbour across from here fool around with a woman of his own and being woken this way by my very good friend and some naughty female stranger had me set up very nicely already.


Still with my hard cock deep inside her warm, horny mouth Jase moved from his position between her legs. Got to his knees and crawled to us at the pillows end where he found himself a place on her other side. With him away from her pussy for now she bent her legs and turned to me there nicely kneeled in front of her.


Jason took the opportunity to seat himself behind her naked back and with hands of experience he moved both of them in front of her and cupped a breast in each hand. Looking over her shoulder he grinned as he saw the pleasure we both got from having her mouth around my cock like that.


Then she took our andy out, turned her head to her left and gave him a great, big kiss so passionate I could’ve cum on the spot just by watching them.


I moved from my kneeling position and got out of the bed. Standing in front of her now still watching the two of them snog each other’s heads off I reached out and gave myself a few good strokes. My cock was rock solid and her spit made the strokes feel too naughty for words.


Then Jase moved his head away from hers and gently pushed her a bit away from his upper body. With her face now directly in front of me there wanking myself off in front of her she reached out and cupped my shaven balls. With one hand of hers around my nuts her other hand moved around and took a firm grip of my arse again.


All while Jase took a good position right behind her. I could barely see what he was up to what with my balls getting allot of attention now but I heard him spit and when he placed a firm hand on the young woman’s back pushing her down slightly his hard cock became visible again. It was luvly and shiny of spit and with his other hand he grabbed himself pointing his thick shaft to her backside. Spat on his dark-red cock head again and then he spread her legs the best he could with her kneeled between us both like that.


- Mmm!


She moaned, and turned her head to her left as he entered her from behind. He was in and out pretty fast, though. He repeated it a few times, teasing her with his fat, juicy cock as he went along.


Then, after a few ins and outs he stayed inside her pussy and began to fuck her slowly.


Turning her head to my crotch again still with a firm hand squeezing one of my arse cheeks she now moved her other hand from cupping my smooth balls and took a firm grip of our andy instead. Then she spat on his head not once but twice and took him deep into her warm mouth again.


And as Jason upped the speed of which he was fucking her from behind she sucked me off harder and harder.


With both of his hands placed at the top of her arse he soon found a steady rhythm all while she kept sucking and licking my hard cock like it was her only desire in the world. Every now and again she would take our andy out of her lustful mouth and moan loud as Jase hammered his hard cock deep into her from behind.


- My turn, mate.


I said, after a few minutes and as her mouth left my cock I grabbed myself in an almost proud kind of way. I looked so hard and ready for more and wanted the world to know.


Jason got up from the bed as well now and took a position next to me before I swiftly got back onto the bed, laid myself down on the sheets with the young, lustful woman looking on in great anticipation.


Once on my back she looked at me for a second then moved to me, spread her legs and climbed on top of me. Positioning herself on top of me she gently glided my hard cock into her moist pussy and began to ride me nicely.


As my hands grabbed each of her arse cheeks, Jason came back onto the bed as well now. Placing himself in front of her with his thick cock pointing straight to her face it didn’t take her long to grab a hold of him and before he knew she was riding my hard cock and sucking him off at the same time.


While I squeezed her soft buttocks she moved her body up and down riding my hard cock all while she sucked my good friend off harder and harder.


I don’t know how many drinks Jase had had at the club before coming here, or how many the young lady might have had, too, but they both seemed well up for it. And why not, eh, sex with strangers is one of the most liberating things one can indulge in and they sure both seemed well up for it.


Riding me like a cowboy at a rodeo she sucked Jason off like there was no tomorrow. All right above my head she sucked him off big time changing positions every now and again licking his dangling balls as well.


At one point he stuck a couple of fingers into her mouth, too, making her suck both his fingers and his hard cock at the same time.


Watching her suck off my good friend like that with all three of us enjoying the late night I sensed it wouldn’t take me long to shoot my load. Unfortunately. But I was adamant to make it last for as long as possible, of course.


With Jason now placed above me with a leg on each side of my head being sucked off by the young woman who kept riding my cock some of her spit probably mixed with bits of his cock juices dripped down on me hitting both my hairy chest and my face. I didn’t mind. After all what are sexual juices between good mates and I just wanted the best for us both. I could even see his butt crack from my position on my back on the sheets below the two of them.


Then the young woman pulled Jason’s cock out of her mouth and turned her attention to me. For a bit she rode my hard cock harder and harder all while Jase was standing above our heads wanking himself off nicely.


Then he moved away from us and found a new position between both our legs and seconds after I head him spit on his dark-red cock head again I felt the touch of his strong, manly thighs press against mine.


Then he entered her as well only from behind and through what I could only think was a very tight arse. And within moments she had a hard cock up both her pussy and her butt.


She moaned big time now and stopped riding our andy the second Jase entered her arse as well. She almost didn’t move as he slid his hard cock slowly inside her butt crack and with both us of inside her now though in different holes all she could do was to move as little as possible letting us lads do the work.


As I lifted my arse getting a nice rhythm going I felt the balls of Jason slap against my hard cock as he began to fuck her arse at the same time.


The best sexual sarnie is a case of one going in while the other goes out, really, and though Jason and I don’t really have allot of mutual, shared experience in the matter as such we seemed to have the deal sorted out nicely from the off.


- Arghhh…


She moaned, with delight in having both a fat cock up her pussy and arse at the same time.


Every now and again, being the one below, I paused and just let my fat cock stay inside her pussy for a bit without moving it at all while letting Jason pound away as he pleased. But feeling how his sack of nuts slammed against my cock as he went on turned me on big time and I soon found myself fucking her pussy again.




After a while we changed positions and still with me on my back the young lass was soon sucking me off instead now all while being fucked by Jason from behind.


Kneeling in front of her I was now feverishly fucking her horny little mouth all while my good friend were still pounding his juicy meat deep into her arse from behind.


With my hard cock in her mouth I reached out and began to fondle her pussy nicely. Spat on my fingers and caressed her clit in ways she seems to thoroughly enjoy.


Then I turned around, still with our andy deep inside her warm mouth, I began to lick her pussy. She tasted gloriously and being just inches from Jason’s still very much pounding cock in her arse turned me on heaps. For a moment I even thought about going further down and lick the outside parts of his cock as well but somehow resisted the temptation.


- Am gonna cum…


He suddenly said, and before I got a chance to move my head away from her crotch he came big time.


- MmmmmmMMm!!


He moaned loud, as he just managed to pull his fat cock out of her tight arse before shooting his creamy load. His hot cum hit both the lower parts of her back as well as across my stubby face still very much placed at her crotch.


- Mmmmmm!!


He kept shooting his lovely cum without touching himself at all.


I sat up and kneeled in front of the young lass and began to wank myself off, too.


Within seconds I felt I was getting close.


- Am gonna cum… Am gonna cum!


I said, and just as I said it the second time I shot my hefty load all over the upper body of the young lass. She wriggled on the sheets moaning as well as she got covered in more, creamy Norse cum.




Some thirty odd minutes later she had left the flat again. Leaving Jason and myself on our own.


- She was jolly fun…


Jase said, and turned to me there next to him in bed.


- Sure was, mate.


I said, doing very little to hide the fact that I was getting a semi hard-on again.


Jason noticed, of course, and grinned:


- Put some porn on for us, matey…


And within minutes I found myself sharing a good after-sex wank with my good friend. Little beats sharing a sexy, horny woman between good mates but a good, shared wank is not to be belittled and as the late night continued I found myself wanking off next to my good friend for what seemed like the perfect end to an already glorious night.