The Swan & Three Cygnets (mmf)

For a Bank Holiday I had expected the City of Durham to be packed with people when I set off from home some thirty odd minutes ago. But to my surprise no more people than usual were out and about. Not yet anyway.


Had arranged to meet up with my mate Craig for a pint or two to celebrate the day off with a few cold, smooth pints but for some reason he had suggested to meet at one of the city parks first. With the weather being this nice I didn’t question his reasons at all, was just happy to get out of the house for a bit and the fresh air would do me good as well.




When I got to Wharton Park and had a look around the place I quickly noticed he wasn’t there yet. Mind, I was probably a bit early anyway. Looking around the place for a bench or a place to wait, without finding any, I just continued to walk around the place on my own. It wasn’t the biggest park in the world but it was quite a nice place to be, especially on a day like today, having the day off and being blessed with the most beautiful Summer weather as well.


-       Hey bud.


Turning around I was met by Craig’s grinning face.


-       Hey…


I said, and without moving too much where I stood he came towards me.


-       Alright ?


He said, still grinning.


-       Yeh…


I replied, and noticed something in his hand.


Following my eyes he grinned even more and held out his hand as he got closer to me.


-       Fancy a game of Frisbee, mate ?


Never having thrown one in my life I was a bit reluctant at first but I used to play a bit of cricket when I was a kid and the difference between bowling a cricket ball and throwing a Frisbee couldn’t be that big, surely.


Some twenty minutes later and, well, let’s just put it this way, I sucked big time. And not in the good way either. Frisbee for sure wasn’t my thing but Craig, being a good lad, made me see the funny side of it all and despite throwing the bloody green plastic plate pretty much everywhere it had still been quite fun I must admit.


-       Pint time ?


He suddenly said, as he came back from having picked up my throw-away shot yet again, grinning all over his face.


-       Yeh…


I sighed with a smile, knowing only too well that no amount of time would instantly improve how bad I was at throwing a Frisbee.




As we left cosy Wharton Park crossing the railway line and then the roundabout and continued further down to where North Road meets Silver Street we crossed the River Wear with the beautiful old castle and cathedral to our right and soon found ourselves at the Market Place surrounded by pigeons looking for scraps of food. Looked like they had managed to find a decent place to eat in Durham. We then took a turn to the right down Saddler Street and shortly after crossed the River Wear a second time at Elvet Bridge passing Klute Club to our right and soon enough found ourselves right outside The Swan on the other side of the bridge. It wasn’t the closest pub to Wharton Park but it was central, the weather was still glorious and a walk in the old town centre was always nice. Even on a Bank Holiday like today where it seemed more and more people had finally ventured outside by now, too.


-       I’ll get the drinks in.


Craig said, and walked straight up to the bar where he took a place next in line to be served by a lovely barmaid.


In the meantime I had a look around the place and decided on a table by the windows. It was in the next room but the large, open gab between this one and the main room with the bar, made it easy to see what was going on and easy for Craig to find me when he came back with our drinks. And as the jukebox played a song by U2 I pulled a chair out and took a seat while looking around the place a bit.


As U2 turned into a song from the soundtrack to The Commitments and the powerful, easily recognisable voice of Andrew Strong now filled the pub Craig approached our table smirking all the way from the bar.


-       Right little minx that barmaid is.


He grinned, as he placed two pints of Guinness on the small table between us and pulled out a chair for himself, too.


-       Yeh ?


I said. Not having had much luck in the ladies department so far in life I always listen to my mates with both a bit of shy jealousy and curiosity when they talk of the opposite sex.


-       Oh yeh.


He grinned, and took a good, long sip from his pint glass. And licking the beer foam from his lips he continued:


-       Wouldn’t mind having a go at that haha




Three pints and some jolly banter later Craig got up from his chair.


-       One more for the road, mate ?

-       Aye, why not.


I grinned, emptying my glass and placed it on the table next to the already empty ones. But just as Craig was about to head to the bar again turning around away from our table he stopped.


-       Alright, lads ?


The lovely barmaid had reached us on her round of clearing tables outside the main pub room.


-       Aye !


Craig grinned and looked both at her and at me.


-       Another round ?


She asked, with a smile cute enough to cut butter as she placed our empty glasses on her tray.


-       How did you know ?


Craig grinned, still standing next to his chair.


-       I can mind-read.


She smiled, as she continued cleaning our table wiping it off with a cloth.


-       Yeh ?


His grin got even bigger.


-       What am I thinking now then ?


She looked up at him, gave him a naughty smile and said:


-       My shift ends in half an hour… Does that answer your question, big boy ?


She was a minx alright and her reply took us both by surprise.


-       Take a seat and I’ll bring over two fresh pints of Guinness.

-       That would be lovely.


Craig said, and his grinning returned. And as he sat down on his chair again he continued:


-       We’ll be waiting…




Having finished our fourth pint we found ourselves back outside. The weather was still presenting itself from its best of ways, high sun and not a cloud to be seen as we set out to cross the River Wear again heading back to the Market Place. But before we got a chance to be greeted by the food picking pigeons and crossing Elvet Bridge we heard a voice behind us.


-       Wait up lads !


Turning around we were met by the lovely barmaid from The Swan, still wearing her work clothes but carrying a light Summer jacket over her left arm and a plastic bag in her right hand.


-       Was thinking…


She said, as she reached us at the middle of the bridge, greeted us with a sly smile and continued:


-       What are you guys up to today ?


Craig, having more experience talking to beautiful, young women than me, was quick off the mark.


-       Depends, love… But we’re always open to suggestions, like…


He grinned, with a smile that almost split his face.


-       Good answer !


She laughed, and placed herself between the two of us at the middle of the bridge.


-       I’m babysitting someone’s cat this week and it’s just so boring. Nice to get out from mam and dad’s, of course, but there’s just fuck all to do in the flat and the cat just sleeps all the time…

-       Yeh ?


Craig’s smile couldn’t possibly get any wider while I just stood there saying nothing. Didn’t want to interrupt them and I definitely didn’t want to say something naft.


-       Yeh.


She smiled.


-       There are loads of DVDs though but it’s a bit boring watching them on my own…


She smiled again, leaving her invitation floating in the air.


-       We hear you, pet.


Craig grinned, looked at me and continued:


-       We can keep you company if you like ?


The barmaid, suddenly a bit shy, though still smiling looked at us both:


-       You would do that ?

-       Why aye.


And after a few giggles between the three of us we continued crossing the bridge, walking towards the pesky pigeons at the Market Place and turning left crossing the second bridge again at Silver Street.


-       My mate’s flat is just down this way.


She smiled, gave both of us a cheeky look and said:


-       I’m Sam, by the way.

-       Hi Sam... I’m Craig.


He grinned, and nodding at my direction walking at her other side:


-       And this quiet, young lad here is Lee...




Walking down a couple of streets and turning a third corner on our way we soon found ourselves at the front door of the place she was looking after for the week.


-       This is it.


She said, and gave us both a smile as she took out a bunch of keys from her plastic bag.




As we entered the flat we were greeted by the cat straight away.


-       Aww, have you missed me ?


Sam smiled, as she bent her knees and began stroking the rapidly advancing creature. Then, as it strolled up to Craig and I and let its long tail caress the lower parts of our legs walking between the two of us as if to make some sort of feline security check before allowing us further into the flat, Sam got back on her feet:


-       Guys, this is Elvis… He likes you already.


And before neither of us got a chance to reply she continued:


-       Make yourself at home. Am just going to grab a quick shower to wash the pub away. Have a look through the DVDs and pick a film you like.


After pausing for a second she went on:


-       There’s beer in the fridge.


And as she walked in one direction, to the bathroom, Craig and I walked into the living room. With three windows behind the sofa the afternoon sun made the room very bright and rather inviting indeed.




Some fifteen minutes or so later and long after Craig and I had got ourselves some refreshing, cold cans of lager from her fridge she returned to the living room. Dressed in a skimpy skirt of a sort, a tight top and with a towel wrapped around her hair. We both looked up when she entered the room but didn’t say anything. Our smiles said it all.


-       Alright there, lads ?


She said with a grin as she saw us both seated on the sofa with our feet on the table.


-       Aye.


Craig replied, with a grin next to me and gave me a hidden push with his elbow.


-       Have you found a film yet ?


She continued, still grinning.


-       Not yet.


He went on, and raised his can of lager a bit before continuing:


-       But we found the beers, cheers.

-       Good, good.


She said, and took a hold of the towel on her head, moved her face to the side for a second and began rubbing her hair with the towel. All while we both watched her.


After a few moments she removed the towel from her head, rubbed the ends of her hair with it as well before placing the wet towel at the back of a wooden chair by the dining table near by. Then she just stood watching us for a few seconds without saying anything.


Craig took this as an open invite and got up from the sofa. Walked up to her with a sneaky grin on his stubby face, found a place to her left, bent down a bit and gave her left shoulder a gentle kiss. Accepting his gentle touch she leaned her head slightly towards him and as it rested on his head he moved his right hand to her semi-naked back and placed a hand on her left bum cheek. All while she just stood there in silence letting him make his move with her head resting on top of his by her left shoulder.


I looked at them both in a state of awe at first then as Craig gave her bum cheek a gentle squeeze and gave her shoulder a second kiss and she moaned slightly I got up from the sofa and walked up to the two of them, too.


Placing myself by her other side she turned around and while Craig moved his face down a bit kissing her right shoulder now and went on to kiss her right arm as well she moved her face to me and gave me a soft kiss on my lips.


And as Craig’s hand of experience slid down her right thigh caressing it ever so nice she took my left hand and placed it on her left breast. Fondling her for a bit and with Craig’s hand now having found its way to her crotch she gave me a second soft kiss on the lips before moving her face backwards and placing an arm around the both of us.


With no words spoken between any of us Craig then moved his hand from her crotch to his side of her breasts, lifted up her cotton top uncovering a gloriously looking, firm boob. Not too big, not too small, just perfect. And as he grabbed it gently he began to suck on her already fully erect nipple. Following his experienced lead I did the same from my side of her and before we knew we were sucking and licking a breast each. Still with her arms around us both.


Then Craig lifted up her top a bit further and giving us a naughty smile she let him pull the top over her head and still fairly wet hair. And with her now only wearing a pair of skimpy knickers he gently guided her backwards to the sofa with me following troop.


Placed on the sofa now she reached out a hand to us and we found a place right in front of her a mere foot from each other. And as Craig reached out and grabbed one of her breasts again she smiled and looked down my bulging crotch then to Craig’s ditto, licking her lips as her eyes wandered between the two of us.


Still standing next to each other in front of her she suddenly got up from the sofa again, kneeled between us and turning to Craig first she lifted up his t-shirt a bit, undid his belt and the fly in his blue jeans. He placed a hand on her head and gently caressing her hair he looked at me and gave me a sly smile.


Still with our eyes meeting I undid my own fly and let my trousers fall to my ankles showing off a very poorly hidden hard-on inside my boxer briefs. And as she pulled Craig’s blue jeans down to his ankles, too still with his hand gently caressing her hair she gave his large package a good rub before unleasing his rock solid cock onto the room.


By now I had pulled my own hard cock out as well and having given us the smile of approval Sam then moved closer to Craig’s cock and took him into her mouth. With her head slowly bobbing up and down on his member facing away from me she reached out and grabbed my hard cock and while licking him ever so good she wanked me off. Irregularly, granted, but her focus was on him for the time being, of course.


When she changed and moved her mouth to my cock Craig stepped out of his blue jeans and pants and took off his t-shirt as well. As he did I couldn’t help noticing how his big cock moved around in front of him pushing itself from one side to the other. And as she licked my hard cock up and down mouthing it as well from time to time he had gone all naked, grinning even more the way only he can. And fully nude he took a firm grip of his cock with one hand and with the other reached out cupping her right breast as she kept licking and sucking my cock nicely.


Then it was his turn again. She turned her head to him a second time, still with a firm grip of my cock and her stroking was back to being irregular. Not that it mattered all that much at this stage, I had never experienced it like this before and simply just followed the flow of events and as she gave my buddy a proper good sucking I stroked myself and watched on.


When it was my turn again she changed position on the floor slightly. From kneeling between us she now sucked me off with her arse slightly raised. An invite Craig wasn’t likely to turn down. Placing a firm hand on each side of her hips he moved her up a bit more, bent his knees a bit and grabbing his big cock with his right hand he spat on his gloriously looking cock head, smeared the spit around the sensitive head and with his hand guided his cock to her. And gently entering her pussy from behind, all while she kept sucking me off, he slowly began to fuck her, increasing the speed bit by bit as he went on.


With her mouth full of cock she moaned more and more, louder and louder and who could blame her, Craig was now fucking her in an almost rough way pounding his meat deep and hard into her pussy thrusting his hard manhood into her again and again while holding her between us in a gentle but firm grip.


After a few minutes and still deep inside her he then sat down on the sofa placing her on top of him. My cock left her warm mouth but she still held it good with a hand on the shaft itself and the other cupping my shaven balls. Pulling me over with her as she now began to ride Craig’s cock there on the sofa she soon had mine back in her mouth. How I wanted this moment to never end, how I wanted to last for as long as possible and cum in a cascade of spunk. But sadly reality sometimes leaves a lot to be desired and Craig being far more experienced than myself he was bound to go the distance while I would leave the party early, I felt.


-        Suck him. Suck him good.


He suddenly said and grinned all over his stubby face.


-        Mmmm…


She moaned with her mouth full of cock. Then she took me out of the wet and warmth and began wanking me off furiously. Only to pause after a while and squeeze some tasty pre-cum out of my cock. Smeared it onto her soft lips and licked up the rest of it like a good one. All while continuing to ride Craig’s cock on the sofa.


He looked at me.


-        Getting close, marra ?


He asked, with an even bigger grin on his handsome face.


-        Yeh !


I almost shouted, in a mix of excitement and annoyance. I was more than ready to shoot my load but didn’t want to, not yet.


But Craig, being a good friend as well as a lot more experienced in these matter, took one for the team. Guided Sam off of his crotch and back onto the floor as he got up from the sofa himself as well and with her back on the floor kneeled between the two of us he grabbed his big cock and looked at me, smiling:


-        Let’s do this, buddy.


And as she kept changing the position of her face from one side to the other, from one hard cock to the other, we stood at each side of her wanking ourselves off. Licking her lips in anticipation she was ready for her treats. And we were ready to present them to her.


Then out of nowhere Craig suddenly placed his left hand on my right shoulder. I rather liked it and without thinking about it I did the same with my hand on his shoulder. She was now nicely bridged under and between us as our hand movements increased in speed getting ready for take-off.


-        Open your mouth…


He said less than a minute later. She dutifully obliged and open-mouthed turned towards him and his right hand furiously wanking his big cock. The sight of that was too much for me.


-        Fuck !


She turned her head to me straight away as if she knew what was happening. And just as she did I climaxed all over her face, from the eye brows down the side of her face and a bit on her nose as well.


-        MMmmm !!!! Fuuuck…


Licking her lips while cupping my balls she looked up at me and grinned. Then turned her face back to Craig’s cock.


-        Come, big boy, cum for me.


With my creamy cum covering half her face, running down her chin and dripping onto her breast she moved closer to his cock, spat on his dark-red cock head and watched him as he wanked himself off. The spit was the last straw and within seconds he shot his load all over her face, too in three great big lashes of hot cum mixing our cum in a smoothie of delicious naughty juices.


-        Fuck yeh ! Mmmm !!


He moaned with his eyes closed and his head rolled back. When he came back down his grin couldn’t have been any bigger. And as Sam licked his cock clean of cum she moved her other hand up to my shaft and pulled me towards her as well. Standing right next to her with both our cocks in mouthing distance she licked us both clean and as she did I felt Craig’s hand give my shoulder a squeeze. Our cocks never touched but as bonding goes this was right up there with what can be recommended for good mates to give a go.


Frisbee being optional.