Brojob (mm)

Thursday night and our weekly football hygge had finished for another week.


For years two good friends have popped round my small roof flat by the town river on Thursday nights to watch a match on the telly. Pizzas or snacks and a few cold cans of beer was the norm. And tonight had been no different. We even had a small betting slip on as well, which we don’t normally do. But with the season finishing after tonight’s matches and with there being about two months till the new season kicked off, we felt we should go out with a bang before the closed season kicked in. We might not have gone out with a bang as the team we were watching and had placed a bet on lost three-one in the end but we had another fine night together, which is always the main reason for getting together like this once a week.


Bradley, having work in the morning, went home shortly after the final whistle had blown. But Mike, always having Fridays off, stayed put.

-         Fancy another can ?


He said not long after Bradley had left and before I got a chance to answer he got up from his seat in the comfy, old armchair and walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge. After years of knowing each other he knew the answer anyway, of course.


When he moments later returned to the living room carrying two fresh, very chilled cans of lager he handed me one of them and took a seat next to me on the sofa bed.

-         Thanks.


I said and we pretty much opened our cans at the same time, reached them out so they touched briefly:

-         Skål !


Saying it at the exact same time made us grin. We really did know each other well.


Then we sat in silence for a bit watching the post-match reaction from the studio and listened to the pundits give their view of what had happened in the match we had just watched.


Usually when Bradley heads home and Mike and I are on our own we talk about the match as well but tonight we just sat there next to each other on the sofa bed in mostly silence. It wasn’t all that unusual as such, good friends don’t have to natter on all the time to enjoy each other’s company but after a while I began to feel there was something on his mind.


We finished our cans and getting up and walking to the kitchen I got us both a fresh one each and sat down again. The same as before happened and our shared ‘skål’ as our cans touched made us grin again. Then more silence.

-         You OK ?


I asked after a couple of minutes having downed a bit more of my beer, looked at him and our eyes met:

-         Yeh…


I smiled:

-         Sure ? You seem a bit quiet tonight.


Returning my smile, he replied:

-         Yeh, sorry about that. Just that something weird happened earlier today and am not sure what to make of it…


Still smiling but a little less so now, our eyes met again, and I said:

-         What happened ? Nothing serious, I hope ?

-         Nah…


He said and his smile got bigger again before he continued:

-         Nothing like that… My younger brother came out to me today… I had no idea he was even remotely gay.

-         Ah.


We both grinned and he went on:

-         But you know how it is… What happened when you came out ? How did everyone react ?


I looked away and took a good slurp from my can of lager, placed it in my lap and turned my upper body to him:

-         You know the story behind that and the mess the newspaper article created.

-         Yeh, but did you tell people before the article came out ?


He asked and took a good slurp of his beer can as well before turning his upper body to me, too.

-         Things were different then… I didn’t feel a need to come out to everyone, still don’t, really. Am not ashamed of being bi, far from it, but I just don’t have the need to bare it all for everyone as such… I did tell my best friend at college who was perfectly fine with it. I never told my family; in fact, we still haven’t talked about it once in all the years since… They know, of course, but it just hasn’t been an issue or anything we needed to discuss. Guess am lucky that way.


-         Yeh.


Mike said and took another good slurp of his beer can. I turned my head to him, and our eyes met again:

-         How old is your brother now ?


I asked, thinking with Mike being about ten years or so younger than me his brother must be in his mid to late thirties.

-         Brian ? He’s thirty-seven.


Mike said and smiled before continuing:

-         Is that not a bit late coming out of the closet ? I mean, you were in college…

-         I was but no two people are the same. You come out when you are ready for it and some people take longer than others… Some people stay in the closet all their lives.

-         Yeh… I guess.


He said and downed the rest of his beer can. Then we sat in silence again for a few moments. I finished my can as well. Then as I got up from the sofa bed next to him, I placed a hand on his thigh and said:

-         Think we need something a bit stronger.

-         Yeh…


We both grinned and getting up from my seat I went to the kitchen and got two whiskey glasses out of the cupboard and on my way back to the living room I paused at the hanging shelves on the wall and picked up a bottle of Jackie from the lowest shelf where I keep my booze.


Returning to the sofa bed and finding my seat again I opened the whiskey bottle and poured us both a good dram. Then putting the bottle down onto the sofa table in front of us I reached out his glass to him, took my own and leaned back into the sofa bed again:

-         Has he told his ex or the rest of the family or has he just told you ?


I asked as I turned my upper body to him and faced him again.

-         He’s only told me… He wanted to hear my thoughts on it before letting the rest of them know.

-         Well, that is natural, the first person anyone tells is either a complete stranger they will never meet again to get it off their chest or the one person they trust the most and you have always been very close.

-         Yeh… But how come I didn’t know already ? That’s what is on my mind. Not that he likes a bit of cock… As you say, we have always been this close and looked after each other, how come this is news to me ?


I fully understood where he was coming from and how he felt but all I could do was to reassure him that his brother was still the same brother he had loved and looked after all his life. That nothing had to change.

-         I just don’t understand…


He began, and downed his whiskey in one go then continued:

-         I just don’t understand how you can be straight all this time, having lots of girlfriends and even getting married and living a happy life with your missus and then one day wake up and be someone else…

-         But he isn’t someone else, mate.


I downed my whiskey as well and poured us both a new dram then continued:

-         He has been like this all the time. It is just that, now is the time he feels ready to come out. It’s not like he has been living a lie all these years, he just hasn’t been ready to face it till now. He’s still the same.


Watching my good friend this way saddened me but all I could do was to keep reassuring him that all was well.

-         Then why do I feel this annoyed about it ?


Mike said and looked into his glass then he turned his upper body to me again and went on:

-         Why didn’t he tell me this before ? He must have known I would be OK with it… We could have had this talk years ago… He should have told me.

-         But now he has. And you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. This is a massive step for him, and you are the only one he’s told… I don’t want to sound negative or anything, but this isn’t about you, mate. This has been on his mind for years, probably for most of his life and even in this day it takes balls to come out to the people you love… Just be there for him like you have always been, that is all he needs right now, your understanding and love.


Silence broke out between us again and we sat there next to each other for several moments just looking into the telly screen where the footballing experts were closing tonight’s broadcast. When the advert break came on, I downed my whiskey again and turned to him:

-         I didn’t mean to sound so harsh, mate.


Mike downed his whiskey as well and staring into the space in front of us he said:

-         I know, mate… And you are right, of course. This isn’t about me; this is about him and how his life will change now… And I will be there for him.

-         Good lad.


I smiled and placed a hand onto his thigh again:

-         Another dram ?


We both grinned and as he placed his right hand on top of mine on his thigh and gave my hand a little squeeze, he looked at me and smiled:

-         Go on then, why not. No work tomorrow after all.




A couple more wee drams of whiskey later and having reached a stage where we might as well just continue as the late evening had turned into night our chat had naturally ventured a bit further.


Mike had opened up even more and told me about a lass he was seeing. Despite being happily married to a lovely lass he told me he had always been straying. In previous relationships as well. He wasn’t the first lad in the world to be doing this, of course, and he wouldn’t be the last one either, but it was refreshing to listen to him as he off-loaded it all and told me about his situation.

- How did it come about in the first place ? I mean, you must have met her at one of the parents evenings at the school but how did it go from there to you getting together with her ?


I asked, out of curiosity and also to get to know him better as despite having known him for years this was all new to me. I don’t know why but I have just always assumed him and his lass were the perfect couple with no need to look for any naughty business anywhere else.

-         Well…


Mike began and leaned back into the sofa bed, holding a fresh wee dram in his hand then he looked at me and continued:

-         There was an issue with her kid one day and she didn’t answer her phone. I knew she was a single mam and out of work and living in a small town like ours I sort of knew where they lived. So, I called by their flat on my lunch break one day.

-         How long ago are we talking ?


I asked, wanting to get the full picture.

-         About a couple of months or so.


He said and smiled then went on:

-         When I got there, she was in, but the kid was still at school, of course. We had a little chat about what was going on with him and came up with a good way of moving forward, I think.


Then he downed his dram and sat in silence for a moment or two just sitting there on the sofa bed next to me with his back to the wall and stared into the space in front of us.

-         Then what happened ? How did you hook up ?


I asked. He might as well tell me the full story after all.

-         Well, it became a regular thing the next couple of weeks… I would go to hers in my lunch break, we would chat about things and how the kid progressed, which he did… And then one day she asked me if I was single…


I smiled, we both did, and finishing my dram as well I reached out for the whiskey bottle and poured us a couple of fresh ones. Leaning back into the sofa bed again I leaned to him as he continued:

-         One thing led to another and she told me she had been on her own since the kid’s dad had left them three years earlier. That she missed having a man around the place but that she also missed the sex side of things.


We both smiled. I knew where it would go from there but listened with happiness nonetheless as he went on:

-         I simply told her that if she needed a good rattling, I would rattle her no problem.


He grinned and my smile got even bigger. Also, I could feel our andy grow inside my Summer shorts but for now I did my best to ignore the fact that I was getting a semi-on.

-         And things just went on from there, really.


Then he took a sip of his fresh dram. My focus was still very much on his face, but I did sneak a peek as he reached his left hand out to his crotch and seemed to readjust himself a bit in front of me:

-         Does she give good head ?


I asked and his smile said it all, but he still happily answered my slightly nosy inquiry:

-         Oh yes, she gives great head… And she is pretty petite, too, only about fifty kilos.

-         You can lift her up as well…


I said and we both grinned as he agreed with me:

-         Yeh, I do that haha


We took another sip of our drams and our eyes met:

-         So how does it work ? You go to hers in your lunch break and she opens the door and you fuck her straight away ?


I asked, details are important to me, sex details even more so, especially with wonderfully open-minded and naughty people I know and love as good friends.

-         Yeh, pretty much… I go to her, she opens the door, often just wearing a towel. Within moments I fondle her breasts then I go down on her and give her a good seeing to. Then I leave and we’re both happy.

-         Nice… Where do you nut ?


I asked, hoping it would be on her face or on her titties or even on her arse cheeks and backside.

-         In her pussy, always cum in her pussy.


Mike said, and I couldn’t help a part of me feeling a little bit disappointed by that answer. When I shag someone, I want to see my load shoot out of our andy and I had hoped Mike would have been similar. But maybe straight lads prefer it this way, who knows. Personally, I have never much seen the appeal in creampies. Unless there are two or more lads nutting one after one another, then I do see the appeal much more.




The more we talked about this the more alive our andy got inside my Summer shorts and it was getting difficult to hide the fact that I was sitting there right next to my good friend sporting an almost full chub-on now.


Mike looked at me and as our eyes met again, he smiled:

-         Think we need a fresh wee dram, mate.


Then he moved forward in his seat next to me, reached out for the rapidly emptying bottle on the sofa table in front of us, which to be fair wasn’t full to begin with, and poured us both another shot of whiskey. Screwing the lid back onto the bottle and placing the bottle back onto the sofa table he took a glass in each hand and like me he then moved back into the sofa bed next to me. Resting his back against the wall again he passed me my glass:

-         Skål, ol’ friend.

-         Skål indeed.


We both grinned, not at our two glasses meeting between us in a wonderful klunk sound, no but because when our glasses touched, I moved slightly towards him and it was no-longer possible for me to hide my now solid hard-on:

-         Yeh, sorry about that…


I smiled, as we both looked down at my bulging crotch then back up again.

-         No sweat, mate, it’s natural… We’re blokes after all and we’re talking sexy times…


Then as I moved back into my position next to him with my own back to the wall, too but still slightly turned to him he reached out to his own crotch, grabbed it and said:

-         Am hard, too.


Not that I was ashamed of getting hard next to my good pal or anything but his reaction and him showing me his own big bulge made the situation even more light-hearted:

-         Am just so fucking horny… Don’t know if it’s the heat tonight or the wee drams or just us talking about these things, but I could have a wank on the spot.


I said and we both grinned. Mike took a sip of his fresh dram of whiskey, looked at me and smiled:

-         Go for it, mate.


Returning his smile, I said:

-         Yeh ?

-         Yeh… Pull your cock out… Let’s see it.


Then we both grinned again and as we both took a good sip of our drams our eyes met again. I wasn’t sure if it was the whiskey talking or if he was being serious but that didn’t stop me; I have never been shy of pulling our andy out to anyone or anywhere and why change that now when we were just the two of us and in my own flat:

-         OK… If you’re sure.


I said with a sly smile. He looked at me, returned my sly smile and nodded, then his focus went back to my bulging Summer shorts.


Moving a bit forward in my seat next to him I reached out and placed my whiskey glass onto the sofa table next to the bottle. Leaning back into the sofa bed I stretched my legs a bit. No need to try and hide the fact anymore that I was sitting here sporting a solid chub-on and as I stretched out my legs the bulge in my Summer shorts appeared even bigger.

-         Looks like you’re packing quite a bit there, buddy.


Mike said and we both grinned again. I don’t have the biggest cock in the world, am well aware of that, but a standard Norse seven inch on a good day is fine by me. Then he went on:

-         Go on… Pull it out and let’s have a look.


For a straight lad he seemed quite eager to see my cock and who was I to let him down, so I reached out and grabbed the top of my Summer shorts with both hands and gently and slowly pulled them down a bit. Going commando as always, the fabric of the shorts just above my hard cock had to be wriggled slightly to get over my cock but it only delayed it by a couple of seconds. And moments later, with my shorts now down at my feet, I proudly showed off my very stiff cock in all its glory.

-         Nice.


Mike said and smiled and as our eyes met again, he continued:

-         Give it a few strokes, mate…


Naturally I did what he asked of me. There was no way I wouldn’t have done so sitting there with our andy out in the open all set for play. And as I reached out my right hand, I grabbed him and slowly began to stroke myself off right next to my good friend.

-         Yeh… Stroke it, mate.


Mike said, in an almost whispering voice:

-         Stroke it good.


As I continued to slowly wank myself off next to him on the sofa bed, I noticed Mike’s left hand had found its way to his own crotch as well now and he had begun rubbing himself from the outside of his blue jeans. This turned me on so very much, but I wasn’t yet ready to shoot my load. I wanted this moment to last for as long as it could. And truth be told, not being a horny seventeen-year-old teenager anymore, it does take me a bit longer to nut these days.

-         Can I see yours, too ?


I said and smiled.


Mike looked at me and returned my smile without saying a word. His action spoke volumes on its own.


His smile stayed put as his right hand followed the lead of his left and joined it at his crotch. There they unzipped his blue jeans and in pretty much one move, he pulled his hard cock out into the open as well. It was a beautiful, thick and pretty long piece of manhood and as he grabbed it and began to stroke himself off, too our eyes met again. No words were needed, this was just two good friends sharing a good moment one random late-night after a football match on the telly and a few wee drams later. More friends should do this together; it is a great way of bonding between pals.




We continued to sit in silence next to each other stroking our hard cocks for a few minutes. Without the need of a porno movie running in the background or any sexy talk. The only sounds to be heard were our growing moaning as the minutes passed and the sound of our right hands wanking our hard cocks.

-         Would you like some lube ?


I asked after a while when the thought suddenly came to me. I had various kinds of lube at hand if needed, one of them having an ingredient that made the lube tingle on your cock as you smeared it well and truly into your shaft and cock head. I don’t use it myself that often but it does happen so I thought I would ask just in case.

-         Nah am good. mate…


Mike grinned and that was the end of that.




As the minutes passed, we got more and more into it, speeding up our right hand movements only to slow them down again before speeding up again and slowing down, teasing ourselves the nicest of ways. It turned me on so much to share a wank with Mike this way and there were times where I had to almost slow down to a full-on pause not to shoot my load. Then I would reach out and cup my shaved ballsack and pull it a few times, as a sort of precaution not to cum too soon. I noticed Mike was doing the same and it made me smile.


Ten or so minutes into our shared wank I took my right hand away from my throbbing cock and moved it to my mouth. I spat into my palm a couple of times and moved my hand back to our andy where I happily smeared the spit all over his glorious stiffness.


Mike looked on and his smile seemed filled with both wonder and fascination. I know he is as straight as they come but surely even straight lads use their own spit to get things going.


I didn’t put more into it than that. Until about half a minute or so later when he moved his focus from my crotch and my right hand movement and looked at me:

-         Can I touch it ?


He said, again in an almost whispering voice.

-         Sure…


I smiled, though at the same time thinking I wasn’t actually sure whether he was being serious or not, being the jester that he always is he may just be teasing me. It wouldn’t be the first time.


But sure enough, while changing hands on his beautiful, hard cock, he moved a bit in his seat next to me on the sofa bed and reached his right hand out to my crotch. I moved my hand away as he grabbed my solid shaft in one swift move and instantly began to stroke me off. Slowly at first then a bit faster as if to test the waters somehow.


I loved it. Loved that he asked, loved that he went along with his thoughts, loved his strong, firm hand wanking my hard cock. Loved all about this very moment in time.


Having stroked me off for a couple of minutes in silence he looked up at me and said in a somewhat nervous but at the same time naughty voice:

-         Can I suck it ?


This took me a bit by surprise but when in Rome and all that. I returned his naughty smile with a wink with my eye:

-         Go for it, mate.


His focus returned to my hard cock in his strong hand and he continued to stroke it a few more times as if to convince himself he was actually going to do it.


Then he did.


Moving his upper body closer to my naked crotch his movements with his right hand slowed down to a pause and when his face was right above my crotch, he looked up at me.


Without saying a word, I looked on as our eyes met again and watched as he gave the tip of my cock head a soft kiss.


Still with eye focus between us he then moved his mouth closer still, opened his lips and very slowly mouthed me while looking directly into my Norse blue eyes. It felt so fucking good words almost fail me. Having your good friend mouth you this way in the most unexpected but glorious of ways is taking bonding to a whole new level, a level I didn’t even know existed till now.


Then he began to suck me off.


Slowly at first as if to test the waters again. But as soon as he felt safe, he ventured into the deeper end and began to suck me off and lick me like a good one. For a first-time cock sucker, he was doing a great job. I guess his bit on the side had shown him how to do it and it made me smile. A smile of pure joy and satisfaction as he continued to lick my solid shaft up and down, licked my shaved ballsack, licked the shaft a bit more and took me into his warm mouth again. And again. I felt his eager tongue play with the edge of my hard cockhead and it made my entire body feel good.


Spreading my legs a bit, Mike instantly saw his next move and while still wanking himself off with his left hand and with his mouth full of hard cock he now moved his right hand to my shaved ballsack and gave it a gentle pull. Then another pull, this time a bit harder than the first one.


I wasn’t sure how much longer I would last; his unexpected gobble and the way he did it was close to tipping our andy over the edge:

-         Mate… If you continue, I’ll cum…

-         Mmmm…


He moaned, still with my hard cock inside his warm and nicely moist mouth. And as my breathing got heavier by each second now, I reached my right arm out and placed my hand at the back of his head. Feeling his head movements as it went up and down on our andy while watching him pleasure me this way was the final straw:

-         Mate… Mate…


I moaned, somewhat out of breath and as he moved his right hand from my ballsack back up to my solid shaft he began to wank me off again. Moved my cock out of his mouth but kept his face very close to my cock. Then he upped the speed of both his right hand now in an even firmer grip on our andy as well as his left hand wanking his own throbbing cock next to us. I felt my balls pull up as his hand now wanked me off with a rather impressive speed:

-         Am getting close… Mmm…


I moaned and just as I said it his moaning went a couple of levels up, too as he shot his creamy load onto his t-shirt. That was more than I could handle and seconds later I came in what was my best nut in quite a while:

-         Fuuuck… Mmmm !!


Mike, still out of breath from his own loading, slowed down his right hand as I kept shooting my hot cum out in three big squirts.

-         Mmmm !! Mmm…


My cum went all over the place, on my own t-shirt, on both my naked thighs, down my solid shaft and down my ballsack. Mike’s hand was pretty covered in my nut as well and as we both got our breathing back to a somewhat normal again, he continued to stroke my cock like a good one, slower and slower squeezing the last remaining droplets of cum out of our andy.


Then as we both giggled like two naughty schoolboys having been up to no good his hand left my cock and he moved back into his seat next to me and shook his own hard cock a couple of times.

-         Well, that was different.


He said, still grinning.

-         Wasn’t it just… That was amazing, mate.


I smiled back and for a few moments we just sat there in silence again playing with our now slowly relaxing members in our hands.