The Painter (mm)


Working all night until the early hours of the morning and not exactly known for being a ‘morning person’ I was both annoyed and sleepingly confused when I was woken by a phone call at half past nine. After less than four hours of sleep after a full night of writing, drinking and the odd wank before bedtime I almost didn’t pick up the phone. But as it kept ringing and ringing, I figured the only way to put a stop to it was to actually answer the call.

-         Mmm ?


I grumbled as I half a sleep reached out and answered it. At the other end of the phone was a very annoyingly cheerful lad:

-         Hi, it’s Martin… Did I wake you ?


My sleepy confusion wasn’t eased but I was intrigued as the only Martin I knew was in a different time zone, let alone a different country. And he knew better than to call me at this hour.

-         Sorry if I did...


The lad said without waiting for any possible answer from me. Then continued:

-         You booked me to come round and paint your entry hall this afternoon.


Ah that Martin, I thought and instantly hoped his plans had changed so he wasn’t able to make it after all. No such luck.

-         Oh, hi...


I said, trying not to sound too grumpy for having been woken from what was possibly a very pleasant dream.

-         Hi… I just wanted to hear if it would be possible for me to come by and drop off my ladder and the paint as I have some spare time now and may be in a bit of a rush before coming back over this afternoon ?

-         Now ?

-         Yeh… Will only take a minute and then I’ll come back as planned later.


I hoped I didn’t sigh loud enough for him to hear it but eventually said yes and put the phone down again. Then I laid in silence for what seemed like mere seconds but was probably more like a few minutes just looking into the ceiling thinking this was way too early for the world to be facing me. But before I got further into the self-pity there was a knock on my front door.


Sleeping in the nude I grabbed a pair of boxer tights on my way to the door and quickly put them on before opening.

-         Morning !


The painter lad was even more annoyingly cheerful in person than he had been on the phone.

-         I was just down the garage across the road when I called… Sorry again for having woken you.


He smiled.


I looked at him, a good-looking lad in his mid-twenties, short hair, stubble beard thing going on, white overalls with a blue t-shirt underneath and the way he held the ladder under one arm and a large, white bucket of paint in his other hand made the grumpiness all but vanish.

-         It’s OK… I’ll just go back to sleep. I work nights.


I said and tried not to sound and look too annoyed when I smiled back. Then I moved to the side and opened the door letting him into my roof flat.

-         Can I put it here ?


He asked, still smiling and nodding his head towards the wall near the door to the bathroom.

-         Sure...


I replied and watched him place the large bucket of paint on the floor near the corner and the ladder up against the bathroom door frame. Then he turned to me and smiled even more:

-         Morning Glory ?


I followed his eyes and looked down at myself and my semi-naked body. And yes, my boxer tights sure as sin showed off our andy inside in all his glory.


The lad grinned:

-         No worries, mate, I was the same when I got up this morning.


I didn’t worry at all. Like he said, it is natural when a lad wakes up, so I just smiled back:

-         Might as well make the most of it while I’m up now anyway.


I said, grabbed my crotch slightly and opened the front door again to show the lad he had done what he came for. He said his goodbyes and that he was happy he could drop his painting gear off now. Then he walked past me and out into the shared stairways again. Doing so his hand brushed slightly against my morning bulge. Seemed too coincidental to be an accident but neither of us said anything. And with a smile and a see-you-later he was off again.


Closing the door and locking it after him I went back to bed. Kept the boxer tights on and went straight back under the still nicely warm duvet. Thought for a second about having a wank but decided I needed a bit kip more than I needed another cum. Placed a hand behind the pillow behind my head and the other hand on top of my crotch under the duvet. And soon enough I was fast asleep again.




Few hours later I was woken by the alarm on my phone. Had set it to wake me half an hour before the painter lad was scheduled to pop round at one o’clock just in case I was still asleep. Which had turned out to be a good thing as I was indeed still very much happily snoring away when it went off.


Reaching out for the phone and turning it off I stretched myself a bit in bed, swiftly followed by a moment of just staying still doing nothing at all. But then it struck me he just might be early again and straight away I pulled the comfy and nicely warm duvet to the side and got out of bed. On my way to the bathroom I pulled the boxer tights off and kicked them onto the living room floor. And a morning, or should I say noon, wee later, I brushed my teeth and turned the shower on.


I always find it easier to do a smoother manscape when having either a strong semi-on or fully solid and today was no different as I reached out for the razor after soaping myself in nicely and began to shave my ballsack and cock. Soon after and smooth as sin I gave the razor a final rinse under the shower and placed it back on the small metal wire shelf on the wall next to the shower turns. Then I began to soap in the rest of me. But barely had I finished covering myself in soap before there was a knock on the front door. Interrupted again, hrmpf.


Before I finished rinsing myself off there was a second knock on the door. Patience is a virtue not many people have these days, me included. So, grabbing a fluffy bath towel I left the shower on as I wrapped the towel around my waist on my way to the front door.

-         ‘Ello again.


The painter lad said with a big smile as I opened the door. Then he looked at my wet body and grinned:

-         Am I early ?


Opening the door letting him back in I smiled back the best I could being annoyed having been interrupted in something a second time in a matter of hours:

-         It’s OK, come in there’s a draft from the stairs.


As he passed me in the door opening, he was still grinning:

-         They are the worst...


Noticing and appreciating his sarcasm I smiled again and closed the front door behind us:

-         Am just going to finish my shower… Your stuff is still there.


I said and nodded in the direction behind him. His ladder was still placed up against the door frame to the bathroom and the bucket of paint still placed near the corner of the tiny entry hall next to the ladder.

-         No problem, mate.


He grinned and I passed him going back into the bathroom. No hand brushing of any body parts this time, coincidental or not. But I left the bathroom door slightly open as I don’t much like closed doors. Also, I didn’t want a complete stranger to be left unsupervised in my home. And seconds later, having gotten rid of the fluffy bath towel again, I was back underneath the warm water from the shower hitting me from above my head and down my back and soaping myself in nicely again.


From the slightly open bathroom door I could see him cover the small entry hall floor with plastic and painter’s tape. He may have been a young lad, but he seemed to know what he was doing.


Turning my side to the shower I reached out for the shampoo bottle again, poured a bit more into the palm of my right hand and having placed the shampoo bottle back on the tiny metal wire shelf again I continued soaping myself in nicely. Our andy got a proper good wash, slower and longer than he was used to but I was in no rush and the warm water from the shower made me relax despite there being a complete stranger going about his business just on the other side of the still slightly open bathroom door.


Well, maybe relaxed wasn’t the best word to use as the more I soaped our andy and my freshly shaven ballsack in, the bigger he got again. I have never been ashamed to get an erection, it is a natural occurrence for any warm-blooded man and never having been ashamed of touching myself in front of other men either, in fact a part of me actually rather enjoys that if I’m brutally honest, I gave my growing cock a few slow strokes underneath the warm shower.


I must have lost myself a bit in the moment. I did hear a gentle knock on the bathroom door am sure but not enough for me to notice it. It wasn’t until the painter lad pretty much stood only about a metre or so from the shower space and cleared his throat that I opened my eyes. I didn’t feel ashamed for having been caught mid-stroke, more surprised, really as I was having a jolly good time on my own and then suddenly interrupted yet again.


But this time I didn’t much mind it.

-         Sorry…


The lad said and grinned while looking me straight in my eyes before continuing:

-         Just that I need to cover the door to the bathroom and when I do you won’t be able to get out until I’m all done...


Wiping the shower water off my shaven head while still holding our andy in my right hand I gave the lad a smile back:

-         No worries… Am almost done here anyway.


A moment of silence began but not for long:

-         Nice cock by the way...


The lad said and gave me a smile as I rinsed the remains of the shampoo off my naked body and my still pretty hard cock. Now using both my hands.

-         Thanks...


I smiled back. And though I probably shouldn’t have done so, the moment felt right, and I listened to the naughty devil on my right shoulder and replied:

-         Want to join me ?


The lad grinned:

-         Thought you’d never ask.




Within what seemed like mere seconds his shoes had gone the distance and hit the bathroom floor between the toilet seat and the sink. The white overalls went the same way, socks and the blue t-shirt as well. Watching him from underneath the shower I then saw him remove his boxers, too. Though they went off at a bit slower speed than the rest had gone. It was almost like he was teasing me somewhat.


He looked fit as fuck and then he came into the shower space with me.


Moving aside a bit making room for the both of us I watched as the warm water caressed his naked body nicely. He had a little bit of chest hair that went down the middle from his erect nipples to his tummy and ended up at his pubes. His cock looked semi-hard and nicely puffed up a bit already. I turned around, grabbed the shampoo bottle again and seconds later I was soaping his slightly hairy upper body in nicely. He looked me in the eyes and smiled:

-         This is nice.

-         Yeh...


I smiled back and continued soaping in his shoulders, too with both hands. His skin felt strong and masculine. I liked it. I liked it a lot.


This was close to be the longest shower I have ever taken. Not that I minded one bit, of course.

-         Turn around...


I said in a soft tone, almost whispering. And without questioning me he did just that, turned around. Reaching out for the shampoo bottle again and pouring a bit more into my right hand palm I soon enough found myself soaping in his muscular back as well. He moved his head a bit back and to each side of his neck in a slow rolling movement and seemed to enjoy my hands quite a bit as my movements turned more and more into a gentle and wet rubdown rather than an actual soaping in of his naked body.


My hands wandered down his arms, then back to his muscular back sliding slowly but surely towards the lower backside from both sides of his back. As my hands reached the top of his arse cheeks my thumbs met in the middle pointing downwards to the tip of his arse crack.


I thought about it but only for half a second before moving my hands further down and before any of us knew, I was cupping and caressing an arse cheek in each hand. Gently kneading them like I was making a fresh loaf of bread.

-         Mmmm… That is so good...


The lad moaned as his hands reached back around his body and began touching my wet and naked thighs.


I took this as a sure sign of not pausing and after kneading his crisp arse cheeks a bit I moved a hand each round to his front from each side of him, placed my left hand on his tummy and let my right hand explore a bit more on his right thigh.


As my left hand got closer to his pubes, I suddenly felt his hard cock touch the back of my hand. Instantly I moved my right hand from his wet thigh to his crotch. As he spread his legs slightly making room for my hand, I cupped his balls and gently pulled them a bit. Then I moved my left hand to his slightly hairy chest and caressed it all over. At the same time, I moved my right hand from his ballsack and to his hard cock. Grabbed it in a firm grip and as I began to slowly wank him off, I moved my own body up against his in front of me and pressed our andy, now rock solid, up against his arse crack and lower back.


The warm shower water hit us both between us, down his back and onto my cock now slowly rubbing up and down his backside. All while I continued to wank him off with my right hand.


Having been caught mid-stroke moments earlier I was already ahead of him a bit, so I upped the speed of my right hand around his hard cock and began to wank him off faster and faster. While at the same time rubbing my own hard cock against him with increasing speed, too. I had a feeling it wouldn’t take long for either of us to climax. I didn’t care. All I could think of was cumming hard and making him cum hard, too.


With my left hand still placed on his slightly hairy, wet chest I pressed his body into mine. My right hand was now going very fast up and down his hard cock and the hard rubbing of my own cock against his lower backside and arse cheeks I felt my balls pull up. I was getting close.

-         Mmm… Am going to cum soon...


The lad moaned in front of me. Music to my ears as I wasn’t sure for how much longer I could hold it off myself.


Feeling his cock getting even harder in my firm hand I pressed his body even further into mine. The shower water kept hitting us hard as well making the most glorious sound as I continued to rub my cock harder and harder up against him.


And then he came.

-         Mmmm ! MMmmm !!


With no way of seeing him shoot his load all I had to go from was how his warm cum came over and ran down my right hand as I slowed down my wank of him.


Out of breath he removed his hands from my wet thighs and turned around, pausing my cock rubbing up against his back and turned around facing me. With a smile on his face he went to his knees in front of me, grabbed my hard cock with one hand and placed his other hand on my hairy tummy. Then he moved closer still to my crotch. The shower water hitting both my crotch and his face now. And then he mouthed me.


It felt so fucking good but sadly it didn’t last very long.

-         Am getting close...


I moaned and placed both my hands behind his head. He kept sucking me off and seconds later I shot my load deep into his warm mouth and down his throat.


Having squeezed every last drop of cum out of me the lad looked up at me from his kneeling position. Still getting showered straight on by the warm water from the shower head above us both. Gave me a naughty smile and got to his feet again.


When we stood in front of each other inches apart he moved in and gave me a soft kiss on the lips:

-         You can come early any time...


I said, and we both grinned.




Having washed ourselves off he got dressed again and I went into the bedroom and pulled on a bathrobe. On my way I picked up the boxer tights from the living room floor. Then I went back to the kitchen to put the kettle on and while waiting for it to boil for my first cuppa of the day I watched from the sofabed the lad do his business with the painting brush. Creme coloured was its name. But to me and after today it will always be cum coloured when I think of the colour.

-         Hey...


I said in his direction.


Pausing his paintwork, he turned around and looked at me sitting there in my bathrobe on the sofabed.

-         I may have another paint job for you soon.

-         Yeh ?


The lad smiled and looked around.


Returning his smile, I got up from the sofabed just as the kettle began to whistle. I made us both a cup of tea and when I handed him his I continued:

-         Yeh… How are you with bedrooms ?